Time for another chapter of Code LMFOCLETWLITD. This is gonna be fun, we now do the swearing in of the new Lyoko Warriors. So this chapter isn't as comedic as the others but there are jokes snuck in between the kinda serious stuff.

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Chapter 4:

Swearing in

Every new Lyoko Warrior at some point read the little notes that were given to them.


Tonight you will learn what it means to be a Lyoko Warrior, come to the factory after dinner. Come alo- wait, you can't come alone because there are so many of you- come without anyone who wasn't on Lyoko, make sure you are not followed.

-Jeremy, Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita

Wait… I thought you said we wouldn't be able to read the letter last chapter.

Do not point out continuity errors! Now as I was saying…

Everyone followed orders and soon they were at…



"Does that happen every time someone even mentions this place?" Squidward asked, acknowledging the soundtrack as they walked across the bridge.

Haymitch chuckled. "What, you mean the factory?"


"Yeah, why does it do that whenever we say factory?" Candace asked.


Tails stroked the fur on his chin. "It's a real mystery, I'd like to examine the audio anomaly that takes place when we say the word 'factory.'"


"Well I know what we're gonna do tomorrow, Ferb," Phineas smiled at his brother. "We're gonna see if we can figure out this factory thing!"


Ferb gave his brother a thumbs up.

"Come on guys," Leonard said to everyone. "Let's not question the universe, if it wants to do that whenever someone says factory,"


"Then we should just let the universe do it."

Spongebob and Patrick giggled. "FACTORY!"






"WILL YOU IDIOTS STOP THAT!" Shadow shouted, he then grabbed the rope. "Or I will teleport back up there and throw you two to the ground."

Spongebob and Patrick shut up at that.

"Never knew it was that easy." Squidward shrugged.

Shadow smirked at the squid. "All it takes is the right requirements to handle fools, you know how often I have to deal with the blue idiot over there."

"So I was thinking of getting a scarf," Sonic told everyone. "What do you think?"

"Wouldn't that slow you down?" Howard asked.

Sonic shrugged. "Yeah, but it would look so cool."

"I see what you mean," Squidward shrugged. "But not as bad as mine."

Shadow and Squidward watched from the elevator as Spongebob and Patrick giggled as they slid down the ropes.

Shadow cringed at that. "Good point."

Congratulations for making more useless character relationships that honestly won't matter later! YAY!

Everyone was piled into the elevator now.

"Enough chatting," Petta said. "We better get down to the lab and see what they want."

Sheldon smiled. "Thank you, someone who finally understands the necessity to take in all the required information for this endeavor. I applaud you Mr. Mellark."

Peeta smiled at that.

"Cut it out lover boy and just take us downstairs." Gale said.

Peeta grumbled before punching the down button to take them down to the lab.

Nothing happened.

"Huh?" Peeta asked.

He pushed the button again.

"What's the hold up?" Penny shouted.

"Yeah how long does it take to push a button?!" Candace shrieked.

Candace sighed. "Just hurry up, it's really stuffy in here."

"It's not working." Peeta said.

Gale rolled his eyes. "Always doing something wrong…"

"I'm not doing anything wrong, I'm pressing the down button and nothing's happening." Peeta stated.

"Well if the down button isn't working why don't you try pressing the up button?" Knuckles suggested.

Phineas shook his head. "That's ridiculous."

"But it's all we have so we do it." Amy said. "Just do it, Peeta."

Peeta sighed but pressed the up button.

The elevator then shuddered to life and began moving down.

"I'm not even going to question it…" Shadow and Squidward said. They couldn't help but smirk at each other at that.

The elevator made its way down to the lab where everyone came out to find the original Lyoko Warriors in front of them.

"Welcome to the lab." Jeremy smiled at all of them.

Penny looked around. "Yep, still just as crazy when you're looking at the place the second time."

"At least now that I've seen it again, I know that it's real and not some crazy dream." Amy added.

"Nah, it wasn't a dream." Candace said. "The zebra didn't call me Kevin so we're good."

"Well looks like you're not the weirdest guy around anymore, Odd." Jeremy said, still clutching Aelita's hand.

"Can we please get to the point?" Sheldon asked.

"Mr. Cooper's right," Aelita said. "It's better if we just cut to the chase."

Jeremy nodded. "I called all of you here tonight to discuss the events that took place today."

"Because they're completely crazy?!" Penny shouted.

"And by crazy, you mean awesome!" Howard shouted.

Jeremy smiled. "Yes, depending on your personal opinion on the events that took place actually happened."

"Really…?" Leonard rolled his eyes. "As if that wasn't obvious since we're in the belly of the great virtual beast right now."

Odd laughed. "Technically this would be the mouth."


"IKR! Dat's y we be #BFFL's!" Ulrich smiled.

Odd facepalmed. "We need to get them away from each other."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"That's not the point." Jeremy said. "The point is we need to explain what's going on."

"Yeah… start from the beginning because we're all still confused." Peeta said.

Jeremy nodded. "Thirteen years ago during the cold war there was Project Carthage a military project which was used to relay enemy communications."

"What does this have to do with this?" Penny asked.

Sheldon shook his head. "Don't be ridiculous, every single great story starts a long time ago, you may continue Mr. Belpois."

"Thank you, Dr. Cooper." Jeremy smiled. "As I was saying Project Carthage was a military project designed to relay enemy communications and one of the men who worked on Project Carthage, Franz Hopper, saw that it had become a threat and wanted to destroy Carthage."

"Still kinda lost…" Penny muttered to which several members of the audience shushed her.

Jeremy continued. "Franz Hopper created an Artificial Intelligence program to destroy Carthage. He called it XANA and he created Lyoko as a battleground for XANA and Carthage to have their final battle."

"Ah… Final battles," Sonic smiled. "I hope XANA had the chaos emeralds to stop Carthage."

Jeremy raised an eyebrow at that.

Odd laughed. "Don't ask Jeremy, game mechanics and stuff like that you wouldn't understand."

"So Carthage won and XANA died, right?" Phineas asked. "We're still trying to destroy Carthage?"

"No." Aelita shook her head. "XANA successfully destroyed Project Carthage."

"But clearly the military wasn't happy with this Franz Hopper." Shadow added. "He destroyed one of their weapons."

"That's correct, Shadow." Jeremy nodded. "The military came after Hopper and his family. They took away his wife and left him only with his daughter."

Isabella gasped. "That's terrible."

Jeremy sighed. "Yes, it was. But Hopper and his daughter continued to evade the military and Hopper knew that he couldn't run for very long?"

"So what did he do?" Katniss asked.

"He continued to develop Lyoko so that he could virtualize him and his daughter on Lyoko where they could be safe forever." Jeremy explained.

"Did he succeed?" Brock asked.

Jeremy nodded. "When the men in black finally found Hopper and his daughter he and his daughter were able to evade them in order to escape to Lyoko."

"That's great!" Candace cheered.

Jeremy sighed. "It would've been but as soon as they arrived on Lyoko XANA betrayed them and tried to get the Keys to Lyoko from them."

"Wait… I was with you then I lost you when you mentioned those keys." Penny said.

"The Keys to Lyoko give the user ultimate power on Lyoko, they allow them to activate and deactivate towers and have master control over the system." Aelita explained.

"Hopper gave the Keys to Lyoko to both himself and his daughter." Jeremy said.

Peeta raised an eyebrow at this. "Wait a minute, didn't Aelita deactivate the tower when we were there last time?"

"Yeah, she did!" Sonic exclaimed.

Leonard made the connection. "So wouldn't that mean…?"

Aelita nodded. "Yes, I am Hopper's daughter."

"But wasn't the guy around like ten years ago?" Candace asked.

Buford laughed. "You don't look like your seventy years old."

Baljeet elbowed Buford. "Buford! If you did your math right she would be at least twenty."

"We're getting to that part." Jeremy said. "Anyways, XANA betrayed Hopper and he had no choice but to turn off the computer as XANA had become a threat to humanity."

"He turned it off from the inside?" Tails asked.

"Keys to Lyoko, remember?" Sonic said. "Gives the user like ultimate powers on Lyoko like the chaos emeralds."

Tails nodded.

"So the computer was off for a while, what happened next?"Haymitch asked.

"Ten years passed." Aelita said.

"And then I found the supercomputer." Jeremy finished. "I turned it on and it was there that I found Aelita."

Sheldon nodded. "You discovered the computer and all its functions then."

Jeremy nodded. "Everything, including the virtualization program, which I ended up testing on Odd."

"Yeah, thanks for trying to kill my Kiwi." Odd deadpanned.

"Not even gonna ask about that one." Squidward muttered.

Jeremy sighed. "Yes I ended up recruiting Odd, Ulrich and Yumi to help me after XANA started attacking."

"So why didn't you just turn it off, if XANA was so dangerous?" Gale asked.

Jeremy sighed. "I met Aelita and we developed a bit of a connection."

Both Jeremy and Aelita blushed as they gave each other's hands a reassuring squeeze.

"So you could've gotten her out and that's it, right?" Tails asked.

"Wrong." Jeremy said. "In the beginning, Aelita was trapped on Lyoko she couldn't be materialized. And it was because of that that I worked tirelessly for her to come back to earth."

Aelita nodded. "Jeremy constantly worked so that I could come here, he saved me."

"That's so adorable…" Candace cooed.

"Why can't you care about me that much?!" Penny and Amy shouted at Leonard and Sonic.

Katniss punched both Peeta and Gale in the arm to add to it.

She did that because let's make you shippers suffer!

Odd nodded. "Yep, so Jeremy worked on materialization while me, Ulrich and Yumi helped Aelita on Lyoko so she could deactivate the towers."

"And after a couple of months, I was finally able to do it." Jeremy said.

"So when Aelita came to earth wasn't that it?" Penny asked.

Sheldon shook his head. "Once again you do not understand, XANA is an artificial intelligence program who bases his decisions solely on logic. He must've known that Jeremy and his friends would do it eventually meaning he had some sort of backup plan."

"Dr. Cooper is correct." Jeremy stated.

"As always." Sheldon added to which he was elbowed by Leonard.

"When we brought Aelita to earth we were finally going to turn off the supercomputer, but then XANA had taken a special piece of Aelita's coding from her that linked her to the supercomputer and to XANA." Jeremy said.

Peeta nodded. "Making that if you turned it off and tried to kill XANA it would kill Aelita too."

Buford furrowed his brow. "That's just plain wrong."

"XANA sure is one tough customer." Sonic added.

"No kidding," Jeremy said. "The fight continued and this time XANA was playing for keeps."

Odd nodded. "Not only was he trying to take away Aelita's memory using this ugly jellyfish monster called the schypazoa on Lyoko but he was also getting a lot stronger with his attacks to the real world too."

Brock looked alarm. "What do you mean by attacks?"

Odd was the one to answer. "Before it was simple stuff like taking over the weather, machinery and even spreading chaos through deadly music and laughing gas."

"Nitrous Dioxide, it's on your homework Mr. Dellarobia." Sheldon pointed out.

Leonard elbowed him. "Not the time, Sheldon."

Odd chuckled and Aelita took the time to cut in. "But after some time he was able to start possessing humans directly, using specters to take control of them to do his bidding. He was even able to start making human clones of people."

Isabella shivered. "I don't want to be possessed by a specter…"

"Not to worry," Jeremy reassured her. "Now that you're with us, XANA can't possess you. You're going to have to do a little bit of training but once you go to Lyoko you gain a bit of a resistance to his control."

"That's a relief." Candace sighed.

"So XANA got a whole lot stronger, how'd he do it?" Shadow asked.

"He was using the Return to the Past program on the super computer." Jeremy explained.

"The big glowing time bubble?" Candace asked.

Jeremy nodded.

"For a while all XANA wanted was Aelita's memory while we were figuring out all the background stuff with the computer." Odd explained. "But with my fantastic exploits on Lyoko, XANA never was able to touch Aelita."

"Until what we thought would be our last mission when we went to collect the fragment in sector 5." Jeremy said.

"Sector 5?" Mr. Krabs questioned.

"Lyoko is made up of five sectors." Aelita stated.

"In season 1- I mean in the beginning we only knew about four of the sectors: Forest, Mountain, Desert and Ice." Odd said. "But soon we discovered the fifth sector."

"We were in the desert sector last time, right?" Phineas asked.

"That's right." Jeremy nodded.

"What's sector 5 like?" Gale asked.

"You'll know when you see it." Odd said, because the author didn't feel like explaining Sector 5 along with everything else.

"So XANA was able to steal Aelita's memory, got the Keys to Lyoko and was able to escape the Supercomputer onto the World Wide Web." Jeremy explained. "Worst of all Aelita was dead."

Everyone just kinda stared at Aelita who continued where Jeremy had left off.

"But then my father resurfaced and brought me back to life." Aelita confirmed.

Penny raised her hand only for Leonard to push it back down. "Trust me, it's not worth questioning these things, in sci-fi sometimes you just go with it."

Penny was about to argue but shrugged and nodded.

"The fight against XANA continued." Jeremy announced.

"Hold on," Gale cut in. "If XANA was out of the supercomputer then how could you continue to fight him?"

Tails nodded. "Yeah, you wouldn't just be able to turn off the computer and he'd be dead."

Odd nodded. "True but regardless we had to neutralize his attacks and we deactivated each and every one of his towers."

"So what was XANA's big plan now that he had those keys?" Knuckles asked.

"Now that XANA was on the network, our plan was to find a way to chase him down on the network," Jeremy said. "And XANA knew that we would always be chasing him. So he knew that he had to cut us off at the only place we knew we could combat him, Lyoko."

"In English?" Candace asked.

Squidward rolled his eyes. "Really? It wasn't that complicated."

"Well it's all geek to me." Buford shrugged.

Howard rolled his eyes. "Oh come on, the most intelligent word he said was combat. In no way should this confuse any of you?"

"But his glasses are so intimidating and are so hard to concentrate." Katniss said. "It's like that with all of you smart people. #NERDSB2MUCH2UNDERSTAND!"

"Forget it." Jeremy rolled his eyes. "I'm used to it. But XANA's goal was to destroy Lyoko. Using the Schypazoa XANA would possess Aelita and use the Keys to Lyoko to destroy each sector while he was also trying to destroy the Core of Lyoko in Sector 5."

"As much as we tried XANA actually did destroy the sectors." Odd sighed. "First it was Forest, then Desert, then Mountain, then Ice."

"No Odd, it was Forest, Desert, Ice then Mountain." Aelita corrected him.

"Jeremy?" Odd raised an eyebrow.

Jeremy just shrugged. "The author doesn't really know. And if you were right Odd then Aelita shouldn't have commented because if you were wrong people would ignore it except for the one reviewer who comments on every little continuity error."

"So in other words, we may get a massive flame or two." Odd said.

"Exactly." Jeremy nodded.

"Anyways, XANA destroyed all the sectors and after all the sectors but Sector 5 were destroyed we decided we needed another member of the group to keep up with XANA."

"Who did you pick?" Brock asked.

"Did you pick us?" Phineas asked.

Tails shook his head. "I don't think so we were in the Desert Sector last time, not this Sector 5."

"Wait… wasn't the desert and all the other ones except for Sector 5 destroyed?" Penny asked.

"I'm getting there." Jeremy said. "Anyways, we decided to recruit William Dunbar to be the fifth member of the group."

"If he's a part of the group then why isn't he here?" Sonic asked.

"I'm getting there." Jeremy said.

"When William came to Lyoko for the first time he tried to play the hero and got caught and possessed by the Schypazoa." Odd said. "He was like a juggernaut and wiped out all of us when we tried to stop him."

"William destroyed Lyoko." Aelita said. "And all hope seemed lost, XANA pretty much won."

"So what did you do?" Isabella asked.

"We thought it was over." Jeremy said.

"But it wasn't my father reappeared and gave us the data in order to recreate Lyoko." Aelita said.

"And that was when Jeremy and Aelita got to work trying to recreate Lyoko, it took a couple of weeks but they were able to do that." Odd said.

Sheldon's eyes widened. "Incredible, you and Aelita were able to recreate the virtual world?"

The two nodded.

"You're just my students, that means that if you can do that? As your teacher I could in theory create at least ten virtual worlds." Sheldon concluded.

Odd scratched his head." I don't think-"

"Just let him," Leonard cut the boy off. "Trust me, if you try to disagree with his abilities you will regret everything leading up to the decision to do that."

Odd shrugged but decided to listen to his other science teacher.

"Whatever happened to William?" Brock asked.

"We thought William was lost for good when he destroyed Lyoko." Aelita sighed. "But when we recreated it and came back, William was… different."

"Different?" Phineas asked. "Different how?"

"William was possessed by XANA." Jeremy explained. "Under his complete and utter control, he was XANA's general used to command his monsters and cause more trouble on Lyoko."

"But he was no match for Odd the magnificent." Odd smirked as he struck a pose.

"William's sole mission was to throw me into the digital sea." Aelita explained.

"Why is that such a bad thing?" Shadow asked, even though he himself had used the digital sea to destroy a tarantula in the last chapter.

Jeremy took up the task now. "When a person falls into the digital sea, their virtual avatar is ripped apart and they don't return to earth they are eternally virtualized."

"It's a fate worse than death." Aelita added. "When you fall into the digital sea you're floating in a limbo for all eternity, you don't die but it's as if you cease to exist."

Tails shrugged. "Been there, done that."

"Sonic Generations!" Sonic exclaimed. "Too bad it didn't sell well I was really hoping to run through some DLC levels but now they've got me wearing scarves and doing some hardcore parkour. Which is cool but I wanted a little more out of Generations."

"So XANA wanted you out of the way, right Aelita?" Isabella asked.

"That's not exactly right." Aelita said. "XANA wanted to use me to draw out my father."

"Why would he do that?" Ash asked.

"Hopper was in hiding after he sent us the data to recreate Lyoko." Jeremy explained. "And XANA knew that as long as Hopper was alive that he would always be a threat to him."

Shadow huffed. "I know the feeling."

"You weren't trying to kill the doctor?" Tails asked.

"Well unless you play Shadow the Hedgehog a certain way." Knuckles said.

"Guys! SEGA says we're not allowed to talk about Shadow the Hedgehog in public." Sonic said. "Don't you know that the series is about me and we should always talk about me?"

"How about Sonic 06?" Howard smirked.

Sonic's eyes widened at that. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Not important." Jeremy stated. "One day, XANA did succeed at throwing Aelita into the digital sea. Hopper showed up and save her."

"GIRL you should not have to be saved by some man." Katniss stated, going back into OOCness. "Girl power! #GURLZBDABESTIEST!"

Everyone just kind of ignored Katniss.

"That's amazing." Amy cooed.

Peeta nodded. "Your father's amazing Aelita."

Aelita smiled. "Yes, he was."

"Was?" Baljeet asked.

"XANA may have not destroyed Hopper the one time he successfully threw Aelita into the Digital Sea but he did manage to destroy Hopper in our final mission to destroy him right after we had freed William." Jeremy explained.

"You destroyed XANA?" Brock asked.

Odd shrugged. "We thought so, but I guess not."

Jeremy nodded. "During that attack XANA had returned."

Amy gasped and stared at Aelita. "But that means..."

"Yes," Aelita sighed. "My father died in vain, in his attempt to destroy his creation."

Everyone's mood darkened at that, it was one of the dirtiest tricks in the book that XANA pulled and now poor Aelita would be left to be angry and OOC and probably be harsh and snarky towards the first girl that even looked at Jeremy and –wait, this is not Evolution. She doesn't have to be that way.

"So what do we do first to make sure this XANA joker goes down?" Shadow asks.

The original warriors, sans the two who were far too busy sucking face, smiled.

"That's what I like to hear!" Odd beamed.

Katniss nodded. "Snowflake gonna pay. #EVENDOEHEAINTSNOWISTILLBEANGRY!"

"We gotta catch this no good, dirty, rotten XANA varmit." Sandy added, speaking for the first time in the chapter because the author forgot she existed and finally remembered she was in the fic.

Ferb smirked. "We shall make sure this cretin will never rear his ugly head again."

Everyone stopped their own confirmations to stare at the green haired Brit.

"YOU CAN TALK!" Almost everyone who wasn't a Phineas and Ferb character said.

Phineas laughed. "Of course he can, he just doesn't do it much."

"Bullshit." Penny growled. "When we had drama I tried to get him to act and he did everything without speaking, I thought he was like Raj over here."

She gestured at the Indian. He opened his mouth to say something but the words fell short, what could he say with all the women in the room. He just held his head down in shame.

"Okay, let's just move on…" Aelita suggested.

Everyone agreed.

"Now there's only one thing left to do." Jeremy said.

Gale smirked. "What's that?"

"Swear in to the Lyoko Code of Conduct." The genius confirmed.

"Seriously?" Candace rolled her eyes.

"There's no such thing as the Lyoko Code of Conduct!" Odd shouted.

Jeremy rolled his eyes. "There is now, since the author invented it to be the stupidest thing ever."

Odd rolled his eyes. "Whatever…"

"Everyone place your write hand over your heart and your left on top of your head." Jeremy said.

"This is ridiculous." Brock stated.

"Now everyone repeat after me." Jeremy said.

Everyone gave their murmurs of acceptance to that.

"I pledge allegiance to the Lyoko Warriors, of Kadic Academy and the Lyoko Warriors as a whole."

Everyone did so.

"To promise to withhold all information about the factory, Lyoko and XANA from any and all outsiders,"

Everyone repeated.

"And to always trust in Jeremy as he is always right and can give you all virtual tutus."

Everyone repeated.

"Can he do that?" Sonic whispered to Tails, who shrugged.

"To promise to not pull a William, and not play the hero even though you're a total noob and cannot understand the awesome power of Jeremy being right."

People rolled their eyes at this one but continued.

"And to protect the world from devestation and to unite all the people within our nations."

Ash had the urge to shout at that last line but decided to repeat.

"In the pursuit of a world without danger we say, here we are going far, to save all that we love if we give all we've got we will make it through."


"Here we are like star, shining bright on your world today… make evil go away."


Suddenly a guitar spontaneously appeared in Odd's hands. The purple clad boy shrugged but began to do the small guitar riffs.

"Code Lyoko, we'll reset it all."

Strum of the guitar


"Code Lyoko, be there when you call."

Strum, repeat.

"Code Lyoko, we will stand real tall."

Strum, repeat.

"Code Lyoko, stronger after all."

Strum, repeat.

"And that's it." Jeremy said.

"And that's it." Everyone repeated.

"You can stop now." He said.

"You can stop now."

"Stop it!"

"Stop it!"

Jeremy steamed and was about to open his mouth again but stopped short as his computer blared.

"Oh my gosh! XANA's attacking!" Jeremy shouted.

Everyone was immediately ready.

"What sector is the tower in?" Aelita asked.

Jeremy looked at the screen and gasped. "I don't believe it, it's in a sector I've never seen before!"

"A new sector?" Odd gaped. "Is that even possible?"

"Not just one new sector several new sectors." Jeremy said.

The holomap shot up and revealed the new map of lyoko. Really it was just a complete circle around the core, you couldn't even really see individualized sectors anymore.

"It didn't look like that last time we here." Candace pointed out.

Odd's eyes widened. "I can't believe it, how many sectors are there Jeremy?"

"Too many to count." Jeremy said.

"Well where's the tower?" Odd asked.

"The Dessert Sector." Jeremy revealed.

Spongebob scratched his head. "Weren't we there last time?"

"Not Desert, Dessert." Jeremy corrected.

"An actual Dessert sector, wow!" Aelita said.

"Everybody get ready, you're about to take the plunge." Jeremy said. "You must protect Aelita at all costs."

Everyone nodded and ran into the elevator.

Ulrich and Yumi were following and Jeremy stopped them.

"Not you two." Jeremy said.

The two gasped.

"But y germy?!" Yumi screamed.

Ulrich nodded. "I 3 2 go 2 Loco it be mah dooty 2 fiyat XANA."

Jeremy sighed. "Fine but only one of you is allowed to go and once one of you gets devirtualized the other goes back."

"Fine since I luv Ulrick mor hii shuld goe."

"Noo, Umi shuld goe." Ulrich insisted.

"No… you should." She said.

"No… you should." He smiled.

And Ulrich and Yumi thus commenced what every generic couple did.

Jeremy ignored them and turned to the computer. His glasses doing the cliché but awesome anime glasses shine thing.




There was a great big flash and everything just changed, their molecules got all rearranged.

End Chapter.

I need to stop referencing theme songs, this was a little more serious than the other chapters and as far as I'm concerned that won't happen again. I think most of the jokes that I slipped in were funny or stupid enough to be satisfactory there. If you're a Sonic fan I'm sure you got a kick out of this one with some of the jokes I pulled just for you. So hope you enjoyed the chapter and remember to read and review.