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I was their savior. I was their hero. I was a pawn in their game of chess. A piece that is sacrificed for the greater good of the game. And I was done with it. I was sacrificed for the greater good. I was sacrificed so a deity wouldn't rise once again. I was thrown in a gods-forsaken pit that I had just escaped. I was branded traitor and murderer just so the betrayal wouldn't hurt so much. I didn't deserve this.

I was cast into darkness . . . so the darkness I became.

3rd POV

It had been a year since the Giant War 2.0, and the gods were gathered in the throne room to discuss the most recent happening.

"Father, I fear a new enemy is rising. Our power is slowly being drained as we speak, and has been for nearly a week," Athena spoke. Several gods nodded in agreement, most looking pale from lack of power.

"Yes Athena, but who else do we have to defeat? Our father and grandmother are incapacitated and their followers are either hiding, dead, or too weak to do anything," Poseidon questioned, leaning on his trident.

Many gods nodded in agreement. If they could not find a reason as to why they were getting weaker- and put a stop to it- it only means one thing: the Greek pantheon is fading.

"There must be someone else who wants to kill us. If there is, I am clawing their eyes out for taking away my tan!" Aphrodite complained, flailing her pale arm around.

As her husband tried to console her, Ares tried to also console the love goddess. The two brothers glared at each other. This caused a chain reaction of pandemonium in the grand throne room. Athena and Poseidon bicker, Artemis and Apollo argue about who's older; Demeter yells at Dionysus about his diet (which happens to lack cereal), and Hermes laughs at the scene before him as Hera complained to Zeus about his unfaithfulness to her. The sky god rubbed his temple with his fingers, trying to get rid of the headache before it appeared.

There was a sudden flash in the throne room, silencing all the gods and goddesses.

A man stood in the middle of the throne room when the flash faded. He was accompanied by another man and a little girl.

The first man was very striking, to say the least. His skin was paper white and he had blood-red eyes- the pupil, iris, even the white (or what was suppose to be) of his eyes. As if several hearts were juiced and poured into his eyes. His white skin made his piercing eyes even more alluring and dangerous. He wore a suit of white- that was unbuttoned to reveal his muscular chest- with pink shoes from the 1950s. As the Olympians looked at him, they couldn't decide if he was there or wasn't. It was like if you looked at something, but didn't acknowledge it till later.

The man gave off an aura of sex and lust; it made all the goddesses and even the gods want to have a piece of him right then. The only deities that weren't affected were his two companions and Aphrodite; whom stopped crying and was glaring at the man. He smirked at the goddess of love, flashing a blood-red smile. The inside of his mouth, including his teeth, were blood-red. It made him more menacing and unnerving, even though the man was beautiful.

The little girl was similar. Her skin was white, but it looked transparent. Her hair was white, but her eyes were golden like the sun. This girl though, was brighter than the sun. She downed a short golden dress that matched her eyes. This girl would've been seemingly innocent if it weren't for the jagged scar that raged from her eyebrow to her chin and a smile that rivaled Apollo's. She seemed nearly eight or nine, but timeless. Like the man, she seemed as if she was there, but not there. It also felt that if you looked right at her, you'd go blind or burst into flames. Oblivion.

The last man was the complete opposite of his companions. His skin was chocolatey, his hair black and cropped to his head. His chest and back were bare, and he had to swirling white tattoos going up his muscular arms, chest and back. His eyes were completely white, including the pupil and iris. His flawless face held a scowl. The man downed black leather pants that were tucked into laced combat boots. Unlike the other two, this man was definitely there. He seemed like he was everywhere that was dark, or a shadow was cast. It was a deadly beauty.

Zeus was the first to break out of his daze.

"Who are you? What right do you have to be in my throne room!" The rest of the Olympians shook out of their revere and pulled their weapons.

"Peace, Zeus," the little girl spoke. "We would like to talk. If this goes wrong, peace won't be available anymore." Apollo shivered. He felt by just being near this girl his power was being drained substantially.

"Who are you?" Athena asked this time. The dark man turned to her. His white eyes staring into her gray ones. The wisdom goddess looked away, defeated.

"Can't you guess who we are, Athena? You are the wisdom goddess," the dark man spoke. His voice sounded like shattering glass.

Athena thought for a moment. About all deities that she knew of. None of these characters matched their looks. The wisdom goddess shook her head. The dark man sighed and shook his head in disappointment.

"I know who you are," Aphrodite said suddenly, color coming back into her skin. She stood from her throne and walked toward the group. She stopped in front of the dark man.

"You are Erebus, the darkness and shadows. A Primordial being. My uncle." She moved on to the little girl.

"Hemera, the light and day. And a bigger bitch than Nyx, your daughter," the love goddess sneered, causing the little girl to drop her jaw. She then moved on to the white man. She had his hands behind his back and an easy going smirk on his face.

"And you, Eros, the-" Aphrodite was cut off by her brother, Hermes.

"I've seen your son Eros, and that is not him. He's more of a buff stereotypical cupid," Hermes explained. Aphrodite sighed and ignored his comment.

"You are Eros," she began once again. "Love, sex, lust, attraction. My uncle." She glared up at the man, who grinned, showing off his red mouth. Eros started to slow clap, walking around Aphrodite.

"Well well well. Who knew it would be the dumbest goddess of them all to figure out who we are? If Athena didn't get it, I had my money on Artemis." Aphrodite growled and clenched her fists at her side. Her hair turned blood red, her eyes doing the same.

"I thought you'd be smarter as to why I would recognize you," she spat. Hemera stepped up.

"How would you recognize us? You have never even seen us!" Hemera cackled.

"I have memories of you. I was made from the essence of Ouranos, nearly making me him. But, I was given another domain, one of love. And when I felt the surge of love in the room when you three appeared, it all clicked."

The Olympians were shocked. Who knew that a love goddess would be able to figure something out that only Athena should have. Athena herself felt offended, being shown up by her sister. The Primordial gods smirked.

"Good, now that that is out of the way. We have a request," Hemera announced. Zeus stood up, using his master bolt as balance.

"What request?" he asked.

"We are rising to power. Seeing as we are weak, we've been absorbing your power. But, we will spot stealing your power if we are given one thing," Hemera explained.

"And what might that be?" Poseidon questioned.

"Perseus," Erbeus whispered. "Your son, Perseus Jackson." Poseidon's faced turned gold in anger. He gripped his trident, turning his knuckles white.

"Why do you require my son?"

"If we rise, he will stand in our way. But already having him, it'd be like taking Olympus!" Eros cheered. Poseidon glared.

"But if we give the demigod up to you, how do we know you won't attack us?" Athena asked, analyzing the deities.

"Ah, good question. How about we give you our word? We swear on the five rivers of the Underworld to not attack Olympus once we have Perseus," Eros swore. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed. The oath was sealed.

"But," Hemera started, "if we do not have Perseus in a week or less, expect war."

Hemera disappeared in a blinding flash of white light. Erebus melted into a shadow and dispersed around the room. Eros stayed for a bit.

"To get him to us, just send him into my brother. Simple enough." Eros slowly started cracking apart, like glass, until he shattered. As each piece of him hit the floor, it turned into sand and blew away in the nonexistent wind.

The throne room was silent. Each god had thought over the recent event. Ares spoke up first. "So it's decided, we give them the punk." Athena shook her head, placing her hand on her chin.

"No. We cannot just send him into Tartarus. We must have a reason to avoid suspicion. We must get the demigods and minor gods to despise him. Then we must accuse him of something," Athena reasoned. The Olympians nodded in agreement, even Poseidon. Aphrodite just sighed.

"Their oath meant nothing. They are far more powerful then all the rivers in the underworld." Athena scoffed.

"Aphrodite, I'll explain this to you in a simple way: we the gods can barely break an oath we make on one river, considering they made an oath on five, they cannot break it."

"So," Zeus said, "who votes to give Perseus to the Primordial gods? This is for the greater good of our children and us."

Zeus, Hera, Apollo, Hermes, Dionysus, Ares, Artemis, Hephaestus, Demeter, Poseidon (though he was hesitant) and Athena raised their hands. Aphrodite just crossed her arms and huffed. Athena smirked at her sister in triumph.

"Perseus Jackson shall be condemned to Tartarus. We shall announced to the demigods of his false treachery tomorrow here. Dismissed." Zeus, Athena and Aphrodite stayed in the throne room, though.

Aphrodite got out of her throne and walked towards the king of the gods and his daughter.

"You have made a horrible mistake. Love does not like to be controlled, it's too powerful for that. Eros will not let an oath stop him from coming into power. When Olympus falls, I will not be there to see it." Aphrodite disappeared the same was Eros did. But she turned blood red before shattering like glass and turning to dust.

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