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Bubbling Butterflies

Chapter 1


Fumbling with and nearly dropping her pencil, Sakura grimaced as another examiner began writing something on his clipboard. She bit her lip softly and smoothed back a long, unruly lock of candy pink hair behind her ear. Her slender pink eyebrows furrowed in concern. She was so nervous, how was she going to make it in the ninja world, she didn't feel as all cut out for the job. She was probably the most vibrantly coloured person there! What with her bright red dress, emerald green eyes and not to mention her crazily coloured hair. Sakura pouted, even Ino seemed to have the ninja ways under her thumb. Kami.

She covered her mouth, the butterflies in her stomach just would not stop fluttering and it was making her feel nauseas as hell, suddenly feeling more nervous at the thought of barfing all over her desk only to have an examiner write something about it on his clipboard. She rubbed her eyes vigorously, trying to calm her nerves, which were again perked as another three teams were announced and told to leave. She clutched her jittering knees under the table, and took a deep breath.

'It's okay Sakura, as long as you don't cheat or do anything stupid you should be okay.' She picked up the exam paper in her small hands and examined it...funnily enough. 'This test is very difficult, even that pineapple haired genius Shikamaru would have trouble with this, it almost promotes cheating.' She raised her eyebrow quizzically.

That is until she felt a familiar sting in the back of her head, like the pinch of an insect or something along those lines, suddenly her whole world went black and the last thing that went through her mind was 'Mind substitution no Jutsu.' She came to a thud on the top of her desk and felt another presence inside her head, man it was getting crowded in there, with her, inner Sakura and the loud mouth Ino in there; she'd have to start charging rent soon.

Luckily Sakura's crazy inner jumped to man the guns. Sakura's body flung up to sit in her chair and swivelled. Sakura glared a few lanes down at the young Yamanaka's body slumped over her test papers. "INO YOU BITCH GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" she somehow, even unknown to herself wrenched her arms out in front of her and heaved the blonde haired, blue eyed, girl back into her own body with a with a hefty grunt.

Ino bolted back in her chair and shot with it onto the floor with shock she lay there gobsmacked and finally found the will to sit up and peer over her desk. "What the hell forehead! You should have succumb easily to my Jutsu!" her eyes widened "Unless, you've got someone in there with you to pick up the slack!?" Ino pointed an accusing finger at the cherry haired girl standing triumphantly on her desk, not really giving a shit who saw what.

"That's right Ino-pig, Sakura did cave into your esteemed Jutsu." Her eyes flashed venomously "But I'm not Sakura, do you want to talk to her? I can bring her back but I honestly don't think she wants too, she having a bit of a freak out." The new Sakura scratched the back of her vibrant head awkwardly. This new Sakura felt many eyes on her and she looked around, everyone's eyes, even Sasuke's bored into her. "What are you looking at ya freaks!?" she plopped back into her chair and Neji spoke up.

"Sasuke...I didn't know that your...team mate was...schizophrenic..." he sweat dropped quizzically. Inner Sakura growled "Alright I'm over this have your precious Sakura-Chan back!" Sakura's body suddenly slumped in her chair again, but not a few moments later her body rose up from the desk and looked around with a sickened look on her face, everyone's eyes were boring into her soul and she freaked out. The next thing she knew she felt a small bubble rising up her throat. 'Oh god, don't throw up here in front of all these people! In front of these scary ninja that are going to give me crap for the rest of my life!' She clamped her eyes shut and crumpled one hand in her dress and the other firmly over her mouth.

Then...she hiccupped...

At first she was relieved that it was just a hiccup and not a cookie-toss, feeling relieved she took her hand away only to find something had come out of her mouth! A pink bubble the size of her big toe appeared in front of her avocado eyes and unfurled into a beautiful pink and green butterfly. It stretched its wings open gracefully and flexed them until it small legs...all six, came to rest on the delicate kunoichi's nose. She blinked bewilderedly, all was quiet until.

She hiccupped again...

Another, brighter and even bigger pink ball popped out from between her luscious champagne lips, her scrutinizing gaze stared at it as the ball unfurled into another beautiful pink and green butterfly. It landed softly on her small head which somehow triggered Sakura to...

Hiccup three times in succession...

Three large blobs of glowing pink emerged from the cavern of Sakura's face. Sakura squeaked and crawled under her desk, all three balls had changed into beautiful butterflies that hovered around her face. She one on her nose moved and the tickled from it caused her to sneeze cutely, from her mouth another eight pink balls hurtled out and hovered in the air before slowly unfurling into more butterflies all of which landed on top of her desk. Even Ibiki was staring, he had never seen anything like this, not in all his year had he seen a pastel haired girl hiccup...butterflies.

Even thinking about butterflies made her hiccup a few more, her hair was now glinting with green and pink butterflies, the scratching of notes authored by the examiners surrounding around the perimeter of the test subjects had ceased. The examiners admired and inspected the fluttering insects looming around a small and terrified girl. Suddenly with the least amount of stealth even a small child could easily muster, Sakura rocketed out of the room, slamming the exam room door behind her.

And everyone was left...

...With her beautiful butterflies...

They came to life from between this sweet girl luscious, rose petal like lips. At least that's what Shino thought as he watched everyone; even some of the coldest looking ninja in the room become captivated by her beautiful creations from her soul. There must have been at least thirty butterflies beating around the room and after they realised their master had left them, decided to hover off in find of new potential homes.

A small butterfly, one of the first Sakura hiccupped up glided over and perched its self on the young Hyuga heiress's small nose, causing her to gasp and clutch her arms in front of her chest as she stared at the six-legged creature in delighted awe. Another of Sakura's creations hovered over to the red headed boy, Subaku no Gaara and landed silently on his sandy hand. He looked at it with caring eyes and stroked its beautiful wings carefully as if we're going to crumple under the pressure of anything other. Another went to the purple face boy and perched its self merrily on his test pencil Kankuro grinned and picked the delicate butterfly between his palms and placed it gingerly on his own head, the pink and green creation didn't seem to mind and crouched atop of one of his cat ears.

Another went to Temari of sand as well, it dove and encircled her giant fan and finally came to a stop on the tip of her finger, and she raised it to eye level to examine it. One of the larger butterflies hovered over to Ibiki and flopped down on his covered head almost happily, Ibiki just stood there amazed at what he was seeing, shimmering insects perching themselves on people who seemed as amazed as he did. He caressed its wing softly and it fluttered against his large, calloused hand he smiled at how small and insignificant this gift was and was reminded to enjoy the little things in life all over again.

While thought taunted him he hadn't noticed that six more butterflies had received recipients. One to Naruto, Neji, Tenten, Shikamaru, and Lee, noticeable covered in spandex who was all too happy to receive a 'Beautiful gift from his precious flower Sakura' Ibiki suddenly noticed that all the butterflies that had chosen someone to sit one, had chosen someone from Sakura's age group, all rookies and all mostly that Sakura knew.

The remainder of the colourful butterflies fluttered around the room and began advancing on one boy, a boy that kept to himself and watched the unfolding scene from afar with extreme interest. The butterflies hovered through the air and all of them landed on Shino, on his head, on the rims of his glasses, the tips of his fingers and around the hem of his jacket. Naruto who was sitting not too far from him watched with a grin on his face as the bug expert was bombarded with Sakura's stunning bugs. Naruto's eyes widened, Sakura! He'd completely forgotten about her.

Naruto turned to Ibiki who was standing there with a pissed off looking Anko who was now tearing down her banner that she had worked so hard on placing. "Ne, is the exam over!?" Naruto asked obnoxiously over the small crowd. Ibiki nodded wordlessly and smiled as one of the butterflies crawled onto his eyelid. Naruto leaped up from his chair and ran for the door "Where are you going, dobe?" He heard Sasuke's annoyed voice in the background "If you must know teme, I'm going to go make sure that Sakura's okay, she looked pretty freaked out!" he scratched his head and accompanied it with a corny smile "Do you know where she is?" Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"Well judging by the trail of butterflies down the hall way, I'd say she ran to the girls' bathroom." He grinned sheepishly. Ino stood up from her chair "You better not go in there Naruto. Its girls only and I think you're the last person she wants to see." She said matter-of -factly. Naruto narrowed his eyes at the know it all blonde. "Hey you started this! She only started hiccupping after you tried your mind substitution on her!" throughout this argument Shino stood up calmly and trudged toward the door. Exiting through it with the stealth a ninja master would be envious of.

Shino's eyes widened behind his black shades, the whole hall way was eloped in a cover pink and green fluttering wings. He followed the path of knowing butterflies, careful as not to tread on them, as he ventured further and further down the hall. After what seemed like a few minutes he heard soft sobbing ahead, coming from what looked like the girl's toilet, Naruto was right, well it was a pretty standard chick thing to run to the girls bathroom when you suffering a crisis. He placed an open palm on the pasty blue door of the bathroom, took a deep breath and pushed his way through and what he saw made his knees quiver.

The whole room was filled with a fantastic array of different coloured butterflies, of all shapes and sizes as well as bubbles of pink and green chakra. And there was Sakura, weeping and holding herself on the cold tiled floor, her body shook with tremors as she gasped for air only to hiccup and have another pesky blob in front of her face. In the not too far distance she could see the visage of a person, probably Ino to tease her about how much of a freak she'd become. She closed her eyes and felt two warm tears slide down her cheeks, suddenly her vision came into focus and there was a boy her age, wrapped in about ten coats looking down at her. He squatted on the ground inspected her. Sakura raised an eyebrow for the second time that day.

Shino slowly and shakily raised a quivering hand and wiped away a stray tear away with his thumb. He watched her through his dark glasses as the never ending flow of tears spilled out from her puffy, mint eyes. His hand rubbed over her uncovered arm tenderly as he wiped away her tears with his other. She looked at his sunglasses sadly and wriggled forward to get closer to the only comfort she had. Shino noted this and gingerly wrapped the quivering girl up in his broad arms; she clung to him like a sticky pink marshmallow and cried her eyes out on his shoulder.

The young bug wielder rubbed soothing circles in the small of her back and her sobs ceased into hiccups, which brought him back to her original predicament. What the hell was going on with this strange girl? Why the hell was she hiccupping butterflies? It was the weirdest thing he'd ever seen but before he could gather his thoughts, two arguing loud mouth blondes tried to squeeze through the door. He felt Sakura's small digits twist in his jacket; he frowned and summoned a swarm of his Kikaichu which pushed on the door and kicked the two offenders out of the room.

Sakura's mint eyes widened as she saw a hoard of small black beetles push the two people she could use the least of out the door. She looked up at Shino, he slowly removed his glasses and Sakura's radiating eyes were met with shining luscious brown ones which calmed her soul, just like her favourite chocolate. Shino's larger hand dove into Sakura's pink tresses and pushed her head onto his comfortable shoulder she sighed contentedly as he resumed rubbing calming circles on her back. Suddenly he chuckled, Sakura's eyes shot open and looked at him in pure anger, he was laughing at her? Oh great the one person that was being nice to her is laughing at her.

He hugged her reassuringly "Your hiccups have stopped..." he began rubbing her back again and she smiled. "Yeah"

Neither of them moved and that's just how they stayed for the next half an hour.

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