Time had passed all too quickly since I had gotten Edward and the Cullen's back, it felt like the last few months had flown by in the blink of an eye and summer had faded all too quickly. Edward had noticed my necklace the day after I had begun wearing it and whilst he never commented on it, I would sometimes catch him staring at the chain with a strange expression on his beautiful face. I was too scared to ask him about it, scared that I would lose him again If I openly acknowledged that I was wearing a gift from a total stranger.

I had tried to quell the disappointment inside me as week after week passed and still no new package or letter had arrived. Apparently my admirer had grown bored very quickly, I tried not to examine the hurt I felt too closely.

It was the evening before my birthday and whilst Alice had promised me no more birthday parties after the total failure of my eighteenth, I still didn't trust her to let the day pass unnoticed. I huffed out a breath and with it whispered the age I was to become tomorrow. "Nineteen…" I felt a pang in my chest as I thought about it, I would be two years older than Edward who would remain forever frozen at seventeen. Upon our return from Italy we all had a meeting about the prospect of my becoming a Vampire. It was now non-negotiable due to the Volturi knowing about my existence. Edward however had managed to persuade his family to side with him yet again, saying that he wasn't ready to condemn me.

I had stopped pushing the issue when the first slithers of doubt had begun to creep into my mind. Edward had left me before and whilst he maintained it was the hardest thing he'd ever done I couldn't quite shake the feeling that something wasn't right. I loved Edward, of that I was absolutely certain. But I now wasn't entirely sure I wanted to be a Vampire and for the life of me couldn't explain why i'd had such a dramatic change of heart. I didn't want to be a teenager forever, in fact I couldn't think of anything worse. My teenage years so far had been the most difficult and socially awkward years of my life, and whilst I wasn't quite there yet I could see the changes age was making to me, mind, body and soul. I was no longer falling over quite as much and confidence grew within me every day, my body was changing too. Whilst my waist still remained small my hips and thighs became more shapely and less boyish, I was starting to feel like a woman and I didn't want to halt the process before it had really began.

Graduation had been and gone and I still hadn't found a permanent job. Charlie didn't nag me and for that I was grateful, he earned enough as police chief to not need any contributions toward the house but I knew that if I wanted to save any money I would need to find work somewhere. I was surfing the local job adverts online when I felt a breeze prickle the hairs on the back of my neck and a wide grin spread across my face. I span in my chair and stood to greet Edward, who leant against the window he had just entered through.

"Hi." I said, wrapping my arms around his neck and leaning up to press my lips to his. Before I had chance though he intercepted my arms and untangled them from his shoulders before placing them down by my sides.

"I need to talk to you." His voice was serious and I felt panic shoot through me as I remembered the last serious talk we'd had.

I shook my head roughly and backed away from him, lowering myself to my bed as shock coursed through my system. "No, no, no you can't do this to me again." I said, feeling like the ground was crumbling beneath me.

He was at my side in an instant. "Bella no, stop. I'm not leaving you, i'm right here. I promised i'd never leave you again and I wont, I swear. Not until you order me away."

I felt the panic recede and took a shaking breath as my eyes focussed on him again and the panic attack faded.

"I need to talk to you because i've been dishonest." He bowed his beautiful bronze haired head in regret before raising his golden eyes to meet mine again. "I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I kept this from you."

I frowned in confusion and just looked at him, not quite sure what he was talking about. "What do you mean?" I asked, hoping to prompt him into telling me whatever it was he was so concerned about.

"I've been intercepting your mail…" He bowed his head again as he turned away from my reaction. All I could do was blink as comprehension dawned on me. Thats why I hadn't received any letters from the admirer who had promised to continue writing to me.

"Okay?" I was waiting for him to elaborate but instead he reached into his jacket pocket and withdrew a fist full of letters wrapped in an elastic band. The beautiful, artistic writing graced the front of every single one of them, the elegance with which my name was written almost made me appreciate it in its full length.

"There are packages… gifts in the car." He mumbled, has fingers lingered on the envelopes as he withdrew his hand.

"Why did you take them?" I asked him, feeling eagerness for the conversation to be over so I could open the letters begin to overwhelm me.

"I was jealous, I wanted to know who it was. After I saw the necklace you wont remove I had to know… But I couldn't open them. I couldn't betray your trust like that, so i've returned them to you. I hope that when you feel able, you will share their contents with me." I could tell he was hopeful that i'd open them now in front of him, but I wouldn't. I would never tell him what they said, they were my letters. The one secret I had from him and the one thing in my life that didn't revolve around him. If i'd learnt anything from his leaving me it was that I couldn't be totally dependent on Edward Cullen for happiness.

"I need time to think, Edward. Please bring the packages up and then leave. I'll see you tomorrow." I said as softly as I could when anger was building up inside of me. How dare he take my letters? The thought that they had been sat unread in his room or car made me furious and I couldn't explain why. All I knew was that whoever sent them had intended for me to read them weeks ago and I hadn't been able to.

Edward had left and deposited the packages on my bed in the blink of an eye. Lingering at the window only to apologise before he leapt from it and disappeared into the night. I stood whilst trying to ignore the temptation of ripping into them right away before closing the window. I made sure to put the latch on so that I wouldn't have any surprise visitors in the night who might think it their right to read through the letters once they were opened.

I stroked my finger over the writing on what I deemed to be the oldest letter in the pile, I was trying to read through them in order and hoped I was getting it right.

Dearest Isabella,

I am humbled beyond words that you accepted my gift and wear it with such pride, I was right; the sapphire suits you beautifully. A mere week has passed since my last letter but I couldn't resist writing you another after seeing your acceptance of this correspondence displayed so publicly.

Your graduation fast approaches and though it is not my right, I have enclosed a gift I hope you will wear on the day. I understand that the graduation gowns are to be yellow, for that I apologise to you as I know your distaste for wearing bright, garish colours. I hope that my gift is understated enough to sooth your soul and make the day more bearable.

You have my fondest congratulations and the best of wishes for the future. Enjoy the day Isabella, moments in life where you can truly be proud of your own achievements are few and far between; do not waste it.

Yours Eternally.

My eyes scanned the bed for a small package and found one wrapped in similar paper to that the letter was enclosed in. I opened it carefully wanting to save everything from this person who valued my well being so highly. I let out a small gasp of shock as I opened the small box; more jewellery. Within the velvet this time lay a pair of tiny drop earrings holding the most delicate pearls I had ever seen, I pictured my graduation outfit and how awkward I had felt and was angry that Edward had taken this gift away from me. They would have indeed made the day much easier and I felt sad that I didn't get to wear them as my secret friend had hoped. I moved the letter and earrings to one side, stroking the pearls fondly before I moved onto the next letter.

Dearest Isabella,

Forgive me if my last missive offended you, perhaps I was too presumptuous to assume that you would like receiving such a gift. As you didn't wear them to your graduation I will assume that they weren't as welcome as i'd hoped they would be, please forgive me.

I find myself at somewhat of a loss now as my first gift was so well received, it has confused me that the second was not. Are you perhaps not a fan of pearls? I will endeavour to select a more appropriate gift next time.

Yours Eternally.

I felt my heart drop like a stone as I read through this letter, I could practically feel the disappointment radiating from the paper before me and frustrated tears welled in my eyes. "I'm sorry! I didn't get it, I couldn't wear them!" I spoke aloud to no one in particular, voicing my frustration as I gripped the letter in my hands.

It never occurred to me to feel worried that this person knew my graduation gown was yellow, or had watched me closely enough to know that I hadn't worn the pearls. I was being watched by so many people, what was one more thrown into the mix?

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