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"I'm the Reaper." normal speech

"(Real justice)" language transition

"Reaper..." thought/mind speak

Chapter 1

Seven-year-old Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki was looking over one of his father's space-time scroll. It was the third time…his parents had left him behind without even bothering to wake him just two weeks ago. Even if I was up already for the trip to begin, Naruto thought as he looked over his father's legendary Flying Thunder God jutsu, they never even bothered to check on me or even thought of seeing if I was ready.

The boy then looked at his hands and could feel the chakra swimming through his body…and that made him seethe in anger. Naruto can feel the chakra but he just cannot bring it out…unlike his brother, Arashi, the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox. Arashi can bring out his chakra so easily while Naruto can't even bring out a splinter's worth. I can still feel the force of that wind jutsu that father had taught him, the blonde bitterly thought as he remembered how Arashi used a Wind Style jutsu to smash him against a tree, Kami, I think I can still feel the splinters in my back.

He has tried to get his parents to spend time with him, but they were either too busy or too tired to get to him later. Naruto knew that his parents wouldn't train him in ninjutsu, but they could have at least trained him in taijutsu or kenjutsu…but no. They knew he had unlocked his chakra, but when they saw that he couldn't bring it out they just didn't bother training with him afterwards. They had left him behind and allowed Arashi to use his brother as target practice.

"There," said Naruto as he put the last touches on his experiment, "now…let's begin." The blonde then tried to bring out his chakra and it took him quite a while before he saw a flicker of light. Yes…yes…yes! Naruto thought as the flicker was soon growing, Now! Naruto threw a knife with three points on it, his father's special kunai that had the Flying Thunder God Seal. A flash of light shone before his mother, father, and brother were now standing in front of him.

"What the…" Minato said as he saw Naruto standing in the middle of a sealing circle, "Naruto, what are you doing? How are you using seals if you can't use chakra?" Naruto chuckled as he said, "You would have known if the two of you assholes had trained me?" Kushina looked at her son and said, "You watch your language young man! You do not talk to your parents like that!"

"Parents?" Naruto asked with an insulted look, "You think you have the right to call yourselves MY parents after not at least training me in skills that do not require chakra like taijutsu or even kenjutsu and from the looks of things…fuinjutsu." The red-headed Arashi then charged towards his brother before somehow bouncing off of a wall. "Well," said Naruto with a small laugh, "guess the 'Hero' isn't all that he's cracked up to be. Oh…before I forget…" The blonde inside the seal pulled out a small glass of water as he looked at his former family with a smirk of victory. "Just a little…insurance so that you won't bother trying to find me…if you ever want to see a dead weight of a failure such as myself. Wouldn't want to waste your time now do we?" Naruto said before he smashed the glass on the seal before a bright light shone, blinding the family.

"NARUTO!" Kushina cried as her son had vanished into thin air, much to her horror, "NOOOOOO!" Minato stared at the seal, now ruined from the water, and all he could feel was regret…he failed as a father. Was Naruto here for the past two weeks? Minato thought as he crawled to where his son once stood and saw the ink running…like tears, Naruto…my son…forgive this foolish man.

In another world, Slade Wilson had just returned from another mission along with an encounter with one of the members of the Justice League. "Try as they might," said the assassin for hire, "but not even Batman could surprise me." A bright flash of light shone, momentarily blinding Slade as he reached for one of his guns. As the light faded, the assassin pointed the gun to only find a small boy, about seven or eight if his guess was correct, with bright blonde hair wearing green shorts and a tan shirt with a spiral-shaped symbol on the back laying on the floor unconscious. "Well, you're not Batman," said Slade as he holstered the gun away before he picked up the boy, "but that was a surprise."

Naruto slowly woke up to a bright light before his eyes adjusted as he recognized that he was in a hospital room, but it wasn't the hospital in the Hidden Leaf Village. "(I see that you're awake,)" said a cool and collected voice as the blonde looked to see a man with black hair that was slicked back and a small beard wearing an eye patch over his right eye and a suit, "(but do not worry, the doctors told me that you were just suffering from a heavy amount of exhaustion.)" Naruto couldn't understand what this man was saying before he asked, "What did you say?"

The man coughed into his fist before he asked, "Can you understand me now?" Naruto nodded as he then asked, "Who are you? Where am I?" The man pulled one of the nearby chairs and sat down. "My name is Wilson Slade and you're in a hospital in Gotham. Now, may I ask for your name?" Naruto wasn't sure where Gotham might be and Wilson-san had this trusting aura that also hinted a bit of a killing edge to it. "I'm Naruto and I once was part of the Uzumaki-Namikaze Clan, but seeing how they favor my brother more than they do me I decided to just drop those assholes."

"That's quite a mouth you have there, Naruto," said Slade as he was a bit surprise at how a child could act like that towards their family, "Was there trouble between you and your family." Slade listened quietly as he let Naruto explain his history before things started to be a bit…sour for the assassin. His parents focused more of their time on his brother, who has a powerful demon sealed inside of him, Slade thought to himself is slight disgust, I may be a killer, but even I wouldn't leave a child abandoned just because he looked weak. Even though he had no idea about some of the other things like hidden villages or jutsus Naruto had spoken about, but if not for seeing HOW the boy arrived Slade would have thought the boy was creating a make-believe world. Even if the boy cannot access this chakra he speaks of, Slade thought as he contemplated an idea, I can see the potential he has.

"Say Naruto," Slade asked after the boy finished his story, "how about you become my apprentice as I can see that you possess quite the potential. How your…former parents didn't see it, despite being a Hokage and a feared swordswoman." The blonde raised an eyebrow, signaling the man to continue. "My line of work, Naruto," said Slade with smirk that lured the boy in, "is actually quite similar to the ninja you speak of, but I cannot use chakra. This lack of chakra has never bothered me before as my skills and abilities are all that I need to get the job done. I can let you decide, but this-"

"I accept," said Naruto without giving Slade a chance to finish, "Wilson-sama." The boy is eager, Slade thought as he looked into the boy's ocean blue eyes and saw the will and determination in them along with anger and hate. "Are you sure about this?" Slade asked as he already knew the answer, "You are still a child with so much ahead of you." Naruto shook his head as he said, "I'm sure, Wilson-sama. I've always wanted my parents to train me, but seeing how they brush me off while that prick, Arashi, uses me as target practice shows that they never cared about me. Besides, I'm not afraid of a little blood on my hands."

Slade couldn't believe it…he was able to get an apprentice to so WILLINGLY accept his offer without anything in return. He thought that Naruto would at first refused, but instead the boy accepted the offer without a fight. No fighting, no waiting…Slade was practically GIVEN an apprentice and he wasn't going to let this opportunity slip up.

The television in the room was soon turned onto the news by Naruto's roommate who had gotten tired of hearing nothing but gibberish. "(…stopped by Justice League member, Batman.)" said the woman on the television as it showed three hooded men being led away by a man dressed almost like a bat, "(We at Channel 5 News thanks not only Batman, but the other members of the Justice league as well, for their help in the community.)" Naruto looked at Slade and asked, "What was that lady talking about?"

The man chuckled as he said, "She was just talking about a group of heroes known as the Justice League, a league of those who fight villainy and ensure the peace of everyone in the world." Slade caught a scowl on Naruto's face when the word 'heroes' was brought up. "So there's a group of heroes?" Naruto asked with a scowl still present on his face, "Sounds like just a group of people who are allowed to beat the shit out of anyone and call them a criminal." A distrust towards the Justice League for being heroes? Slade thought as he was hiding the joy and amaze inside at the statement, This will work perfectly!

After getting Naruto signed out of the hospital and into Slade's custody, the new father and son soon arrived at an old abandoned warehouse. "This is where you live?" Naruto asked before he saw the man press some buttons in a certain series as a door that was hidden in the wall opened up. "This is just one of my many homes, Naruto," said Slade as he motioned the blonde to follow him, "Of course, since you are my apprentice now, this is also yours as well. As the saying goes, 'My house is your house.' so please, make yourself at home. The only thing I ask of you is that you show respect for me as I train you…and when I train you or decide to take you along with me on my jobs, you shall address me by my cover name: Deathstroke." Naruto got down onto a knee and bowed towards Slade, his mentor and hopefully…a father. "Of course," the blonde said his ocean blue eyes were now cold as frozen diamonds, "Deathstroke-sama."

Ten years had passed as Deathstroke was meeting with Ra's al Ghul at a hidden lair in Gotham. "It's been some time, Deathsroke," said Ra's as he and his fellow assassin nodded to each other, "You always seemed to love to just disappear from time to time." Deathstroke chuckled behind his mask as he said, "Well I had to take some time off so that my son could learn my skills." Ra's chuckled as he said, "Finally got back at that former wife of yours?"

"Actually," said Deathstroke as his mask hid a smirk on his face, "I'd like for you to meet my business partner…Reaper." At the sound of his name, a young boy wearing an outfit similar to the assassin with the exception of two skull bandanas fixed over his face to align the jaw and cranium with the unclothed section of his face painted black and white to finish the skull that made his face. "It is 'bring your kid to work day,'" Deathstroke said as 17-year-old Talia appeared from the shadow. "That it is," said Ra's as Hugo Strange soon appeared.

"Is everything prepared?" asked the man as Reaper kneeled. "I have administered a slow-acting paralysis poison to Joker and was able to make it look like a serious drawback to the TITAN serum he had taken," said Reaper with a voice changer hidden under the face mask under the lower bandana, "If I may say, it was sort of easy for the Clown Prince of Crime to believe that he is dying. I had even fixed the ballots for Quincy Sharp to be Gotham's next mayor." Hugo patted the young boy on the shoulders as he said, "Good job. Just like your mentor and adoptive father, Naruto Wilson." Reaper remained still as Deathstroke had mentioned of the professor's uncanny skills of the mind.

"What do you wish to happen?" Reaper asked as he remained kneeled. "We need you and Talia to keep Batman busy," Hugo said as he gave a calculated look towards the femme fatal, "I take it you know most of Gotham's villains thanks to your mentor." Reaper smirked as his mask mimicked Penguin's voice and said, "I'm sure that Batman wouldn't even see a wild goose chase, even if it involved a real goose!" Hugo actually chuckled at the skills the boy before him had presented to him. "Alright," said Hugo as Reaper was now standing next to Deathstroke, "Let us begin Project Arkham."

A few days had passed and Reaper and Talia were running along the rooftops of the now open-aired prison that once was the slums of Gotham. "So what's first, Grim?" Talia asked as she had given her partner the nickname during the mission of throwing Mayor Quincy Sharp into the prison. "I left a small mixture of TITAN and a potent venom for Mr. Freeze to find," said Reaper as he and his partner jumped onto the roof of another building, "Believing that TITAN is indeed lethal and is trying to develop a cure for it."

"But what about the thug that attacked Bane?" Talia asked as she and Reaper saw the man die from a heart attack, "He died after using TITAN." A chuckle was heard from Reaper as he said, "That thug was given a combination of not just TITAN, but a hallucinogenic that makes people see Batman that I 'borrowed' from Scarecrow, and LSD. I even added a mixture of both rattlesnake venom and venom from a black widow spider for an extra kick. That thug would have died WAY before TITAN's effects had worn off as it turned him into a mindless puppet sent to kill 'Batman' until TITAN had worn off." Damn this guy's brutal, Talia thought as she licked her lips a bit, He doesn't take this job of messing with Bruce lightly.

The duo then reached the Gotham City Police Department where Mr. Freeze was hiding. Talia looked in Reaper's eyes and saw the message to follow her partner's lead before the two of them kicked the door down. "Alright boys," said Reaper with Penguin's voice, "take Freeze and let's get the hell out of here before he finishes that antidote!" Talia and Reaper then put on the disguises they had stolen from two of Penguin's thugs and charged in to capture their target.

After dropping off Mr. Freeze at Penguin's hideout, the two ran across the rooftops when they saw a group of TYGER police officers transporting a large container labeled 'TITAN' before Reaper stopped. "What are you doing?" Talia asked as she saw Reaper point towards the cops, "They're transporting a canister of TITAN, what about it?"

"I'll be back you guys," said one of the officers as he walked into the alley underneath the two assassins, "gonna take a quick leak." While the guard was preoccupied, Reaper silently jumped down and gave the man a quick, non-lethal chop to the neck after the man had finished. Talia jumped down to see Reaper just fixing the officer's uniform correctly. "If I am correct," Reaper said as he picked up the helmet nearby, "Batman or Bane will come after this canister and I would like to demonstrate a part of my philosophy I have about 'heroes' like Bat-Teme."

"Hey," cried one of the other officers, "how long are you going to keep pissing? We can't have this exposed like this for Batman to steal!" Reaper smirked under the helmet and said in a different voice, "Alright, give me a minute; just putting the snake away." Talia climbed back up onto the rooftops as she watched the 'officer' regrouped with his colleagues. What are you planning? Talia thought as she kept an eye on her partner.

Time had passed and the femme fatal was on the roof of a building carrying a TYGER officer who looked worse for wear. "What the hell were you thinking taking on not just Batman, but Bane too!" Talia scolded as she roughly dropped the officer, "I thought you would have known better than to hold back when dealing with Batman!" The officer removed his damaged helmet to reveal Reaper breathing heavily as the injured assassin removed the top bandana to reveal his neon blonde hair. Talia then watched as her partner removed the bottom bandana to reveal a metal face mask until Reaper removed it to reveal his whole face as whisker marks were adorned on his cheeks while a trickle of blood crept down the corner of his mouth. Talia wasn't sure whether to think that Reaper was completely stupid or incredibly brave for going through a one-sided fight with both Batman AND Bane at the same time.

"This…" said Reaper as he voice was now undisguised, "This proves my philosophy about the kind of 'hero' Bat…Bat-Teme is." Reaper spit out some blood onto the brick before he continued, "Bat-Teme is just some angry bitch who is willing to beat the shit out of some 'criminals' just so he could be a hero." Talia kneeled down as she pulled out a small medical kit that Reaper had her carry and began to tend to the injured teen. "True heroes…" said Reaper as the femme fatal tore the TYGER issued body armor and shirt while listening, "True heroes are willing to remove their personal beliefs and ignore…and ignore the chains that bound them to behave like the hero the public paints them to be." Talia removed the black shirt Reaper had one to reveal a huge bruise that was dead center on his chest. "I hope none of your bones are broken," Talia said as she carefully applied bandages on the wound until she could have the doctors back at her hideout examine the blonde, "Please continue."

Reaper nodded as he said, "You know some of the criminals here in Gotham?" The injured blonde winced as Talia applied some pressure while wrapping his bare chest. "Two-Face…Joker," Reaper said as he drew a breath, "and all of the other 'criminals' who had their very lives changed…because of that bastard and others like him who dare call themselves 'heroes' as they fight the never-ending war on crime." Talia helped Reaper put his shirt back on while she hid a small blush at how toned the boy was for his age. "The re-EAL heroes," the injured assassin said as he winced in pain after fixing his shirt back, "are willing to abandon their personal beliefs, be it religion or personal belief because of family blood, and do what must be done to bring justice that will only last for so long until one declares injustice for that man's injustice…starting the cycle again once more."

"What should we do now?" Talia asked as she carefully helped Reaper to his feet while supporting him. "Let's head back to your hideout," Reaper said as he had his face mask and top bandana on, hiding his real voice and hair, "Money says Batman will soon come crawling to you with some bullshit reason to win your trust. Just play along for now, Talia, before pulling the wool over Bat-Teme's eyes." Talia smirked as she guided her partner towards he little hideout as she began to think about Reaper's philosophy and how the idea rang so true in her mind. I believe, Talia thought as she carried Reaper as he helped by keeping himself from falling, that this is the start of something worthwhile.

Talia was laying on the floor of the Monarch Theater as Batman walked by the femme fatal. "I'm sorry that I couldn't save you Talia," said Batman as he carried the now dead Joker, "I also wish that I didn't have to fool you into giving me the antidote under the guise of me finally accepting the mantle of being King of Assassins…but I could never be a terrorist like your father was. Forgive me." A few minutes had passed as Reaper walked towards Talia's corpse with a limp in his step and a dart gun in his hand. "Talia…my sweet, little ghost," Reaper said as he ran a hand on the side of Talia's neck, "I wish that it didn't have to come to this." The assassin held his hand at the side of the girl's neck before pulling out two small darts that had gone completely unnoticed.

Talia soon jolted awake before holding in a scream of pain as she rolled herself onto her back. "Good thing I had you wear that bullet proof plate on your back," Reaper said with a small hint of joy in his voice. "Why did you have to shoot those pressure points?" Talia asked as she couldn't feel much movement, "You know how much pain I'm in?"

"Well," said Reaper as he soon sat on the floor next to Talia, "you're the Queen of Assassins now that Hugo and your father are dead." The femme fatal knew that Reaper was right as she had taken the test before and passed and now that Hugo was gone and Batman was no longer worthy in her eyes, it was up to her. "What do you wish to do now, Hime?" Reaper asked as he knew that Talia was already over the deaths of her father and Hugo, "Dinner and a movie back home?" Talia glanced at her partner…no…her new boyfriend and said, "How about I have dinner and a movie while you cater to my every whim until I'm better…starting with getting me out of this dump before you fix me something good." Reaper chuckled as he picked up Talia, bridal style, and walked away towards one of the many lairs that he and Deathstroke have hidden away a while wondering if Talia wouldn't mind going on a few dates once she recovers.

Unbeknownst to the two, Deathstroke was hidden in the balcony and heard everything that his son and possible daughter-in-law had planned. "Young love," said Deathstroke as he smirked under his mask with pride, "Kids grow up so fast."

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