And, unfortunately, that's a wrap. It's not that I didn't have plans for this story, because I most certainly did, big ones at that. I had an ending planned and all, and everything sorted out to the smallest details. However, I can't seem to find a way to put it all into words, and that combined with the book—which is actually the first book to a fantasy saga of probably 6 books, mind you—and my loss of interest in Fairy Tail and anime in general, I simply can't do it.

There's two options. I can either tell you all in a separate chapter what I was going to do in the form of a summary or something like that, or one of you can write the sequel yourselves. I'm good with both. You can come to me for ideas if you want to stick to the original script—which is very complex at that, like I said—or you can do whatever floats your boat. Review how you want things done, if you want me to tell you, or if you want to wait until someone volunteers to write the sequel.

I'm very sorry guys. Things have gotten hectic over this past year, be it family issues, school or writing the book (actually those last two are combined like algae and rocks, coming for my doom apparently), so I had to put aside the big fics and stick to one-shots, at most.

Again, I'm sorry. The book is my priority, and holds a deeper meaning to my life than you could possibly imagine. I need to finish it.