Epilogue: Heavenly Sunlight

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3rd POV

Shock like silence may come in three parts, there is the grievous shock that carries feelings of loss down to one's very bones. This is shock experienced after the loss of those most closest to you.

There is Emotional shock which arises through traumatic events such as war or simple accidents, this type of shock is perhaps the greatest and most all consuming that the body and mind often take drastic measures in order to cope. Some people's minds retreat so far into themselves after traumatic events that they become shadows of their former selves. For some people it is simply easier to forget these events, they tuck them away under lock and key and hope for the best. Some people find it easier to open the doors of their minds and embrace insanity as the price of true sanity is depression.

The last form of shock is the form of shock that comes in silence, a shock that displays itself in the form of silence. It's a shock so sublime that words fail to reach one's lips.

The people of Olysia were unfortunate enough to experience all three parts following the battle of Olysia as they had come to refer to it. The council of Primordials set out to clean up and repair the damages, there had been many lives lost, but the Olysians held strong with the support of their rulers. The clean up didn't take too long which was impressive, but with all of the gods working together it was understandable.

After the battle with Helix had been won, Apollo took his unconscious wife to be healed. His children had returned from where the were seeking refuge, they smiled when they saw their father, but it was quickly erased when they saw their injured and unconscious mother, a bile of crept up their throat as worry wrapped itself tightly around their chests, "Dad!" they yelled in panic.

"Daddy," called a healed Kat with brimming tears, "is mommy going to be Okay?"

Apollo gave them a gentle nod, "Your mother is going to be fine," he assured, "she is just tired."

"But—" Marino began but the tears in his eyes stopped him from continuing.

Apollo looked at his son with understanding, many millennia ago he had been afraid that his own mother might fade, only Percy isn't fading, "Son, your mother is fine," he reassured, "all she needs is a little sleep and then she will be as good as new, I promise. Now all four of you should go to sleep, tomorrow you will help clean up."

"Fine." They grumbled before heading to their respective rooms.

Apollo sighed as he carried Percy to their bedroom

When Apollo reach their bedroom he placed Percy on their bed before he began to heal her. After he healed her, he discovered that much to his horror that she had been expecting their fifth child together. Apollo went into a panicked state, he began to use his powers to scan Percy around her womb, and there was no sign that the baby had survived the fight, his hands shook violently with fear and despair. He didn't possibly understand why Percy would fight Helix if she knew, but he knew in his heart that Percy would never risk the safety of their unborn child if she knew.

This raised another question in his heart that he dared not answer, "How will I tell Percy?" he paced back and forth, tears began to well up in his eyes.

He looked at his wife's form gently and sighed, he walked up to a bedside chair and sat continuing to watch Percy as she slept, without thinking his head rested gently atop her midsection, his hand resting protectively over her womb as he fell into a worried sleep. A golden light hummed gently from his hand, flowing around Percy's womb.

The light continued for hours until Apollo was awakened by a pronounced thump of a heartbeat. Apollo blinked rapidly with hope in his clear blue eyes, at first he placed his head on his wife's chest, but her heartbeat was gentle and steady, so began to scan Percy's womb and there it was a loud beat of a young heart. His eyes watered as he laughed with relieved joy, their child was going to live, the lump in his throat cleared and a smile forced a path to his beautiful youthful face. He was so tempted to wake Percy, but he decided to give some time to sleep.

"Sleep well my love for you are with child," Apollo said as he kissed his wife's forehead before joining her in sleep.

Percy POV

12 months after the battle of Olysia

There are times when one needs to sit down and have some time to themselves, a time for them to reflect on their lives. Today was one of those days for me, I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if I had never been driven out of camp, if Annabeth had never cheated on me while we were together. I know some people may be confused as to why I'm wondering on what might have been, but I wonder out of curiosity rather than regret.

I wonder if I would have been truly happy or if I would have been simply content with my life. I did not have to ponder those questions for long as I already knew what would have happened. I know that I would have found myself in his embrace in the end, it has always been him, even if I didn't realise it when we first met.

Thinking about how we met always brings back memories of when I first thrust into the world of the gods, I remember being a scared twelve year old boy who had seemingly just lost his mother and was told that my careless uncle had his sacred weapon stolen and I was being blamed. I always find myself laughing at the memory, because I was strangely fond of it. Perhaps it's because it eventually led me here at the top of the world.

Another fond memory I have was when Delian appeared to us driving his Sun chariot in the form of a Maserati spyder. At first I had been uneasy as he had a resemblance to Luke Castellan, but it only took a few seconds to discard the notion. Delian had an easy joyful smile and a beautiful face. The next fond memory I have is when Delian appeared to me as Fred, reciting his famously horrible piece of poetry, I was impressed that he truly cared for his sister as to disobey his father and king at the time.

I was knocked out of my revere by my husband, as he placed his arm around my shoulders, "A penny for your thoughts?" he asked with his charmingly sweet smile.

I smiled at him as I cooed the giggling baby boy in arms, "Just thinking about how we got here," I answered.

Delian smiled, "Any memory in particular?" he asked.

"Just if someone said to me when I first met you all those years ago that we would be sitting on this bench watching our children enjoying a friendly surfing contest, I think I would have thought you were crazy," I said to him.

His stroked the light stubble on his chin, "I can imagine," he said with a smile, "although you had a rather beautiful face that could have been mistaken for a girl's under the right circumstances."

I raised an eyebrow, "Uh-huh," I snorted.

Delian raised his hands in surrender, "I'm just being honest Perce," he defended himself.

"You had a crush on me didn't you?" I asked flashing him a sensual smile.

"Yes I did," he confirmed puffing his chest with pride and I honestly made my heart swell with joy.

"Oh your daddy is such a charmer Galen," I cooed my son while teasing his father.

I continued to play with our son until I saw the look on Delian's face, "Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked, "not that I mind, but why are you?"

Delian smiled before looking at our other four children enjoying themselves, "I want to thank you," he said as a tear fell from his eyes.

I reached out and wiped the tear away from his eyes, "Thank me for?" I asked.

"For giving me a life," he said softly, "for giving me a reason to live. You gave me a home, a place I feel loved. You gave me children that I got raise. There are no words I can say that will ever express my love for you Percy, I love you so much that it hurts sometimes."

"If I wasn't holding Galen, I would jump you right now," I managed to whisper through tears as I brought him into a kiss, "I love you too Delian, you and the our children are my home."

Delian and I sat in comfortable silence before he went to drag the kids out of the water. Kat managed to piggy back Lio and she seemed to be enjoying herself taking advantage of her older brother. Marino and Eione were stuck carrying the surf boards for the other two, "Kat get off me please," Lio shouted as his sister clung on.

When they came close to where I was sitting Kat dismounted her brother who was glaring at her with mock ire. Marino planted the boards into the sand, "So mom can we have lunch already, because I'm really hungry," he asked.

I smiled and gave him a nod, "Kat go get the basket from the car," I said to my daughter.

"Okay mommy," Kat said trudging off to get our lunch.

Eione walked over to me, "Can I hold him for a little while mom?" she asked, "besides you need to relax."

She didn't really wait for my reply because she took her little brother into her arms and began playing with him.

I summoned a picnic blanket and laid it down, "Come sit down," I said, "no buts"

They obliged and sat down carrying with the discussions as I laid my head on Delian's shoulder just as Kat returned carrying the basket along with the baby bag. She place the items gently in the middle of the blanket, "Thank you sweetheart," thanked Delian.

Aikaterina smiled and sat down next to Eione and began playing with Galen.

I couldn't help myself but to smile when I saw the smiles on my husband and children's faces, even though I am a goddess I felt truly blessed to have such a life. Here today with them laughing and just enjoying themselves I know I have found my heavenly sunlight.

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