Okay, so I've been looking through a lot of these types of stories, and I like the idea of the Spirit of Halloween! I'm finally going for a fanfiction that's has more than 20 stories! Lol!

Small warning: some of Danny's spirit powers are, somewhat creepy… One of them I had in a dream and thought it was perfect for this. :) Oh great… now I need to think of a title…

I need to keep doing this! I don't own Danny Phantom or Rise of the Guardians.

Phantom Spirit

Chapter 1: New Spirit

"I'll always believe in you Danny…"


In the middle of a thick forest, laid a small boy, maybe 14 years old. He had raven black hair and his body was covered in a black cloak, one like the Reaper would wear. He lay in a small clearing, the moon shinning above him. An echoed voice saying to the small boy,

"Danny Phantom, Spirit of Halloween."

Said teen's eye lids snapped open, revealing glowing, green eyes. He sat up, taking in his surroundings. The boy looked up towards the moon. "Danny Phantom…" he repeated what it had just said. "Has a nice ring to it. I like the Phantom of Halloween better though." Smiling, he stood up.

A cool wind encircled him, throwing the boy into the air. Danny laughed as he flew farther into the woods.

He stopped, a strange feeling entering his chest. It wasn't cold, like another sense he could faintly remember. No, this was warmer. Tingly even. Danny floated to the ground, following his instincts. A few minutes passed when the feeling just… went away.

Confused, the new spirit walked through some brambles, not realizing he actually walked through them.

Once passed the plants, Danny had entered a fairly small clearing, about as big as a regular bedroom. Bushes, brambles, and trees encircled the grassy area. The moon shinning down on the morning dew just forming, making it sparkle like stars. That wasn't what Danny was focused on, though. He was staring at what was in the middle.

A small, light brown heap of fur lay in the middle of the grass. As he approached it, he realized it was a young fawn, white spots still on her fur. A bite mark on her stomach dyed her soft hair a deep red, along with the grass around her. The only sign of life was the faint rise and fall of her sides.

Danny knelt down next to it, placing a hand on her dry fur. He planned to stay with her, so she didn't pass alone. He closed his green eyes and circled his thumb across the soft hair.

Through his eyes, he noticed a green glow. Snapping them open, he saw the light come from his hand. It sank into the fawn before disappearing completely. The baby deer stopped breathing.

Danny stood up, about to call to the wind, when he saw a black blur out of the corner of his eye. He slowly turned his head to the animal just in time to see the black fog seep out of the bite mark. The spirit furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as the black mist formed a mini-tornado. It spun around, blowing the grass around it, until it started to take form.

The mist compacted together, making a small body. Little legs sprouted from the body, along with a head and tiny tail. When the mist stopped, there stood a black version of the dead fawn lying on the ground. Its tail and ears let out small puffs of black mist that disappeared into the night like fire. Lighter mist made the small spots on her body in the same pattern as the original.

"D-Did I do that?" Danny asked himself, looking at his hands.

The fawn jumped into the air, the same puffs of smoke trailing behind her as she ran/flew to the boy. He looked up as the misty deer trotted around his head. He laughed and said, "Well, What's your name?" The deer stopped and stared at him before nodding her head in his direction. "Okay… Bambi?" he asked jokingly. The fawn shook her head. "Shadow?" She shook her head again. "Um… Midnight?"

The deer pranced around Danny as an answer. "Alright, Midnight it is!" He jumped into the air and flew off to the nearest town: Amity Park.

Landing, he realized no one else was flying around or walking with black mist pets, so he figured no one else could do what he could. He walked through the streets, waving at a few people outside at night that passed him. The fawn tried to pull him back, but he kept walking.

He walked through the night towards a park. Only one kid was there. Muscular, blond hair, red and white jacket. Danny wasn't quite sure why he was out so late, but didn't mind. He walked up to the boy and got ready to say something when…

He walked through him. The fawn next to him shook her head as Danny felt himself. He was solid, so how did the kid walk through him like… like he wasn't there…

A scream tore him out of his thoughts. Spinning around, he noticed the same boy run out of the park, away from Danny. Before he could comprehend what happened, a chill ran through his spine. 'There's a sense I know!' he thought. But then he realized; he didn't know what it meant.

A buff of blue smoke came from his mouth, blowing around him. He turned to follow it, but stopped.

"Beware my cubic wrath!" he heard. He may not know who said it, but he knew it didn't sound threatening. Pulling up his hood, he flew towards the sound.

As he went further into the park, he finally came upon a short blue guy in a beanie hat waving his hands around at a… dog?

"You will FEAR ME!" he bellowed at the mutt. Said dog jumped up onto its hind legs and put its brown front paws on the man's chest. He licked the man and walked away, white tail held high and wagging. "Oh come ON!" the man shouted.

"Heheh. That's so not scary," Danny said as he landed behind the man.

The blue male spun around. "I am TOO scar-" he started, before realizing who he was talking to. "YOU! You are the one that was rumored to rule us GHOSTS!"

Danny raised an eyebrow, not that the man could see it through the shadows of his cloak. "I am? I mean… I am!" He wasn't quite sure on this, but if the warehouse dude thought so, then it was probably true. Hopefully.

The ghost dropped to the ground and onto his knees. "I shall tell everyone of your arrival, sir…"

"Danny," the spirit said, lowering his hood. "And you are?"

The ghost's eyes widened. "But-But…? Wait. You don't know me?"

"Should I?" Danny raised an eyebrow.

The man narrowed his eyes and smiled. "Never mind. I am THE BOX GHOST! Master of all things square! With the occasional bubble wrap."

"Well, Box Ghost, what's today? I kinda want to be ready for Halloween." The Box Ghost floated back into the air.

"Um, Halloween was like…" He counted on his fingers, mouthing the numbers. "Three weeks ago. You still got all year to prepare. BEWARE!" With this, he flew off into the night, searching for the nearest ghost portal.

"All year, huh?" Danny said to the deer besides him. "I have all year to practice for the best Halloween yet! Awesome!" He jumped into the air, the fawn fallowing fondly [Ha ha! Alliteration…] behind him.

I love the power where he can make dying animals his shadowy helpers. It's like Tooth and her little "Mini Me" fairies! It happened a little differently in my dream, but I didn't know how to explain it… :) All questions shall be answered later.

P.S. The next chapter is a skip ahead of like 11 months. So it'll be near the end of September. Almost Halloween :) Anyways, cya next time!