Omg I've had this written out for like a week but haven't had the guts to post it I FEEL SO CRAPPY...

Okay, I am so severely sorry. Both for the long wait for anything and then this. Really, I feel like the biggest jerk in the world, but oh my god I just can't.

I really really really want to get back on FanFiction, but I don't want to do anything until I get everything sorted out, stories complete, rewritten, something, 'cause I feel like I'm letting everyone down if I don't focus on what I have. But I didn't want to continue them because I feel like I could do so much better. T-T But GOD I can't come up with anything for Phantom Spirit anymore! I like the idea, I love my little Shadow Animal OCs and I will probably be drawing them a lot in the future, but I've lost my notes, my dedication, and the story just jumped out of my head and I have no idea how to continue or fix it!

This makes me feel so bad to say this, as its my most popular story (though it's been so long half of you guys probably don't care anymore), but I can't continue this. ;-; I've all but left the RotG fandom and I have like one foot in the DP Fandom... (I blame SnK and FMA fully for this).

So for all the followers, favorites, reviewers, and friends I made on this single story (seriously I met some wonderful people through this), I apologize. XP If someone wants to adopt the story, I'm fine with that. I'd actually be really happy to know it's not totally dead.

I am still working on my other stuff, and I'll be moving into more fandoms after that. I'm planning to just finish both of them, and post it all at once so they'll be out of the way. The new fandoms will be listed in my bio, if you're wondering if you still want to be following me, and I might list some possible future stories later. :P

I'm always up for Private messages if you have questions or want to yell at me, both of which I'm perfectly fine with. ... I don't always write back right away. I never check my emails and they don't pop up when I get them for some dumb reason. ._.' But at some point in my life I will answer so it's still an option. XD

Thanks again for being so supportive and considerate! So super sorry for the long wait!


BETA'S NOTE: If ya have any problems, take it up with the complaints department *holds up trash can*