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Chapter 1:

Lupin has a what now?

It was September the first, the students of Hogwarts sat in the great hall, the sorting has just finished.

Two students, known as James Potter and Sirius Black, were talking among themselves.

"Have you seen moony? I didn't see him on the Hogwarts express…" James said.

"I don't think he got on the train at all… it's not like him, he's usually the first one on it." Sirius said his eyebrows furrowed.

"But you know what the weirdest thing is?" he asked.

James shook his head.

"I saw this," Sirius showed him an envelope signed by Lupin, "in my luggage. It says that if we need him, we need to make a rainbow, throw," -he took a rather large golden coin from the envelope- "this thing in it and say 'oh fleecy do me a solid, show me Remus Lupin in camp Half-Blood' and it will show him."

James looked at his friend, confused.

. . .

"I think we should tell Dumbledore." He finally said.

"Let's go then."

When they got to Dumbledore the entire hall had took notice of them.

"Dumbledore, there's something that we need you to see." James said while Sirius gave Dumbledore the note and the coin.

Dumbledore looked at them for a second, confused, before reading the letter.

When he finished his eyebrows were high in his hairline.

"What do you think we should do?" Sirius asked.

"I say, why don't we try this? After all, you're worried about your friend." Dumbledore said.

"And," he continued, eyes twinkling mischievously, "I am quite curious about this communication method."

James and Sirius grinned.


Immediately water got out of James's wand.


Light erupted from Sirius's wand.

They adjusted their wands and created a rainbow.

Dumbledore took the coin and said, "oh fleecy, do me a solid. Show me Remus Lupin, camp Half-Blood!"

Immediately the rainbow shimmered –by the time the entire hall was silent, looking at the rainbow- showing two seventeen looking teens in a middle of a heated make-out session.

The boy, obviously, was none other than Remus Lupin, their 'missing' mate.

The girl? They have never seen her in their lives.

She had waist-long inky-black wavy hair with sea-green highlights.

Her eyes –closed- were framed by long, thick, black eyelashes.

Even in her current position –sitting on a couch! you pervert minded people! - You could tell she was tall, 5"8 at least (1). She wore an orange T-shirt with a picture of a Pegasus on it and writing that said 'camp Half-Blood', and simple shorts.

Lupin wore a similar shirt and blue jeans.

Finally Dumbledore coughed and they seemed to notice they were not alone.

They both blushed before the girl –now with eyes, the shade of beautiful green that seemed to reflect the sea, open- smiled and said,

"They must be your friends from your, uh, school" her voice was melodic, and in a weird way, sounded like waves on the shore on a calm day, "I'll leave you alone to talk." With that she turned and walked away, a second later her voice was heard again, but now, more like a stormy day than a calm one "who fed Blackjack sugar cubes again?!"

Lupin chuckledand turned to face the dumbfounded hall.

"When did you find a girlfriend dude?!"

Lupin was taken aback by that, blushing madly he said, "A year ago…?"

But it sounded more like a question.

James chuckled, "Joking! I'm just joking! Don't get too embarrassed now…"

Lupin glared.

James gulped.

Dumbledore looked amused.

Sirius sighed.

"So, what did you call me for?" Remus asked after he was satisfied with the glare.

"We wanted to know why you didn't come to Hogwarts." Said Sirius.

Lupin sighed, "I had some uh… business over here… and things happened…

And I can't come."

Dumbledore looked at Lupin, with concern in his eyes.

"And if you could bring miss…" "Jackson sir." "Jackson, with you to Hogwarts?" Dumbledore asked.

Lupin was surprised Dumbledore noticed the reason he didn't come was connected to Percy, then again, it was Dumbledore…

"I will ask her. But sir, where will she stay?"

"She will be sorted of course!" Dumbledore said.

They didn't notice Lupin's eyes darkening.

"Then I'll ask her" he said
"ask who what?" came the voice of the girl from before.

"You, if you want to come to my school."

She shuddered "are you sure? Me? In a school? Is it a good idea?"

Lupin just laughed "Percy, this is a school for wizards I don't think you could blow it up that easily"

James and Sirius suddenly found this girl more interesting and grinned.

Meanwhile Lupin's and Percy's conversation turned more serious, they both seemed to speak with their eyes, looking dead serious.

After few moments they seemed to get a decision.

"Dumbledore, we will arrive tomorrow, same time as you called us." Lupin said.

"I will open the flu system-"

"No need sir; we have our ways of transporting." Lupin said smirking.

Percy snorted "easy for you to say, you're not the one transporting."

Dumbledore looked at them amused with a hint of uncertainty in his eyes, "what do you mean?" he asked.

It was Percy's turn to smile. "You'll see"
"well It's getting late and we still need to pack don't we?"
"Relax wise-dude(2). We have tons of time left…" Percy said.

"But we should really go. It's almost dinnertime and I'm starving!" she said.

Lupin smiled at her and mumbled 'seaweed-brain' under his breath.

"Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow then?"

Sirius and James smiled.
"Yup" they both said, popping the 'p'.

With that Lupin slashed his hand through the IM and cut the connection.


"Are you sure about this?" Percy asked the son of Athena. Looking at him with a worried expression.

"Yes, I am. Come on you'll meet my friends!" Lupin said.

"And," he added. "Have my plans ever disappoint you? Don't answer that." He added when he saw her expression.

Percy just smiled and gave him a peck on the lips, "if you're sure about this then so am I. Just don't lead me in to another war." She said grinning.

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