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"Blah"-talking Greek

Chapter 5:

First day of school!


"Now boys, until I get an apology about what you have said, you will stay like this. Got it?" she asked smiling like she was talking about the weather.

They both nodded and when they were about to say something, the food disappeared and Percy walked away with Lupin, to their first class,



The problem was, that James and Sirius did not take divination class,

This means that they'll stay soaked until the class afterwards.

Meanwhile with Percy and Lupin.

As they walked to the divination room the couple couldn't stop laughing,

"Did you see their faces?" Percy asked laughing like a maniac,

Lupin laughed with her, "the looks on their faces was priceless! Where is the camera when we need it?" she said.

When they got to the entrance of the divination room their laughing died down to chuckles.

They climbed up the –what Lupin called- divination stairwell to reach a ladder that led to a door, inside they saw something that looked like something between an attic and a tea shop; at least twenty small, circular tables were crammed inside it, all surrounded by chintz armchairs and fat little pouffes, some were occupied and some not. Everything was lit with dim, crimson light; the curtains at the windows were all closed, and the many lamps were draped with dark red scarves. It was stiflingly warm, and the fire which was burning under the crowded mantelpiece was giving off a heavy, sickly sort of perfume as it heated a large copper kettle. The shelves running around the circular walls were crammed with dusty-looking feathers, stubs of candles, many packs of tattered playing cards, countless silvery crystal balls and a huge array of teacups.

Immediately Percy started coughing,
"what is this place?"
Lupin sighed "this," he said gesturing around them, "Is the divination room."

Percy quickly scanned the place and dragged Lupin to an empty table.

As they sat, a woman greeted them.

She was very thin; her large glasses magnified her eyes to several times their natural size, and she was draped in gauzy, spangled shawl. Innumerable chains and beads hung around her spindly neck, and her arms and hands were encrusted with bangles and rings.

"Hello, you must be Persephone Jackson," she said smiling,

And then, she looked at Percy.

Immediately, she screamed.

"How are you not dead?!" she said as she tried to move back from surprised Percy.
"You said she was a fake"

Lupin just shrugged.

The class went by; every time professor Trelawney looked at Percy she backed away and muttered something along the lines of:

'Should be dead'

'Can't be'

'Die drowning'

At the latter, Percy started laughing (a\n: I know that during SoN Percy had feared drowning but let's pretend that he\she's over it…),

"Me? Drown? Really?" she managed between gasps and laugher,

"You're right Lupin, she is fake. I'll just leave this job for Rachel." She said getting up,

"Are you coming?" she asked Lupin,

"Yeah," he said and turned to Trelawney, "sorry professor! We have someone to tell us the future, we don't need to know it ourselves…" and with that, they left.

Next class was defense against the dark arts, or, better known as DADA.

Absent mindedly, Percy wondered how Nico will react to the class's name…

When they got in, they were met with very annoyed, wet marauders. Well only two of them actually…

"We are truly sorry about what we said, girls are better than boys in everything and we are just wet useless trash." They said simultaneously as if they practiced it,

'They probably did' Percy thought to herself…

"What made you say that?" Percy asked smiling innocently

They just grumbled,

Someone from the Gryffindor house shouted from the back of the room "they just couldn't find a spell that will dry them!"

Lupin chuckled and Percy sighed,

"When will you learn your lesson?" she asked in mock disappointment,

She tapped them, and the water disappeared.

They both gaped at her,

"You two look like my fish," She said "close your mouths."

They regained they're posture and looked at Lupin like; where-did-you-find-this-kind-of-a-girl-?!

Lupin shrugged.

They heard a cough and turned to see the professor looking at them; they quickly went to their seats.

"Okay class, since we have a very… special guest today, we'll do something different" the professor said, "Percy, we can all see you are not a regular muggle and we are sure that you have some kind of defense, will you care to show us?"

Percy was taken aback by this but stood and went to the front of the classroom,

She cleared her throat and said; "wise dude, are you really going to leave me here?"

The rest of the class just stared confused, while Lupin chuckled and stood.
"I wanted to see what you'll do…"
Percy just rolled her eyes in respond.

"Okay, you were right about us having a way to defend ourselves, but our way is different then yours. For example, your weapons are wands," Lupin took his wand out and put it on the table, "ours, are daggers, swords, spears, bows and arrows." She said taking out riptide as a pen from her pocket, some Slytherin dude she recognized as Drakon, the guy that tried to flirt with her stood "I don't know much about muggle stuff, but I'm sure that this is not a weapon" he said sneering.

Percy just stared at him boringly, then uncapped riptide.

Gasps were heard around the room, Lupin smirked and took out his dagger.

Cue, more gasps.

"Stop gasping, you'll get hiccups" Percy said amused.

The professor looked unsure what to do, "do you care to uh… demonstrate?"

"Sure" Percy said shrugging,

She and Lupin got to ready stance and started circling each other, Percy was the first one to charge, sword met dagger and soon they were just a blur of bronze, black, and blonde.

After what seemed like only seconds but was actually more than 10 minuets the sound of a dagger hitting the floor was heard.
"Yield?" asked a smirking Percy, holding her sword to Lupin's throat.

He sighed and nodded.

"Good," she said,

"And that's how we fight in our world"

After DADA the couple was bombed with questions. After they managed to get away from the mob they went for lunch, eating and trading prank ideas with the marauders –that have now accepted Percy as one of them. They now had double care for magical creatures, and much for Percy's delight, today's creature was… you guessed it, Pegasus.

They walked towards the lake, the professor already there, unfortunately, the Slytherins were there too…

As soon as the rest of the class was there the professor started explaining what animal they will see today,

"The Pegasi are very proud aggressive animal, before approach you must show them you are not a threat, much like the hippogriffs, you must first bow and only after they approve, you can approach them."

The professor was about to say another thing when a cough from the student stopped him, "yes? Do you have something to add Miss?" he asked.

"To correct, actually." Percy said as she moved to the front, to have a good look of the professor,

"now Miss, I'm sure you have dreamed about the Pegasi as a gentle, cute, winged horses that will obey any little girls' wish, but those creatures are very dangerous beings!" he said.

With every word, Percy became redder with anger.

"Look sir, I don't know where you get your information from, but I can tell you that mine is from first source, I've been practically surrounded by them almost third of my life!" she said, trying not to shout, well. Too much.

Can you blame her though? Her father was the one that created them…

This time it was the professor's turn to become red,

"Well then, so you won't have a problem showing us that what I said is wrong right?"

The professor said, smiling like she was supposed to take back what she said.

He was taken aback when she smirked at him.

"Fine then, call them." She said in a daring tone.

He frowned but did as she said.

Immediately, seven figures could have been seen in the sky, figures too large to be a bird.

Soon, in front of the class stood seven tall, muscular winged horses.

The professor looked a bit unsure of himself; he called only six Pegasi to come.

As soon as the Pegasi landed, they went to Percy and kneeled.

Well, only six of them kneeled, one of them, a pure black stallion, just went to her and nudged her as he was asking for something.

Percy looked at the black stallion and sighed, "I'll give you some later Blackjack…"

She looked at the other Pegasi and whispered something, immediately they rose and stood in a perfect line.

Well… except for the black stallion.

Percy climbed on top of him and he trotted to the professor,

The whole class was in shock.

All except for one.
Said person just went to a palomino Pegasus and climbed him.

"So, you were saying?" Percy said, looking down at the professor from the back of the Pegasus.

"n-never mind…" the professor was speechless, how a simple girl could possibly tame seven Pegasi?

"So, Pegasi. The most loyal, kind and badass 'creature' there is." Percy said, the stallion walking around, head high and proud.
"Well, that's probably all there is to say about them…" she said, petting the neck of her Pegasus.

"Who wants to ride?" she asked grinning the stallion she rode rose to his hind legs and neighed as saying 'try me'.

Few hands went up hesitantly.

"Aw come on" Percy said, getting off Blackjack,

She grabbed random students and led them to a Pegasus.

"Hmm… there seem to be a bit of a problem here… not enough Pegasi…"

She muttered to herself, "cover your ears!" she yelled.

Lupin, knowing what is about to happen, quickly shouted at the rest of the class, "she's serious! Cover your ears!"
Well, they warned them…

She whistled. The strongest 'cab-whistle' she could manage.

It says a lot.

Soon, more Pegasi came flying to the clearing, she started pulling students toward the Pegasi and when the last one was seated on one she got to her own and climbed.

"Just follow my lead." She said,

"We don't know what to do!" a Slytherin boy said.

"I wasn't talking to you!"

And with that, they took off.

"Hey, in my defense, most of them enjoyed it!" Percy said as she and Lupin passed yet another student throwing up, hands up in defeat.

Lupin shook his head, "seaweed brain…"

She pouted.

After a short silence Percy sighed,
"hey, Lupin?"

"You think we should talk to Dumbledore about, you know… our nightmares problem?"

"We will do it sooner or later…why not now?" Lupin said.

Percy smiled at him and offered him her hand,
"I hope you got over your vapor-travel sickness"

When they arrived –more like popped- in to Dumbledore's office, they weren't surprised to find Dumbledore waiting for them, 2 empty chairs across from him.

They sat down and Dumbledore straightened,

"I assume you would like to talk?" Dumbledore asked, eyes twinkling as always.

"Yes sir, it is about what have happened this morning." Lupin said,

"Ah, I was curious when you will decide to speak to me about this subject." (a\n: sorry if Dumbledore is a bit ooc, I seriously don't know how to write him…)

"Yes, before we will start, what do you know about Greek 'mythology'?"

"Fascinating" Dumbledore breathed, "I would have never guessed…"

He quickly regained his posture and straightened his glasses, "so I take that you can't sleep apart of each other?"
They nodded, "we tried it last night, it didn't really work out as you could hear…"

Percy said embarrassed.

"We came here to see if you can do something about it…" Lupin said.

"Consider it done." Dumbledore said, "Now, on a different manner, are you planning to tell the students about it?" he asked, with one raised eyebrow.
"Actually, we hoped you had a solution for that…" Lupin said, at the background, he heard Percy laugh silently to herself, "a son of Athena, without a plan."

Lupin pouted.

They turned to Dumbledore, who was thinking and muttering to himself,

"I think you should wait," he said, when Lupin was about to say something he rose his hand and added, "if something is supposed to happen, if you need to tell the students, I'm sure you will find a way at the right moment."
they nodded, understanding what he meant,

"Well then, dinner awaits." Dumbledore said,

"Already?" Percy asked, shocked.

"Yes, the day has ended and I can't wait for the desserts tonight." Dumbledore said smiling at them.

Lupin shrugged and got up, "let's go Seph."
Percy got up and stared at him, "don't call me that."

"Why?" Lupin asked with one raised eyebrow.

"Because I just noticed, it sounds like a dog's name." she said and turned to leave.

Lupin followed her and behind them stood an amused Dumbledore.

At dinner, when Percy and Lupin arrived to the grate hall, everything went silent.

All the eyes were on the couple, which made Percy very self-conscious.

They went to their place at the Gryffindor table and sat,

After a moment or two of silence Dumbledore rose from his chair and coughed,

"Few moments ago, I was talking to two of our students about something," he caught the eyes of the couple, "we were discussing about how we will tell the rest of Hogwarts about this thing."
After a short silence he continued, "When they left my room, an idea struck me. And, if you will agree to my idea," other students followed his gaze and were looking at Percy and Lupin with curiosity, "I will gladly give you the tools that are needed." By now, the entire hall was looking at Percy, expectant look in their eyes, "all right, tell me what I need to do" Percy said as she stood. Dumbledore motioned her to follow him. Soon, they were back in his room, he led her to some sort of an empty bowl and stopped.

"What's that?" Percy asked, Dumbledore looked at her while picking up the item,

"A pensieve dear. This shall help us with our little problem." He put the bowl –pensieve- on his desk and took out few small glass bottles, he took out his wand and looked at her; "may I?"

Back at the hall, students and professors as one were talking about what just happened, most of the student stole glances of Lupin from whisper to whisper.

Few moments passed and Dumbledore and Percy has yet to come, just as professor McGonagall stood to go and look for them the doors to the great hall opened and there stood Dumbledore and Percy, each holding some items.

Lupin immediately caught up with Dumbledore's plan and stood to go and help them carry the items to the professor's table.

As Percy and Lupin got everything ready, Dumbledore stood and went to the front again, "unfortunately, the pensieve has a limit to the people it can store inside It." Some students from the Ravenclaw table gasped when they recognized the item, "that is why; no more than 20 shall go and view Ms. Jackson's memories." Now more students were in shock, they did not know such thing existed! Dumbledore continued, "I shall choose who shall go, and who will stay. But! The students who viewed Ms. Jackson's memories must tell their other housemates what they have seen, for it is the right thing to do." He finished.

"Now, we all are curious, so I shall choose now the students who will see Ms. Jackson's memories."

Before he even started looking for students, a bright light filled the room, when it cleared; seven figures were seen standing next to the doors of the great halls.

After a silent minuet, Percy couldn't take it anymore,
"are you going to introduce yourselves or just stand there gaping like guppies out of the water?"

That broke it.


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