Things that wake me up at 4am and won't let me go back to sleep.

I cannot decide if I want to upload this as one massive document, or break it up into the little snippets that make it up. I've decided to post one or two of these and see what others say. Your opinion is most appreciated.

"Ugh, what..?" Zevran groaned, blinking his eyes against the blinding sunlight. "I... Oh... rather thought I'd wake up dead... or not wake up at all as the case might be." He was greeted by an unusual sight, the fact that he was being stared out by three pairs of unhappy eyes (and one pair belonging to an overly happy mabari) was not it. One set, wide and expressive as was customary of his kind, had quickly turned from annoyance to curiosity. She was Dalish, from the faded markings on her forehead and she tilted her head and blinked beautifully emerald colored eyes. She wanted answers, saying as much and he openly told the answer to any question she asked.

The conversation drifted off topic only for a moment when she asked what an Antivan crow was. Behind them both a redheaded girl he knew before she even spoke was from Orlias, cut in before he could respond himself. "I can tell you that. They're an order of assassins out of Antiva, very powerful and renowned for always getting the job done, so to speak. Someone went to great expense to hire this man."

As he babbled his mind was hard at work, and he managed to earn a smile from the warden he was intended to kill with a line about being an optimist. This hadn't gone as he had hoped; the Warden was supposed to kill him and yet now that he'd brushed death Zevran realized it wasn't what he wanted. But, if she and this ragtag group could so easily best an Antivan Crow, maybe there was hope for him yet. When the questions were done he told her as much. She already spared him once; she may be willing to do it again.

By the Maker, she was.

"What?! You're taking the assassin now? Is that really a good idea?" The human gasped his lip twitching as he crossed his arms over his chest armor.

"Alistair," she replied rolling her lovely green eye in his direction. Her voice had a peculiar inflection that he had not heard before. At least, not in the Dalish he had traveled with so long ago. "You know I can't leave him to die, and you know it can kill him now."

"Don't see why not." He grumbled.

"For the same reasons I let those thieves on the bridge go, or why I let the soldiers who attacked us live. Creators..." She muttered rubbing the bridge between her eyes, "For the same reason why I couldn't leave Sten in that cage to be mauled by darkspawn. Do I really need a better reason not to let him be murdered by another assassin?"

"Alright..." He muttered with a sigh. "I see your point. Still... if there was a sign we were desperate, it just knocked on the door and said hello."

"Welcome Zevran," The Orlias Girl greeted, "Having an Antivan Crow along sounds like a fine plan." That is, until he hit on her.

The Dalish Gray Warden cut the binds around his hands and helped into his feet. He pledged his oath of loyalty to her and quietly hoped that the Crows would simply think him dead.