With a resounding cheer Alistair and Anora are made king and queen of Ferelden. Zevran figured it was payback for making Alistair marry when he called her up in front of the gathered party goers and named her The Hero of Ferelden. Not undeserving, sure, but his warden would have been much with a small thank you and not to have everyone's eyes on her.

The servants had done up her hair in twists and decorated it with flowers, it hung long and almost hiding her pointed ears, but there was nothing that could cover the proud mark of the Dalish on her forehead. The amethyst color of her dress must have been a lone from Anora, the color purple was reserved for the extremely wealthy, and royalty, at least in Antiva, and made her green eyes shine. In a word, she was beautiful and everyone gathered knew, but only Zevran knew she belonged to him and him alone.

"Ask for any boon," Alistair went on, "and if it's in my power I will grant it."

Her eyes shifted as she thought, it was no light decision, but she hadn't the time to ponder all the possibilities. "The Dalish," she said finally, making the only selfish choice she probably ever made, and yet still so kind. "I ask that you grant lands to the Dalish, Your majesty."

And how could Alistair deny her after all he'd learned from her about the elves? The land was granted and a hope that humans and elves could work together was promised by the new king. She was left to mingle with the crowed; an elder female elf he'd not met, but clearly Dalish by her markings, quickly pulling his warden to the side to talk. The way they smiled however, so he was not worried, they obviously knew one another.

His warden returned quickly enough, speaking to each of them in turn. There was sadness to her face, though; as she knew that this adventure was drawing to its last moments and her friends would soon go their separate ways.

"I will be relieved when all this pomp and ceremony is done." He sighed when she approached. "Such events are perfect opportunities for assassins after all; I can't help but to expect the Crows to appear at any moment. A welcome break, mind you."

They laughed at his little joke, it seemed neither of them where all that fond of parties. "You don't have to stay." She replied and he scoffed.

"And leave you to face the unwashed masses alone? Perish the thought. Although, it does occur to me that staying on one place will only invite the crows to find me that much quicker. While fun, that might get… complicated. Do you have any plans, my dear?"

She frowned at the question, having never given it much thought. Maybe she hoped by not thinking about it, things would go on as they had, she'd have been happy for it, Zevran knew. "I'm not sure… " She couldn't return to her clan, that much was certain; it wouldn't be the same for her even if she knew where to find them. That left few options that didn't involve traveling alone, which she'd never willingly do. "…Maybe the Grey Wardens?"

He smirked at this, predicting this response from her, if she could not return to her clan, and her small group broke apart, a surrogate would be her next choice. "And would you be in favor of me remaining with you? Maybe the Wardens would appreciate and assassin on retainer, or I could be a mascot. I'd make an excellent mascot." He asked with a chuckle, his tone thick and implying as he pulled her close, resting the palm of his hand on her still flat abdomen. "I've grown fond of you, you see. Sad, but true."

From somewhere in the crowed Wynne cleared her throat rather pointedly. Zevran rolled his eyes, ruin his fun, but let his warden go.

"I'd like you to stay. With me." His warden responded a faint flush to her cheeks.

"A request I'd be hard pressed to refuse. So I won't. Let the Crows come." He laughed. "Now, go on and get paraded about. It's fun to watch. Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on you and make sure no one gets a clear shot. Not without paying me a great deal of coin anyhow."

"Zevran!" She laughed. He was insufferable, yes, but that was why she loved him.

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If you haven't already, might I suggest Heroes are Made? It is a DA:O novelization that will expand on what I've set up here, from beginning to end through awakening and on to post DA2 if I have anything to say about it. There is entirely too little Zevran/Mahariel fanfiction and I endeavor to fix this! Worst of all is I have all these great ideas for AFTER the games, and I really cant wait to share them with you all! I hope you'll join me.