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At first, Pansy just stood there looking as if nothing had happened. She smirked at the stupid Gryffindors and proceeded to yell obscenities and insulting remarks at them-never realizing she had the same silencing charm on her that Harry had used earlier on Ron. But then quickly, she found that the boys' wand waving wasn't quite as impotent as she originally thought…with each rude remark and insult strange things started to occur. Her hair began cycling through the Hogwarts school colors, moving faster with each insult. Her robes began shrinking and growing at intervals, the fabric and colors changing, at random but through the most putrid and eye watering colors imaginable. But the most hilarious was her skin—it cycled between the entire spectrum of colors with stripes, plaids and polka dots coming through every few minutes. Even her fellow Slytherins gave a snort.

Severus felt the corner of his lips twitch as he fought off a smile and turned to the perpetrators. "How long do the spells last, Longbottom?" He used his usual sharp tone that he always used on the rowdy Gryffindors hoping to bully the boy into a stumbling answer.

Severus felt shocked though, as well as a bit of pride when, instead of stuttering and trembling in fear, Neville lifted an unimpressed brow and spoke confidently in cool, smooth tones. "The spell ends when she's learned her lesson, Professor."

Beside him Weasley gave a smirk. "She also won't feel very comfortable sitting down." At Severus' raised brow he shrugged, "My mum was always a firm believer in spankings if you misbehaved, taught us all the spell for it, unintentionally of course." Ron's smirk moved to a full grin as Harry's clear, care-free laughter filled the room. He hadn't laughed like that since the train ride on the way to Hogwarts first year, none of them had.

Severus had to tear his eyes away from the emerald eyes before him and mat Neville's one more. "And how will we know the lesson has been learned, Mr. Longbottom?"

Neville shrugged, unconcerned as he watched Pansy pulling at her clothes, currently a purple paisley robe over a currant yellow damask dress skirt. "The longer she goes between insulting someone the more neutral her hair, skin and clothes will become. And because the spell is on her, not her clothes, it won't matter what she tries to do to circumvent the spell work. It's all in the intent."

Ron and Neville shared proud glances before turning back to the little blond peeking out of the Potion Professor's black robes. With a gentle and kind smile Ron began to make funny faces at Draco, causing him to giggle. Draco tentatively reached out his arms to the funny red-haired teen. Ron felt warmth fill him when their Hatchling reached for him and gently took the boy out of his godfather's arms, throwing him up in the air and catching him. It brought a surprised, but happy squeal of joy out of the boy. Ron grinned and did it again and again, well used to little ones. While this was going on Harry directed his three new friends to take their housemate back to their common room, and with sadistic smiles they obliged. Turning, the Boy-Who-Lived-By-Luck saw Ron toss Draco up once again but this time, using his seeker abilities, he snatched the boy out of the air and ran across the classroom to the opposite side of Ron.

With twinkling emerald eyes Harry looked down into Draco's bright silver as the boy continued to giggle and laugh. "What say we play a bit of a game, eh Hatchling?" Harry whispered playfully to Draco, knowing full well everyone in the room could hear if they tried.

Draco grinned wide and nodded enthusiastically making Harry smirk. "Okay here's the plan…," he began whispering their "attack" plan in the Hatchling's ear.

When he finished Draco snickered and threw secretive looks at Ron who, having heard everything, put on a perfect act and began fidgeting nervously. Harry threw him and Neville a wink while the blond-haired boy wasn't looking before a look of mischief stole over his features. Being free, the weight that had lifted from his body, soul and magic was making him giddy now that he was among no enemies. He set Draco down on the floor and began to walk casually toward Ron, a wide grin on his face. Ron actually felt a bit fearful at Harry's smile; it didn't bode well with him after so long of seeing that look aimed at prey. His gut told him to run and he quickly turned to do so only to find himself tackled by the little dragon that he hadn't been paying attention to.

Falling to the dungeon floor with a grunt, he looked over his shoulder at the chuckling Harry. "You used code didn't you," he accused.

Harry smirked. "Couldn't let you in on our big plot now could we?!" He sent Draco a wink and salute. "Good job Hatchling! At ease," he said in mock seriousness.

The blond Slytherin stood stoically before falling forward into a fit of giggling. Ron took this as his chance and quickly snatched the boy up into his arms. Throwing him gently over his shoulder he ran behind the teacher's desk, crouching with an almost animalistic flare. "Take that Potter!" he said sticking his tongue out.

Harry laughed as he tried to pull off a mock horrified look, but was only able to break down in laughter. Severus watched all this in amazement from the side of the room. He was beyond shocked; these young men treated his godson as if he were a jeweled artifact and feared his breaking at the wrong touch. He was also shocked at his godson's reaction. Draco had obviously resorted back to his childhood mind as well as body and knew the boy had been abused-much to his eternal regret. It had made the boy find masks to wear at too early an age, warping his own sense of self. And yet… here he was giggling and playing like any innocent child would with his older brothers.

Suspicion filled him, taking over the warm happiness that had been settling inside of him. It had become second nature in his spy career. He wondered…Were these boys trying to get to his godson while he was weak and traumatize him even more than he already had been?! Were they out to embarrass him in hopes to get rid of one more "dark wizard"?! His face contorted in rage as his fists clenched.

A soft voice from beside him brought him from his rapidly circling thoughts. "Calm down Professor, we wish him no more harm than a mother lion does to her cub." Severus looked down to meet Neville's kind, but serious hazel eyes in shock.

"I have no idea what you speak of Longbottom," Severus said in a cool voice, but inside his mind was exploring every option. How had the teen known? Legilimency? In seconds of that thought, the Slytherin began checking his shields.

Neville chuckled. "I'm not reading your mind Professor, merely your emotions," he told the shocked man. "I felt your suspicion and wished to reassure you that we will not hurt your godson intentionally." With this last part Severus' eyes narrowed, but Neville merely raised a brow. "Do you mean to tell me in all your years as his "Unca Sev", you've never made him cry?"

Severus gave a reluctant nod and Neville was satisfied, turning back to the scene of Ron, Harry, and Draco playing about he spoke again, saying, "Besides it goes against Harry's very nature to harm those like himself." He knew his statement was very cryptic, but said it anyway before walking forward to join the fun.

Severus was left to ponder what the usually shy Gryffindor said. What did he mean "those like himself," both McGonagall as well as Dumbledore said Harry's home life was exuberantly happy and the boy was treated perfectly if not spoiled. Could it be they had lied to him? He was brought from his thoughts by a squeal. Looking up, he expected to see Draco in a corner looking at them fearfully, but instead he found Harry standing on top of one of the lab tables with Draco above his head, grinning in triumph.

"Neither of you shall ever see him again!" Harry claimed in an overly dramatic fashion.

Draco was giggling and squealing away, "Help meeee!" he gasped between laughs.

Neville grinned. "I don't know little Dragon, Harry's pretty scary when he's mad," the boy said, putting on a reluctant face.

Harry's eyes were sparkling merrily and for some reason it brought warmth to Severus' usually absent heart. "That's right peasant! Fear me!" He pointed a finger at Neville with a fake superior look on his face.

Ron and Neville exchanged looks before rolling their eyes. Ron turned to Harry and said, "You know if you're trying to pull off the pureblood look it's not working, you have to make it look like there's dragon droppings beneath your nose," he said sarcastically, leaning on the table behind him.

That was it for Harry's self-control-he burst into laughter. Neville took this moment to grab Draco from his arms and ran over to where Severus stood observing. Placing the boy in Severus' arms he winked and ruffled his hair. "Stay here where it's safe Hatchling. We'll deal with the Big-Bad-Harry," he said with a smile, hearing Harry and Ron's responding snickers.

"Big-Bad-Harry?! Really Nev, nothing more creative?" Harry said, raising a brow with a smirk.

"Nope!" Neville said with not-so-fake enthusiasm.

Ron was about to put in a word when the doors burst open and Seamus came running in and hid behind Harry. "I don't wanna die young!" He whispered passionately. "I haven't even gotten to third base yet!"

Raising a brow Harry watched as Dean came storming in his face filled with irritation. "Where is he?" Dean asked menacingly.

At this Harry smirked while hiding the Irishman with his body. "Who?" He asked innocently, and Severus was slightly awed at the boys acting skills.

"You know exactly who I'm talking about Harry James Potter!"

Harry snorted at the full use of his name and rolled his eyes, "What did the idiot do this time?" he asked.

"Hey! I'm not an idiot!" Seamus said popping up from behind him.

Harry just raised a brow. "You know you just gave away your location right," he said with a smirk.

"Shi-," he started, but was cut off by a glare from Harry, "-atsu in a soup!"

All the Gryffindors stopped to look at him. "Shiatsu in a soup? Really Seamus, that's all you could come up with?" Ron said, raising a sarcastic brow. "Don't you have enough practice changing curses yet?"

Seamus glared, "Well you try coming up with a cover up for the word shit on the spot!" He snapped out the reply before realizing what he just said and slapping a hand over his mouth.

Turning fearfully he met hard, glimmering emerald eyes. "You know, there was once a time when I would have saved you from Dean's wrath," he said off handedly, but Seamus knew not to let that distract him. Harry was more lethal when he seemed relaxed. "But now he's all yours Dean. Have fun!" He sang the last words in a cheery voice, stepping aside and giving the Muggleborn teen an open path to the Irishman.

As he was about to lunge Harry stopped him for a moment, asking, "Where are Dumbledore and Malfoy?"

A voice behind him made him freeze, "Headmaster Dumbledore, Harry."

Slowly turning around his gaze met a set of twinkling blue eyes. Turning his eyes to the side he saw Lucius Malfoy standing there, a bit tense having not yet spotted his son. When his attention returned to the Headmaster Harry raised a brow. "Honorifics are a show of respect, and if I am to respect you, Dumbledore, then you must also respect me. Besides, I am a firm believer in the fact that respect is gained," the ebony haired boy stated coolly before turning to Lucius and nodding his head in greeting.

Everyone in the room noticed the obvious brush off Harry had given the Headmaster. All the Gryffindors were hiding their snickering while the older Slytherins' minds were working a mile a minute. No matter how he worked it, Severus could not understand what could have happened to the blind faith and respect these lions had put into the Headmaster. The tense silence was broken by snickers from the Gryffindors behind Harry who could no longer hold their mirth.

Finally Lucius spoke up. "I would like to know why I have been brought to Hogwarts on such short notice."

Harry nodded with his lips tight, laughter gone. There was only one thing he was wondering and it would be answered shortly. What he was about to say next however was cut off by a shout.