Chapter 2: Welcome 'Home'

Chance screamed. He was a teenager, but he didn't look like himself as a teenager. He'd never had braces. His fur in this body was a dark brown. His hair was jet-black. The only thing that still looked like him was his green eyes.

He turned on the faucet and splashed water in his face, hoping he'd wake up.



No such luck.

Chance ran back to 'his' room and threw himself on the bed, hugging a pillow, which he thought for some reason he thought would calm him down.

There was a knock on the door. Chance cleared his throat. "Come in," he said weakly, his voice cracking because of puberty.

Chance's jaw almost dropped at the sight of the woman who looked exactly like his mother open the bedroom door.

Sherryl Furlong looked the same, except her blonde hair was cut into a stylish bob, instead of the unruly curls she would normally have wrangled into a messy ponytail, and instead of her normal sweater and blue jeans wore a navy blue pantsuit.

"Chance, sweetie, are you all right? I heard you scream all the way downstairs. Did you have a nightmare?"

Chance hesitated and nodded. "Y-yeah. Bad dream. All it was."

Sherryl scowled. "Did you splash water on your face?"

Chance blushed. "Errrr, yeah, I was just trying to wake myself up. No big deal." Okay, so at least he kept the same first name here, so everything was only half-weird.

Sherryl chuckled. "Chance Ryan Feral, as I live and breathe, you are something."

Chance almost choked. 'Chance Ryan Feral?!'

'Wait, my dad...'

"Sherryl, is Chance okay?" came a voice from down the hall.

Chance's eyes widened at the sight of the tall kat with dark brown fur, jet-black hair, golden eyes, and ultra-muscular body enter Chance's room.

Sherryl nodded. "Yes, Ulysses, he's just fine."