Title: False Moves Chapter 1

Author's note: I don't know the equivalent of FBI in Japan so I adopted it the way it is.


"Are you sure that no one is following you?"

"Of course I am! Enough of this crap, lets get down to business. Did you bring the goods with you?"

"Do you have the money?" asked the tall sandy haired man


"Then I've got the goods."


"Both suspects are on point C. One is a long black haired girl, medium sized, at one o' clock position. Implementing plan B. Do you read that, Fighter?"

"Yeah Maker, I know that already."Seiya replied, "but really now, are we just going to sit here and wait here forever?!

Suddenly, Seiya shot at the two figures, as they were about to leave and missed. Crossfire soon ensued, and the suspects escaped.


"What the hell were you thinking? If you did not mess up, then we could have those thieves locked upright now, instead of waiting for the chief to be socked! We could at least have a raise or something!" Yaten said as he yelled at Seiya who did not respond.

"Hey calm down a bit," pulling Yaten away from Seiya. "He just wanted to capture those guys as much as we want to". Yaten wanted to retort, but he was cut off when he saw their boss heading through her office and motioning them to follow.

----- At the FBI headquarters

"It seems to me that you cannot handle this syndicate any more", said Setsuna, looking at the three sternly.

"You even messed up the operation of Tokyo P.D. and gave us a lot of problems for that matter. They were not supposed to be informed of our intervention and now it has created a big mess. "

"Next time we'd be able to..."

"There would be no next time. I'm pulling the three of you out of the case."

"You can't do that to us!"

"We worked very hard on this case. We had it..."

"It doesn't count. What matters are the results. So far, I think you have done enough damage at this moment. May I introduce you to Detective Kaioh Michiru; she will be handling the case from now on. I'd appreciate it gentlemen if you would kindly turn over the files about the Silver Moon drug syndicate."


Damn! It was a very good plan. I could have the best leads we ever had in months. She finally got the new chief's attention for once. This time he was not able to say that it is just I. I was one step closer on getting revenge on those who killed Meioh-san and Hotaru chan. If only those flat-footed, penguin looking men called FBI did not come along....

Haruka could remember that day very well. It was supposed to be major stakeout that even the police chief, Setsuna Meioh had to be included. Hotaru, Haruka's partner was with Meioh - san inside the van. They had this intelligent report about the Silver Moon syndicate's hideout and placed it under surveillance. The syndicate was sharp because they learned about the plan, and they left a note inside saying:

You think you can catch us that easily. No way, were much stronger than you. We watch you every second and every move, Just wait a few minutes and the van outside will be booze.

It did not take long until they heard a loud explosion of the van, with Hotaru and Meioh san inside.

Ever since that day, Haruka vowed to get revenge on those who caused the death of two very important persons in her life. She worked hard on the case; whenever she got a lead, she followed it that is why Mamoru san, the new head, often disregarded her works. According to him, he was just jumpy and blood hungry, desperate to get revenge. However, tonight she almost proved to him that he was wrong. Almost.

*-*-*-* Three rings. Haruka answered it.

"Racer, meet me downtown at 5 pm downtown. We need to talk. You know who", the message was direct to the point and serious. She looked at her watch, 4:15; she still had enough time to rig up her disguise.


She sat at sidewalk cafe, dressed up in denim overalls, with shades, looking like a person with a hard lot. The raven-haired girl across the street recognizes her and motions to follow her. Haruka complies.

"The chief personally wants to talk to you Racer."

"What about Fire?"

"The last time."

She did not say anything more. Fire led them towards an old dilapidated building. 'So this is the new hideout, ne?'

"In here." She was pushed inside and she could see Mr. Tomoe, the Leader of the Silver Moon syndicate seated on the other side of the room. All the persons in the room wore silver crescent moon earring n their left ear. 'The gang's insignia', she thought

"The Police are hot on our trails again. Our new headquarters will be transferred to the 47th street. " Suddenly, Haruka felt two men approaching her. One of them whispered into her ear, "The chief wants to meet you."

Haruka was led to another room, nicely furnished and all. There was this aquamarine haired girl serving drinks to the "boss". After a few tabs, he groped her breasts and kissed the girl full on the lips. 'Too bad, she was beautiful, nevertheless, she is tome's toy..."Haruka thought.

"You have done a good job eluding those dumb assed cops Racer"

"So does that mean I'm IN?"

"We'll see. I need you to deliver some goods for, and I trust you to be the man to do it."

"What do you think of me?"

"I sure like your guts boy, we'll see."

Haruka noticed that green haired girl was staring at her, in such a way that made her feel eerie. There is something in her. 'She is not my business. ' Haruka reminded herself.


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