Note: single quotation marks signify character's thoughts.


False Moves Part Four:

"Where am I?", Michiru said aloud, ignoring the throbbing pain on her head.

"You had been very hard to find Michelle" Michiru looked around and saw a man standing before her.


"I thought you understood everything, my ideals, goals, everything! I trusted you but you betrayed me! Of all the people, I never expected you to be one of the traitors. You meant so much to me, but it does not matter now. You know the punishment for traitors, don't you?" said the man in a loud raging voice adjusting the 45 caliber pistol in his hands and pointing it directly at Michiru.

"Master, I swear, I have never lied to you nor have I been disloyal. Why would I even do such a thing? I know our ideology and punishment that would await me if I did that. Please reconsider master, I'd do anything to prove the honesty of my words." Michiru pleaded. She hoped that she could hold her boss off a little longer, right now she have no chance against him. She was weaponless at the very moment and the gun is far from her reach.

"I want to know everything about that Tenoh cop."

"Who's Tenoh?" asked Michiru, playing dumb.

The boss took a deep breath; "I don't know what game you are playing Michelle, but I want that police officer Tenoh alias Racer here at 21:00 hours. I want to be rid of him once and for all."

Without a final word, Michiru felt two pairs hands grab her and push her outside the cold pavement. She looked at her watch, 8:00 pm, 'I've been out for so long', she thought. 'Now where could Haruka be?'. Downtown.


"I'm sorry Officer Tenoh, but we have not seen a trace of her yet."

"Where have you searched?"

"Every hot spot known to the Silver Moon ."

She then noticed a disheveled figure with aquamarine hair run up to her. "Michelle!" Haruka cannot resist the urge to hug Michelle that very instant.

"Look, I need you to come with me"


"Outside." Sensing they have privacy in her car Haruka took Michelle's hand and squeezed it gently. "Where have you been? We searched everywhere for you."

"We have no time to talk now. Just drive to the old cathedral near the pier."

"What's going on?"

"Just drive. Trust me in this one, ok?"


Michelle beckoned her to follow. She led her to a series of long dark corridors and then pushed inside a dark room.

"What the." she was suddenly struck by someone and rendered her unconscious.

"Good work my loyal apprentice." Haruka was surprised to hear that voice. She found her hands tightly wound up against her back in a seat. She looked up and was even more surprised to see who spoke those words, the chief of police, and her boss, Mamoru Chiba.

"Nani? What is the meaning of this?" She spun around to question Michiru but she received no reply. Her face betrayed no emotion, just a plain poker face.

"You see, I warned you too stay off the case, but you chose not to listen. You are stupid to fall for one of my girls." He then pointed to Michelle.

"It was all a plot you see, I wanted to have the master's trust once again. You just helped me with that, if only you were not so gullible, so naïve, you would not have found yourself in this. "

"I can't believe that you can do this to me Michelle. I trusted you!" she shouted. It is not the right time to let her emotions to take control but she could hardly suppress it.

"You are a fool to trust anyone in this game babe."

"Very well my dear assistant you have served me well."

"I have done what I was supposed to do master, let me excuse myself"

"Im afraid I cannot allow that, you see, you have not proven to me your whole loyalty yet. I have heard that you had some kind of attachment with this pest and I would be very pleased if you would be the one to rid me of him." He looked at Michiru with a sinister smile on his face she did not react. He expected this; he was just waiting for Michele's reaction. This would be fun.

"Im afraid my lord that my dumb head could not grasp the meaning of your orders."

"To put it simply, I want you to kill him now."

'What am I going to do? I know, use one of my own guns..' She brought out one from her own pocket but.

"Don't bother with that Mich, I want you to kill him with this one" he then handed her a pistol.

Slightly her hand trembled. She never got herself into such a situation before. She took the gun and aimed it directly at Haruka's head. 'Maybe it's the right time to. No, there were about 70 men inside the room even if Haruka was tied to a computer chair (the one with wheels) they could not make a run for it.

"Is there anything wrong?"

"Of course not Master, I'm just not used doing this type of thing."

"Well it's about time you do. I'm waiting."

Michiru took a deep breath, unclasped the safety from the pistol.

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