"I'll be back for you, Calypso," he swore. "I swear it on the River Styx."

Calypso didn't believe him. No one ever found Ogygia again, no matter how hard they tried. Even Percy tried to get her out, but she refused to let him. So why couldn't she refuse to say no to Leo? It made no difference. But once he left, Calypso felt her heart feel immense pain. It wasn't dangerous, Olympus no. It was a feeling of emptiness, sadness... Loneliness. Most of all, she wanted Leo back.

It has been five months since he left. Her loneliness grew each day. She felt this way when Percy left her but when Leo left her, it was strong and Calypso couldn't finger it. So, as usual, she sat at the edge of the water, her feet dangling lazily in the water. She sighed, her fingers touching the water. Far off in the distance, she heard squaling and joy but Calypso thought it was only her imagination.

She continued to ripple the water when an image showed up. It was Leo. His hair was covered in grease, his shirt worse than his hair yet he still wore his crooked grin. Calypso smiled, then splashed his image off her head. But when she looked back, Leo was still there, his face full of confusion.

"Erm... Calypso? What are you doing?"

Calypso gasped and stood up as she crashed Leo with a hug. "You came back! You actually came back!" She cried into the crook of his neck, her lonely feeling vanishing. "Why wouldn't I?" He laughed, stroking her hair as he took her lips in his. Calypso only deepened it, love coursing through their make-out session.

They stopped, pressing their foreheads together. "I was thinking you weren't going to come back," Calypso admitted as she frowned slightly. "I didn't make it without help, you know."

"You had help?" Calypso rose a questioning eyebrow. Who could possibly help?

"Yeah. Percy helped me. And, uh... He's aboard the ship. Also... We're freeing you." Leo smiled. "How can-"



"After the war with Gaea, the Gods offered to give us rewards. Percy got asked first and, well, he said to free you and trust me, he convinced every single God."

Calpso smiled as she and Leo walked together back to the ship.

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