These characters don't belong to me, I just really like them. A lot.

It's rated M for a reason. A lot of reasons.


It's not like we haven't done it before.

We did it.


In his room.

On his bed.

I'd like to think it was pretty much okay for a first time. But, huh, grown up life can be very difficult. We have several issues...

Where shall I start?

In the past couple of years everyone treated us as boyfriend and girlfriend, which is totally alright, after all, he is my Boy with a capital B and my Friend with a capital F - and at some point in our lives we undeniably fell in love with each other.

It wasn't one of those magical first sight thingies though, because I have known him all my life. It was a process, as a matter of fact, a rather lengthy one.

It took me quite some time to notice that he wasn't an awkward kid and there was lots of potential in him. It took me quite some time to recognize how funny, witty and talented he was. Yes, he was annoyingly stubborn too, but I could handle that with a few well-placed punches.

But back then, in our early teenage years, my feelings weren't really serious – after all, I had absolutely no experience in the romance department - I just followed my instincts and my guts told me that I should show him (and the rest of the island - just to be safe and sound) that I wasn't indifferent towards him.

He seemed to like my little terms and actions of endearment, but... for a long time he was only a receiver and not an initiator.

But eventually, we grew up. We matured and our feelings for each other matured with us, but as of now, we're still in a fragile, protective stage. We don't rub our emotions to anybody's face and we don't do PDA. We don't make out in front of the others. Oh heck, we barely even touch each other, still anytime one of us is in the 2-meter radius of the other, one of the twins insensitively shout "Get a room!"

Oh, if only we could get a room...

Yeah, that's one major issue.

We both live with our parents and they all know that we are old enough to crave more than just a little hand holding under the star filled skies.

My mother is too shy to be strict and both of our fathers are pretty easy going, but they want to protect us and want to prevent what's inevitable.

What was inevitable...

Yeah, we don't have our V cards anymore, we traded them.

It happened roughly 3 weeks ago.

His father had to go on an urgent diplomatic mission to one of the Southern islands and he forgot to tell Gobber to burden my dear lad with boatloads of work, so he wouldn't have time for his m'lady. Yes, that would be me.

Sooo... after a lengthy training session at the Academy, he came up to me, quite excited, and offered to show me the map he was working on during the past couple of weeks.

I was glad that finally I could spend some alone time with him, because during the past 3 weeks we never had the chance to be together, just the two of us, not even for a second.

But I never would have guessed that it was going to be the time we take that one big step...

When we left the Academy, I was unsuspecting and I followed him to his house as innocently as a newborn lamb. Okay, I wasn't exactly innocent, because I knew we would end up in each other's arms in no minute, but a heated make-out session was all I had in my mind.

When we entered his upstairs room, he quickly dropped everything he was holding on the floor (his precious map and three freshly sharpened pencils, to be specific) and much to my surprise he grabbed me by my waist and we shared the most sensual kiss ever.

We only parted when his poor dragon, who happened to be in the room with us, started to make alarmingly uncomfortable growls.

Hiccup let go of me and went to the unhappy reptile. He whispered something into his ear and the sharp-witted child of the night immediately left the room and disappeared somewhere downstairs.

The disappointment I saw on Toothless's face made me swallow a little giggle - he was so humanlike sometimes. He looked at us with giant, sad eyes - it was his the-other-kid- are-playing-and-I'm-left-out-again expression, but I knew he had already accepted that there were times when I and only I was the center of Hiccup's attention.

It was a mutual respect between us, because I had also accepted that they needed a lot of private bonding time.

Lucky for us, we shared the love of a man whose heart was big enough for the both of us.

As I recall, the moment when Toothless left the room was exactly the same moment when I started to feel that this time it was going to be different. There was this strange vibe between us, it was a lot stronger than the usual sparks, it was something deeper, something magnetic and it dragged us to each other with full force...

After our poor black friend left the room, Hiccup turned back to me and I saw that devilish expression on his face that he only wore when there were just the two of us and we were up close and personal.

It was his I-want-you-so-much-that-I-could-kill-another-giant-beasts-for-you look.

I like that look. It's raw and honest and it shows me that he craves me so badly that it almost feels painful and it makes me want to be the object of all his desires.

So… roughly fifteen minutes later we ended up on his bed - half naked and all fired up, ready to be dissolved in each other.

I was under him during our seemingly endless make-out session and... well, I clearly felt that our little 'work out' had a huge effect on him, because the afformentioned 'huge effect' was pressed tightly against my abdomen.

It didn't come as a surprise, by that time, the intimate regions of his beloved body weren't exactly terra incognita to me. I'm not saying that I knew all about them, because there was still a lot to learn and a lot to explore, but I had already known that extensive kissing caused major growth and hardening that required some careful fondling. And I have to admit, he really enjoyed my hard work - judging by his constant little moans and the pants that were in synch with my delicate strokes.

But the time had come when I wanted more than a little friction and I'm sure he craved it as much as I did - he's just not the type of guy who whispers into your ear in a husky voice that he wants to have you. Okay, who am I kidding? As it turned out he is exactly that type, he just needed a little time and a couple of really successful encounters to be able to comfortably share his deepest desires with me, any time, any place.

As for the first time, I had to push us over the edge.

So there we were, on his bed, kissing and touching each other generously as we always did when we were behind closed doors (or thick bushes) and I still don't know why exactly I thought it to be a good idea, but I snaked my hands between us. I clumsily untied the cord on my leggings while he was occupied with putting my lips on fire, and somehow I managed to raise my hip a little to be able to pull it down, along with my underclothes.

He immediately stopped with the kissing and gave me the most flabbergasted look I had ever seen on his face. I shrugged my shoulder and smiled at him tenderly. "I think, it's time to…" I whispered while my hands ran up his sides. His eyes seemed a lot darker than usual, they were almost all black and when he ducked down and started to put big, sloppy kisses on the sensitive skin behind my ear, I knew I had won him for my cause.

My hands were between us again, but this time I helped him get rid of all the unwanted clothes and then there were we, nothing but skin on skin…

He stopped kissing me and looked at me with the same, astonished face as before. I grabbed his neck and pulled him back to my lips.

"Are you sure you...?" I heard him mumble into my mouth but without answering the dumb question - because, dah, I only started things that I intended to finish and he should have known that by now- I raised my hips and our burning cores touched and we both let out a deep, forbidden moan.

He looked at me and wanted to say something again, but I quickly put my forefinger on his lips and meanwhile spread my legs further apart to give him easier access.

He still seemed a bit confused so I smiled at him and laced my fingers gently around his hardness and helped it to find its way inside me, where it belonged.

By this time he had several little sweat pearls on his forehead and it seemed it was difficult for him to keep his balance while propping himself on his elbows on each side of my head.

But he managed to stay relatively still and when I nodded, with a timid but highly effective little push he was suddenly all inside me...

The pain... well, the pain was there but it was bearable, but I might have made a terrified face at some point because he looked down at me with an equally frightened expression. I quickly showed him a little smile again and pulled him down for another endless kiss, giving him all the validation he needed.

After a second or two, when my hungry kisses and some delicate moans convinced him that his current actions were much to my likings, he started to move in and out of me very slowly, very carefully.

The pain I had felt initially was entirely gone now and even though I still found my position a bit uncomfortable, there were many things I could enjoy about it. We were so close. To each other. To everything. To eternity. When his movements sped up, I started to suspect that he was close to something else too...

With a huge grunt he reached a place from where I knew was no turning back and I nodded again, giving him the permission to let loose . Surprisingly, even though he was almost completely absorbed in the turmoil of events, he had enough self-control to pull out. His thick, warm liquid poured on my stomach and when he completely emptied himself, he dropped down right next to me, panting as if he was chased by a troll.

"So -pant- sorry -pant- I -pant- didn't -pant- know -pant- what -pant- to -pant- do."

I couldn't answer him properly, I was so overwhelmed by all that had just happened, but I reached for his hand and grabbed his fingers tightly. When I managed to collect myself, I looked down on my stomach, it was quite messy down there. His fluids were mixed with a little bit of my blood, which I knew was perfectly normal, so I didn't worry nor felt uncomfortable about it.

Actually, I felt proud. The whole thing felt like a major accomplishment.

"Could you...?" I started, turning my head towards him with a hugest smirk on my face – I didn't want to give a chance to his insecurities to kick in, because all was right with the word. All was very right with the word.

"Oh, sure. Sorry." He jumped up, searched for his tunic on the floor and quickly wiped most things off of me. "Let me just grab you some erm… water to clean up."

He put his leggings back on and tossed the dirty tunic to the far away corner of the room and headed downstairs to fetch the water. I swear, I heard him whistle which was very unlikely of him and would have totally annoyed me if I hadn't still been under his beautiful spell…

Luckily, he came to his senses and the irritating happy noises of the boy who had just had his largest peer burden lifted off his shoulders, stopped. I sat halfway up, leaning on my elbows when I heard him come up the stairs.

He had a bucket in his hand, which he carefully placed next to the bed, before sitting back on it, tilting his head to give me a cute little peck on the lips. He straightened himself but then ducked his head again – his undeniable happiness earned me a few more kisses.

"I'll go back down and make us some dinner. I think we deserve it." He whispered to my ear and gave one final kiss behind my earlobe that made me shiver.

When he closed the door behind him, I sat up and started to clean myself with the cold water. My thoughts drifted back to the things we did not ten minutes ago, and I was still surprised by the fact that he was so disciplined even in the most distracted state, at the very end of our mischievous adult game. But that was him. He was thoughtful enough to pay attention to things that were probably uncomfortable to him at that moment, but would have caused a bit of a problem to both of us.

Yeah, I'm perfectly sure that neither of us wants any miniature Hiccups or Astrids. I'm perfectly sure that he would immediately marry me if we were in that sort of 'trouble', I just don't want it to happen in the near future. I know for a fact that if he got married, Stoick would give chiefdom to him and he is just not ready to accept that. And I'm not ready to be the chief's wife. Nope. We need freedom. We need adventure. We need air.

But I knew I had to take precautions next time... Thanks Freya, I had learnt all the useful information from the older girls, I just needed to steal some of my mother's herbs to make the tea that had helped Viking women for centuries...

While I was worrying about the post-coital future, my beloved man (yes, he was definitely a man now!) came back and patiently waited for my permission to enter the room after knocking on the door quietly. I was almost fully dressed, my tunic was the only thing that was next to me on the bed where I was sitting. He came in and sat next to me and started kissing me mumbling about the dinner being almost ready, but it seemed that as of now, both of us were more interested in feeding each other kisses than actual food.

We were quickly in horizontal positions again.

I was lying on my back, he was now on his side and nestled closer to me...

I knew what he was up to...

He started to kiss my neck and placed his left hand on my bare stomach, his fingers ghosting around my sensitive navel.

And when his fingers started to crawl further down... I stopped him with both of my hands.

Yeah, it was our biggest issue. I don't want him to touch me down there.

I don't know what my problem is... Okay, I do know. It feels awkward. I don't understand why on Earth he would want to put his hand there… where everything is damp and strange. He does want to touch me, I know that, because he keeps trying in his humble ways, but I always stop him, because the whole idea repels me…

On the other hand, as I have pointed it out before, I don't mind touching his most sensitive part. It reminds me of the handle of my hatchet, erm... they both fit into my palm nicely. And I love the effect my fingers and my lips have on him. I find it totally hilarious how the slightest touches of my tips on his tip make him shiver and moan. Okay, I don't find it amusing, but it's...a very exciting thing. Fulfilling. Intoxicating. It makes me tremble and... well, all sort of things happen down in my... oh, I guess I don't even want to think about it, because eh... I feel disgusted.

I know, I shouldn't feel like this and I've heard the other women talk about all kinds of magical things that could happen if a man knows his business. I'm just dubious. And I don't know... What if I disappoint him? What if he has all these expectations and I don't live up to them? What if it turns out to be a total turn off?

Maybe I should tell him to simply stop trying and that way I could avoid my awkward feelings and the undeniable disappointment in his eyes. I think, I'm not ready for this kind of intimacy and I'm most probably never will be…


After our big step I had a good two days to think about all that had happened, but I never regretted it, not for a second. I felt that we formed a connection on the highest level, a bond that could never break. Unfortunately, life was busy again and we didn't have any private time apart from one occasion when he managed to steal a few kisses from me at the back of the forge when I dropped by to have my dad's broken shield fixed.

We literally only had 2 minutes for ourselves before Gobber came back and unintentionally but insensitively broke us apart and the desperation and the need I saw in Hiccup's eyes afterwards filled my heart with sorrow. We needed each other.

I went home and had a sad, dreamless night during which I was constantly thinking about him. I had no doubt that he was doing the same. The next morning, when I woke up, the sadness deepened even though it seemed almost impossible to feel more miserable.

At that point it I was just a pebble that was thrown into a bottomless lake and with every second I fell deeper into the darkness.

I collected myself and dressed up while trying to find some comfort in the thought that at least I would be able to see him during morning training. And then I heard that someone was knocking on our door - it was an unusually early hour to have a visitor at the Hofferson house.

I was at the top of the stairs, leading down to our living room from my upstairs bedroom, when I recognized his voice. I couldn't quite understand what he was saying to my parents but I knew the tone, the one he developed only a couple of months ago.

It was his aspiring chief voice, calm, serious and trustworthy. He used it when he wanted to persuade someone, usually an older man from the tribe. And it worked like a charm.

I put my casual face on and started to walk down the stairs as if I didn't care about the men's business, but truth be told, I almost had to press my palms against my chest in order to keep my heart in its place…