Ruffnut (8) POV

Sep. 3rd

"OW!" I flinched as my mom tried to brush my thick, blond hair and twist it into three braids.

"Well I'm done so you can go to your room. Tuffnut, it's your turn (to take a bath)." He grudgingly hopped on to the stool and I sat down to draw in the dirt with a stick. Suddenly I jumped up and said in a madder-of- fact voice," Mom, I want you to cut my hair to!" Mrs. Thorston shook her head and said in an exasperated tone," No, we've been over this, girls have to keep their hair long. Now go inside before you make me decapitate your brother." I perked at this but ran inside under the withering glare of my mother.

Later, as Tuffnut climbed into the loft he shared with me, he saw me curled up in the corner with a serous 'thinking' face.

"What's up sis?" He asked and I beckoned him closer.

"I want you to grow out you hair." He jumped back and gave me a wary glance, "I know, its a strange request, but I'm tired of you getting to have your hair out of your face and me with my brads." he fingered his short hair and sighed.

"Alright, but mom will notes."

"That's why you tuck it up into your helmet." He sighed again but held out his hand to shack on it and we did.

The next two months went by and Tuffnuts hair was growing at an alarming rate, but he managed to keep it out of sight and out of mind. By the time it was as long as mine snow had started falling and ice forming on the ponds around Brck. I shook Tuffnut awake and we scrambled down the ladder and in to the living room where mom and dad where just sitting down to breakfast. I shoved Tuffnut and stood behind him, grasping the horns on his helmet with both hands.

"Ahem, Mom, Dad, I have something to show you." Tuff said and I could feel him trembling as I slowly lifted the helmet off his head.

"Tuffnut Thorston! What did you do!"

"It was Ruff's idea."

"I don't know, I think it looks nice."

"Wow, thanks bro."

Acitouly, Mom and Dad let us keep Tuffnut's hair long so I guess all's well that ends well.

Ruffnut sighed and sat down motioning her brother to take the stage and he did"Ahem, well that was a good story, but now it's my tern And I'll tell the tail of the dragons cave!"