Just a normal day

.dreams asked for just a normal everyday conversation between Emma and Snow. So, I hope they enjoy!

"Emma!" Snow called, frustrated. How many times had she said this now? "Come into the kitchen!"

Emma had heard her mom calling her from where she was sitting in the living room. She could tell from her tone that it might be safer to run out the door and hide for a few hours. She sighed, slowly getting up. It made no difference really, she'd have to face her eventually. Emma trudged through to the kitchen. She peered around the door, giving her mom her best charming smile.

"You called, mother dearest?" Emma said sweetly. Snow's eyes narrowed even more. Emma was far too like her father sometimes. Fortunately Snow had grown immune to some of their charming ways. Emma gulped, seeing that her tactic wasn't working. She fully came into the room just as Snow held up a plate dangerously, like she was about to throw it at Emma's head.

"How many times?" Snow sighed. "When you have finished with your plate, don't just put it next to the dishwasher, put it in the dishwasher! I know you have magic, but the kitchen doesn't, so it won't get washed on it's own. And contrary to belief here, woodland animals aren't going to come and do the housework for me."

"Now in fairness," Emma said, clearly claiming innocence. She knew that plate was hers, but how could Snow? "We all had bacon pancakes for breakfast today, and all at the same time. You were in the living room giving Neal his breakfast. How can you possibly know that plate was mine and not dad's or Henry's?" Emma said. Snow rolled her eyes.

"Because, Columbo, you're the only one who likes barbeque sauce in this house." Snow said, pointing to the marks on the plate before turning and raising an eyebrow to Emma. Seeing she was caught, Emma put back on her charming grin and raised her hands in surrender.

"Just as well you love me, isn't it?" She chanced. Snow sighed, putting the plate in the dishwasher.

"Quite." She mumbled. "But loving you won't stop me from stopping make you bacon pancakes." Snow threatened. Emma's eyes widened slightly.

"Ok, point taken. Plates go in the dishwasher. Just don't stop making those pancakes!" Emma begged. Snow chuckled.

"I think I've made my point and I won't have to carry through with that threat, will I?" Emma shook her head. "Good. You'd best get going. Your father will need you at the station." Emma nodded.

"Yeah, I guess so. See you later."

"Your father took your lunch down with him. I put the extra pancakes from this morning in there. And the barbeque sauce." Emma grinned back at her as she grabbed her car keys.

"Thanks mom, have a good day, bye bye Neal!" Emma called, rushing out the door. Snow laughed again. It felt nice finally getting to be Emma's mom, even if she did infuriate her sometimes!