Emma's bad leg

mgrenier04 asked for a oneshot of Emma having polio in one leg. She has a limp and a brace. She is around 10 or 11 and lives with both her parents. Emma is really hurting after a strenuous day and tries to brush it off. Meanwhile, her parents notice the different mood and help her in treating the pain.

Emma Swan was no quitter. Whatever life through at her, she hit back ten times harder. So when she got polio aged three since her parents didn't know about this world's illnesses and vaccinations, she continued to fight. Snow and Charming would never forgive themselves for not knowing about polio before it knocked at their door, but never the less, this was the hand they had been dealt. They were lucky, it was just one of Emma's legs affected. It could have been worse. Emma dealt with it all like a champ. She just took it all in her stride. She never complained, even though her parents knew she must be in a lot of pain some days. They began to notice the signs as Emma got older and became too stubborn to tell them. The way her limp became exaggerated, the way she winced when she thought neither of them could see. How tired it made her feel. It was more likely to happen after school, especially on Wednesdays. They did PE on Wednesdays, and Emma refused to just sit at the side. She took part to the best of her ability. Although she suffered for it later.

So it was no surprise to Snow or Charming when they began to spot the signs that Wednesday. They left it until after she finished her homework, wanting Emma to communicate it to them herself. When it became clear that wasn't going to happen, they sprang into actions by themselves. Snow ran her a nice hot bath. Charming got her the prescription pain meds Whale authorised for her for when it got bad. They coaxed Emma into allowing herself to have her pain eased, which wasn't easy. She didn't want to feel different, and she felt like giving into the pain was allowing it to win. But today, she didn't put up much of a fuss, which Snow and Charming knew meant she must be in agony. They were glad they could ease her pain, if only temporarily.