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Craig took his temperature and it was 103°F. He groaned and got dressed with a black shirt and blue jeans. He walked across his room to a white cage.

"Bye Stripe, be back soon," he cooed.

Craig petted Stripe and got him food and water.

"Craig! Time to go! " his mother yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

Craig rushed and got his hat and coat on. He raced down the stairs to meet his mom.

"Craig! You look flushed!" she tried feeling his head, but he dodged her.

"I'm fine, just a little headache," he lied.

She shook her head and they headed out towards the car.

"Mom, you know I have my licence. Why can't I drive?" he asked getting in the passengers seat.

His mother started the engine, "Because this is not your car," she replied simply.

Once his mother dropped him off the school bell rang.

"Great! Why do I have to have P.E. first!?" he frowned. At least I get to see Tweek, he thought.

Craig entered the school and head towards gym. Most of the gang was already in the locker room except Tweek. Craig went to his locker and fumbled with his lock. Once he finally got it open he quickly got dressed.

"Hey Craig," chirped Clyde.

Clyde, he's a cool, nice friend and all, but he's such a pussy.

"Hey," Craig said forcing a smile, though he could feel his fever getting worse.

"Dude, you look sick," Token chimed in as he walked to Clyde's side.

Token, he's smart, kind, and will understand you, but Damn! He could read you like a book!

"Yeah... I'm running a lil temp, but uh-."

"C-craig, if you're s-sick you should go home," Tweek said from behind Craig.

Craig wanted to smile seeing Tweek, but not when Token is around, he'll suspect something.

Tweek, so delicate, so caring, so cute- err... never mind.

"I SAID just a 'little' temp," Craig said stubbornly.

Tweek frowned, "C-craig I-."

"Stop the chattering and come on out! We're jogging five laps today," the coach yelled.

Craig sighed, but followed everyone out. It was so bright out today, and the sun only made his fever rise. After a few stretches Craig started jogging. Craig started sweating just half way down the track.

"God! It's like a fucking oven out here," he panted.

Craig slowed to a stop to catch his breath.

"Craig? You okay?" Clyde asked putting his hand on Craig's back.

Craig nodded, though he felt like he was going to pass out.

"COACH!" Clyde yelled.

Craig hissed in annoyance, "Shut the f-," then he blacked

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