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Chapter 16: Gifts and Streamers

Craig got led downstairs by Ruby. They entered the living room and Ruby made Craig sit at the table. As Craig sat his friends quickly took a seat around him, Tweek on his right. Tweek gave him a worried expression. "C-Craig, Are y-you okay?" he whispered. Craig gave Tweek an reassuring smile, even though he felt sick to his stomach. Craig watched as his parents stared to hand him cards. Craig's family always opened cards first. Craig glanced at all the decorations in the room. There were streamers and balloons everywhere and there were a lot of people that Craig didn't even really know. His attention was brought back to him as his mother handed him a blue envelope. She kissed his head and gave his shoulder a motherly squeeze.

"Go on honey, open it," she urged in a warm voice. Craig blushed a little and looked at his mother. She looked like she really put a lot into this party and was doing her best to make him happy. Craig nodded and hesitantly flipped the envelope over so he could grab the enclosed flap. He slowly tore it open and pulled out an really pretty designed card with all sorts of colors on it. What really caught his eye was the big yellow smiley face in the center of it. Craig opened the card and froze. He didn't even pay no mind to the twenty dollar bill that fell out of it. The only words that his vision was focusing in and out on were Get Well Soon. Craig's heart felt like it had stopped working and his eyes were glued open. His whole body was shaking and he tuned out everything around him.


Get Well Soon.

"Craig! Craig!"

Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon.

"CRAIG!" Craig instantly slammed his hands down on the table making everyone jump and go silent. He kept his head down and scooted away from the table. His heart felt heavy, barely sustainable for him to keep living. He quickly ran and pushed through the crowd that was in his way. Ignoring all the people calling his name, he ran towards the front door and left outside. He ran as fast as his lungs would allow him to. He ran to a place he knew well as a child, Stark's Pond. It was still quite chilly outside, but he didn't mind it. Slowing down to a speed walk, Craig wiped away the growing tears that lingered in his eyes. I'm going to die... That's just fucking great! I'm going to die! Just like that! I'm not sick! I'm just a ticking time bomb that's going to explode at any moment!

Craig walked over to the bench and sat down with his shoulders slumped and his head leaned back. Tears still tugged at his eyes as he watched the gray clouded depressing sky. He blinked slowly, trying his very best not to let the tears fall. I will never enjoy my relationship with Tweek, and I will never see my sister Ruby grow up... I am going to die without ever living a life on my own... Craig wiped his eyes, for the tears were blurring his vision. He couldn't shake the empty feeling he had inside himself. He was sick and he knew it. He didn't know what he did to deserve a disease like this. All he wished was for this to be a terrible night mare that he would wake up from any moment now, yet he didn't.

Craig didn't know how long the time had passed. Minutes? Hours? He lost track of time. He didn't even pay any attention to the sound of foot steps approaching him. The unknown teen sat down beside him. Craig narrowed his eyes and shut them without even giving one glance at the anonymous teen. "At least I found you alive..." the teen spoke aloud. You have to be fucking kidding me! You of all people- "We were all worried about-"

"Like hell you were!" Craig opened his eyes and glared at the teen. The teen was taken back and glared with his light green eyes.

"Excuse me, but I can assure you that I was-"

"Kyle. Shut the fuck up. I know you hate me-" Craig was interrupted when Kyle bitch slapped him in the face. Craig widened his eyes in shock and disbelief.

"Well, jackass! If you would just shut the fuck up and listen to me you would know what I was going to say!" Kyle shouted. Craig narrowed his eyes and leaned his head back irritated.

"Oh my fucking God! You are such a- Just hurry the fuck up." Craig growled. All he wanted to do was sulk some more and possibly die from a heavy heart. Kyle cleared his throat and crossed his arms.

"Rude ass fucker, but anyways. You need to stop being a pessimistic little bitch-" Craig quickly looked at Kyle and gave him the darkest glare. Kyle sighed and rolled his eyes. "Sorry, still pretty worked up, but anyways... You need to stop thinking that your world is over... You are sick, and I know you know this, but take that into consideration. Would you rather spend the rest of your life time line feeling bad about yourself or feeling hopeless? You have friends and family! Not to mention that you're horrible hiding the fact that Tweek is your boyfriend. Everyone knew that you both were meant to be, not a big surprise!" Craig gave Kyle a awkward glance. Kyle cleared his throat. "What I'm saying is... I know if I didn't say anything you would have just lead yourself into more of a disaster. Trust me, I know how these things work. You try to make everyone hate you, even making the ones you love hate you. You would do this, so that when you die you would think that everyone won't be effected, but YOU'RE wrong!" Kyle motioned widely with his arms adding in a awkward laugh.

Craig narrowed his eyes in confusion and anger. He doesn't know shit- "Everyone is still going to care, whether they hate you or not! So don't try to be the dick you're acting like now and push everyone away! Use your time left wisely, and make as many memories as you can..." Kyle sighed and looked down. "I mean... If I was in your position that's what I would do..." Kyle felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up and looked into Craig's awkward face. Craig took a deep breath and awkwardly smiled.

"You're not as bad of a preppy bitch I thought you out to be... Thank you..." Craig shrugged his shoulders and started walking away from Kyle. Kyle watched as Craig walked away from him shaking his head at the horrible thanks he just got.

Craig recently texted Tweek that he was okay and that he will be at Tweek's house soon, meaning as quick as possible before Tweek freaks out again. He continued quickly scanning the shelves until he came upon a pretty blue and green box. He grabbed it without a second of hesitation and some foam sticky letters in the process. This is totally childish of me... He quickly checked out the items paying the money from his emergency credit card. He then quickly left the store and quickly made his way to Tweek's. He caught his breath as he stood before the door. After composing himself he knocked. A second later Tweek's mother answered the door. "Ah... Craig." she said his name with a bit of dread that was barely unrecognizable, but this is Craig Tucker you're in front of here. He could sense any emotion in anyone's voice for his you cannot unless he let's you. "Tweek's... Is in his room, just uh... no funny business if you know what I mean." Mrs. Tweak said with a wink. Craig rolled his eyes and walked in. He ran up the stairs into Tweek's room only to see Tweek's eyes brighten when he saw Craig.

"CRAIG!" He quickly ran up to Craig and hugged him as if that was his last time he'd ever see him again. Tweek released him and wiped a straying tear. "I-I was scared! I'm s-so glad you're- nnnh back!" Craig frowned then softly smiled.

"Tweek... I'm sorry." Craig softly placed a warm kiss on Tweek's cheek. He then lead him to the bed and sat down. Tweek sat down nervously beside him. "I got something for us..." Craig said pulling out the items. Tweek looked at the items then back at Craig.

"W-What's that for?" Tweek asked clueless. Craig blushed lightly.

"A memory box... I know it seems childish, but I wanted us to decorate it together and then put photos or other memorial items we want in there..." Craig grabbed Tweek's hand and smiled softly. "Just in case... you know... I want you to have this box to remember me..." Tweek widened his eyes horrified.

"N-Nothing- nnh will happen to you!" Tweek looked at the box. "Let's s-start decorating it..." Craig looked up at Tweek and brought his face close to his. Tweek's heart pounded and he leaned forward to connect the perfect fit of warm, soft lips.

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