No Game No Life: The twins of Blank

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Chapter 5

Last time…

"Okay, I'm heading back. Bye-Bye!"

"Hey Tet! Thanks for letting us be reborn. This is the world where we belong. " Sora yelled.

"Thank you God."

"Shiro his name is Tet. Tet, Thanks!" I said with a smile.

"See you soon. Next time, on the chess board."

With that Tet waved and disappeared. We all sighed.

"SORA! SHUN! SHIRO! Was that Tet the One True God?" Steph yelled from the window of a tower next to us.

"Yeah. Why?" Sora yelled.

"Wh-Wh-What's going on? You said you beat him in a game didn't you?" Steph screamed.

"Forget about that. Just get us down from here."

"That doesn't matter right now!" She yelled. I groaned.

"My headache got worse…" I moaned, Shiro patted my arm in sympathy.

And for now, for the sake of form, I'll say this: Once upon a time…

"We'll start by conquering the world." Sora said.

"It's a plan." I said. Shiro smiled and nodded.

"Our ultimate goal is to beat God." Sora stated and we all smiled.

Now watch as a brand new fairy-tale unfolds before you.

Current events…

"Looks like the first piece will be moving soon." The One True God, Tet said with a smile.

"Question: Do you desire the destruction of Imanity? Or have you finally decided to act?" A voice asked causing the god to frown.

"Really, spying isn't a commendable hobby… Old Deus… the fallen gods, rank 1 of the exceed. I am not favouring anyone. I'm not on anyone's side. They're coming!"

Shun's POV

"HIIIIIIYAH!" BANG! I looked up from the book I had and removed my glasses.

"Steph you're gonna have to replace the door. Good morning." I placed my glasses back on and continued to read while Sora and Shiro slept. Steph ignored me and ripped off the rug covering the window, allowing light into the room. I blinked and rubbed my eyes. Shiro and Sora groaned.

"MY EYES! MY EYES!" They yelled rolling about.

"Wake up you two. Good morning Shun."

"Steph You're trying to kill my eyes." I moaned shielding my eyes from the light with the book I was reading. Steph sighed.

"It's time to do your jobs as kings." She stated.

"How? This room was in the perfect location out of the morning sunlight!" Sora screamed in denial.

"It's afternoon."

"She's right." I muttered.

"It's still 36:00 the middle of night." Shiro moaned, rubbing her eyes.

"What kind of clock do you follow!?" Steph shrieked.

"Steph quiet please, I'm trying to recover from yesterday's headache." I moaned, dropping the book and grabbing my head in pain.

"Take the books back to your grandpa's room" Sora demanded with a yawn.

"That room is yours now. That's been the king's room for generations. You can't just move out!" Steph proclaimed.

"The bed's tilted though. It's hard to sleep in. Futons are the best." Sora said, about to go back to sleep.


"STEPH! Shut up!" I yelled throwing a pillow at her. Everyone paused.

"Let me read and research in peace…" I mumbled at everyone's gazes.

"YOU'RE EMBARRASING! To think you decide 3 million destinies." Steph mumbled pulling Sora's cover from him.

"Embarrassing? That's just how you see things. But neither in our old world, nor in any other, will Blank do any work!" I coughed at Sora's statement.

"Okay so maybe Shun does some work."

"Thanks for amending your false statement Sora-nii." I said

"Don't underestimate humanity!" Shiro said.

"If that's humanity, then it's better off dying out! My patience has finally ran out. Sora! I challenge you!" Steph yelled.

"Steph if you yell again I'm gonna throw something harder than a pillow at you." I mumbled. Sora sweat dropped at my threat.

"Psst Steph take it down a tone… You want to play a game with me?" Sora asked, a coy smile dancing on his face.

"Th-that's right."

"Pledge 5: the challenged part has the right to decode the rules of the game. Are you serious?" Shiro asked.

"Yes… But there's no way the best gamer in human history would choose a game where he has an advantage over someone like me, right?" Steph asked. I laughed.

"Fine, I'll let you pick whatever game you like. So what are we betting?" Sora stated.

"If I win, you will become a decent person!" I laughed at Steph's bet. This is going to be hilarious!

"Please Steph! Instead of making me a decent human make me a fulfilled one!" Sora yelled.

"Fulfilled?" Steph asked. Sora pinned Steph on a table, stuck between the wall and himself.

"Being fulfilled is far better than being decent. Let's do it right now! I'll do everything I can to lose!" Sora yelled I sighed, grabbing a book.

"Shiro, please." I said in a monotone voice. Shiro grabbed Sora's shirt, pulling him off Steph. I leaned over.

"Nii, how many times do I have to tell you not to let your desires take over?" I said menacingly above him, the book slowly hitting the palm of my other hand.

"Nii, you're not allowed to lose to anybody but Shiro and Nee!" Shiro yelled.

"Imoutos-"I growled before he could say a thing.

"Sora…"I growled.

"Blank is not allowed to lose." Shiro stated. Sora bowed on the floor and moaned to himself.

"It's impossible for me to lose to Steph in an honest game. Steph, I'll bet on the one in a million chance, no the chance that can only be described with imaginary numbers that you'll win!" I watched as an anger vein burst on Steph's head.

"Now you've gone and said it. The game we'll play is…"

"Black jack?" Shiro asked. I sighed and led on the floor. As Steph shuffled the cards.

"I'll be the dealer and you can be the player. " Sora sighed at Steph.
"A sigh filled with despair! Shun, Shiro! They're not even interested anymore.

"Nii's gonna win, doesn't get what he wants. " I muttered.

"Aschente!" Both Steph and Sora said.

*mini time skip*

And Steph lost…

"Card counting… that's how he won if you're wondering." I said, looking up from my book to see a very confused Steph. I sighed as Sora explained it. A now despairing Steph then walked into the broken door.

"Where are you going?" Sora asked.

"Work. Remember those policies you proposed yesterday? I have to meet with the nobles who opposed them now." Steph said in a despairing monotone voice, clutching the door. I closed my book and stood by Sora who had stood up as well.

"That took longer than I thought…"


"Longer than Blank or Shun predicted. I guess I'll go act like a king for once then." I smiled at the correction.

*mini time skip*

"Don't think you can get away with such tyranny against nobles! I'll get you for this!" the now naked former nobles yelled.

"Former nobles. Your titles, your land, your money, your holdings…. A quick reformation meant they were bound to show up" Sora stated.

"The way you just did it was mean." Steph proclaimed I sighed.

"Tough." I muttered.

"I'd worked so hard to keep them under control peacefully… I used data from the large scale experiments we'd conducted on the lands belonging to the royal family to distribute the commercial rights to the major noble factions that back my family. I used those successes to keep the other major nobles in check, and quietly split off the smaller groups to slowly whittle down power of the opposition. If I'd won over those last few guys that just showed up, we could've had a complete and bloodless victory over the entire opposition! Uh, is something wrong?" Steph asked to see Sora and Shiro clinging to each other shaking while I looked over the data see had mentioned.

"They're shocked….hmmm…. good plan…." I muttered, skimming the notes before me.

"I-I don't think this is possible but Steph…are you actually…not an idiot?" Sora asked.

"What did you think I was until now!?" Steph asked in shock while Sora slowly turned to face Steph.

"I mean, Steph….you're a Steph right?"

"Shut up Steph. You're just a Steph!" Shiro said, adding on to Sora's question. Once Steph mentioned school, Sora and Shiro hit the floor.

"She graduated… had friends…." Shiro muttered

"If you think about it, she's a princess and has a lot of money…" Sora muttered.

"She has big boobs…." Shiro muttered. SLAM!

"I FIGURED IT OUT! I KNOW WHAT'S NEXT!" I yelled slamming the paperwork on the table. I blinked and saw devious faces painted on my siblings. Steph… oh dear…. Well at least with what I got earlier and the small amount now… Well things make a little more sense. I looked at Steph and smiled.

"Good luck Steph…But I'm game for whatever those two decide…"


"Th-Th-There are t-t-too m-many people!" Sora stuttered as we walked outside. Sora holding Shiro's hand and my hand. A random woman appeared and we retreated.

"Shiro! Shun! Don't let go of my hands no matter what!"

"Nii, same to you." Shiro said as I clung to Sora's arm and whimpered.

"It was-"

"It was Shun's idea! We've got something we need to do! Why is everyone looking at us funny?" Sora yelled.

"That's because…. I'm dressed like this! Of course they're looking!" Steph yelled. Sora and Shiro, as reward for winning their game, made Steph Blank's dog for today.

"They're scared as they think you're a warbeast." Steph stated

"You're dressed like a warbeast? In other words… The eastern federation is an Eden composed entirely of hot girls with animal ears!?" I gripped Sora's arm tighter and pouted.

"There and men and elders…" Steph muttered.

"WE'RE GETTING THAT ARCADIA. WE'RE GOING AFTER THE ANIMAL GIRLS! Right now!" My hand flicker across my keyboard.

"Sora… That goes against my plan…"


"Ah yeah… Let's go Imoutos!" I nodded.

"Indeed." Shiro said.

*Several showdowns with Steph later due to Steph not liking how Blank functions….*

"One more… one more match!" Steph begged. I was now being piggy backed by Sora and I had my hands covering his eyes from the almost naked Steph.

"You don't have much to lose now…" Sora stated, trying to pry my hands from his eyes.

"A temporary defeat leads to an ultimate victory!" Steph yelled.

"Almost everyone I remember who has said that has lost…" My metallic voice said.

And she lost the game she proposed….

All of a sudden it got dark.

"Phantasma!" I muttered

"Laputa really exists…" I sighed… here comes the ghibli act…

"Nii look up there."

"It would be best to bring those Flugel to our side. But how do we get there? Ba*se!" Nothing worked.

"Library." I muttered

"There's a Flugel near here-"
"LIBRARY!" I complained causing Sora to become unbalanced.

"SHUN!" I landed safely in Sora's arms while he was on the floor.

"Shun you know?"

"Palace records. Lost to Flugel. WANT!" I said or my metallic voice did.

"YOU BET YOUR KNOWLEDGE!? ARE YOU AN IDIOT!?" Sora yelled, giving Steph the finger.

"Already established." I muttered.

"Steph sit, wait." Shiro said and we walked off.

Flugel. Exceed rank six. Created during the ancient war as a front line weapon to kill gods.

"I can't believe there was one so close. " Sora said outside the library.

"Sora, are you really going to challenge a monster like that?" Steph asked.

"Yeah. The knowledge about this world that this god-killer has is the only way we can get anywhere. By the way, Shun how did you get access to the palace records?" Sora asked.

"If you don't want to come, you can stay. Nee, what did you do?" Shiro Asked

I smiled.


*Earlier that day*

I walked around the palace towards the room we were told not to enter. Eventually I stooped outside its doors and smiled. There has to be something here…

"Ah, it's one of the queens. Ah Your Majesty you aren't allowed in there." A voice yelled. I sighed. Caught…. I turned to the man and smiled.

"Ahaha… I'm sorry. I got a little lost… Ne, why can't I go in there?" I asked innocently. If I play this right…


"Ne. How about we play a game?" I asked with a smile. The elder in front of me looked shocked.

"A-A G-Game!?" I nodded. He soon began composed again.

"What would we be betting my queen?" I smiled.

"If I win… I am the only one who gets access to this room. If I lose… How about you get retirement and loads of money and exemption from taxes?" I said causing his eyes to sparkle at the thought.

"Ah but what game…?" The elder muttered. "Queen please pick a game." Hmm that's awfully nice… then…

"Hmmm… How about…" I pulled out some marbles and a certain dice from my pocket.

"Cthulhu dice! I'll explain the rules!" The elder looked confused. Hehe try beating me at a game that I rarely lose at!

..minutes later…

I clapped my hands together and grinned.

"Hehe You haven't got any sanity left! That means I win!" I said. I smiled. The game was simple. Use a 12 sided dice, each player starts with 3 marbles which represent sanity. Roll the dice and your target loses or gains sanity. The yellow sign = lose a marble and place it into the middle of the table.

Tentacle= caster gains a sanity from victim but if they are already mad it goes to the middle of the table. Elder sign= you take a sanity from the middle of the table. Cthulhu= everyone loses 1 sanity and eye allows you to choose any result. I even made a dice out of paper before and drew the signs, proving the die wasn't biased.

The elder before me sighed, his head in his hands. He got up.

"According to the pledges I'm the only one allowed in here now! Can you tell everyone but my brother and sister? Also just make everyone keep up the charade that we are banned from this room… On second thought… I make that an order from your queen!" I opened the door to the room. And slipped behind it.

"Bye-bye~~!" I said in a sing-song voice and slammed the door behind me. I slid down onto the floor and my head hit the door. I sighed.

"Thank Tet… Hopefully I'll never have to do something like that again…" I muttered aloud. I smiled looking at the records in front of me, and I was the only one who can now access them…

For the sake of Blank I suppose I can spend a few minutes away from Sora and Shiro… Maybe they'll think I've gone to take a bath, like I used to in our old world…
"Never mind that. Right then to work!"

Current events…

As we walked through the library Sora pouted.

"Shun! That's not fair! Anyway… Steph, the Flugel traditionally only play one game, right?" Sora asked Steph.

"Yes, according to records…" Steph said.

"They only play word chain games." I said with a smile. Sora patted my head and I smiled.

"Well then. Time to start conquering the world, then." Sora said. Sora and I grabbed one side and Steph and Shiro the other and together we opened the door in front of us.

We all gasped in awe at the library and the weird light from above.

"Wow." Shiro said.

"Now. Where's our angel?" I groaned at Sora and grabbed my head.

"Sora-nii light on the religion please. You know it make my head spin with all those events that happened in the past… all those awful tactic…" I shivered. All of a sudden a harsh light appeared above us. A pink angel, wings spread out, landed near us. I groaned at how similar she looked to what stupid religious people portrayed angels as. I moaned at all the bad and stupid plans that flooded into my thoughts, all which had been made due to religion… I looked to see Sora trembling slightly and Shiro grabbed my hand.

"Excuse me, people. What do you want in my library?" The angel asked. My eyes widened. Eh? Sora, Shiro and I looked at each other and back at her.

"Oh…. That ruined it." We all muttered. The angel smiled. I notices there were crosses in her eyes. I steadied myself my grabbing hold of Sora and I buried my face in his chest.

"I think I'm gonna get an aneurism or something…." I muttered. I hope this doesn't get any worse…