Hello people of fanfictionland I'm here with a new story

This one is a welcome back present for Kuroneko Hikage. Her only requests were blood and magic (and IchiHitsu, of course) so I kinda went out on the limb with this one and somehow ended up in a Game of Thrones-esque realm. And the one shot turned into a multi-chapter fic... my fingers have minds of their own.

But I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Ichigo sighed as he held a piece of cotton cloth tightly against his bleeding arm. It was honestly nothing, if not a scratch, but his friends had insisted that he see the court physician. This was not how he had wanted to spend his afternoon. It was such a nice day too; the fall air was not too cold yet and there were no clouds for miles around. But, of course with his luck, he was stuck in the blistering heat of the castle. His shirt was plastered to his back and he was sure that his breeches were soaked through as well. The southernmost wing of the castle was known to keep heat very well despite the temperature of the air outside.

He let go of his wound only to flick a bead of sweat from his forehead. It was annoying how much he was dotted upon, even as one of the strongest – and youngest – knights in King Genryusai's personal guard something as small as a sparring injury was cause for uproar. It was even foolish how he had gotten it; a busted shoe string and a piece of moss had caused him to slip and cut himself on his own sword. It had been embarrassing, yes, but not worth the tizzy it had sent everyone into. He had decided that after this incident that this was the last time he would wear laced boots to a sparring session. Admittedly, the wound had stung a bit and was rather deep but still –

"Ah, Sir Ichigo, sorry to keep you waiting," the heavy, oak door, which he had been waiting outside of, was pushed open by a willowy man with waist length, white hair. "Come in, come in."

He ushered Ichigo into a wide open room walled by bookshelves stuffed to breaking capacity, wooden tables littered with various equipment that did not look like they were intended for medical purposes alone, and large, arched, glass windows, as well as two or three more chandeliers than necessary.

He was grateful that the room was much cooler than the hallway; it must have been the amount of windows that helped. Ichigo glanced around; he had never been in this part of the castle before and had most certainly never visited the physician. He had only found out that he existed that morning, after all.

"What is the problem?" the white-haired man asked even though he was already bent over at the waist and removing the piece of cotton from Ichigo's arm.

"I, uh... I slipped and cut myself. It's not that bad, I mean, I didn't need to bother you... um, I'm sorry I didn't get your name?"

The white haired man smiled gently, "Jyushiro Ukitake at your service."

He continued to examine the wound, making soft clicks with his tongue. Ichigo chewed his bottom lip; somehow those noises were not that comforting.

"Is it that bad?" he asked, suddenly unsure of the magnitude of his injury.

Jyushiro did not answer immediately and straightened. "It's not that bad, Sir, but I will need to clean it out and stitch it."

Ichigo raised an eyebrow at the word stitch which caused Jyushiro to chuckle softly.

"At least we don't have to amputate the arm, eh? Always look on the bright side."

Ichigo scratched the back of his neck and pulled his mouth into an unsure smile, "right."

"Now, you just sit here while I get my equipment ready," he pushed Ichigo down on to a low, wooden stool then turned his head to call for someone else, "Toushiro! Toushiro, we have a job."

There was the sound of something being knocked over in an adjoining room, something opening and closing, and a short pause before a small, white-haired boy came stumbling to Jyushiro's side. Ichigo raised an eyebrow again as he regarded the boy. He had messy white hair that did not suit someone his age, teal eyes that were slightly too large for his face, and frame so slender it might have been better suited to a young girl, though, the heavy, brown cloak he was wearing did not do much to help his situation. Not to mention the scowl he was sporting was just a bit off-putting... no, he retracted the thought as his scowl deepened and his eyes narrowed. No, it was no longer off-putting; when coupled with that expression the boy was oddly alluring. Ichigo blinked at the round-about way his mind had come to that conclusion but could not dwell on it for too long as Jyushiro told the boy to get bandages and herbs and he scampered off again.

"Your son?" he asked as he watched the boy move about the room with surprising swiftness and grace.

Jyushiro chuckled yet again, "Oh no, Sir, I don't have any time for such things. He's my apprentice; found him when he was just a little lad, though, he's almost like a son. I assume you asked because of the hair?"

Ichigo nodded, but was unsure himself why he had asked the question. After those type of thoughts passed through his mind it was not very decent to ask if the two were related. He had probably hoped that it was not so and had gotten lucky there. Things could have gotten very awkward very fast.

Toushiro came back to the pair and handed a few small jars and a clean strip of cotton to Jyushiro.

"Thank you, now sterilise the needle and thread while I mix the tincture."

"... He needs stitches?" Toushiro asked softly. Ichigo was shocked to hear his otherwise smooth voice laced with worry. That should have made him apprehensive about the matter, but hearing Toushiro speak in that tone caused Ichigo's stomach to flutter slightly.

Jyushiro smiled softly and patted the boy on the head. "Don't worry; it's nothing we can't handle. Now hurry up; I believe that Sir Ichigo is in pain."

Toushiro's eyes widened and he hopped over to a brass pot sitting over a small fireplace and began to light a fire.

"I'm not in pain," Ichigo defended as he watched Toushiro stoke the small fire. He had really did have pretty eyes; they were a curious shade of blue-green which he had never seen on a person before. Pausing, he shook his head and decided that now was not the best time to be thinking this. But still, his mind created numerous indecent scenarios as he watched the slender boy tend to the pot on the fire with small, deft hands that could have been well suited for doing something else...

"He's a remarkable apprentice, you know," Jyushiro said as he mixed the herbs. His brass spoon clanked loudly against the small, marble bowl and startled Ichigo from his... thoughts.

Ichigo's eyes snapped away from watching Toushiro. "Sorry, what was that?"

"He's going to be an extraordinary physician one of these days. I've never seen someone who could memorise so many medicines as quickly as he does, plus he's really quite innovative. If only it wasn't for that one little quirk,"

Ichigo raised an eyebrow. "Quirk?"

"You'll see, and maybe you could help him out, being a knight and all."

Ichigo was about to ask what he meant but Toushiro returned with a needle and a length of thread.

"Here you are, Master."

"Wonderful," Jyushiro smiled and swiftly bent down to tend to Ichigo's wound, "Now, Sir, this might sting a bit, but it's to help disinfect the area and numb the nerves a bit."

"That's alright-" he bit his tongue as Jyushiro applied the mixture. A bit was a gross understatement; it had hurt more than getting the actual wound. He held back a grunt and felt small tears prickle the corners of his eyes. "What is that?" he coughed and used his good hand to wipe his face.

"Like I said something to help with the pain,"

"Help? I think you made it worse."

"Well, yes probably," the man admitted.

Ichigo huffed but his annoyance was soon forgotten as he saw that Toushiro was laughing softly from behind a hand placed over his mouth.

"You knights act all tough, but when it really comes down to it..." he said once he noticed that Ichigo was looking at him.

"Toushiro, don't be rude," Jyushiro admonished.

"That's not rude, I'm just stating the facts," his tone had gone from amused to bored in a snap.

"Have you ever felt this?" Ichigo asked incredulously?

The boy grinned and Ichigo felt his heart flutter slightly.

"I came up with the recipe for it."

Ichigo just stared. Oh, so he was a devil in disguise. Things were turning out very well, very well indeed.

"Okay, Toushiro, how about you take over from here?" Jyushiro suggested holding out the needle to his apprentice.

Toushiro instantly turned three shades paler and his eyes widened. "M-me?"

Jyushiro nodded, "You've had enough practice; I think you'll do fine."

Ichigo watched on in a mixture of confusion and amusement as Toushiro reached out with a trembling arm and took the needle and thread from his master. Why was an admittedly learned apprentice trembling at the thought of stitching up a wound, he wondered. Toushiro looked like he was terrified of the thought. His eyes travelled from the needle in his hands to the laceration on Ichigo's forearm and he began to take on a green tinge. Ichigo frowned slightly and looked questioningly at Jyushiro; he wasn't sure that he wanted someone who was obviously so nervous to be the one sticking a needle in him.

"Jyushiro, I think that-"

There was a loud thud which caused Ichigo to jump from his seat.

"Oh dear," Jyushiro muttered, "I thought he had gotten past this stage."

Ichigo turned back to Toushiro and was surprised to see the small boy unconscious on the ground. His eyes widened, his jaw dropped, and he was instantly on the ground next to the fallen boy. He quickly scooped him into his lap and checked for injuries. Toushiro was out cold in more ways than one; his skin felt chilled as if had just come in from a snow storm.

Jyushiro sighed and knelt down next to them, quickly checking for injuries as well. Upon finding none he sat back on his heels and fondly ran a hand through Toushiro's hair.

"I-is he alright?" Ichigo asked.

Jyushiro waved his hand passively. "He does this all the time; he'll be fine."

Ichigo waited for an explanation, but apparently Jyushiro thought that was all that needed to be said.

"Can I ask why?"

"Oh, he's afraid of blood."

Ichigo gapped like a fish then looked down at the small boy in his arms with a small frown growing on his face. How could someone studying to be a physician be afraid of blood?


Ichigo didn't see Toushiro until a few days later. But for some reason his thoughts were never too far from the boy. He heard his soft laugh in his ears each time the wind passed through the trees around the castle. And his eyes, his beautiful eyes, which were too green to be blue and yet too blue to be green, were imprinted in his memory. Ichigo sounded like a love sick girl; he winced and shook his head. Well, he had a nice ass too. There, that was better.

He had finished sparring with his friend Renji for the evening and had spied the white-haired boy heading over to the well in the centre of the courtyard while he was putting away his tourney sword. He quickly took off his combat armour and shoved it untidily back into its place. He would get grief from Lord Kuchiki later for not taking care of his equipment, but right now he had bigger and better things to worry about.

He trotted over to the well trying not to look too eager and leaned against the rough stone wall while he watched for a split second as Toushiro lowered the wooden bucket into the abyss.

"Toushiro, was it?"

The boy spared him a glance with those mesmerising teal eyes and nodded. "Save the pleasantries. I'm sure you remember my name; I saw how you were looking at me the other day."

Ichigo shrugged and should have been embarrassed by the statement, but couldn't bring himself to be. "Fair enough." The boy went back to his task and there was a minute's silence in which Ichigo scrambled to think of something to say. "So, what brings you out here today?"

Toushiro raised an eyebrow then proceeded to make the same tempting scowl from a few days before. "Are you blind or stupid?"

Ichigo mentally kicked himself and raised an arm to scratch the back of his neck. "Sorry, I'm-"

"You're not very good at this are you?"

"Good at what? Small talk?"

"No, flirting," Toushiro snorted as he began to turn the wooden handle to raise the bucket back up. Ichigo watched as he had to stretch up on his toes to be able to reach. His pale arms poked out of the dark brown cloak he was wearing. But then his words registered and Ichigo blinked a couple times; he hadn't expected the boy to be so forward. His mouth opened and he began to form the start of a sentence but it didn't make it past his lips.

Toushiro chuckled softly and hoisted the bucket over the edge of the well. "Help me with this." It was more of a command than a request but Ichigo obliged anyway.

They walked in silence for a while the only noise was the sloshing of the water in the wooden bucket and the padding of Ichigo's non-laced boots.

"How's the wound holding up?" Toushiro asked as they entered the south wing of the castle and made their way to the physician's quarters.

"Um, great; I barely feel a thing. You two really did a good job."

Toushiro rolled his eyes. "You mean my master did a good job. I'm useless when it comes to things like that."

Ichigo cocked his head. "If this isn't rude to ask; why are you studying to become a physician if you can't stand blood?"

Toushiro craned his neck to look at Ichigo's face and the red-head was scared for a second that he had offended him. However, the slight sparkle in Toushiro's eyes told him otherwise.

"There are other ways to go about healing, Sir Ichigo."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I'll show you when we get back to my quarters."

Ichigo stumbled slightly; was that a -

"Hey watch it or you'll have to go draw another bucket."

Once they arrived at the physician's quarters Toushiro instructed Ichigo to place the bucket by the small fireplace then led him to a room that was almost hidden behind one of the bookshelves. It was a small room; with only just enough space for a bed, a desk and a chair, a cracked mirror, and a small stand with a wash basin. It didn't help that there were almost as many books crammed into this room as there were in the room outside. In spite of that, it was not as if the room was messy, oh no, everything was organised. The books were stacked by size and or genre, the bed was neatly made and a couple pieces of parchment, a few quills, and an ink well were lined up perfectly on the desk.

Ichigo stood awkwardly by the door and watched as Toushiro had to climb up on the bed to light the low hanging chandelier. There were no windows in the room, Ichigo noticed as the yellow-orange light from the candles flooded the chamber and made it look bigger than it really was.

"I take it you like reading?" he asked as the boy jumped off the bed.

"Don't you?" Toushiro answered with his own question, taking a step towards Ichigo.

"I appreciate it, but I have better things to be doing with my time," Ichigo stated as he stared down at the small boy.

"Answered like a true knight."

"Was that a wisecrack at my profession?"

Toushiro snorted again and moved even closer, "I would hardly call babysitting our decrepit king a profession."

"You could be arrested for saying that." This time Ichigo moved closer.

Toushiro smirked, "Then arrest me, Sir Knight."

Ichigo felt his throat go dry and swallowing didn't help much.

"Now, I believe I was about to show you something." Toushiro grabbed his hand and led him over to the bed.

Ichigo might have broken his neck with the speed he jerked his head around.

"Such a dirty mind," Toushiro smiled while shaking his head, "I was referring to our conversation earlier."


Toushiro raised an eyebrow. "About healing?"

"Oh right."

"You sound disappointed,"

"Um, well..."

Toushiro shook his head. "My fault really; you were too much fun to play with. You're eyes told me exactly what was going through your mind. They're a pretty colour by the way. Now, do you have an injury anywhere? Well, other than the one Jyushiro patched up."

The speed at which Toushiro changed topics left Ichigo feeling a bit dizzy. He was still stuck on the complement about his eyes but at the same time was trying to decipher what Toushiro was asking him. He eventually rolled up the sleeve of his left arm.

"Well there's this," Renji had hit him on the wrist during their sparring match and had left a rather nasty bruise.

Toushiro took Ichigo's hand in both of his and examined the bruise. His touch sent a shiver down Ichigo's spine because not only where his hands small and smooth – and exactly how he imagined them to be – but his touch felt like ice. Toushiro looked from Ichigo's wrist to his face and locked eyes with him for a second.

"Now don't freak out and this is probably going to feel weird at first,"

"What do you – oh,"

'Oh' was all that he could mutter as Toushiro's hands began to glow with a pale blue light. His touch began to get even colder, almost to the point of numbing, and what looked like fog started to rise from his skin. Then Toushiro suddenly dropped Ichigo's hand and rubbed his palms together as if to restore circulation. Ichigo examined his own hand as his body heat began to chase away Toushiro's cold, but he paused and had to look twice as he noticed that the bruise was gone. His jaw dropped slightly as he rotated his wrist. There was no pain; none at all. It was as if there never had been a bruise to begin with. He raised his eyes to Toushiro. The boy was watching him with an unreadable expression on his face.

"Well?" he asked at length, "How does it feel?"

"As good as new," Ichigo smiled, "What was that?"

"You could call it magic,"

"How did you learn that? From Jyushiro?"

"No," Toushiro sighed, "He doesn't know about this. No one knows about this and I expect it to stay that way."

"But this is amazing, Imagine what you could do with this; we'll have no need for medicine. We can say goodbye to all those painful practices-"


Ichigo frowned, "No? You can't expect to keep this to yourself."

Toushiro sighed and stood up, "For now yes."


"I need to figure out a way to warm up Jyushiro... people tend to be afraid of what they don't know and I'm not sure how they would react."

"But you showed me, and I'm not afraid."

"Well you, from what I've gathered, are very stupid,"


"But I also sensed I could trust you,"

Ichigo almost smiled then Toushiro continued on.

"Because you want to get in my pants more than you want to rat me out."

Ichigo blushed slightly, "And you're definitely handling this revelation better than most. Don't you think my preferences are abominable?"

Toushiro shrugged, "I don't think like other people. Though, I can imagine what chaos would ensue if people found out that one of the king's knights liked men."

"Then I'll keep your secret if you keep mine?"

"That doesn't make us even."


"Because I like men as well."


It wasn't as if homosexuality was a crime, but it was a huge deviation from the norm and in the city of Seireitei you would want to say as close to the norm as possible. Ichigo had seen people been run out of town or stoned to death for being... different. So, he kept his secret to himself. Then there was the fact that upon entering knighthood he had had taken a vow of celibacy, which was unfortunately required for members of the King's personal guard. He should not have even been thinking of anyone in that light for that matter.

He snorted loudly and caused his friend, and fellow knight, Renji to glare at him from his position on a low stool.

"Stop daydreaming, fool, and get back to work. This is your fault that we're stuck doing this," he growled as he rubbed aggressively at a spot on a shield which caused a lock of violent red hair to fall away from his ponytail.

Ichigo grinned sheepishly. Lord Kuchiki had found Ichigo's armour packed untidily away and had him and Renji polish the entire armoury as punishment. Why Renji had been punished as well was a different matter, but it was best not to question the head-knight's orders.

"Where were you off to in such a rush anyway that you couldn't have spent two more seconds to tidy up?" he sneered.


"It was a girl, wasn't it? You dog."

All Ichigo could do was scratch the back of his neck with the dusty rag he was holding.

"Who is she, what's she like?"

Ichigo was hesitant to answer; not sure how to describe his situation to Renji.

"Oh come on, tell me. I'm not going to rat you out to the commander. Everyone knows this whole celibacy is just for show; no one follows through."

Ichigo sighed and busied himself with polishing a brass helm with new fervour.

Renji threw a rag at his head. "You're no fun. I told you about my first."

Ichigo caught the rag before it hit him and threw it back. "It's not like that. We didn't..."

A devious smile grew on Renji's face and his thick eyebrows rose halfway up his prominent forehead. "Oh ho! What, no sex? What else is there? You can't possibly be thinking or marriage; that's what's illegal."

Ichigo rolled his eyes and tossed the helm at his friend. Renji deftly caught it, smiling like a maniac all the while.

"Not everything is about sex," Ichigo sighed.

"Prude," Renji smirked and tossed a breast plate his way. "Here, start on this one."

"I'm not a prude," Ichigo muttered and attacked the first layer of grime on the plate. "You broke your vows for some female dog."

"And she was worth it," Renji laughed.

Ichigo sent him a disgusted look and went back to cleaning.

Minutes later a bald man with a tourney sword attached to his hip walked up to them.

"Oi, you two," he called, "there's a meeting in five minutes. The commander told me to tell you not to be late."

Ichigo frowned and looked at Renji in question. Renji just shrugged and stood up.

"We'd better put all of this away then."


The King's Guard consisted of roughly thirteen knights each hand selected by the king. Ichigo expected the usual short and mostly informal meeting so was not prepared to see the King's Guard as well as the captains of the State Guard congregated in the meeting hall. Whatever this was about it was serious.

Commander Kuchiki started the meeting with single, short, echoing clap of his hands.

"Yesterday our scouting troops reported movement of the Las Noches army. As all of you know, we have been at odds with the city for over a century and last month our peace treaty negotiations broke down. Now, while there is no way to tell for sure that they will attack us, we must assume the worst." he turned to the State Guard captains.

"We need all the men we can to fight. I know the State Guard is currently lacking in numbers but we need to send out a notice that all able-bodied men are to fight. We must be prepared for war."

Ichigo felt his heart begin to thump loudly in his chest. The city of the Seireitei and the Lords of the city Las Noches were going to war. The neighbouring cities had always been at each other's throats. There was some lore about the Aizen family betraying King Genryusai's great-great-grandfather and killing several of his knights and children before fleeing. He had returned months later with an army in an attempt to overthrow the king but the forces of Seireitei were too strong and sent the Aizens away to lick at their wounds. The relationship between the two had been severely unsteady since then. The tale of the Winter War, as it was so called, was passed down as if to stoke hatred between the two families in the new generation. But this was the first talk of war in a very long time.

Ichigo's stomach turned. As a knight he should have been prepared for this. In his vows he had stated that he would die for his king and kingdom, but the thought of actually having to do it did not seem so appealing. He left the meeting hall with a new weight on his shoulders.

He found that he was unable to eat dinner that night. His mind was working too fast for the rest of his body to keep up and he almost didn't hear his name being called as he stumbled from the dining hall to his room.

"Ichigo?" a familiar, soothing voice called from behind him.

He turned and a small smile made its way to his face despite his tremulous feelings. "Toushiro, what are you doing here? The physician's quarters are all the way on the other side of the castle."

He was once again wearing the rough, brown cloak. He raised an eyebrow and trotted up to Ichigo's side.

"Really? I had not noticed that," he motioned to a stack of books in his arms. "The royal archives are this way. I need to research something."

There was a royal archive in the castle? Ichgio's eyebrow rose. Now, that he had not known. As if reading his mind Toushiro chuckled.

"You know it wouldn't hurt to pick up a book once in a while. Some of them even have pictures."

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "I assume you come this way often then? It's odd that I've never seen you so close to my quarters before."

"I've seen you plenty of times. You're hard to miss, Sir."

"Then surely I would have noticed you as well; you're not that inconspicuous yourself."

"I'm usually not noticed when I don't want to be."

Ichigo raised an eyebrow, "Is that some sort of spe-"

"Special talent? Yes."

If looks could kill Ichigo would have been dead then and there. He scratched the back of his neck and smiled in apology.

"Here, let me get those for you," Ichigo grabbed the stack of books from Toushiro's arms before he could protest. "Wow, these are heavy; don't tell me you read all of them."

"Of course I read all of them; I enjoy reading."

"Where do you get the time?"

"Well, as a physician's apprentice I'm not bustling with daily duties. I have a fair amount of free time."

"I'm almost jealous."

"Oh please, the life of a physician is nowhere are near as glamorous as a knight's."

Ichigo thought back to how he and Renji have spent most of their day. "You'd be surprised."

They lapsed into silence for a short while as Toushiro led the way to the archive.

"So what has you so down?" Toushiro asked, looking over his shoulder,"Is it the impending war?"

Ichigo raised his head and looked at the smaller boy dead in the face. "How did you know about that?"

Toushiro smiled slyly.

"Can you really use a... you know... to find out information?" Ichigo asked, his eyes widening in surprise.

"Oh please, Ichigo. Jyushiro and I are the King's doctors; I hear things, okay."


"So the war, huh? You must have expected it to happen. The peace between our cities was hanging by a fraying thread, after all."

"Yes I expected it; doesn't mean I wanted it. They're calling all able-bodied men; you might have to fight as well."

"Don't worry about that; I'm not considered able-bodied."

Ichigo raised an eyebrow.

"Physically I'm fine, but generally all physicians and healers are not made to fight. We do need people to fix you up when you come back home."

"Oh well that makes sense," he paused, "But that means you'll be dealing with a lot of injuries and... blood."

Toushiro paled slightly and stumbled forward. Ichigo, who had not been expecting such a reaction at the mention of the word, lurched forward and caught the boy before he could trip over his own feet. The books he had been carrying fell to the floor with echoing thuds.

"Hey, Toushiro," he asked worriedly.

The boy covered his face with his hands and took a few deep breaths before pushing away from Ichigo. He straightened his cloak and cleared his throat then seeing the books in various states of disarray on the floor bent down to pick them up.

"Toushiro?" Ichigo asked again, kneeling down beside him.

"I'm fine, Sir Ichigo, thank you for your help," he muttered as he gathered up his books.

"I'm sorry I didn't know you would... why though? Why are you so scared?" he placed a hand on Toushiro's shoulder.

The boy seemed to radiate cold as if his core was made of ice instead of a beating heart and organs. When he raised his face to look at Ichigo even his eyes were cold.

"It's a long story and quite frankly not one that I am not willing to share," he stood up and turned away from Ichigo. "I will be on my way now; thank you for your help, Sir."

"Wait," Ichigo stopped him from walking away with a hand on his cloak. Toushiro glanced at him with disdain and Ichigo swore he felt a cold lance pass straight through his chest. "I... uh," he felt that he had to make up for his question, but was unsure how to do it. "I... can I see you tomorrow? I mean... um... I would like if you told me about the books you've read." he felt his cheeks turn red and he had to look away. Toushiro was silent for a while. Ichigo counted each second with a heavy thud of his heart.

Eventually, the boy let out a soft sigh. "I suppose; if that's what you want. But aren't you busy preparing for the war?"

"I do have some free time. Lord Kuchiki is hard on us, but he doesn't work us like dogs."

"Then meet me at my quarters at dusk."

"Plus I can always make time for you." Ichigo smiled brightly.

"Don't let anyone hear you saying that; they might get the wrong idea about you."

Ichigo stood up and whispered into the smaller boy's ear, "Or the right one."

Yes, like I said multi-chapter fic while typing the length escaped me and I ended up with over 5,000 words. I'll try to wrap it up in 3 - 5 chapters because I do have a few big plans for this :)

The gore will come in a chapter or two and we'll see were Ichigo and Toushiro have to take us.

Also, I realise that I need to work on my medieval literature... I used to be good at it, then I guess I started doing more modern writing and well, you just saw how that went.

Anyway, it would be nice to know what you guys think about this or even hear where you think it should end up.