A few days had passed since Carly saw Frankie in the dream or so she assumed. She wandered around the hospital loosely, waiting to go home. Carly could hear her daughter's screams become clearer as her consciousness came to the surface. Her heart yearned for her daughter. As she began to focus on the sounds in the room, a loud beeping noise replaced her daughter's voice.

"What's that dad?" Melanie asked Daniel.

"That means she's near a conscious state. Her vitals are showing improvement, but I'll need to look at the results of her newest brain scan to see the activity level," he said rushing out of the room.

"Mom can you hear me?" Melanie cried and Lawrence came behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

"Katerina, I know you can hear us. Please come back to us, we need you," Lawrence said drawing strength trying to be strong for Melanie. After that, Carly's heartbeat began to increase almost to a normal level.

"That's it Katerina, come back to us, I know you're getting stronger. Just open your eyes. I know it's hard but open you eyes for Melanie, for Nikki, for me," he said and reached for her hand. He felt her squeeze it and he looked over to Melanie in glee and they shared a knowing glance that she was waking up. Daniel came back into the room slightly out of breath.

"I have good news, it seems like you're mom is making a great recovery. Her CT scan shows lots of brain activity".

"When will she wake up?" Melanie asked with hope etched in her voice.

"Any time now, it could be anywhere from minutes to hours," he said. "Carly, just hurry up and come back, I really want to steal some of your dessert." With that, Daniel went to check on other patients, happy he save the mother of his child. An hour had passed of Carly squeezing Lawrence and Melanie's hands and them whispering words of encouragement for her to open her eyes. Her eyes started to flutter open slowly.

"Mom?" Melanie cried out breaking Lawrence from his trance of staring out the window.

"Katerina?" he said rushing towards the bed. "I'm glad you've returned to us". Carly is confused at first because she tries to talk, but the wires in her throat is causing difficulty.

"Law…" she tries to say.

"Shhh," Lawrence coos. "Don't speak just yet. You're at the hospital, you've been in a coma for a while," he says. "Melanie, go get your dad". Melanie stands and exits the room to find her dad. Minutes later, Daniel appears through the door with Melanie who's wearing a bright smile.

"Hey Carly, do you know who I am?" Daniel asks, but Carly shakes her head no. He begins taking out the tube and Carly starts coughing. Melanie retrieves a cup of water which helps the sandy burn in Carly's throat. "Do you know your name?"

"My name is Katerina," she replies.

"Do you know who Melanie is?" he asks.

"Yes, my daughter," Carly replies.

"Do you know what year this is?" he asks.

"2014," she replies.

"Do you know who that is?" Daniel asks pointing to Lawrence.

"Yes of course, he's my husband," she replies with a smile forcing Lawrence to wear a goofy grin.

"What's the last thing you remember?" he asks.

"I…I don't know, I think dinner with Melanie and Lawrence," she guesses, but isn't entirely sure and Daniel sighs.

"What's wrong dad?" Melanie asks Daniel which causes Carly to frown.

"Why are you calling him dad? Lawrence is your dad," Carly asks firmly.

"What are you talking about mom?" Melanie asks.

"Melanie, Lawrence I think it's best if you give me time with the patient, I'll be out shortly to discuss things with you guys," he says calmly, a little hurt that Carly didn't remember him or the fact that he was the father of their child. Melanie and Lawrence exit with confused looks on their faces.

"Well that's weird," Melanie said.

"Yeah," Lawrence said and sort of sad because he'd always wished Melanie was his. Back in the room, Daniel was checking over her vitals and reflexes which all appeared to be normal so he decided to exit the room before his emotions took over.

"What's wrong with her dad?" Melanie asked.

"Your mother is suffering from acute amnesia," he says writing it on his chart.

"But why can she remember a lot of things but not that you're my father and who you are?" she asked.

"I don't know, she'll have to see a therapist. Listen don't contradict what she thinks, just go along with it. Her head trauma is serious and any stress could have a negative impact. I have to go," Daniel says with hurt in his voice before taking off to make rounds.

"Shall we go in?" Lawrence asked and Melanie stepped before him entering her mother's room.

"Hey mom, how are you feeling?" Melanie asked.

"I'm feeling great now that I can see you two again," Carly said with unshed tears in her eyes.

"I couldn't hear what you guys were saying, but I recognized your voices when I was in the coma. It made me feel safe and loved knowing what I'd wake up to," she replied. "Lawrence, I was thinking, maybe we could all move back to Europe. I just want to be with my family. Where's Nikki?"

"He's taking exams. This is his second to last year of medical school," Lawrence lied.

"Oh? I didn't know he wanted to be a doctor. I thought he wanted to be more like his dad, a businessman," she smiled.

"Well it seems like both our children takes after their mother, they both love medicine," he shot back with glee and his heart swelled when he called Melanie his, who also had a look of shock on her face.

"Well they take after you as well, especially with your passion," she said and smiled.

"Mom, what do you remember from my teenage years?" Melanie asked trying to see the stories her mother fabricated in her head.

"Not easy I can tell you that," she laughed. "But after everything you put us through, I still don't regret a single moment. Lawrence remember that one time she got kicked out of boarding school and you tried homeschooling her?"

"Yeah that was such a disaster, who knew trigonometry even existed," he laughed going along with the story and surprisingly he was right.

"I knew you'd have a difficult time. Math was always your worst subject! I should've intervened when Melanie shot me a look of torture while still in her pajamas and bed hair all over the place," she said with so much happiness that all the occupants started believing the story.

"I knew Lawrence would never be good at math, no businessman is," Melanie laughed earning a look of horror from Carly.

"Don't call him Lawrence, that's your father, show him some respect!" Carly said firmly in a motherly tone Melanie hadn't heard, it was more of a scolding and her cheeks turned red from embarrassment as if it were the most natural thing. If it were any other situation, Melanie would've corrected Carly, but part of her didn't want to.

"Sorry," she said looking down and playing with her hands, a nervous habit Carly recognized when she was a teenager and whenever she was scolded. "I should've known dad was horrible at math when all my tests turned into A's for that class, because he was too lazy to correct them".