Posters note:

That's all folks! These 30 chapters are all that exist (to my knowledge) of what is the best story I've ever read. I originally found this story in the summer of 2012. I received a final PM from the author on Feb 24, 2013. It was nothing consequential, just thanking me for leaving a review to the recently posted chapter 30. On or around May 11, 2013 the author(?) deleted the story and cleared her profile on this site. Over the following few months both her livejournal accounts were also purged, including a number of other fanfics on Criminal Minds and at least one NCIS fic IIRC. On her fanfiction profile page there was also a link to an external website that had a song picked out for every chapter and a photo album showing the various OC's with photo shopped eyes. I never recorded or bookmarked this page and have no idea when or if it went down.

I don't know if the author became disillusioned with her online presence, decided she didn't like her fiction anymore, or tragedy struck and she is no longer with us. The fanfiction profile is set to not accept PM's and all her other social media platforms that I am aware of are gone.

For your convenience I have compiled a list of all the characters I noticed were borrowed from other tv series (besides Supernatural and Criminal Minds of course).

Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson from Suits (2011-?). Cannon for season 1, AU for season 2 as it establishes Harvey's father's name as Gordon instead of Harry.

Auggie Anderson, Arthur Campbell, and Joan Campbell (née Jareau) from Covert Affairs (2010-2015). I never actually watched this CIA focussed show, but how fortunate is it that two of the main characters last name is Campbell eh? Joan's maiden name wasn't established on the show from what I could tell with a quick google search, so maybe it is Jareau and maybe her niece is in the FBI.

Abby Sciuto from NCIS (2003-?). I'm not sure if she has any siblings in NCIS cannon or not, but the idea that her brother Ash AKA Dr. Badass is/was a paranoid hacker living off the grid at the roadhouse is just awesome!

Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural. Technically she's not from another tv show, but she doesn't appear in Supernatural until season 7. Because this story goes AU from the end of season 5 there is no way her appearance in season 7 is part of the same cannon as this story. The argument could be made that she's a foreign character, so I'm including her on this list.

Camille "Cam" Saroyan from Bones (2005-?). Yet another group of geniuses and another 'in' with the FBI for Dean to leverage against the demons. How her and Harvey's high school sweetheart relationship came to an end is anybody's guess but perhaps she keeps a soft spot for Harvey's baby sister Penny?

So besides Supernatural and Criminal Minds we have Suits, Covert Affairs, NCIS, and Bones.

I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did. If anyone feels they are up to the task of completing this story, please PM me. I would love to be involved in any brainstorming, planning, or proof reading. I am not an author but I will support any effort to continue this series to the best of my ability. I would also want to add a link to any new chapters here for other fans to enjoy.

I posted this a few seconds after posting chapter 30 instead of a while later to save people from being disappointed thinking another chapter came out.