Hi! Jolly here.

This is a crossover between three works. The two book series, "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" and "Harry Potter", and the video game series "American McGee's Alice/Alice: Madness Returns". It'll be more centered on Percy Jackson (the character) [fem!Percy in this story to make connections with AMA/AMR], Alice Liddell, and Voldemort, instead of the stories in each series themselves. In fact, the wars from PJO are going to have already happened, the war from HP will be more of a background to the true story, and the story of Alice that I'm focusing on is from a fanfiction piece I've got permission to reference from.

Fanfiction mentioned above: "Londerland", "Surreal", and "Still Curious and Willing to Learn I Hope" by 13HoursInWonderland

Concept: Alice Liddell, Tom "Voldemort" M. Riddle, and Percy Jackson are ALL related. Yup, that's it! Alice is Voldy's Great-Grandmother, while Voldy is Percy's Great-Grandfather! I even worked out the years, with the only change in time is when the HP books actually take place. Everything is moved around so that the 7 books happen within the time-span of 2008-2015. All the other math will be taken care of later to make things make sense.

Plot-ish for Story: So the story will be about Percy's "Wonderland", which she inherited from Alice, awakening after her experience in Tartarus. Now everything is going crazy, Percy's going mad, and now the wizards want to butt in. Dirty secrets are revealed, feelings are discovered, people die, and Percy doesn't give a fuck about blood relatives and fellow wizards if they're shit to her and her family/friends. Voldemort better watch himself.

Reason for Putting This Up As The "First Chapter": I personally think I can be a twisted person at times, and can come up with some pretty bad situations, but I need help really making this story messed up. I want you guys to share some of your most twisted, tragic, bittersweet, and just plain insane ideas. Be as bloody as possible, or as depressing as possible, or whatever. Just know you'll get credit for it when I finally post the actual story. But I need help to make this story as M-rated as possible without needing to have smut (there might be vague scenes though).

Please review your suggestions under this chapter before moving on with the story. I'd like to be able to quickly search them up instead of digging through reviews for them.

Warnings for the story: Examples and mentions of; rape, murder, miscarriage, character death, child abuse, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, self harm, hallucinating, incest, homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality, genders aside from male/female, sexual activities, underage drinking, underage sex, excess amount of blood, insanity, profanity, pedophilia, attempted suicide, smoking, etc.

Please Enjoy! :)