CHAPTER 1: Runaway

The witch stared at the parchment journal in sorrow, taking in every drawing and every word scrawled onto its pages. Mrs. Tom Riddle…Mrs. Fallon Riddle…Fallon Jackson-Riddle…Mrs. Tom Marvolo Riddle. It was like reading a fantasy novel instead of her reality. For that was what those words and pictures would become; nothing more than a dream.

Before recent revelations, her life felt like a dream. Being a witch, magic was possible and she could perform it. Though her family was spread across the continent, traveling to gain research, they were loving and loyal. She had enough money to live comfortably, whether she decided to work or not. Last but certainly not least, she was in love with one of Britain's brightest, most attractive, and most powerful wizards, a Mr. Tom Marvolo Riddle.

Fallon's first impression of Tom was that he was the perfect gentleman and quite the stimulating conversationalist. Not only did he consider her opinions and allowed her to share her thoughts, but he could easily argue his own points or help her develop her own ideas. Not to mention he could make her smile with the sweetest of words and his dry odd sense of humor. If that did not make him perfect, his unwavering affection and the fair way he treated her left no doubts.

That was until she realized his true intentions.

Seeing as the Jackson family were known for traveling far and wide, being found camping through the forests of Albania was no surprise. Tom Riddle, however, was a curious find in the Albanian forests, making his way by Muggle means. If only for the simple fact, that Mr. Riddle had no love for their mundane neighbors. Every explanation he ever gave never truly sat well with her, but Fallon was willing to set that aside to get to know him personally. Obviously, he never shared much about personal goals.

He had been gathering information on the Dark Arts and practicing them behind her back. Tom was recruiting followers, purebloods and few half-bloods who believe in blood supremacy and the lack of worth in muggles and muggleborns – or mudbloods as some referred to them. He was researching ways to become immortal and achieving them through merciless murder.

And he dare act as if nothing was wrong, as if what he was doing was of no consequence.

Yet she could not bring herself to hate him, for she loved him with all her heart.

However, she did not love him enough to put her child at risk of being raised under the influence of a corrupt man.

She laid her hand on her still flat stomach as she stood with the journal in hand. Walking over to the fireplace, she stared at the flames for what could have been hours before tossing the journal in, watching as the pages slowly burned away. Not giving herself a moment to hesitate, Fallon grabbed her trunks from the bed and walked out, not looking back.


It was in situations such as hers, that Fallon was so very grateful for her family's love and understanding of the Muggle World. After abandoning her once peaceful life with Tom, Fallon used an emergency portkey that left her outside the front gates of the Jackson Manor in Northumberland – Coventina Hall. It was best to make most of her moves in a location Tom would not find her in.

Then she had taken all of her share of the Jackson family wealth, half was made up of wizarding currency, and the other of muggle English pounds. With a quick floo trip to Diagon Alley's Gringotts Bank, she had made sure to convert most of her wizarding money into muggle currency. The rest – which she made sure were Galleons – she had melted into blocks of solid gold to bring to several muggle banks in hopes of getting more for her gold than what the Wizarding World thought it was worth. She was left with plenty to support herself until she acquired a stable job.

From Diagon Alley, she exited via the Leaky Cauldron and continued the rest of her journey without any magic of any sort. She did not have much to carry to begin with, since she had wanted to take only the necessities of her current belongings, and none that carried sentimental value. All of that was left behind at Coventina Hall.

Keeping her load light, she was quick to take her money (admittedly hidden magically for just this one trip) and make her way to the nearest airport – the new London Airport – by black cab. Not the worse experience.

The process of arranging for a flight to the States with practically outdated identification, and then playing off the fact that she barely understood most of their terminology…difficult in a way. But Fallon Jackson was not one to quit, especially when so close to her goal. And when she touched down on American soil, it was like a breath of fresh air. Unless Tom decided to start tracking her down through muggle services, he would be brought to a dead end at the Leaky Cauldron, the location of her last act of magic. He could only track her through her magical signature, which she was prepared to cut off at all costs.

He would not find her!


"Congratulations, Miss Jackson! Two boys," the nurse smiled as she handed two tiny infants to the exhausted but glowing form of Faith Jackson (formerly Fallon Jackson), new mother. Faith grinned from ear to ear as she wiped sweat soaked brown hair away from her face. She carefully reached out for her sons, one at a time. Once in a comfortable position, the doctors and nurses decided to give her some privacy, leaving her to her awe and amazement.

Here were her two little boys. She had known she would have two little ones not long after she started showing. She just did not know what she would be having. Magic would have given her the answer, but that seized to be an option months ago. When she performed an ancient ritual, found in a dusty book from the Coventina Hall library, expelling most of her magical core and that of her then unborn sons.

She remembers how painful it had been, having the magic ripped from every part of her; from her skin, her bones, her veins. From what made her Fallon Jackson. However, even to this day, in the muggle body of simple single mother Faith Jackson, she could feel magic just under the service. Even with less magic than a squib, there was still some in her being. It seemed even muggles had some magic within them…

Faith shook her head of those thoughts. This was no time to reminisce about her old life. She did not work so hard to make a better life for herself and her babies away from the twisted hypocrisy of the Wizarding World, just to continue to bring it up. She was Faith Jackson. She lived in Queens, New York, in a lovely apartment with a muggle roommate and complete muggle accommodations. She was getting a proper muggle education and was hoping to enter muggle university at some point in her early years as a new mother. She had no time for magic and the issues that came along with it.

Looking back at the beautiful beings in her arms, she found herself smiling again. They both had her brown hair and the blue eyes that she and Tom shared. She could tell from their refined features that they would take after their father. Nonetheless, they were her children, and she would raise them, in her way.

"Richard and James Jackson," she brought them close to her chest and nuzzled their soft little heads, "Mummy's little angels."

"If my life is going to mean anything, I have to live it myself." – Sally Jackson, Percy Jackson and the Olympians

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~ Historical Research – I tried my best in researching English transportation, American female education liberties, and medical procedures for this chapter. I looked up the probable location for The Leaky Cauldron, and also the nearest available airport from it in the 40s; that happened to be London Heathrow Airport, known as London Airport from 1946 to around 1966. Since the twins are born in 1947, it worked pretty well. I also fell in love with the London taxi design, especially the ones that had a doorless passenger side until the 50s for luggage/trunks. Thankfully over 600,000 woman were in college by the 40s, so Fallon/Faith getting a complete muggle education isn't far-fetched. And lastly, ultrasound wasn't around until either the 50s or 60s, forgot which once I realized it was a no-go for me. But it just gave me a way to refer to Fallon/Faith's ritual, since magic should have been able to tell how many babies she would have and their sex.