Unbelievable(Titles subjected to change)

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Words: 1,009

"It had been three days since a young boy has been reported missing. Witnesses say he was last seen running off into the dark woods near the pristine neighborhood." 'That child was always a wild one, we thought nothing of it when we saw him!' "Police are still search-" The television was abruptly cut off, the blackened screen reflecting the look of surprise on a young boy's face. "Oi, stop wasting your time here and go outside. Lazy shit." The individual who had turned said television off grumbled. He was an elderly man, residing in his late fifties, with salt and pepper hair and faint brown eyes, which were sharpened in mock anger at the younger. The child was no older than ten, with circular eyewear and a mop raven curls. His eyes were a light green, and his small face was twisted into a teasing glare. "Aw but the news was on the telly!" He gave a soft whine. The elder snorted and nudged him off the bed, ruffling his hair. " 'nough with the telly and go get some sun while it's still out."

This made the younger brighten significantly. It had been awhile since the two were able to venture outdoors, especially with the Major blizzard that slammed into them days before. It was during these months between december and February that frustrate the pair to an extent, however it seemed liked they acquired a break. "Yes sir, Anthony sir!" The younger gave a mock salute before slipping off the cotton sheets and quilts and darting from the room. Anthony barked out a laugh before following suit, stepping through the illuminated kitchen, only to find the glass sliding doors already pushed open, and a whooping child running barefooted upon the snowy ground. He knew he should've said something about him dressing a bit more appropriately (A large shirt and sweat pants? that's just not enough) however just watching the younger in pure happiness was enough for him. It felt as if he were back at home, with his pack, the pups huddled against their beta mothers as the others either rolled around or were out hunting. It hurt, being an Alpha with only a child as an only pack member, but he had promised himself that Harry was just enough, and when he became old enough to be ranked as either and Omega, Beta, or Alpha, than he could search for a new pack once more.

Harry kneeled upon the ground, ignoring the shudder as the fallen snow engulfed them in a blanket of white. He lowered his head, low enough that the tip of his nose touched the ice, only then did he rise back again and fall back. Anthony just guess it was his inner pup exploring the world's scents. A small breeze drifted their way, carrying the chill of air, however, something in it forced the elder man to freeze. 'musk...another?!' "Harry!" He called out urgently, his usual calm demeanor broken. 'That scent, it was the scent of another Alpha!' Harry perked up from where he had spread himself out, sitting up. The elder gestured for him to come behind him as he stepped outside. However, as the raven made to move, something snarled behind him. Without even having to look properly, just by smell alone he knew exactly who it was. Anthony dashed out and pulled Harry behind him, who stumbled and cowered behind him. "What're you doin' 'ere Fenrir?" Anthony was the first to speak, his eyes darkened in anger. Fenrir grinned, showing off his jagged teeth as he casually crossed his arms. This served only to anger the elder male. "What do ya think?" Fenrir drawled. "It's cold and i need ta expand my territory." "This ain't yer territory!" Anthony quickly cut the elder off. "I've already marked it, haven't I?" Fenrir smirked smugly, catching the elder off guard. "While you were inside, i got to all of yer territory." "Impossible! I never…" "You've been domesticated, like a fucking pet." The other Alpha's face turned disgusted. "You lost yer pack and yer land. Now yer gonna lose your sorry life-" "No!" Both males looked startled at the sudden voice. Harry was peaking around Anthony's tall body, glaring heatedly at Fenrir. "Don't kill him! I won't let you!" Anthony shot a furious look down at the younger, who shrank back in surprise, and fear. "Get in the house!" He roared. Harry jumped, dashing into the warm area and slamming the door shut. He knew it wasn't that Anthony was mad at him. He was only trying to protect him. though it still frightened the younger to the core when he looked like that. More animalistic than the human he was raised by. He slid the blinds across the glass, obscuring his view of his sire, then crouched under the table, gently easing back until he had the entrance to the house in sight.

He waited for what seemed like hours, his hearing not strong enough to know what was happening outside, however he was smart enough to get the idea. He just hoped Anthony won. An Alpha killing another has every right to claim the dead Alpha's belongings. Anything, even people, and that idea frightened Harry to an extreme extent. As another time period lapsed, Harry felt his joints beginning to protest with the unnatural bend. He needed out, and soon. Shutting his emerald eyes, Harry waited with baited breath, only to perk up to the sound of the screen door sliding open. He won! Anthony was safe! Without a moment of hesitation, Harry crawled out from his uncomfortable space and ran into the figure, nuzzling the hard chest. "Didn't know you'd be so compliant with me, heh." Oh.

Harry blanched as he looked up to silver eyes, and a blood thirsty grin.