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The feeling of absolute hate, a feeling Harry has never experienced in his short life, filled his body in a breathtaking rush. He felt his heart beat speed up with his emotions, which were fastly coming out of control. Thankfully, he still retained some common sense to quickly slip away from the murderous Alpha and hide behind the dining room table, teeth bared as he tried to look menacing. Being only a child, he only managed an annoyed pout. If Fenrir actually gave a shit about anything but his own self, he would have laughed himself breathless. However he was dealing with a dead Alpha's pack member, and a pup no less. Fenrir could care less, really, he should just rip out the brat's throat and be done with it.

Harry let a growl rip from his throat, backing away slowly. The door was only a few feet away, maybe the larger man was slower, just maybe he could make a break for it. However, a thought nagged at him that it wasn't as a secure plan as he thought. That an adult werewolf could easily catch him if he truly wanted too, and that the best plan to do is to hide and hope to not pose a threat.

He really did hate his instincts. Both his options were equally fatal, a large chance in which he'd be caught and torn apart like a rag doll. He rather not have his insides splattered around in the house. As he continued to ponder that, he hadn't notice Fenrir stalking toward him until he felt rough fingers circle his neck and haul him upward, his toes barely even touching the cold tile below. "Hrk! N-No.." Harry choked out, His windpipe only halfway crushed within the iron grip. "Shut up." He heard a rough voice bark out, but it was barely registering in his hazing mind. His body, specifically his chest, screamed for oxygen, the limited amount slowing down to quickly. Black etched into his vision and he was beginning to feel heavy. Harry didn't want to die, but at least his death wasn't blood, at least he didn't damage anything of Anthony's. Was heaven real? Would Anthony be waiting for him? He hoped.

And then, he fainted.
Year one, December sixteenth

When Harry came too, he nearly had a panic attack. Complete darkness surrounded him, and at first he suspected he was dead, which quickened his heart, and his breathing rate to an astounding level. He was already beginning to feel light head when a voice barked at him from his far left. "Shut the fuck up runt, go back to sleep." It wasn't the voice he wanted to hear. Where was Anth-

Oh. Harry stopped breathing for a moment as he remembered the previous day. How a peaceful day turned into a bloody nightmare. But..wait, why was he alive? The younger sat up suddenly, holding his head as a sudden wave of pain crashed through his head. It was as if someone had slammed it into the ground before cutting it completely open! "Guh!..." "Fucking moron what did I tell you?" He felt himself tipping back again by a strong force on his chest, forcing his head to slam against the cold floor underneath him. "Gah! Ow.." Tears welled up in his eyes on reflex, his unfocused eyes shooting up to glare at the offender.

"Don't give me that look you little shit, yer the one who woke me up." The fuzzy image of a male came before him. He couldn't see what he looked like, but he had a pretty good understand at who he was. "Hn." Was all harry grumbled out as he turned his back away from the man. Though he was calm now, his mind raced. Why was he alive? What will happen to him? Is he going to be sold? That thought forced a shudder out of him. He's heard those stories on the news. It was terrible to even think about.

He thought more of the grim possibilities of what would happen to him, until his eyelids became heavy, and he slipped into dreamless state. It was nice.

It only felt like minutes after when he was forcefully woken up by the sudden biting cold of now on his bare skin. He scrambled upwards and let out a rather shrill snarl at the snowy ground before quickly scuttling to the nearest large rock. He could hear a small bark of laughter as he struggled to not let his bare feet touch the ground. "Pathetic. I should've known that Alpha spoiled you." Harry turned his head to the voice, only being able to make out a fuzzy outline of the male however. "Don't worry, yer still young, i'll teach you."

Well Harry wasn't going to like this. Not one bit.

When he was younger, He was taught thoroughly that fighting was wrong, and that any act of violence was a terrible crime.

"But we kill animals and eat them...isn't that violence?" a five year old Harry Potter had asked, having made himself comfortable on his guardian's lap. Anthony smiled, having known the other would have said that. "Yes and no, youngling. It is the natural order that we kill to eat. When we kill, we have three options. Eat, protect, or just kill. Killing for no reason, is a terrible crime, and should never even be thought of. Protecting with killing, though effective, is not the answer, and can lead to distrust and hate. However, when we kill to eat, and feed our families, we give that being a purpose. Helping us survive. Do you understand?" Truthfully, at that time, Harry didn't, however he nodded his head obediently.

He was a pacifist through and through, he couldn't, wouldn't hit anybody. And the fuzzy look on the male's(his name was Fenrir? he couldn't remember well) face was all the proof he needed to know was what training was going to be about.

Goodness he hated his life.

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