It's cold, in New York. That's the first thing that Harry notices when they step off the private jet that Norman (his new father!) owned. It's the middle of winter though, and he's excited to see the place when it's warmer, during the summer. Perhaps different from England, with the rain and occasional sunny days which he would spend outside doing the flowers in.

The mansion they arrive at is huge, much bigger than any house in Surrey, and Harry can't help it when he gapes at it. This is where he would be living now, Norman tells him, and it is a home to be treated as his own, but still treated carefully.

A maid greets them at the door, and Harry hides behind the taller man, peeking shily at the kindly smiling, warm-looking woman. She seems nice, though Harry thought his Aunt and Uncle seemed nice whenever they had company over, so that isn't always telling. It could only be because Norman is there with him, and she doesn't want to see abnormal in front of him.

Her name is Anne. She's there if he needs anything, and to look after the house otherwise. Harry warms up to her only slightly.

"Nice to meet you," he mumbles after a small push forward from his new father, peeking through his fringe at her. She takes her leave not long after, and Harry is shown his own room.

And it's huge. Much bigger than either of Dudley's, and he knows the other boy would be so jealous if he was here. But still, after looking around and being left to settle in – a small child, left by himself in a brand new home and room – and looking over the bed, the wardrobe, the desk… He looks at the wardrobe and opens the doors, settling himself inside, and it's something familiar.

Although he's happy to have escaped the Dursley's, this world is so strange to him, so new. The accents of everyone around him are weird, heavier than anything in Little Whinging, and though he won't admit it, Harry's scared.

Only when he hears his name being called by Anne does he leave and go down for dinner, not having realised how many hours had passed.

words: 375
a/n: wow, what a long wait! only a few years... i'm hoping to pick this up and make it longer soon, but we'll see ^^ i hope you enjoy the chapter!