(Hello all so this is a new fanfiction I worked on and decided I'd share. It is based off the new Star Trek movie franchise which I enjoyed and stars an OC Katarina Kirk who is Jim's older sister. I hope you enjoy though this is my first Star Trek fanfiction so I apologize if I got Spock's personality or any other technical details wrong. Happy Reading!)


Part 1


One night, a little baby boy were born to a doomed captain and his wife on board a federation escape shuttle which was then attempting to make its escape from the crumbling fortress known as the U.S.S Kelvin.

Then, one of the greatest starships Starfleet had ever known.

Captain George Kirk, recently promoted at the former Captain's death was struggling not to think about his wife or about the new baby she would soon bring into the world to raise along with their almost five year old daughter as he set all the necessary manual operatives on the quickly floundering vessel which he commanded.

His heart ached though as he looked ahead at the menacing attack ship before him. He thought about all the long spaceless years Winona and their children would have to spend in the future, alone without him to protect them.

Shaking himself, George started to set the final control when he heard it. The faint crackling sound of a baby's cry echoed by the cry of a child. He choked.

"What is it?" He asked voice cracking as he attempted to speak over the thundering noise of the warships. He strained his ears to catch the response through the defecting speakers of his comlink

"It's a boy...George we have a son!" Winona seemed both elated and dejected at the same time and George could easily guess the reason why.

"Well...what are we going to call him?" He asked, trying to keep his own voice level as he heard the muffled sounds of his daughter babbling over her new sibling. Winona remained silent for a minute.

"We could name him after your Father." She suggested tiredly. George let out a weak laugh at that. She can't be serious.

"What? Tiberius? Are you kidding me? No! That's the worst! It's even worse than when I wanted to name Katy after your grandmother, do you remember that?" Winona chuckled weakly.

"Yeah...it was almost as bad as you deciding to nickname her Katy when it should be Kat." She giggled slightly.

George stifled his laugh. "Well, I'm going to do better. Let's name him after your Dad this time. Let's call him Jim." He smiled for a moment almost forgetting that he wasn't in the same room as his wife and children.

The ship shook, dying under heavy fire. George turned to adjust a monitor as the ship's computer robotically reported the remaining distance between the Kelvin and the opposing ship.

In his mind he tried to picture his son and wished the Kelvin's visual transmitters were not destroyed so he could at least catch a glimpse of the boy before his last mission was completed.

"Jim..." Winona smiled, almost unconsciously as she stroked the top of her infant son's head with her fingertips. "Jim..." She repeated the name back to herself as if listening for a ring or a signal from above.

"Okay Jim it is then. Katarina, come here. What do you think of your new brother's name?" She turned to ask her daughter and George started to smile when he heard his little girl's response.

"Mommy? Where's Daddy? Is he going to meet us at home?" George reached for his hand held comlink.

"Katy? This is Daddy. Can you hear me, Baby?" He leaned towards the speakers even though they were quickly circuiting out and frying due to all the electrical damage done to the ship.

"Where are you, Daddy?" Katy's little voice crackled over the speakers making George feel warm for a second.

"Katy, I need you to listen to me for a second...Can you make me a promise Sweetheart?" He turned to glance at the tracking computer, gauging the distance between him and the attacking vessel before continuing.

"Can you promise Daddy you'll be a big girl now and take good care of your brother for me?"

He tightened his grip on the accelerators, waiting and straining his ears for his little girl's response before pulling on the switch.

"What do you mean, Daddy?" She asked, her voice suddenly soft and fearful as the baby continued weeping in the background. George bit his lip.

"I need you to promise me, Katy. Jimmy's going to need you and Mommy now so can you promise you'll take good care of them?" He held his breath and pushed the thrusters down slowly to meet their limits.

"I promise." Katarina's response came soft, shaky and unconfident. George knew as young as she was she knew something was wrong and it made his heart rip in two as he heard the fear echoing in his daughter's voice.

"George?" Winona's voice came back over the speakers. George snapped his chin forward.

"Sweetheart?" He leaned forward in his seat as the computer told him in her cool mechanical voice that he was nearing his collision target.

His heart started to race as he heard his daughter call out to him. "Katy, can you hear me?"

"George!" Winona's response came as a whimper. George clenched his jaw. "I love you both so much!...I love-." The communication disconnected and Winona let out a strangled cry as an explosion echoed into her ears.

Katarina looked confused. "Daddy?" She looked from the COMM to her Mother to the nurses in a questioning manner, but no one had a satisfactory answer for her. "Daddy!"

Her confusion quickly turned to fear. "Daddy!"


"No!" Kat woke with a start, nearly colliding head first into the overhanging light fixture when she bolted up in bed.

Her hands felt clammy and her face felt sticky with tears and perspiration. The time read barely 0300 in the morning.

Groaning, she rubbed her face with the palms of her hands trying to rid herself of the discomforting moisture and the clamminess before turning to slide off the edge of the bed, taking care not to make too much noise.

"Kat?" A soft prim voice drew her attention for a moment causing her to stop with one foot on the floor.

"I'm getting a drink." She murmured not wishing to worry her husband who despite his Vulcan heritage had a tendency to care overly much about her.

Not that she resented it in the least.

Some liked to argue that Spock as a Vulcan did not have the capacity to worry about anyone, much less show any kind of emotion, but Kat knew better.

"The dream?" Spock fixed his gaze on the back of Katarina's head, his eyebrows creasing ever so slightly at the tremor he saw racing through her body.

"No." Kat tensely set her other foot on the ground next to her left one and stood to leave the room, intending to escape to the bathroom for a minute to wash her face before getting a drink from the automatic water cooler.

"Katarina, please do not lie to me." Her husband's voice was stern yet caring at the same time. It made the young Chief of Intergalactic Relations smile a little despite herself.

"I'm sorry, Spock. I don't mean to shut you out it's just..." She trailed off and ran a hand awkwardly through her long tangled slightly damp hair, keeping her gaze on her feet.

Spock turned himself over when he heard her voice break, allowing the covers to slide off of his bare torso at the slight movement. "As my Mother would often say," He slowly slid out of the bed and shuffled noiselessly across the room to her.

"When I would feel reluctance in confiding in her...trust in me."

He looked down at the bare nape of her neck before gently running his fingers up the curve of her throat. Kat shivered as he bent down swiftly to kiss her, first on the neck then on her cheek and her forehead.

"I do trust you." She turned her head slightly to face him. Spock raised an eyebrow.

"Do you?" He cupped her chin gently with the slender palm of his hand. His gaze was expressionless, but Kat could hear the gentle longing ebbing in the soft timbre of his voice.

"You know I do." She stroked the base of his chin, feeling the soft almost marble like quality of her husband's skin as Spock suddenly withdrew his hands from her body.

"Then why do you continually insist on dealing with your sleep disturbances alone?" His voice turned suddenly serious and resentful.

Kat sighed and averted her gaze. "Because it's hard." She bit her lip and turned her face towards his other shoulder. "No one's been able to make them stop. Not the doctors. Nobody."

Spock frowned and wrapped his arms protectively around his wife. "If I could find a way..." He started to speak.

Kat shook her head. "Just hold me." She cut him off and threw herself suddenly into his arms. Spock started at her sudden movement then sighed as he felt her shaking against his body.

"Very well." He slowly stroked his hands against the small of her back and rested his chin in her hair as she clung to him.

"I love you." Kat shut her eyes and pressed a soft tingling kiss to the Vulcan's collarbone as the night wore on.

Spock barely suppressed a shiver though the worry overruled any human response to her gesture and remained dominant in his tone. "As I do you."