Author's Note: Hello everyone! I seem to be getting my writing mojo back so I've decided to write a longer story with Clementine and Sarah. I'm going to try to make it like 25-30 chapters, but it may be longer, we'll see. School ends on June 6th, then I'll be a senior, and I'm currently trying to get a job so I don't know how often I'll be able to update this fic. I'm going to try to do it every other day, but who knows? Spoiler alert, read at your own risk. Anyway, this takes place right after they let Clementine stay with them in the cabin, and will continue on from that. I might add in some stuff with Carver, I don't know. I know y'all might be thinking that Clementine is too young for this lesbian stuff, but kids really do discover their sexuality at a young age. As a lesbian myself, I knew when I was 12. I absolutely adore this pairing, friendship or not. I hope you guys like this, leave a review telling me what you think. If you like this, be sure to check out my other work. And I'm also taking requests if the plots are reasonable. Thanks for reading, stay fabulous.

"Have you ever read this book?" Sarah asked as she held up a hard covered book in her small hands; a picture of a deep green forest illustrated on the front of it. Clementine shakes her head as she stares up at the book. "It's really good." Sarah continues to talk, her dark eyes lighting up slightly because she's talking about something she likes. "It's about two girls who go on a magical adventure." She tells Clem. "You can borrow it if you want to." Sarah blushes, and stammers slightly, realizing that she's been the one talking an awful lot here in the past few moments. She didn't want to bore Clementine.

It's quiet between the two young girls in Sarah's room, the only sounds were their gentle breaths coming from them. It had been almost two weeks since Clementine arrived at this isolated cabin house thing in the woods, and Rebecca, Alvin, Pete, Luke, Carlos, and Nick, had let her stay here. Of course, since she'd been here, Pete had faced a tragic death, but other than that, things seemed to be going pretty well. She was adjusting to staying with a big group again, and adjusting to their rules and life. It wasn't bad, and it actually was going pretty nice. Clem was staying in Sarah's room with her, but it was nice having a friend, and feeling like you belonged somewhere again.

"I'll read it later." Clementine nods, referring to the book with the forest on the cover. "It does sound like a good book." She adds.

"Good." Sarah smiles. A yawn suddenly escaped Clementine's mouth, and both the girls then realize that it is getting late. "Are you tired?" Sarah asked.

"A little." The younger girl answers and wipes her eyes from the sleepiness. "We should be getting to sleep. Your dad doesn't like when we stay up late." She adds and stands up. The bed is small, but the two sleep in it together. They find comfort in each other; in knowing that someone else is there, and that they aren't alone. Someone is always there right beside you. Sarah nods in agreement and climbs into the bed first, getting under the blankets because it is a little chilly tonight. Clementine follows suit and does the same, scooting in beside the older girl.

"Lights out girls!" Carlos knocks on Sarah's door, signaling it was time for them to go to sleep.

"Goodnight Clementine." Sarah whispers and turns out the lamp that sits beside her bed.

"Goodnight Sarah." Clem replies as she wraps her arms around the older girl and closes her eyes.

This is how their life went usually; this was a regular normal day for them. They'd wake up, go downstairs and eat whatever mush there was for breakfast, talk to some of the other members in their survivor group, and then talk or play fro the rest of the day. It was refreshing for Clementine to say the least. She couldn't even remember the last time that she got to act like a kid, or her age rather. She was so tired of wondering where in the world she was going to sleep for the night, and now, here with everyone, here with Sarah, she didn't have to worry about that anymore. She could just live without worries, like she was supposed to, like the kid she really was.

Of course, this new life didn't stop the previous memories from her old one from coming back. Clem still had dreams and nightmares about Lee, about Duck, about Christa, and everyone else from her old family that died. But ever since she met Sarah, ever since the older girl helped her get the stuff to fix her arm, ever since they made that little pinkie promise, Clementine felt lighter somehow. It was as if Sarah was making her feel better. And the two girls were totally inseparable. But Clem wouldn't have it any other way; she loved being around Sarah.

You'd think in the apocalypse, you wouldn't want to get closer to anybody else; after everyone you knew had died. Clementine didn't want to get attached to people, but she had seen so many deaths by now, she'd become immune to it, and it didn't bother her anymore. She had become hardened by this cruel world. She wasn't like Sarah; the two girls were polar opposites if you wanted to compare them in that way. Maybe that was why Clementine was drawn to the older girl so much. It was because Sarah was good, and pure, and everything sweet that was left in this world. The apocalypse hadn't changed her, and Clem loved that.

There was something about them that kept them close to each other, but Clementine didn't mind. She had a feeling that Sarah didn't mind either. They needed each other in this awful time, and sometimes, just sometimes when it was quiet in the house and they were alone with each other, Sarah could make Clementine forget. When they were together, it was almost like before. Before all this crazy stuff happened. That was the effect that Sarah could have on somebody, and it was amazing.

It was one of those butterfly type feelings.

Author's Note: To be continued...?