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The group came through the door about an hour later, carrying plenty boxes of food and supplies. At least they had found something that would hold them out for awhile, and they wouldn't have to worry about starving out. "Look what we got!" Luke said as the group came into the cabin and shut the door.

"Jackpot!" Nick said as they sat down all the boxes. There was so much food.

"Looks like we'll be okay for awhile, huh?" Clementine asked.

"Hopefully." Luke answered. Deep down, Clementine knew that the group was probably tired of traveling. After all, that's all they practically did once Clem came to the group. It would be nice for them to just stay in one place for a while, not having to worry about walkers, or food, or their different enemies coming after them. Even though the cabin was a little small for their size of group, none of them really cared about that, all they cared about was being safe, and having a place to stay while snow was on the ground.

"Do you think we'll be staying here for awhile?" Sarah asked as Bonnie, Sarita, and Rebecca began putting the food away.

"I think so-" Luke tried to say.

"No, not really-" Kenny also answered.

Luke glared over at Kenny, "Since when did you start making decisions for this group?" He asked.

Kenny huffed, "Since I got my fucking eyeball knocked out for your mistakes, pretty boy!" He spat.

"Please, don't start fighting!" Clementine begged.

"Well, I think we should stay here." Luke retorted. "It's warm, we're safe, we have supplies..." He trailed off.

"Do you know how close we are to Wellington?" Kenny asked.

"Wellington?" Luke replied. "Who the hell said we were going to Wellington anyway?"

"I did, back at the lodge." Kenny said as a matter of fact. "Ain't that right, Clem?" He asked, trying to bring the smaller girl into the argument. She hated when Kenny fought with people, but he was just so damn stubborn that she didn't think he could help himself sometimes. "It's literally right around the corner, it would take us a day to get there!"

"Why risk it?" Nick jumped in. "We've already lost so many people, and we're safe here... So why even bother?"

"I agree with Nick." Sarita commented.

"Oh come on Rita!" Kenny nearly yelled. "Don't you see? We'll be safer in Wellington."

"We're safe now!" Sarita argued.

"Kenny, I'm not in any condition to go anywhere." Rebecca said. "The baby could come any day now." It was quiet for a moment, and Kenny knew that he was arguing on a side with himself, and he knew that he would probably lose.

"Maybe we should wait." Sarah suggested. "If things don't go well here, maybe then we can move to Wellington." She explained, and Clementine was proud of her for taking a part of a discussion and actually thinking things through. The group hadn't thought of that plan.

"I like that idea." Sarita said.

"Y'all really want to stay here, huh?" Kenny asked as he ran a hand through his hair.

"Kenny, we've just been through so much, we need a break." Rebecca said.

Kenny nodded, "I understand. After all, maybe I should wait until my eye is healed up too."

"Good call." Nick chimed in.

"So it's settled then?" Luke asked. "We stay here until we run out of supplies, then were head to Wellington?" He asked and he received chimes of the answer yes, and so it was agreed. The remaining survivors would stay here in this tiny cabin for a while, until all the supplies they found ran thin, then they would move to Wellington; which according to Kenny, wasn't too far away. But Clementine didn't care about any of that. She didn't care about where they stayed, or where they went. She would savor these moments that they had together, because deep down, both of them knew that time was a gift, and that you had to live in the moment, or regret it, because in the zombie apocalypse, tomorrow was never a guarantee.

All Clementine cared about was being with Sarah, keeping her safe, and reveling in the butterflies.

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