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Chapter 11: The Kalos Travels Part 1

"Attention, passengers. This is your captain speaking. We have just entered Kalos and we shall be starting the landing procedures at Lumiose City International Airport in fifteen minutes. Please return to your correct seats, return them to their upright position and fasten your seatbelts. We hope you have enjoyed your flight with Kanto Airways. Enjoy the rest of your flight.", announced the captain.

Ash, Ursula and Pikachu had just finished eating breakfast during their flight. It was rather boring being on a plane than on a ferry since there was such little room to roam and they had even tighter sleeping space.

"Well that's a relief. I really can't wait to get to step foot in Kalos and see what it's like.", said Ursula as she switched off the television on the side of her chair.

"Yeah. Maybe when we arrive, we could go for some real gourmet food rather than plane food.", said Ash.

"Pika Pikachu,", squeaked Pikachu in agreement, who was still a little drowsy.

The trio looked out the window to catch the view of Kalos. To their amazement, it was a grand and beautiful. Dense green forests spread, humungous mountain ranges stood tall, and blue and clean waters created lakes and rivers.

Wow, Kalos looks so great already. I just hope we can get there soon so I can see all the new pokemon and experience the gyms.", said Ash.

"And lets not forget the Pokemon Contests. They should be just as good as everywhere else.", said Ursula.

Xxxxx Twenty minutes later

As Ash, Ursula and Pikachu exited their airplane terminal, they looked around them. The airport looked really good and modern with some small shops and seats.

"First thing's first, Ash. We have to go to baggage claim to get our bags and pokemon.", said Ursula.

"Right behind you, Ursula.", said Ash.

Pika.", said Pikachu as he jumped up on Ash's shoulder.

They arrived at their respective baggage conveyor belt and began searching among the large suitcases for their bags. They finally found them and grabbed them off the belt. To Ash's surprise, his backpack felt heavier that before he left Kanto.

"That's weird. Why is my backpack heavier?", asked Ash as he put it on his back.

"Even weirder, why is it moving?", asked Ursula as she seemed to spot signs of movement from his bag.

"What?", said Ash.

The trio exited the airport and found a metal bench to sit on for a little while. Ash opened the bag, and to everyone's surprise, there was a Ralts looking right back at them with a grin.

"Hello.", said the Ralts.

"Whoa, are you using telepathy?", asked Ash.

"I am, Ash. And it's good to see you again. Pikachu and Ursula, too.", said Ralts.

"H-how do you know who we are? Do you have a trainer or someone to look after you?", asked Ursula.

"No, Ursula. Ash, do you remember a few years ago when you helped a hurt Ralts in Hoenn with your former friend, Max?", asked Ralts.

"Yeah, I do. What about the Ralts?", asked Ash.

"Well, you're looking at her.", said Ralts.

This really surprised Ash. "Wow, it is you, Ralts. But what are you doing here? I thought you were Max's pokemon by now."

"Well, I think Max must have forgotten about me for a short time being, but long enough for me to find out what had happened to you. The painful words that those people said about you.", replied Ralts.

"How did you know about that?", asked Ursula.

"Well, I have psychic and telepathic powers. I saw the whole thing happen in one of my dreams. I am very disappointed in Max for what he said about you and I've made a big mistake to call him my friend and future trainer. So I wanted to find you and be part of your team since you are the second human I trusted. I came from Hoenn to Kanto on the machine you call a plane by sneaking on and then on the way here, I snuck into your bag.", said Ralts.

Ash and the gang were completely shocked that Ralts went through all this trouble and travelling just to join Ash.

"Well, if you are sure, then it would be a pleasure to have you on my team, Ralts. Welcome.", said Ash.

"I'm sure, Ash.', said Ralts.

With Ralts eager to join Ash, he gently tapped an empty pokeball against Ralt's forehead and she was sucked in a red light form. The pokeball shook three times before it stayed still and a ping was heard.

"Alright, I just caught a Ralts.", said Ash.

"Pika Pi!", squeaked Pikachu.

"Nice job, Ash.", said Ursula.

Ash decided to let Ralts out so she could walk with them.

"Ok. Now our next step is to get to Lumiose City and vist Professor Sycamore's lab to get our pokedexes updated, just like Professor Oak asked us too.", said Ash.

Just then, Ursula, felt something soft brush upon her leg. She looked down only to see a pokemon she has never seen before. It sort of resembled a pinkish- orange pumkin. It seemed to have a dark grey natural material covering the top half of it with eyes and a mouth protruding from it. There was also a pair of bright yellow circles on the body of the pumpkin that suddenly lit up.

"Hello there, little one. Are you lost? Do you have a trainer?", asked Ursula.

The mysterious pokemon started to hover at Ursula's head level before it shook itself in response.

"Pum Pumpkaboo.", said the pokemon before she floated over and landed over on Ursula's head.

"I think it likes you, Ursula.", said Ursula.

"Is that right? Do you want to come with us?", asked Ursula.

The pokemon gave an affirmative response. "Pum Pum."

Xxxxx In Lumiose City

The city was bigger than any other city that any of the gang had ever seen. There were houses, apartments, hotels, bakeries, fashion shops and cafés everywhere. People were chattering to each other, some with pokemon by their side, new pokemon were flying above and couples were enjoying coffee and biscuits at outdoor cafés.

The group were in front of what seemed a large mansion. It had red brick walls, large arched windows and a double wooden door with white steps leading up to it.

"Well, this must be Professor Sycamore's Pokemon Laboratory. It sure looks like a laboratory and the sign we just passed showed to this place.", said Ash.

"Well, let's find out if this is the place.", said Ursula.

They opened the door and went inside. It was a rather large room. A huge marble staircase was in the middle of the room that led to a second floor. Carpet was strewn everywhere and two door on either side of the room.

"Hello, there. Can I help you?", said a feminine voice.

A young woman in her early twenties with glasses and black hair and wearing a lab coat walked up to them. She was holding a clip board in her left hand and a pen in the other.

"Um, yes. We are here to see Professor Sycamore, ma'am.", said Ursula.

"Are you here to get your starter pokemon?", asked the woman.

"No, ma'am. We were told to come here by Professor Oak. I'm Ash and this is Ursula.", said Ash as he introduced the group. "And this is Pikachu, Ralts and-"

"-Pumpkaboo.", said a new male voice.

The group turned to see a man. He was wearing a purple shirt, black jeans with black shoes and a white lab coat. He also had long black hair and some black fuzz on his chin.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Professor Augustine Sycamore and I'm the head of Sycamore Labs. Professor Oak informed me of your arrival.", said Professor Sycamore, "Follow me, if you please."

Professor Sycamore led the group into another area of the laboratory. Ursula thought to ask what pokemon he just mentioned.

"Professor Sycamore, what was the pokemon you just mentioned that I have?", asked Ursula.

"That pokemon is called a Pumpkaboo. It is a grass and ghost-type pokemon that's native to Kalos. When I give you your new pokedex, it will give you more information.", said Professor Sycamore.

"Wow. It must be a rare typing.", said Ash.

"It is, Ash.", said Professor Sycamore.

At last, they arrived. The large room was actually a large nature dome. Plants, trees and vegetation bursting with colour; a small lake of clean water lay in the centre and flowers were in bloom. There were also pokemon. Some small ones like Aipom, Budew, Nuzleaf, Poliwag and Staravia were in view. Some were taking naps, some were swimming, some were flying and some were just communicating to each other.

"So how do you like my small pokemon habitat?", asked Professor Sycamore.

"It's really cool, Professor.", said Ash as he looked around, taking in the view.

"It's incredible.", said Ursula.

Suddenly, a Garchomp stomped forward to the group. It stopped in front of Professor Sycamore, who gave him a pat on the head.

"Why, hello there, Garchomp. How are you?", said the professor.

"Gaaarrrr.", said Garchomp in affection.

"Wow. Is this your Garchomp, Professor?", asked Ash.

"It sure is. Actually, he's here at the lab for a little testing I'm doing on him.", said Professor Sycamore.

"Huh?", said the group in confusion.

"Right now, I'm studying the phenomenon known as Mega Evolution. Garchomp here is helping me make the studies a success.", explained the professor.

"We've heard of it, Professor.", said Ursula.

"Oh, you have, have you?", asked Professor Sycamore. Ash and Ursula nodded.

"Professor! Professor! You won't believe who's back…again.", said another feminine voice.

The group turned around to see another woman in a lab coat. In her arms was a pokemon. It sort of resembled a light blue frog with strange white cotton-like material and with white paws and feet. It was covered in dirt and seemed unconscious.

"Oh, not again. This is the fourth time that he's done this. Get him to the medical room. Heal him up and give him some rest.", said Professor Sycamore.

"Yes, Professor.", said the girl as she turned and ran down a hallway.

"Professor, what's going on?", asked Ash.

"Oh, that's just Froakie. He's one of the starter pokemon that I give out to new trainers, but he's rather strange. He's either been returned by his former trainers or he simply abandoned them and ran away back here. This is because he doesn't think his trainers are worthy or because he didn't obey the trainers' commands.", explained Professor Sycamore.

"Wow, so he's just very picky with who he chooses as his trainer.", said Ash.

"Yes. Speaking of which, Professor Oak has told me much about you two. How you placed so high in the Kanto Grand Festival and League. Would you mind if you showed me your pokemon? It would be great to see the pokemon who had helped you so far in your journeys.", said Professor Sycamore.

"Sure.', said Ash and Ursula in unison

A moment later, all their pokemon, except the legendary pokemon, were out. Professor Sycamore was astounded.

"My goodness, you two. These pokemon are exceptional and magnificent. I guess Professor Oak wasn't joking when he said you have some powerful pokemon. But I never thought you had this many with you all at once.", said Professor Sycamore, still in amazement.

"Everyone, meet Professor Sycamore. He's going to be helping us out on our journey through the Kalos region.", said Ash.

"Nice to meet you all.", said the professor.

The pokemon gave out their own hellos and rolecalls.

"Also, I'd like to introduce you all to Ralts here.", said Ash as he gestured Ralts, "Some of you might remember her from Hoenn. She's part of our team now. So it would be great to introduce yourselves if you don't know her yet."

Ash then left with Ursula and Professor Sycamore to get their pokedexes upgraded and to explore the lab a little more.

The only pokemon who recognised Ralts were Crawdaunt, Sceptile, Swellow, Glalie and Torkoal. They ran up to her to reacquaint with her while the others gave their own greetings.

"It's a pleasure to see you again, Ralts.", said Glalie.

"Good to see you, too.", said Ralts.

The other Hoenn pokemon took turns greeting her and the ones who didn't know her yet introduced themselves. They were all friendly towards her, but Dewott, being a pokemon who tried to be a romantic, fell for her. After introducing himself, he quickly ran off into other parts of the dome to find the prettiest flowers to give her.

Meanwhile, in another part of the laboratory, Professor Sycamore had just finished giving updates to Ash's Micro-Dex. He also gave Ursula the new Kalos Pokedex.

"Well, there you two are. You now have the data of all the Kalos pokemon and all the pokemon from the other regions.", said Professor Sycamore.

"Thanks, Professor.", said Ursula, "At least I can use it now to scan Pumpkaboo and see what I find out about it."

The pointed her pokedex at Pumpkaboo and it immediately activated. "Pumpkaboo, the pumpkin pokemon. It is said to carry wandering spirits to the place where they belong so they can move on."

"Wow, that's really interesting.", said Ash.

"Yeah. And not only that. Pumpkaboo looks really cute. Cute enough to be in contests.", said Ursula.

"Ash and Ursula, since you two are the special guests here, would you like to see the starter pokemon of Kalos. You both know the starters of the other regions, but you haven't met the starters of Kalos. Apart from Froakie, of course.", said the professor's assistant, known as Sophie.

"Yes, please.", said Ash.

At that moment, three small pokemon came running into the room. The first pokemon resembled a small yellow fox with red fur coming out of its ears and a teardrop shaped tail with red at the end of it. The second pokemon resembled a bipedal creature that looked a bit like a porcupine. It was several green spikes sticking out from its head, a brown underbelly, and claws on its hands and feet. The last pokemon was the Froakie from before. He looked perfectly fine now and was looking very energetic, yet with a calm and silent attitude

The two friends pointed their pokedexes at the three pokemon and scanned them for information.

"Froakie the Bubble Frog Pokemon. It secretes flexible bubbles from its chest and back. The bubbles reduce damage it would otherwise take when attacked."

"Fennekin, the Fox Pokemon. As it walks, it munches on a twig in place of a snack. It intimidates opponents by puffing hot air out of its ears."

"Chespin, the Spiny Nut Pokemon. The quills on its head are usually soft. When it flexes them, the points become so hard and sharp that they can pierce rock.

"Wow. All of these starter pokemon all look so amazing. Trainers who already came here to pick theirs must have been very lucky.", said Ash.

"Fenne Fennekin.", said Fennekin as she nuzzled herself against Ursula's leg.

"Aaawwww, you're so cute, Fennekin.", said Ursula as she petted Fennekin's head. Fennekin loved to be petted as she relaxed under Ursula's warm hand.

Meanwhile, Ash was more interested in Froakie. "Hello there, Froakie. I hear that you are a very picky pokemon and you didn't like your past trainers, huh?'

Froakie, still not looking at Ash, glanced at him for a quick second and nodded before turning away.

"Well, that's okay. I'm sure you find a worthy trainer one day as your partner.", said Ash.

All of a sudden, there was a huge crashing sound and a roar that came from the nature dome.

"GGAAAAAARRRRRR!", bellowed the voice.

"What happened!?", asked Ursula in shock.

"I don't know, but we had better get to the nature dome quickly to see what the problem is right away. It sounded like it came from there. This could mean trouble.", said Professor Sycamore as he Ash and Ursula ran towards the source of the noise. Froakie tagged along while Sophie decided to take Chespin and Fennekin to a safer area.

When they arrived, they saw a terrible sight. One of the walls of the dome was smashed in. Eve worse, Professor Sycamore's Garchomp was acting on a rampage. And there was also what appeared to be a metal collar strapped around his neck. Both it and his eyes were glowing a deep red with rage. It was firing Hyper Beams all over the place, causing destruction and mayhem in its path. Some of the nature reserve was already down in flames.

Ash's and Ursula's pokemon were doing everything they can to stop the madness. Some were busy putting out the growing fires, some were getting Professor Sycamore's smaller pokemon to safety and the rest were trying to stop the rampaging Garchomp. Sophie ran up to the group with an injured Staravia in her arms.

"Sophie, what happened here?", asked Sycamore.

"Two people in matching red uniforms blasted through the reserve wall. The next thing that they did was attach that collar around Garchomp, which sent him into an attack frenzy. What you see in front of you is the result.", said Sophie as she pointed at he destruction.

"Alright, where are those people now? Are they still here?", said Sycamore.

"No, they are gone. After they sent Garchomp into a rampage, the two trainers' pokemon scared them off.", said Sophie.

"Okay. Get Staravia to the medical bay. We'll take care of this.", said Sycamore.

Sophie ran past them into the main labs while Ash, Sycamore, Ursula, Pikachu ran forward to the chaos. But they were too late as the angered Garchomp took into the air and flew out into unprepared Lumiose City streets.

"Ash, thank goodness you're here. Whatever was put on Garchomp was powerful to put him into great anger.", said Lucario.

"Have you tried to communicate with it using aura?", asked Ash.

"Yes, but it didn't work. The energy from that device was blocking my aura from communicating with his. The others tried to talk with him, but it was no good as he was in too much pain and confusion.", said Lucario.

"Okay.', said Ash.

"What are we going to do now?", asked Professor Sycamore.

"Professor, call Officer Jenny and tell her to get everyone in Lumiose City to stay away from Garchomp and be at a safe distance. I'm going after him and see if I can help him out in removing that collar.", said Ash.

"What!? Ash, in case you didn't know, we have an out of control pseudo-legendary on the loose, firing Hyper beams in all directions.", said Ursula in shock that her friend was going to do something risky.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine.", said Ash before turning to his pokemon, "Charizard, Lucario and Pikachu, come with me. The rest of you, stay here and defend the laboratory in case those people in red uniforms come back."

"Fro Froakie. ", shouted a little voice. Froakie was at Ash's feet, trying to say something.

"Ash, he's saying that he wants to help us out.", said Lucario.

Ash looked at Froakie for a moment before he decided. "Okay then, Froakie."

"What about me?", asked Ursula.

"You stay here with the others where it's safe. I don't want you to get into any trouble.", said Ash.

"No. I'm going with you.", said Ursula.

"What!? Why?!", asked Ash.

"Because you're my friend and I don't want to see you getting hurt. If you're going to go after him, then you're going to need some help catching him, won't you?", said Ursula nad then she leaned closer and whispered in his ear, "Besides, I want to get a feel what it's like when you save the day as always."

Ash thought for a moment on what she said. It was true, that he needed help, but he didn't want her to get hurt. Still, there was no arguing with her and no changing her mind.

"Alright, but take Garchomp with you. You'll need speed and help to get this job done.", said Ash.

"Okay. Garchomp, come on.", said Ursula as she called her Sinnoh pseudo. Garchomp ran up to her.

Ash, Pikachu. Lucario and Froakie jumped on Charizard's back while Ursula climbed on Garchomp's, then they both took off after Sycamore's rampaging pokemon.

He could only watch in shock and amazement that two kids were going to help him.

"Wow, those two never cease to amaze me.", he said as he went to make the call to Officer Jenny.


It didn't take a detective for Ash and Ursula to catch up on Garchomp's trail as they followed him deep into the heart of the city. He had already did some damage by destroying several houses and cars as well as tearing up the ground with his Hyper Beams. People and their pokemon were running through the streets, running and panicking as they looked for a safe place to hide.

Garchomp was currently flying towards Prism Tower.

"We have to catch up to that Garchomp before he reaches that tower. Ursula, think you can cut him off?", said Ash.

"No problem, Ash. Garchomp, full speed ahead. Try to outfly him.", said Ursula to her dragon-type. Hearing her master's voice, she took off faster and passed Garchomp until she was far enough from him ahead. They then halted in mid-air.

'Garchomp, calm down. We can help you!", shouted Ursula.

"Gar Gar.", said her Garchomp, hoping to break through to him, but it didn't work. The collar was simply too powerful.

Then he did something unexpected. He kept on flying at Ursula and Garchomp. They both panicked in fear that they were going to collide with each other and get knocked out of the sky. But Garchomp just simply sped right underneath them and then began to rise into the air against Prism Tower. His body was very close to the walls of prism Tower that he was practically hovering above it vertically. When he finally reached the top of the tower, her had a rough landing because of the pain the collar was inflicting on him. He began to stomp about on tower's roof, beginning to make small cracks.

Charizard and Garchomp also arrived on the roof. The passengers jumped off.

"Ash, what's the plan to stop this rampaging Garchomp? We can't just walk up to him and take the collar off. That'll get us hurt.", said Ursula.

"Then we'll have to somehow destroy the collar without getting close.", said Ash, "Lucario, Pikachu, Charizard, aim for that collar. Use Aura Sphere, Electro Ball and Dragon Pulse."

"Garchomp, you use Dragon Pulse as well.", said Ursula.

All the pokemon used their ordered attacks and shot for the collar. But Garchomp, despite his mind being clouded by the collar, managed to hold out his wings in front of him to block the incoming attacks. The Dragon Pulses did hurt a lot, though. He then raised his foot.

"He's about to use Earthquake! If he does, he'll shatter the entire tower!", said Ash.

Garchomp was about ot bring his foot down with a mighty stomp before he was stopped. Froakie kept on throwing some of the sticky bubbles around his neck at Garchomp's foot. The sticky substance covered his entire foot. He then threw some more of the white substance at the other foot so that it couldn't be used for Earthquake either. Soon both feet were stuck to the roof and were unable to shuffle or move around.

They soon heard a voice from below. They looked down to see Professor Sycamore along with an Officer Jenny and a large crowd of people who were looking upwardsat the ensuing chaos. "Ursula, Ash, what in the name of Arceus are you two doing!? That Garchomp is still out of control! You'll get hurt."

"Professor, we managed to hold him down! We can get the collar off of him safely!", said Ursula.

"Yeah, he can't use his feet. We just need to get his arms restrained and hell be immobilised.", said Ash.

"Well, just do it as quickly as possible! I think the roof is beginning to crumble!", shouted Officer Jenny.

"Alright.", said Ursula before turning back to the situation.

"We've got him stuck there now. Charizard, can you hold back Garchomp's arms while we try to get the collar off?", asked Ash.

"Rarrgh.", nodded Charizard in response. He then quickly ran over to the back of the still struggling Garchomp and pulled his arms back.

"Garchomp, help him out.", said Ursula to her Garchomp. She walked beside Charizard and grabbed the other arm.

"GAAARRRR!", roared Garchomp.

"Pikachu, Lucario, it's now or never. Both of you use Iron Tail.", said Ash.

Lucario and Pikachu's tails turned a metallic silver. They leaped into the air and swung their tails at the collar, breaking it in half and the two pieces on the floor. Garchomp suddenly stood stiff for a moment before he lifted his head up. The red glow n his eyes were gone and his mood wasn't angry.

"Gar?", said Garchomp in confusion. He looked around him, trying to recollect his memories. Charizard and Ursula's Garchomp leg go of his arms and returned to the sides of their trainers.

"Ash, it appears Garchomp is confused. He wants to know what happened.", said Lucario.

Ash nodded. "Garchomp, it's better that you don't-"

But before he could finish, the cement floor crumbled and gave out beneath their feet. Professor Sycamore, Officer Jenny and the large crowds of people suddenly gasped at what happened. Some screamed out in fright, some children covered their eyes, some simply stood there without saying anything and a select few fainted in fear of what might happen to the children and pokemon.

"ASH, URSULA!", shouted Professor Sycamore.

But the pokemon who could fly had other ideas. Charizard quickly grabbed Ash, who was holding Pikachu and Froakie, Sycamore's Garchomp grabbed Lucario and Ursula got grabbed by her Garchomp. This allowed them to get on their backs. The three dragons then proceeded to glide down to the ground safely with the children and the pokemon. When they landed, Officer Jenny, Professor Sycamore and a whole team of news reporters came rushing to them to see if they were all right. The only thing the media wanted was an interview with Lumiose City's now new heroes.

"Ash, Ursula, are you two all right? Are you two hurt?", asked Professor Sycamore.

"No, Professor. We're both fine. And so is Garchomp.", said Ash.

Officer jenny was also concerned, but a little agitated. "What in the world were you two kids thinking, taking on an enraged Garchomp like that?! You could've been killed! You could've died from the fall!"

"We're sorry, Officer Jenny. We were just trying to help Garchomp. And if we didn't do something sooner, he would've destroyed Prism Tower by now.", said Ursula.

Officer Jenny sighed. "Alright, I'll admit that you have a point there, but I'm just saying this to make sure you are safe. Just don't do anything reckless like that again. Okay?"

"Okay.", said Ursula and Ash in unison.

"Good. Now, I believe that you have some people who want to talk to you.", said Officer Jenny as she pointed to the media. Ash and Ursula sweatdropped in fright and disappointment.

"This is going ot be a long night.", mumbled Ursula under the camera flashes.

"You said it.", agreed Ash.

xxxxx The next morning

It was a rough night for the two heroes after they kept on getting hassled by the media for most of the night, but they were able to get a good night's sleep. They stayed at Professor Sycamore's laboratory for the night since he wanted to thank the two kids helped save his pokemon and his lab.

But now they were ready to continue their journey through the Kalos region. The Pumpkaboo they had met yesterday had taken a liking to Ursula and wanted to go along wit hher on their journey. So she captured it, making it her first official Kalos pokemon while Ash's was technically Sylveon. And the professor had given them their new Kalos Pokedexes. They had also recalled their pokemon.

At the moment, Ash, Ursula, Pikachu, Sycamore and Sophie were outside the lab. The wall of the reserve was still a wreck and mess, but it was slowly being cleaned up by some construction workers and a group of Machamp and Gurdurr.

"Well, are you ready to start your new adventures in Kalos, you two?", said Porfessor Sycamore.

"We sure are, Professor. I can't wait to see all the new places and meet all the new pokemon.", said Ash.

"As am I.", said Ursula.

"Oh, before I forget, I have one other surprise for you two.", said Sophie as she stepped aside, revealing Fennekin and Froakie.

"You see, they would like to join you on your journey. Ash, it looks like Froakie see's you as a worthy trainer. Ursula, Fennekin watched you on the television when you saved Garchomp. She decided to go with you.", said Professor Sycamore.

Fennekin and Froakie walked up to their trainers with their pokeballs while holding their pokeballs.

"Fro Froakie."

"Fen Fennekin."

"Is that true, you two? Would you like to come with us?" asked Ursula.

The two pokemon eagerly nodded, showing that they did want to come.

Ursula took Fennekin's pokeball and Ash took Froakie's. They then recalled them into the pokeballs.

"Alright! I just got a Froakie!", said Ash.

"And Fennekin here is all mine!", said Ursula.

"Take care and have fun on your journey, kids. I hope to hear from you sometime.", said Professor Sycamore as he waved good-bye t the departing trainers.

"We will. ", said Ash and Ursula as they took off "And thank you."

And so, Ash and Ursula have begun their brand new journey in the exciting new Kalos region. New mysteries await, pokemon to be discovered, places to visit and a whole new adventure to be had. But one question still rung in their heads.

Who were those two mysterious people in the red suits who attacked the lab.


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