Rebirth of the Two Sons

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Long ago in a time forgotten by the people of the world, was an era of enduring rage and unending wars.

Mankind had been embroiled with each other in eternal wars, fought over petty reasons or for performing horrific crimes against one another, sometimes trying to better themselves by weakening their enemies so their military might would be greater, only for a greater force to overwhelm them later on, or for no reason at all than just violence and death.

Some even lived to fight on battlefields, take lives and ruin many.

Humanity, had a curse, a sickening and infectious curse that all beings were infected with, a curse that only a few were able to see, one more powerful than any war, this curse is known as 'hatred'. A powerful force that could drive any person from the innocent bystander to a rage fuelled beast that would hunt down those who wronged them, inflicting more pain and brutality, effectively spreading the curse to others.

Hatred was like a chain, it will be linked to more and more people to those who are directly affected by it and others who merely beheld witness to it's outbursts of rage, the chain would grow and and be linked to more chains, connecting more people to the other.

No one was ever safe from hatred. Hatred was genetic and would be passed down to others just as if you gave a child a toy to play with, just as hatred toys with peoples lives.

But what came after hatred? Well most would say healing, healing from the pain of their lives and the pain they wrought on others. Only fools would believe that healing would bring about an end to hatred, what came after hatred were either of two things. Emptiness, where a person would lose everything that was dear to them or will ever be dear to them, possibly even losing one's own self, their identities and the qualities that made them special, emptiness was a like a snuffed flame, with nothing to fuel it. Or even more hatred, where the anger would blind those to the truth and accept that the world itself was responsible for what happened to them.

Both paths were equally as punishing as the other.

Among the humans and their inherited hatred was a tree. A tree of massive scale and equally massive power, a tree that was worshipped as a god and feared as a titan. This tree had a consciousness of it's own, but very few would know the full extent of it's intellect. This tree watched as the humans around it fought each other, murdered and cheated one another for their own gain, while turning a blind eye to others who were less fortunate.

The tree knew that while humanity had the capacity for both good and evil, they overwhelmingly chose the latter option, evil. The Tree would sometimes look down upon humanity and be disgusted at what it saw but sometimes it would take pity on them for their short lives and weakness, however it didn't know whether or not that it liked being praised as a god or feared like a titan. But it did tolerate the level of respect the humans would show it.

Even the tree with all it's foresight knew that one day, wisdom would be lost, hope would diminish, fate be turned in different directions, valour shall be crushed and justice would fall. It was merely waiting for that to happen, and for humanity to be entirely consumed by hatred.

One day the holy tree, bore a fruit of immeasurable power and destruction, a fruit that held it's own power within it. Although the reason why hands were not suppose to lay themselves on the fruit had been lost to the ages, a princess who travelled from a far away place, a place that had also been forgotten beheld witness to the hatred and wars conflicting in the world, took it upon herself to end the spreading wars and the hatred that followed them.

She knew of one way to end the wars single handedly and bring about an end to hatred.

Consuming the fruit of the Shinju.

Not knowing of the consequences or not caring for them at the time, she ate the fruit of the tree and gained it's glorious power and the might that came with it.

With new and unreachable power at her disposal, the princess laid siege to the world, using the power as a weapon to silence the lives of those who would spread hatred and bring about more wars. But instead of ending wars peacefully she opted for a more forceful method, one which would make anyone submit to her will and be slaves to her visual prowess.

The Princess's name was Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, and for her benevolence for ending the wars and stopping the spread of hatred was she named the Usagi no Megami (Rabbit Goddess) because of her two horn like protrusions which resembled rabbit ears.

Like the Shinju, Kaguya was also worshipped as a living god on earth, people bowed before her in respect and reverence for her power and divine will that many considered to have no equal. However, Kaguya, had not broken the chain of hatred and instead, merely fractured it, where it could be repaired and through time her deeds were not enough for war and anger, jealousy and a lust for power, sprouting and boiling within the hearts of men.

So she forced more and more people to submit to her iron will to stop the hatred from spreading, but her power which was once praised was now feared and instead of being called the Usagi no Megami she was instead the Oni (demon).

At some point Kaguya would give birth to two sons, both of which were born with the same power as her own. These two boys would gain legendary power of their own through the use of their inherit power.

However, the tree from which it's fruit was consumed had also fallen under humanities curse. Angered and outraged at the arrogant theft of it's power the tree's surfacing fiery hatred had appeared before Kaguya's own magnificent eyes before she even knew the consequences of her actions.

The tree underwent a metamorphosis of it's own, transforming into a vile creature who's image mirrored that of it's rage. A beast that was christened, the Jūbi (ten tails), for it's ten massive tails which could split the land in half.

The beast rampaged across the land hoping to retrieve it's lost power, and to seek vengeance upon Kaguya for her arrogant acts.

All the world felt the might of it's hatred and it's howl seeped into the very souls of those who lived in the world, both men and beasts cowered before it, pleading for mercy where they would receive none.

The two sons of Kaguya, in an attempt to repent for their mother's sins, faced the beast in combat.

The two brothers fought in a cataclysmic battle that scarred the earth forever, the two sons with all their power had fought to the near end of their will to defeat the beast and bring about forgiveness for their mother. But eventually the two struck down the beast in a mighty fashion.

However, the Jūbi, was connected to the world, just as the world was connected to it, it was basically immortal, so if they couldn't kill the beast, then the creature must be sealed within a person's body so to not bring about even more catastrophe.

The older son by the name of Hagoromo, became the beast's jail and housed the animal within him. And like his mother before him, his own power soured to new heights upon becoming the jailor of the Jūbi, he like his mother became a god, one even more worshipped than his mother, wielding the the greatest weapon in the world. Chakra.

Hagoromo would later call this mysterious power, chakra. And unlike his mother who weaponised chakra, Hagoromo wished to use his inherit chakra to bring about a more peaceful solution to the world.

Hagoromo who was a monk, later became known as a saviour and would later be universally called the Sage of the Six Paths. Created a religion, one which people would aspire to and believe in, give them hope and bring about a peace. This was religion was named Ninshū (shinobi sect), Hagoromo distributed his chakra to people giving them the same gifts. People would connect the chakra with their spiritual energies allowing others to understand each other and pray for each others safety while wishing them a good life.

However, this had the unintended effect of the people abusing the power they were given and weaponised it to suit their own needs, by connecting chakra with their physical energies and so many wars were started again and again, but instead using chakra to wage them.

Hagoromo would later on bear two sons would also inherit his same chakra and his own gifts. While his younger (fraternal) twin brother, Hamura would bear two daughters each inheriting the same powers as their father.

Hagoromo named his older son, Indra, and his younger son, Asura. Hamura named his older daughter, Surya, and his younger daughter, Mitra.

And as the Sage and his brother noted, the older son of Hagoromo was born with his 'eyes' spiritual energy and chakra along with a unique Dōjutsu, the devolved version of Hagoromo's own Dōjutsu, which would later be called the Sharingan. While the younger son was born with his 'body' his lifeforce and physical energy and an amazingly powerful stamina and endurance and a inherent aptitude at senjutsu. The older daughter of Hamura was born with her father's 'perception' his fine chakra and control along with the Dōjutsu known as the Byakugan. While the younger daughter was born with her father's 'structure' the ability to manipulate her bones to the highest defence or offence to create new and unseen ways of strength and combat.

However the difference between their respective talents were extreme. Indra, born with the 'eyes' was hailed a genius, a prodigy who could accomplish anything with little to no effort, who would later grow up living a solitary life, believing that people would merely inhibit his growth and potential. While Asura born with the 'body', did not inherit any of his father's or brother's natural talents, Asura could do nothing on his own, but through his determination and will along with the ideals of relying on others, his friends, did Asura's talents bloom like a flower in Spring did he eventually gain power equal to that of his brother's.

While unlike Indra who lead a solitary life, believing that people would only hinder him, Asura became a capable leader, amassing many loyal follower's most of whom were his childhood friends and like his father had wished, began to spread Ninshū to the world through the help of his friends.

Upon his deathbed seeing both Indra's and Asura's accomplishments did the Sage choose between the two of them, the heir of Ninshū. The candidates. The prodigious and brilliant, Indra. Or the no-good, untalented Asura.

Knowing of his younger son's exploits and the quality of never giving up on the good inside people, gave Hagoromo hope that the quality known as 'cooperation' and love would bring about true peace, while the lust of power and dominance would only bring about a temporary peace through fear made Hagoromo choose Asura, as the heir to Ninshū.

Furious over his father's choice and being denied what he felt was his, Indra challenged his father's decision, overcome with anger, jealousy and hate did Indra attack Asura, trying to claim what he felt was his birthright.

This feud between the two brothers would escalate between their respective families, causing a cold war between the two families that would continue on, never ending through the generations, endless bitter hatred.

Indra's descendants would take on the name of Uchiha. The flames of their hatred continuously burning.

While Asura's descendants would later be called the Senju clan, inheriting their forefather's ideals of peaceful coexistence and love. And through distant relations the Uzumaki clan would also become descendants of Asura.

However, something occurred that had not been seen before in the world, something not even Hagoromo or Kaguya had foreseen, when the two brothers died their natural chakra remained even after their bodies were destroyed. Causing the two brothers to reincarnate themselves into various individuals throughout history within their descendants, fuelling and continuing the brothers bloody battle. And with each transmigration, the reincarnations would grow stronger.

And like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of death, transmigration and reincarnation would continue and the son's would reincarnate themselves into their newest lives. Both brother's existing and never truly dying, like Yin and Yang, one cannot exist without the other.

In the Land of Fire, a country known for it's large forests and bright and warm weather, even in winter, the sun seemed to shine endlessly in the Land of Fire the warmth it would radiate filling every crevice of shadow within a person.

The birds were chirping happily and the animals of the forests were enjoying their peaceful existence among the forests and trees.

The brisk air of summer was saturating the atmosphere, creating a serene scene and utter serenity. It was almost as if nothing could ruin this moment. However.

Massive black sphere's expanded from no where, destroying everything that was caught within their presence and shaking the earth to it's very core that earthquakes rocked the ground and mountains were crumbling as if they were made of pebbles.

Birds were fleeing and animals were running from the devastation trying to save their own lives so they wouldn't be collateral damage. Their cries were so loud you could hear them miles away, terror seemed to have stricken their hearts and their natural instincts were taking over. Anyone who had a mind would be rightly fleeing the area, for two gods were locked in battle and they were scarring the very land they were walking upon.

These gods were two men, they grew up together, fought together, laughed together and were involved in a wide array of mischievous activities, they were brothers, best friends, they shared everything with each other. But now, they were enemies, fighting over something that was now meaningless. Their powers were beyond human comprehension, their chakra itself could shatter the ground by simply lifting a finger. Both were everything that anybody could aspire to be, gods, no they were far above gods, they were beings that could sit atop the sky and bathe themselves in their respective light.

One of the individuals was a tall man with fair skin. He had onyx eyes that looked like it could swallow darkness itself, but his eyes were now blood red with tomoe in them and his left eye was unique, but for the moment he kept that eye closed. He had long, frayed black hair, with bangs that framed his face and reached down to his collarbone, his hair was windswept on the top which formed into spikes, his hair at the back also reached down near his shoulder blades.

He was incredibly handsome as most women who he walked past, would become infatuated with him.

He wore a purple long sleeved coat which ended into three coat tails and was ankle-length and a high collar with magatama held by strings on the collar and a symbol of a red and white fan on the back of the coat. He wore bladed ninja gauntlets over the coat with armoured clawed gloves and bladed shoulder pads and black armour on his chest, he wore a purple rope belt which was tied into a bow, bladed shinguards and clawed boots. The armour was also tight allowing any one to see his muscle underneath, but this didn't prohibit his movement. he also wore large prayer beads around his neck and hung loosely over his right shoulder.

His opponent was also a tall man but with slightly tanned skin. He had deep, ocean blue eyes that just seemed to flow like water, he had spiky golden hair that could make the sun jealous and envious, with stream-line bangs framing his face, his right bangs were longer than his left reaching his collar bone while his left bangs were chin-length some of his hair was tied into a ponytail held together by bandages. He had three black whisker marks on each cheek, giving him a vulpine appearance and upon his forehead were markings of a crimson circle with a dot in the middle, reminiscent of a third eye.

He wore mostly black attire, he wore black armoured pants, with clawed boots and a blue rope belt that was tied into a knot hanging out in front. He had black armour on his chest and skin tight attire underneath, the same as his black haired opponent. He wore a black pronged shoulder pads and pronged bracers with clawed gloves, with pronged knee pads. He also was wearing a crimson coloured sleeveless coat with a frayed hemline seemingly worn out form long battles with black flame motifs also on the edges and a high collar with silver magatama held by strings, and on the back of the coat was a symbol of what appeared to be a vajra surrounded by a white circle and around his neck were red beads which sported a large wooden black medallion with a red tassel on it. he was also carrying a large white scroll with black swirling wind motifs on his back.

But right now his form was mudded with grit and blood, from battling his counter part, for who knows how long, but the blonde could only assume, that it must have been hours. However his own opponent was bloodied and covered in grime and some of their clothing were torn in places such as their torso's and legs and instead of blue eyes his eyes were now golden amber with a slit for a pupil.

These two men were respectively, Sasuke Uchiha, the Getsumen Uranaishi (Lunar Diviner) and the Bagami (Fanged God) and Naruto Senju, the Taiyō Yogensha (Solar Prophet) and the Tsubasakami (Winged God). Naruto was currently embroiled in a battle with his greatest rival and his greatest friend, but why they were fighting was still unknown.

"Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku (Fire release: Great Fire Annihilation)!" Yelled Sasuke, intent on killing the man that was like a brother to him. The Uchiha legend spewed out a massive wall of intense flames at the blonde, who went through handseals to counter attack, with a jutsu, unique to the blondes.

"Senpō: Kinton Tetsu Bōgo Kabe (Sage art: Metal release Iron protective wall)." said Naruto ending his seals on the dog sign, and in a second a humongous wall of silver metal made of iron that and tied together with nuts and bolts erupted from the ground and shielded the blonde from any harm, although the flames did heat up the metal but other than that it stood strong against the jutsu.

Naruto in a burst of speed leaped over the wall and landed in front of Sasuke where he punched him in the gut and followed up with a round house kick which sent the black haired man rolling across the ground and spitting blood.

Naruto went through handseals to restrain his friend so he could finish this fight.

"Senpō: Mokuton Seigen Ne Torappu (Sage art: Wood release restricting root trap)." said Naruto ending his seals with the snake seal, which was commonly affiliated with the Wood release. And from the ground, massive entangling roots began to surround Sasuke hoping to hold him in place so Naruto could deal the final blow, but the Uchiha would have none of that and unsheathed his sword which he was hiding behind his back and channelled his Lightning chakra through it cutting up the roots.

The Uchiha regained his footing and jumped away from the roots and started to prepare for Naruto's next attack. The blonde, partly knowing that his enemy would do that also took out his own signature weapons.

He he channelled some of his mighty chakra into wrist seals which he had transcribed into his wrists for such a purpose. And what he held in his hands were two identical short staves that were as tall from his feet to his waist, perfect for bashing an opponent and reach.

The two childhood friends rushed at each other, hoping to land a blow on the other.

Sasuke performed a downward slash which Naruto easily blocked the attack with one of his staves and attempted to bash Sasuke with the other staff in his hand. But Sasuke saw the attack coming with his Sharingan and was able to jump over the blonde to his unguarded backside.

Sasuke then attempted to stab the renowned Senju leader in the back but Naruto counted by blocking the sword with one his staves causing sparks to fly from the grinding of the metals. Sasuke didn't have enough time to duck before he was clobbered in the head with one of Naruto's staves, which made the Uchiha leader to stumble across the ground and become disoriented from the blow and some blood to trail from a wound on his head.

If Sasuke was serious, he knew that Naruto was stronger than he was, something which infuriated the Uchiha to no end. so he couldn't afford to take many hits, from taijutsu or ninjutsu, but his skills and abilities evened out the power difference. But the same thing applied for his equally legendary opponent because of the blondes unique kekki genkai, the Mokuton and the Kinton (Wood release and the Metal release).

Wood release allowed Naruto to create plants, trees and general wood out of no where by simultaneously combing Earth chakra and Water chakra, a fabled ability that only the blonde's ancestor, the Shodaime Hokage possessed. It surprised many in the Hidden Leaf Village upon discovering that Shodaime's descendant also had the same kekki genkai he had.

While the Metal release was an entirely new one, by combining Earth chakra with Lightning chakra was Naruto able to create metal and rust to attack and defend himself in areas, although it was noted that it couldn't control bijū but it was able to restrain them because of the metal's certain properties. However Sasuke did know, that the Kinton was just as coveted as the Mokuton.

Sasuke, even though he didn't have as much power as Naruto, his skill with his clans techniques and his own prowess with the Sharingan and it's forms were enough to even the playing field between the two combatants. Besides, skill and power were similar but vastly different.

Both combatants rushed at each other in a burst of speed, and met in a clash that pushed the other away. where they had a stare down for a few minutes.

Both having enough Naruto ran to the left while Sasuke ran to the right, at phenomal speeds that not even the naked eye could perceive. they ran so far and so fast that they were in a different place altogether, mountain cliffs and slopes away from where they were, and while thye were running they were attmpting to strike each other with their respective weapons, but neither one got the advantage over the other.

they both came sliding to a halt, Naruto tried to clobber Sasuke with both of his staves but the Uchiha smoothly blocked it with his sword. But Naruto wasn't finished and with a swift change in his feet tried to bash Sasuke again with a single staff but Sasuke held his sword in a reverse position and pressed his free hand against it to hold back the strength of his rival. Then Sasuke pushed against the sword, and tried to slash Naruto horizontally but it failed as the blonde's staff which was still blocking the sword was overturned into a reverse position and effectively blocked Sasuke's sword.

Both parties weapons then rebounded against the other and Naruto took advantage of that to hit Sasuke some more, but with the Uchiha's powerful eyes he was able to dodge them efficiently and jumped in the air tried to slash Naruto with his sword in a reverse position but the blodne slid and ducked under the attack easily because of the blonde's increased perception from the senjutsu running through his body constantly. with his sword still in a reverse position Sasuke again attempted to stab Naruto in his unguarded back, but the Senju leader used one of his staves to redirect the sword where sparks were flying from the scraping. But this didn't stop Sasuke as he spun around to Naruto's left side and tried to slash him.

But the man likened to a dragon only jumped away and landed on a cliff where he was using his chakra to keep him standing on the cliffside and away from danger.

"Katon: Ryūen Hōka no jutsu (Fire release: Dragon flame Release Song technique)!" yelled Sasuke as he brought his lips to his mouth and fired off multiple heads of dragons aimed right at Naruto who expertly dodged the dragon heads and kept running against the cliff face so to keep dodging the attack. Naruto in response went through his own seals to battle Sasuke.

"Senpō: Kinton Ryūsandan Iki (Sage art: Metal release Shrapnel Breath)!" Yelled Naruto as he fired off small shirds of piercing metal at Sasuke who ran so to avoid the deadly technique, just as Naruto was avoiding his.

Sasuke jumped up to Naruto's level so to avoid the shrapnel and gain a footing for the blonde, The Uchiha leader wen though handseals for a fire jutsu of epic level. a jutsu Sasuke invented himself so to kill his rival for whom he had been fighting for years on end.

"Katon: Honō Tora Uta (Fire release: Flame tiger song)!" yelledd Sasuke as he blew out a stream of fire that took the shape of a tiger's head which flew at Naruto with frightening speed and size. Naruto in response went though handseals for a jutsu of his own invention also.

"Senpō Mokuton: Ryū Chōkyō Seichō (Sage art: Wood release Dragon Taming Growth)!" yelled Naruto and form the cliff side five stream like branches adorned with dragon heads that surged toward Sasuke's flame tiger and the advanced nature transformation dispersed the flames and remained relatively intact, the dragon heads then flew at Sasuke ready to bite ad shred him apart, however with Sasuke's right Sharingan he was able to predict the dragon's movements and dodge them with moves that looked akin to water.

Sasuke then prepared his sword for a killing blow by channeling lightning through it increasing it's piercing attack through vibrations. Naruto readied one of his staves and channeled wind chakra through it increasing it's blunt force damage.

Both met in a clash of metal and a small shockwave rocked the area, Sasuke using his innate agility kicked Naruto in the back and sent him flying away, however the blonde was a tough individual and the kick didn't hurt that much. the blonde regained himself in midair and sealed away his staves readying himself for a fist fight. He jumped on a wrecked bridge that was nearby that had rocks decorating it, most likely backlash from the gods attacks.

Naruto ducked in-time to save himself from a horizontal attack from Sasuke (from Sasuke's viewpoint it was a vertical attack) and Sasuke landed on a jutting rock just behind Naruto. in response Sasuke attack Naruto relentlessly with his lightning enhanced attacks, but the blonde dodged them easily and without fear. Sasuke changed his tactics and tried to attack Naruto with a vertical slash that would split the man's head in-two. However Naruto caught the attack with his palms and with ease and precision tossed Sasuke head over-heals to his right which made the Uchiha lose his balance and roll across the ground and scraping his clothing. he regained his footing with enough time to dodge Naruto who was right in his face, Sasuke dodged Naruto and slashed him across the back, only to realise that the clone poofed way in a puff of smoke.

Sasuke widened his lone opened eye and looked back to see his Senju rival about to punch him in the face to which the Uchiha head didn't have enough time to dodge and took the full brunt of the attack, which was a fist impacting against his face making his whole skull shake. the force of the punch was so great that it launched Sasuke backwards and onto the torn ground of the cliffside which was breaking itself from the two gods attacks.

Sasuke landed on the ground in a heap but picked himself up with barely enough time to dodge flying spinning blossoms which were were flying fast enough that they literally caught on fire, creating sharp piercing damage from the petals and burns from the flames. Sasuke kept dodging them efficiently. He knew that Naruto was resorting to his kekki genkai because Sasuke could copy his other elemental jutsu with his Sharingan. He knew the blonde's jutsu very well, from all the times they fought against each other. that jutsu was Senpō: Mokuton Bōseki Hi hana (Sage art: wood release Spinning fire blossom).

No wonder they were called advanced natures since they were stronger than normal natures for sure.

"Senpō: Kinton Hibiki Gongu Shokku (Sage art: Metal release Resounding Gong Shock)!" yelled Naruto as he appeared over the bridge forming seals which ended on the dog seal which was commonly affiliated with Kinton. And tiny silver globs came pouring out of his skin, another part of Kinton is that it can manipulate the iron in a person's blood. the globs began forming into massive gongs twice the size of men with square holes in them and they began falling on Sasuke who jumped away to avoid the metal gongs, but he had to becareful as the gongs could create shockwaves that could disorient him.

"Raiton: Tora Bunseki (Lightning release: Tiger censure)!" yelled Sasuke as barreling lightning came shooting out of his hands and aimed at Naruto who couldn't dodge the lightning in time and in the air was hit in the chest by the thunderbolt. And came falling to the ground with his chest sizzling like a burnt cake.

Naruto not one to be outdone by his enemy, went through handseals for another Kinton jutsu.

"Senpō: Kinton Kyōdaina Kane Nami (Sage art: Metal release mighty bell wave)!" yelled Naruto as a massive, asian bell came falling down on top of Sasuke and we would have most likely crushed him if he didn't move away. Naruto then raced to the bell and punched it which caused a shockwave to resound and hit Sasuke in the chest and after the shockwave the bell itself followed after and again hit Sasuke in the with all it's might nearly breaking the Uchiha's bones.

Sasuke was getting annoyed at how he was being made into a punching bag, so he had little choice.

The man that was likened to a tiger stood up to his full might and faced his opponent. He channelled Lightning chakra into his left hand, however instead of being it's usual blue colour it was a deep black colour akin to lacquer. it sparkled around his hand as if it was a fragile doll ready to break and it made a chirping sound akin to birds in response.

Naruto also stared at him but closed his eyes and started forming chakra into a sphere in the right palm of his hand, the chakra started wispily, dancing around his form which was strong enough to create gusting winds around him, the sphere was as large as a basketball. but the sphere looked unstable and was fluctuating wildly instead of keeping a solid form, and it looked ready to burst in a moment's notice, the sphere was a bright white colour that rivalled snow.

The two gods then rushed at each other, ready to end the other, Sasuke brought up his black, chirping hand.

Naruto heaved his hand holding the unstable, wispy ball of chakra.

"Inton (Yin release): Chidori!"

"Yōton (Yang release): Rasengan!"

both attacks met in a violent clash and the area around them ruptured and splintered and winds heaved the dust around them. The attacks formed a black and purple dome around them, produced from the conflicting energies, soon the dome exploded like shattered glass from the different chakra and both leaders of the most powerful clans were sent hurtling backwards and crashed into the ground leaving deep skid marks in the ground. Sasuke was lying on his back while Naruto was laying on his stomach.

Both men got up with scratches over their forms but both were relatively unaffected. However Sasuke gritted his teeth at his rival ,he could have easily killed him just but refused, he had seen the more powerful levels of the Rasengan alone and Naruto wasn't even using his strongest version, did he think Sasuke as weak compared to the Uchiha. Sasuke wouldn't stand for it, it felt like he was weak, and he hated that feeling.

In order for Sasuke to secure his victory over his Senju rival, he would resort to full power to kill the 'God of Shinobi'.

Slowly but surely Sasuke opened his left eye revealing, not a Sharingan underneath but a red Rinnegan, the fabled eye of the Sage of the Six Paths, but Sasuke's was unique, since it had the concentric rings but also had six tomoe along those rings, giving it a dazzling but yet bloodthirsty appearance.

With the powers of the Rinnegan, maybe Sasuke could win.

Naruto seeing his opponent revealing his trump card.

"Is this what you truly want? Sasuke." questioned Naruto as he stared into the Rinnegan in his friend's left eye.

"Nothing would please me more." spoke Sasuke as his eyes was literally piercing into Naruto's head.

"Then, I have little choice." spoke Naruto as his head became downcast, with sorrow. And soon yellow flames started flickering off Naruto's form. His clans symbol on the back of his cloak, changed and now became a black pattern of the Rinnegan with nine tomoe arranged in three rows beneath it. His entire body was was wrapped in black and yellow flames before stabilising into physical clothing, the blue rope became a bright yellow colour, and a yellow circular seal appeared on his stomach, his sleeveless coat which was black in colour became the same magnificent yellow and on his pronged shoulder pads black circular seals appeared with the pieces of his armour becoming yellow also. His entire body underneath the cloak, save for his boots and his fingers, became black, resembling a bodysuit and his skin remained the same.

His hair became a lighter shade of gold and was now floating up, along with his bangs which formed two distinctive horn-like tufts. Magatama markings wrapped around his collar giving him a sage like appearance. His thin whiskers opened up into bars on his cheeks and his pupils remained the same, giving him a slight feral appearance. And behind him, black balls made of chakra floated behind him in a halo-like formation, Naruto then unsealed his two staves becoming ready for combat.

"Today we end this." said Sasuke as he used one of his clans signature jutsu's.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no jutsu! (Fire release: Great Fireball technique)" Said Sasuke as he moulded chakra within his stomach and spewed out a massive ball of flames towards the golden man who merely stood his ground against the oncoming fireball, his eyes focused and ready to attack his opponent. Jut as the Fireball was about to hit him Naruto quickly used one of his most powerful jutsu and disappeared within a lens flare, making the attack strafe past him.

Sasuke seeing something in the corner of his eyes brought up his arm to protect himself from the punch the blonde man dealt him. He saw Naruto staring at him with his yellow eyes, unwavering, did the Senju leader use his space-time ninjutsu to evade Sasuke's attack. Sasuke sending chakra into his own eye retreated from the blonde by suddenly disappearing without any form of indication did the Uchiha retreat from the Jinchūriki to a place that would better serve his needs. So Sasuke ran, falling back to a safer location.

Naruto soon gave chase by levitating his body off the ground and soon he was flying after the Uchiha who kept his speed at a steady pace, ignoring the advancing Hokage.

Jumping across the mountains and using his left eye to his advantage did Sasuke Narrowly escape the falling rocks that were plummeting towards him, courtesy of his old friend who was intent on crushing him, it lasted only for a few minutes did Sauske make it to an advantageous location that would give him suitable high ground and attack positions, being unable to fly himself. He then landed on a rock spire just as two large rocks were about to smash against him, using his great strength his was able to redirect the rocks with some effort away from him where they smashed into other rock spires.

However he then felt his body grappled suddenly, pounding against him where he looked down to see the flying Naruto holding onto intending to pummel him against one of the spires. However Sasuke also grabbed his opponent's body and threw him over his body where Naruto lost control of his flight and then smashed into a rock spire making the ground shake a little as Sasuke then landed on another spire staring into the spire. He then saw Naruto scraping down the side of the spire unharmed only with a but of dust on him.

Naruto then jumped off the spire landing on another and jumped onto a spire and using his flight abilities again, spun around the spire and using his immense strength lifted the top part of the spire and threw it at Sasuke he channelled some of his chakra to defend himself from the house sized piece of rock that he was unable to defend against properly.

"Shinra Tensei (Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipresent God)!" yelled Sasuke as he created an invisible gravitational force that completely shattered the boulder only allowing some pieces of rubble to strike him. However Sasuke fell into Naruto's trap as the blonde created two enormous chakra arms that gripped two of the spires together and and attempted to slam the two of them in-between Sasuke, however the Uchiha channeled chakra into his Rinnegan and used his own Space-time technique. "Kamiumi!" Sasuke then shifted himself atop another rock spire higher than the last one escaping the two pillar thas would have crushed him other wise.

But Naruto wasn't done, turning his two larger chakra arms into five smaller ones did he grab several pieces of falling rock out of the air and then made a single hand seal, which phased changed the rock into molten boulders of lava. "Senpō: Shakugaryūgan no jutsu (Sage Art: Lava release Scorching Stream Rock technique)!" and with that Naruto hurled the massive molten boulders towards Sasuke whose Rinnegan was still recharging Kamiumi and so was forced to evade the rocks as he jumped around the pillars trying not to be melted the the pillars fell to the ground because their structure was quite literally melted.

As Sasuke was retreating from the Hokage's assault, Naruto took to the air once again and flew after his Uchiha counterpart. Naruto seeing the jumping form of the Uchiha swiftly flew down towards the ground and made a single seal.

"Senpō: Katon Nekohibachi (Sage art: Fire release Cat Fire Bowl)!" yelled Naruto as his fingers were encased in blue flames where he clawed at the air releasing multiple blue fireballs with whips of black within them, heading straight for Sasuke. Sasuke using his chakra to suspend himself on the side of a cliff away from the rock spires where he turned around and channelled chakra into his right eye, where his Eternal Mengakyō Sharingan appeared in his right eye and performed the other ability of his exclusive dōjutsu.

"Kamiumi." said Sasuke as before him the blue fireballs stopped in midair just as they were about to hit him, and suddenly they disappeared from sight where instead Naruto found himself surrounded by his own blue fireballs where he didn't have enough time to defend himself before he was bombarded from every corner with fire dazzling the sky and Sasuke iwth his cold eyes watching from his position as the multiple blue explosions rocked the sky.

He then saw a shadow move out of the explosion allowing Sasuke to view it as the shadow was rolling across the ground across the cliffs and it was battered against the hard ground. It was of course Naruto whose entire body was singed from head to toe from the heat of his own attack and the tips of his golden spiky hair were singed fro being burnt from his own attack and some of his armour was also burnt but otherwise he would be fine.

Getting back onto his feet, Naruto glared at Sasuke, guess the attack didn't give him a blow to his pride, if it wasn't for Naruto shielding himself with his Gūdudama (Truth-seeking ball) at the last minute, he would have suffered far more serious injuries, of course he couldn't protect himself completely from his own attack, since the Senjutsu enhanced attack disrupted the balls form. But luckily the Hokage was durable enough to survive the attack. However, Naruto also knew that Sasuke was near open to attack, so creating a handseal, Naruto flew up in the air again and with him came a large rock the size of a house and threw it down on Sasuke who had to release his chakra holding him up on the cliff.

Naruto then landed on the ground, into a small streaming waterfall, where he made three handseals while his legs were in the water.

"Senpō: ninja Konboāto: Sansango Kyūryūdageki (Sage art: ninja combo art acid coral torrent shock)!" and as Naruto ducked his hands into the water, infusing acid bubbles together with coral with a water shell surrounding it did he hurl large torrents of water with the acidic coral towards Sasuke who stopped his fall and began dodging the blasts of corrosive water and coral, he knew that if he tried to absorb the technique he would be left wide open for Naruto to attack him with taijutsu, so his best option was to dodge the Rokudaime's attacks. However, even Sasuke had a limit as Naruto kept hurling the waves of acidic water and coral, he soon was hit in the leg by a blast where the coral started growing on his leg, restricting his movement and because of the acid burning his armour to his leg.

Naruto seeing his chance began boiling his very own chakra to inhuman levels where copious amounts of steam was simmering off his form, launching himself forward Naruto attempted to punch Sasuke to which the Uchiha knew if he was struck by the punch, he just might end up dead.

As he was falling Sasuke held out his hand gritting his teeth from the burning coral and just as Naruto was about to strike Sasuke used the powers of his Rinnegan.

"Shinra Tensei!" said Sasuke just in time to repel Naruto's attack, but the Jinchūriki has experience with the technique and knew that if struck with equal or opposing force then the technique can be countered and so Naruto boiled even more of his chakra, increasing the temperature and ploughing his way through Sasuke's attack where he struck the Uchiha leader in the chest, and the cliff they were facing was completely shattered from Naruto's punch as the Uchiha was pulverised through the mountain from Naruto's steam-enhanced taijutsu. the punch was so strong that Sasuke was smashed all the way through the mountain and ended up on the other side with Naruto flying after him.

when Sasuke finally came to a halt from the punch, he coughed up blood at the feeling of his ribs being shattered from the punch, he could feel his body lying upon what felt like grain, he opened his eyes to see the sun shining in his red eyes, did the sun have a shadow? he widened his eyes seeing Naruto ready to punch him again with his steam enhanced strength which would kill Sasuke if he was struck by the punch, as his body couldn't withstand such tremendous force again. Quickly sending chakra into his Rinnegan eye Sasuke used his exclusive Mangekyō technique.

"Kamiumi!" said Sasuke just as Naruto was bout to shatter his entire body. Instead Naruto smashed his fist against empty space and the ground of layered sand with Sasuke some distance away. As the Uchiha was looking around himself he couldn't help but groan at his location, a sea of sand, which was the worst place for him. But he also saw the amount of steam radiating off Naruto decrease, he could only boil his chakra at that level fora short amount of time. quickly breaking the burning coral off his leg with his fist, Sasuke frowned at seeing that half of his left leg was covered in burns that was still hot tot he touch, the coral had grown at a faster rate than he expected but the acid burned slower, fortunately for him.

"Senpō: Sunamujo Noroihaji (Sage art: Sand Witch Curse Hold)!" spoke Naruto as he slammed his hands on the ground where dark blue cursed seal patterns appeared and were rushing towards Sasuke at such a extreme speed that the Uchiha had little time to counter before the cursed seal covered half of his body, binding his movements. Sasuke knowing that he couldn't remove the seal from his body knew that he would have to fight in such a state. HOwever he would have to leave the desert quickly as it was the worst place to be if he was fighting the leader of the Senju clan. His fears came true as sand all around him began spiralling around him, sinking him into the ground.

He looked up just as half of his legs were swallowed by the sand to see the Hokage's hand outstretched towards him and he was slowly clenching his hand slowly, Sasuke knew that if he didn't think of something soon, he would be crushed to death by the Senju leader. He couldn't use couldn't use Kamiumi in his left eye since it was still recharging and he couldn't use the Kamiumi in his right eye since the sand obeyed Naruto's will and he wouldn't kill himself. Sasuke thinking of such an idea, raised his right hand towards the Hokage. Sasuke would use the basics of his abilities.

"Banshō Ten'in (Heavenly Attraction of all of Creation)!" yelled Sasuke as Naruto was soon swept off his feet though with some resistance. Even though Sasuke knew it might be a deadly move, if it meant victory over his opponent and his superior power, then Sasuke was all for it, it was only because of his mastery of the Rinnegan that Sasuke was even able to hold his own against Naruto. With Naruto swept off his feet the sand stopped spiralling in on Sasuke as he reached to his waist, then Sasuke charged Lightning chakra into his left hand with great effort because of the cursed seal binding his body, as Naruto came flying towards him.

"Chidori!" spoke Sasuke as he rammed his left hand into Naruto as the Lightning surged around. Soon he pierced Naruto in the chest. However instead of being met with blood, he was instead met with sand, as Sasuke had pierced a sand clone of his opponent. But the Gudōdamawas behind him, however he soon saw the nine black balls of chakra fly in from behind and started floating around the real Naruto who was staring at him from behind. he then looked back at the sand clone who latched onto his arm and began covering Sasuke's entire body. Soon Sasuke was being covered by the sand, and the sink hole was swallowing him up again.

Naruto seeing that his rival was utterly trapped, went through seals for one of his most powerful kekki geknai jutsu.

"Senpō: Kinton Tetsunohoshi (Sage art: Metal release Iron Star)!" said Naruto and within an instant, a black jagged/spiked ball appeared from behind him out of the ground, it was twice the size house and with rectangular holes in it with roaring flames on the inside where the flames escaped through the rectangular holes, without warning the black spiked metal ball of death rolled towards Sasuke, and if the ground wasn't sand, it would demolish anything within it's path as it sped towards it's target. finally reaching Sasuke it sunk into the sinkhole along with the Uchiha where it exploded in a shower of orange flame where sand was upheaved and flew everywhere. However sensing Something was wrong, Naruto saw a shadow fly out of the sand and flames.

And he beheld Sasuke as he stood upon a mountainous hawk that easily dwarfed trees, buildings and large rock structures, it didn't take a genius to figure out that Sasuke obviously summoned the hawk an escaped the effects of his Tetsunohoshi. Naruto could also seeing Sasuke's right arm was bleeding heavily, the armour upon it was gone, showing the skin underneath, it had several burns across it and jagged black metal shards within it also and some of his hair was singed and his face was burnt but other than that his wounds would be superficial. However He had a massive disadvantage because Naruto's cursed seal was still clinging to half of Sasuke's body, almost binding his movements completely.

So Naruto knowing that the hawk was faster than him in the air, would never be able to catch it with his sheer speed alone. So this was going to be a test of speed vs strength. bringing his thumb to his mouth, Naruto bit on his thumb drawing blood and slammed his hand on the ground.

"Kuchiyose no jutsu (Summoning technique)!" Yelled Naruto as he was surrounded by a huge plume of smoke. Sasuke atop his widened his eyes at the sound of trumpeting could be heard from the plume of smoke. As the smoke settled, Sasuke could see Naruto standing on an equally colossal being, possibly even larger, and from the smoke, Sasuke could see the grey leathery skin of a massive elephant, with large ears and an long trunk that look like it could smash mountains.

"Sasuke-sama, this will be difficult, Zōhōkō's skin is almost as strong as titanium and his attacks will kill me within only a few hits, we'll have to be cautious." spoke the hawk to it's summoner to which Sasuke nodded, the chief of the elephant tribe was not an opponent anyone should take lightly and both Sasuke and the hawk knew this well.

"Takahane, stay at this altitude while I devise a strategy, but be prepared to move for if they attack." commanded Sasuke to which the hawk named Takahane nodded at his master. 'I'll need to create an opening, and trap Naruto and Zōhōkō... wait that can work.' thought Sasuke as the thought came to him. "Takahane, on my signal get me as close as you can without getting hit, I'll be expending a lot of chakra so this has to work."

"Yes, Sasuke-sama." said the hawk. While down below upon the desert Naruto and his elephant summoning Zōhōkō were having their own conversation.

"I'm sorry Zōhōkō-san, I hope I wasn't interrupting something back at you're home." spoke Naruto politely.

"Not at all Naruto-sama, So what can I help you with." said the elephant chief with a smile on his face, but Naruto merely pointed towards Sasuke and Takahane. "Oh... him. I wondered when he would make his move. he's always been devious." spoke the elephant to which Naruto nodded. "I assume you have a plan."

"Let him make the first move. Until then, stand your ground and prepare your attacks." said Naruto as Zōhōkō prepared himself. Naruto then went through handseal where the snad on the ground began shifting. While Sasuke narrowed his eyes in suspicion at what the gold and black clothed man was thinking.

"Senpō: Mokuton Hanayahyō (Sage art: Wood release flower arrow hail)!" said Naruto as he thrusted his arms out toward Sasuke as numerous purple flowers with six long purple petals, long stalks as twice the height of a man with long barbs sticking out from their centres.

'i thought we were going to wait for him to attack?' thought Zōhōkō.

"TAKAHANE MOVE!" yelled Sasuke as the hawk took evasive action as the multitude of plants started shooting out barbs towards Sasuke and Takahane who who doing their best to not get hit by the literal hail of arrows from the flowers, as one nearly penetrated Sasuke's head the Uchiha for a split second sniffed the tip of the barb and deduced that the barbs were coated with poison. Sasuke knew that if he was even scratched with that poison it was death, no escape, if it wasn't senjutsu enhanced you would be paralysed rather than die.

But still Sasuke had to be careful. Having Takahane fly downward towards Naruto and Zōhōkō did Sasuke channel chakra into his Rinnegan eye.

"Rinbo: Hengoku (Wheel Grave: Border Jail)!" Said SAsuke as he focused his left red eye intently on Naruto who sensed a disturbance. Creating a handseal to combat Sasuke, Naruto simply told his elephant summon to stay still.

"Zōhōkō hold still, and don't move." commanded Naruto to which the massive elephant nodded. "Senpō: Ryūbi no Jōmon (Sage art: Gate of the Dragon Tail)!" said Naruto as he clapped his hands together as two rows of twenty white pillars as tall as Zōhōkō fell from the sky and dug themselves into the sandy ground all around the elephant and his master on each corner, and Naruto could sense their presence, the shadows battering themselves against the gates cracking the incredibly strong wood. However what the blonde didn't know that this was Sasuke's plan.

Sasuke then brought up his right arm and with great effort lifted his left arm (because the cursed seal his hampering his movement) clapped his hands together as he stood upon his mountainous hawk.

"Chibaku Tensei (Heavenly Body Bursting from the Earth)!" yelled Sasuke as he created a small black orb in-between his hands which only grew in shape and soon was twice as large as his hand and doing the unthinkable and using his good arm, Sasuke threw the black sphere towards Naruto and his summon it then smacked Naruto right in the chest where it stuck to the blonde man to which Sasuke clapped his hands together again as Naruto was thrusted up in the air again as the black sphere upon his chest acted like a gravitational centre where rocks all around him began being uplifted towards the black ball even Zōhōkō wasn't immune from it's affects as the elephant was also lifted up in the air trumpeting in annoyance. Soon rocks and mountains began pelting the two of them as they couldn't defend themselves entirely from the onslaught. and in enough time the summoner and his master were devoured by rocks as the black sphere was surrounded by earth forming a perfect sphere with Naruto and his elephant trapped in the centre.

Sasuke then raised his right arm where it instinctively formed a mechanical cannon raised directly at the Chibaku Tensei and Sasuke of course fired a chakra blast that was aimed for the core of the satellite and when it met it's mark the core xploded violently sendng all the mountains and debris flying everywhere and to see the bodies of Naruto and Zōhōkō smash to the ground and when they impacted it sounded as if thunder rang throughout the land.

Sasuke could see that his attack was devastating as that his tactic worked, if he had created the black sphere without trapping it to Naruto then the Hokage could have destroyed the Chibaku Tensei even more easily than Sasuke did and the blonde couldn't destroy it while he was so close to the core otherwise he would have damaged himself more than Sasuke did. As Sasuke looked down into the large dust clouds where the two landed he couldn't help but smirk at getting the upper hand over his stronger opponent. Tactics and planning of his skills is what Sasuke needed to defeat Naruto otherwise he would never be able to defeat the Senju leader with just sheer power.

And just for added insurance, using the Asura path, Sasuke manifested four more arms out of his body, shoulder to shoulder, where the new arms performed their own individual handseals and Sasuke with his real arms also did a handseal, although with effort because of his cursed body.

"Tengai Shinsei (Heavenly Obstacle Quaking Star)!." said Sasuke as he summoned a massive meteorite out of the sky as it fell through the clouds and descended upon Naruto who opened his eyes to see the sun's light clouded by the meteorite. His form was now covered in dirt and part of his armour was destroyed on the left side and he had a few bleeding wounds on his body. Instantly he raised his right arm to combat the meteorite as chakra arms burst forth and grappled onto the giant rock stopping it in it's halt just as it was about to crush him and his summon. But he didn't have enough strength to halt the second meteorite that dispersed the clouds and collided with the first asteroid which pummelled Naruto and his elephant where a great dust cloud was seen from the attack.

This only caused Sasuke to smirk in victory, believing his opponent to be defeated. He then ordered Takahane to descend to the ground level to which he landed on the sand surrounded by rock and plants from their previous engagements. his new arms then disappeared as he dragged himself across the sand looking amongst the rubble for his prize. He soon found it, with even more of his clothes torn and some more wounds on his body with his nine Gudōdama
lying around him, motionless just like Naruto. Just as Sasuke was about to turn Naruto over, the wounded blonde snapped his eyes open and exuded a fine dust from his mouth that combusted into fine luminous dust that blinded Sasuke with just enough time for Naruto to kick him away and create a handseal. Sasuke now knew that he saw something else amongst the rubble, a large metal noh mask some distance away from his and Naruto's position, he saw it just before he was blinded, the elephant had also survived because of Naruto.

"Senpō: Sansan (Sage art: Acid Scattering)!" said Naruto as he spewed acid towards Sasuke who was still blinded by Naruto's previous technique, the attack his Sasuke in the left arm and his left torso that instantly burned through his clothes and armour, feeling the burning Sasuke instantly tore off the armour and clothing with his non-sealed arm, ripping it straight off even though his right hand was also burned because of it. Now Sasuke was left nearly bare chested with his armour on his chest barely hanging on and his eft arm was now armour-less and sleeveless but still covered in Naruto's cursed seal.

Just as Takahane was about to help his master, he felt a rumbling in the ground where Zōhōkō came bursting out from a dust cloud with a jutsu prepared to stop the hawk from taking flight.

"Suiton: Zōmizurappa (Water release: Elephant Water Trumpet)!" said the mighty beast as it brought it's trunk up as it sprayed copious amounts of water on Takahane, pummelling it to the ground because of the force of the water, without wasting anytime, Zōhōkō smashed it's two front feet on top of the hawk making it scream in pain at it's hollow bones being crushed by the substantial weight. Takahane, having no chance, disappeared in a plume of smoke back to it's home where the elephant followed soon after, leaving Naruto and Sasuke alone.

Sasuke getting his eyesight back, knew of Takahane's disappearance and knew that he would need his last support to deal with Naruto. Slamming his hand on the ground, Sasuke summoned the only help that could contribute to the battle. Naruto seeing Sasuke's action took to the air and began flying into the clouds, where he held out his hand before the clouds.

"Kuchiyose no jutsu!" yelled Naruto and Sasuke at the same time and two plumes of smoke appeared on the ground and in the clouds. And from the smoke came creatures that the two of them have raised ever since they were children, animals that found them, they raised them, they weren't summonings, tehy were familiars.

From the smoke on the ground, came a large black whipping tail, long sharp claws that could cut mountains to shreds, rows of sharp teeth as if it could bite through trees, a muscular body perfect for combat with cuts and scars all over it's form, it was predominately grey, with black stripes, a white underbelly and red eyes. It was literally snarling and hissing, roaring a little, almost as if eager for battle just as Sasuke was who was standing on it's forehead. It was a giant female tiger, the size of a bijū, Sasuke had raised the creature ever since he was a young boy and the tiger rarely left his side. The black shadow, Yochi the tiger.

From the smoke high in the clouds, came a serpentine form twirling around the clouds. It's long body sported snow white scales across it's form, a pair of massive wings that could disperse every cloud in the sky, with semi-long limbs and claws that could scar the ground, two long black horns that could heft boulders the size of it's head, tufts of fur around it's face and chin giving it a sort of regal appearance, black teeth with two protruding black fangs on the sides of it's mouth that could devour any human, black spikes running along it's back, two barbels on each side of it's nostrils. it's size was tremendous as it was bigger than the tiger and just as big as the Hokage mountain. It was the legendery dragon that Naruto had nurtured ever since it hatched from it's egg and said Hokage was riding on it's forehead, looking down upon Sasuke from his altitude. The White Light, Tentō the dragon.

Tentō without needing to be told, flew away from the battle with Naruto atop his head, while the Senju kept his eyes trained on Sasuke as the Uchiha ordered his Bijū size tiger to give chase to the dragon and it's master. As Naruto was leading the battle away from the plant/rubble covered desert he knew of a place where he would be offered eve more advantages than the desert. Quickly ordering Tentō, his dragon, to descend towards cliffs that harboured caves, did the dragon land on the ground just as Sasuke and his tiger, Yochi arrived where the Bijū-sized tiger latched onto Tentō using her great claws to tear into the dragon's scales and her teeth to bite on his flesh while Tentō merely roared as it fought back against the tiger while on the cliffs, using his long body to his advantage to wrap around the tiger so to drain it of all life.

Naruto meanwhile was tackled by Sasuke, into the caves as they fell on rock and mineral. Once they tumbled onto stable ground, Naruto kicked Sasuke off him who disappeared into the darkness with Naruto scanning his eyes all around the cave, while unsealing his two staves and combining them into a single weapon. Sasuke in the darkness merely unsheathed his sword.

the cave was dark, too dark that it was near impossible to see without a sufficient source of life, the only light coming from green crystals that dotted the cave, offering minimal luminance.

"I don't need eyes to find you Sasuke! I can hear you breath, smell your pride and feel your presence. The thing is, can you find me without your eyes." spoke Naruto speaking into the darkness. and he raised his staff multiple times to block weapon attacks coming from Sasuke such as large shuriken, kunai and Sasuke strafing by with his sword and fading away into the darkness. Naruto made a single handseal and just as he blocked Sasuke's weapon attack he spat ink into the Uchiha's causing him to yell in slight pain at his now blinded eyes. Naruto followed up his assault on the Uchiha by creating chakra arms that pummelled the Rinnegan wielder into the ground.

Sasuke then lifted himself off the ground and rubbed the ink out of his eyes he then channelled chakra into his left Rinnegan eye and from his vision black flames, sprouting from his field of vision, filling the entire cave with black flame,s burning anything and everything within a crisp. Naruto taking evasive action used one of his Gudōdana to shield himself from the flames. Quickly taking a chance to escape, Naruto flew to the roof of the cave where a dar hole was visible, Sasuke not content with his prey getting away jumped all the way up to the hole trying to catch up to the flying blonde.

When Naruto reached the exit he could see Sasuke runnign at him, jumping through the cave where he destroyed the exit and landed outside, staring up at Naruto who remained levitating in the air.

"Time to take the kiddy-gloves off."spoke Sasuke as he sent chakra into both of his eyes where a purple skeletal ribcage surrounded him.

'So he's getting serious. If he's using "that"' thought Naruto as he frowned at Sasuke below. 'Susanoo'

The Susanoo and around Sasuke came a purple skeletal ribcage made entirely from the Uchiha's chakra. Sasuke advanced his Susanoo further and skipped all the necessary forms to reach it's final state and most powerful state.

Sasuke's Final stabilised Susanoo was an enormous winged construct which was perfectly capable of flight. In this state Sasuke's Susanoo was clad in armour akin to that of a samurai, it's helmet had a long tengu like nose and accentuated eye-holes, two spikes over the eyes, a slit stretching across it's mouth and three gaps on each of it's cheeks and one on it's chin, it had fiery hair and upon it's forehead was a pentagonal prism where Sasuke was floating inside it's wings also had small finger where it would hold the Susanoo's katana. But Naruto was not intimidated by the chakra construct that dwarfed even tailed beasts. Naruto responded to Sasuke's ethereal warrior with his own ethereal warrior. Naruto could also sense the his dragon Tento was still in battle with Sasuke's tiger Yochi.

'Varuna' thought Naruto as he was also incased in chakra, but unlike Sasuke it appeared like yellow flames with black markings acting as a ribcage. And around him the yellow flames started taking on a corporeal form, with black markings across the body. And finally, Varuna was complete.

Varuna was like Susanoo as it encased the user in chakra protecting them from harm. But the Varuna took the form of a three headed, six armed battle avatar, with monk beads wrapped around it's neck with three black tassels on the beads. It also sported a uniquely shaped hat with spikes facing to the right and two black lines on each side between the curves of the hat with artificial ponytail on the hat, it also sported circular seals on it's shoulders and stomach and bar like markings on the forms hands and feet and had three black lines on it's torso resembling a ribcagewith a 'cloak' of yellow chakra which swayed behind it with nine black lines running down and black balls of chakra which were Naruto's Gudōdama also floated behind the Varuna in a halo like fashion and it's form was constantly flickering yellow flames, it's height was enormous as it easily equalled the Susanoo in height. (Asura's battle avatar, if you were wondering)

Sasuke's Susanoo readied itself to attack Naruto, by unsheathing it's twin katana. Naruto's Varuna responded by manifesting a short staff in each one of it's six hands by applying shape transformation to the Gudōdama. Both heavenly beings and their respective masters charged at each other.

Sasuke's Susanoo raised it's sword and performed a downward slash on the Varuna but the battle avatar raised two of it's staves to block it, and with it's other four arms it attacked the Susanoo's chest, with multiple barrages from the staves, but given that the Susanoo is mostly used for defence with considerable offence, the staves were able to cause harm to it, but not much.

The Susanoo using it's free katana attempted to slash the Senju's avatar, but Naruto sensing the attack coming, was able to have his Varuna dodge it, but the resulting slash tore apart any mountains that were in the area, cutting them in half with little to no effort.

Naruto seeing the destruction was unafraid of it, it did nothing to break his fighting spirit. Naruto from within his Varuna commanded the warrior to jump in the air, Sasuke with his Sharingan saw Naruto coming down from the sky, with his avatar's staves ready to strike him him in a stabbing motion.

Sasuke readied his Susanoo's wings and was able to drift away from Naruto's avatar that was just about to hit him, the result, from the force of the impact was enough to completely shatter the entire earth they were battling on, causing it to be crushed into pieces of rock that were the size of specks of salt. Even the mountains Sasuke had cut in half were punished even more as their entire form came crashing down becoming nothing more than dust, the trees and lakes that were nearby were uprooted and their shape was distorted.

Total destruction was what remained and the mountains they were battling in was nothing more than a rocky, splintered and grey area.

Sasuke's Susanoo was able to escape the immediate danger, but still, the sight was still in Sasuke's mind. Just how could his greatest enemy, someone who was born with utterly no talent or genius, able to match a prodigy such as himself, he hated feeling weak, as it prove that his opponent was stronger.

Sasuke's Susanoo flew down at Naruto ready to battle him once again.

'I'm not going to lose to you.' thought Sasuke as he was nearing his opponent.

'I will protect my village, my friends, and those who I love more than anything, if it means killing you, then I will force my hand.' thought Naruto as he prepared himself for Sasuke. Both beings then met in a clash that created massive gusts of wind that blew away any dust and debris. Then both constructs jumped away from the other and fell into defensive stances where they attacked each other again with violent clashes that shook that shook the earth to it's core, Naruto and Sasuke kept attacking one another, hoping to gain an upper hand.

Naruto with a tactic in mind, had his Varuna prepare the Gudōdama by clutching one in each hand where it charge toward Sasuke smashed the black balls into Sasuke's Susanoo where it disintegrated on touch, almost as if the warrior was screaming in pain from the attack, much of the ethereal warrior was damage and hurt where it lost a leg, an arm and about half of it's body because of the raw power of Naruto's attacks, however Sasuke reformed the warrior and healing all damage done to it's body by feeding off Sasuke's chakra. Sasuke then threw it's two swords at Naruto's Varuna where they cut the three-headed avatar in the side and on it's shoulder but it didn't deter it when it grabbed swords out of the air and threw them back at the Susanoo where it stabbed the warrior in the chest.

Sasuke's Susanoo then jumped away hoping to avoid the dangerous attacks that would surely kill Sasuke. Sasuke then whistled where his massive tiger came running towards him, interrupting the cats battle with it's dragon counterpart. Naruto also did the same and Tentō flapped his wings intent on getting to Naruto's location. Both legends then deactivated their guardian deities and landed on the respective heads of their familiars.

"Susanoo/Varuna!" spoke Naruto and Sasuke at the same time, except instead they were shaping their deities around their familiars. Yochi was covered from head to toe to tail in purple protectiev chakra plates and two extra rams, one over each of it's shoulder holding twin katanas in each hand. Yochi's face was covered in the helmet of the Susanoo gaining a long tengu nose, two horns over it's ears, samurai like armour also sprouted it's shoulders and purple flames were flickering off it's form with a hexagonal prism on her forehead where her master was floating within with his arms crossed and the cursed seal on his body disappearing because of the ethereal warrior.

Tentō was encased in flickering flames and translucent chakra, on it's shoulders and stomach were circular seals and lines that ran up and down from the seals, on both sides of the dragon's face were two identical copies of the dragon's face, mirroring Naruto's singular Varuna, upon it's three heads were circular hats with an artificial ponytail with two black lines and a dot on each hat, it's scales along it's body disappeared being replaced with the chakra of the Varuna, it also gained two extra pair of arms with lines running down each arm. black lines were also running along the entire length of his body ending at the tail and it also gained black lines on it's torso looking like a ribcage and prayer beads with a tassels around it's long neck and finally gained a extra pair of wings with three black lines on the wings and Naruto sitting within the hat of Tentō staring at Sasuke.

"COME NARUTO!" yelled Sasuke as he and his Susanoo enhanced tiger pet charged at Naruto.

"BE PREPARED SASUKE!" responded Naruto as he and his Varuna enhanced pet dragon flew at Sasuke with both animals roaring at the the other.

Sasuke's tiger opened it's purple clad mouth and what appeared to be a massive rotating wind-ball formed where Sasuke stabbed it with his two Susanoo swords before launching it at Naruto as he and Tentō landed on the where Naruto channelling his chakra through the Varunaslammed one of it's hand on the ground.

"Kuchyose: Senpō Gojū Rashōmon (Summoning: Sage art Quintuple Rashōmon)!" yelled Naruto as five Rashōmon gates appeared that were larger than Tentō appeared, blocking Sasuke's attack.

Naruto had Tentō fly up where the blonde man made a handseal. Whlie Tentō seemed to be sucking in it's gut. and everywhere leaves from all around gathered around Naruto and Tentō where the two of them, fired of water jets from Tentō's nose with razor sharp leaves the blonde had gathered where the leaves an the water mixed together where the pressure from the water enhanced the leaves cutting power where they pierced into Sasuke's Susanoo enhanced tiger.

But the tiger was fine as it's defences were vastly increased. Then the two parties charged at each other in a blinding light.

Later, their battle was coming to an end. Both opponents were pushed to their absolute limits and power, their clothes were burnt and were hanging limply, just barely clinging to their bodies. They had oozing wounds from the attacks they dealt to each other, their hair was caked with blood and their bodies were covered in bruises and both were panting heavily.

The environment around them was barren and grey and all life had been exterminated from the area, there was little to no colour, the trees were gone and the mountains looked like they had been filed down into ash, the scene would make anyone gasp at the hideousness, dark clouds were gathering over the area, blocking the light and darkening the sky, the ground was grey and cracked almost as if someone had literally broken it like glass, whenever someone would walk over it the tiniest dust cloud would be upturned where they stepped.

It was just an ugly sight, through and through. Everything was just flat and dull, and would remain that way.

Now both fighters were facing each other, no special powers, no flickering flames, just the two of them.

For Sasuke, the powers of Senjutsu, were enough to rival his visual prowess granted by the Sharingan and Rinnegan. He had to use his key abilities to keep the powers of Sage mode at bay, such as the Gakidō (Preta path) and the Tendō (Deva path) but he was still overwhelmed by the power of Senjutsu.

For Naruto the Sage modes innate ability to empower all the users abilities were enough to match the powers of visual jutsu, even visual prowess as strong as Sasuke's. Without their respective powers such as Rinnegan and Senjutsu they would be equal in every way. Naruto had to resort to every one of his jutsu to combat Sasuke, his kekki genkai and his space-time ninjutsu being key in the battle.

Sasuke currently had his left eye closed and the Sharingan in his right eye was currently deactivated, however, he was still standing strong and had just barely enough chakra. He was currently holding his trademark sword in his hand which had droplets of blood on it.

Naruto was still in his Rikudō Senjutsu form only the weaker version and without the chakra shroud, but nature energy was as much a part of him as he was to nature, although from using his special form, Rikudō Senjutsu (Six Paths Sage technique) he was worn out and on the verge of collapse. Not even his empowered healing jutsu were enough to keep him standing, and his left arm was currently limp and unusable. Naruto only had one of his staves in his only uninjured arm.

"This time, the sun shall set on it's final day." whispered Sasuke and then he charged at Naruto who performed the same action and both met in a clash of metal and sparks, and both fighters streaked across the ground before coming to a stop, leaving trails of grey dust behind them, however Naruto fell to the ground his face covered in dirt, while Sasuke was standing tall and proud.

"Finally, the moon has shadowed the sun, and this time, I am standing, victorious, while you lay there in the ground, pathetic." spoke Sasuke as he turned to the downed from of Naruto who was breathing heavily.

Naruto tried to pick himself up off the ground with his one remaining arm, but, he was currently twitching his left fingers and he was still holding his staff.

"We finally reached our dreams, are you going to throw that all away? Just for a petty reason? What about your family? Your children? Do they mean anything to you?" questioned Naruto as he laid on the ground.

Sasuke closed his eyes in contemplation and immediately images of his children appeared in his mind, his two sons and his daughter. Izumi, his youngest and his only daughter, Hata, his youngest son and middle child, and Yoru his oldest son and heir to the Uchiha clan. He loved all of them equally just as much as he loved his older brother Itachi, they were the only family he had left, after Sasuke's wife died giving birth to Izumi.

He raised them from that point onward as a single father. But still.

"They won't be safe in Konoha, no Uchiha shall be, what I am doing, I am doing for their sake." spoke Sasuke as he walked toward the still downed form of the leader of the Senju clan.

Naruto was currently tightening his left fist, only subtle actions that Sasuke wouldn't pick up on.

"The only way to ensure their safety is to make people fear the Uchiha. Fear and power lead to peace, that is the only way to keep my family safe and fulfil what our ancestors tried to accomplish." continued Sasuke as he was standing over Naruto.

"You speak like your ancestors, have you not learned from the mistakes of our past lives. Not truly knowing the value of people. The only way to understand how the world works and what people truly think, is to interact with them, we must experience what makes a person a person, understanding others cannot be forced, it is something someone must live with and through living it we discover that human life is precious, and I will do anything to protect it. True peace is attained through kindness, understanding and cooperation." monologued Naruto, in an attempt to make Sasuke change his mind.

"Then, just as always, you are indeed a fool." spoke Sasuke as he prepared to stab Naruto and end his life.

Naruto just closed his eyes and readied himself for Sasuke's final attack. The blonde channelled a controlled amount of chakra into his one staff, making a clicking vibration, he scrunched up his left ready to attack.

Just as Sasuke thrusted his sword, Naruto got onto his feet and with his left arm and Senjutsu enhanced strength shattered Sasuke's sword with single strike and one of the halves of his short staff fell to the ground, revealing a blade just as long as the now missing half of the staff.

And with precise aim and speed, Naruto stabbed Sasuke in the side, where his left ribcage is, making the Uchiha gasp in surprise and pain and blood to leak out of his mouth. Sasuke turned his head and stared at Naruto in shock, shock because of what had transpired and surprise.

"You!?" gasped Sasuke and grunted in agony at the feeling of Naruto's hidden sword in his side.

"I will protect my home, my people, my friends and my family, if anyone threatens the things closest to me, I'll kill them, nor will they receive my forgiveness." spoke Naruto as his eyes instinctively darkened.

"You're like water, Naruto, always changing, but whether changing for the best or worst, depends on perspective." spoke Sasuke as his muscles turned against him and he was about to hit the ground.

However he felt something catch him before he could hit the ground. And he found his face, being cradled upon Naruto's shoulder. And he could feel Naruto's right arm around his back, supporting him. Naruto, still showed compassion, even now, to his enemy. Sasuke, although he couldn't see it, he could feel, the sorrow flowing off the blonde haired sage.

And while Naruto was cradling Sasuke's body, the sage's tears were silently and slowly, flowing down his cheeks. He remembered, everything, from the time he truly met Sasuke Uchiha, to the blonde falling in love but not before having some girlfriend troubles that came with the teenage years, he remembered the birth of his first child which was also the day his arm got broken by his wife while going through labour.

He remembered it all too well.

"Do you remember, the day we truly met for the first time?" spoke Naruto and at that moment, the grey clouds over the sky came plummeting down atop the two gods, washing away their blood, grime and the tears, almost as if the sky was trying to comfort them or condemn them, didn't it truly matter at the moment.

"As if it was Yesterday." whispered Sasuke as he closed his eyes.

"...You will always be my brother."

Naruto's salty tears mingled with those of the rain, washing them away as if they were washing the his sins of his form.

Then everything around them, started disappearing, the grey, barren wasteland vanished as if ripples fell over the world and soon they too vanished like rushing waves.

And the images of Naruto and Sasuke were gone, leaving nothing but a pool of glistening water, not even a reflection was seen.

"From what I have perceived I anticipate that the transmigration has almost concluded and Asura and Indra, shall be reborn in new contemporary arbitrators." spoke a floating man to nothing in particular as he removed his elaborate staff from the water.

"The discrepancy between their personalities, psyche and temperament likewise their capabilities, expertise and proficiency with their respective powers also differentiates itself in many ways, Naruto Senju and Sasuke Uchiha, are fascinating indeed." spoke the man as he kept staring into the water.

This man, while forgotten by time and culture, was very much a god as one can expect. He had given hope to many that thought it didn't exist, he made peace in a world consumed by war and his own power was enough to shatter the world in two. Anybody who threatened him or his family were basically begging to be killed.

The old man, was so powerful, his chakra, the power built up inside of every person, that he could literally transcend time and space as if he was skateboarding down a street.

The old man was a tall man even in his old age. He had deep wrinkles, a long goatee reaching down to his waist, and short, greyish-red shaggy hair, which spiked up at the top and a chin-length braid hanging in-front of his left ear. The man had pronounced eyebrow ridges with small horn-like protrusions above them, as well as a red ripple-like marking in the centre of his forehead and also grey skin that seemed to match his ancient look.

He wore a white, full-length kimono with a pattern of six black magatama around his high collar, beneath which he wore a black necklace which was made of six black magatama, one the back of his kimono was a larger ripple-like marking with a pattern of nine magatama arranged in three rows beneath it.

This man was one of the most revered figures in history. He was literally stright out of stories and myths, the Sage of the Six paths Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, son of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. For millennium he had been watching his two sons fight their eternal struggle. One out of jeaousy and hatred and the other out of defence and love.

Indra and Asura, the moon and the sun, the tiger and the dragon, Yin and Yang. Two opposites that cannot live without the other.

Hagoromo looked up from the water and inspected the world around him for the possibly the millionth time. He was surrounded by water, not the raging oceans and storm shattering waves of the wild seas, but the calmness and serenity of a gentle lake, he looked up into the sky, inspecting the stars above him, glinting light and shining it over the darkness.

He looked behind him to see a crescent moon, never moving and changing and a bit beside it was a dimmed sun, shining ever so brightly, but not enough to light up the realm he was in. This plane of space was unaccessible by any who didn't have a 'certain' chakra. This was a realm for beings who were above gods.

But the beauty and majesty of it almost felt like it could make any person feel like a king. Maybe this was heaven, maybe it was just another dimension of earth. Did it truly matter? Since he was alone, but sometimes he would get visits from other transmigrants every now and then, but all he needed was the peace and calm. Something which he wasn't afforded during his lifetime because of the endless wars and raising two boys, one calm, stern and focused, the other rambunctious, cheerful and exuberant.

Sometimes he would give anything just to relive the times and trials of raising the two people he loved more than anything in the world.

But now he was watching them again, reincarnated into two new individuals, however what he saw in the water was only a possible fate, and from what he knew of fate, was that it was changeable, like the wind.

But he knew, above all else that the two boys have the capacity to end, the cycle of hatred and bring about an armistice between his two sons or their destinies will be that of bloodshed, and hatred.

"I can only hope, that those two, will bring about an end, to everything." spoke Hagoromo, knowing and wanting more than ever, that his sons will bring about the peace he had dreamed of for so long.

Konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves. Founded during the Warring States period, by two of the worlds strongest shinobi, Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha. Konohagakure, set an example across the world, with many shinobi clans imitating that same example of the Senju and Uchiha clans, Konoha was praised for ending wars in the worlds, the most prevalent wars being the cold war of Asura and Indra's descendants.

Konoha was the strongest and oldest village, no one could question that, even the other major villages that had imitated Konoha would admit that, but it didn't stop them from trying to gain the upper hand over the Leaf village. An example of their strength would be their continued victories in the Shinobi world wars.

Iwa felt that they were the strongest, since Konoha was barely defending itself from their organised military.

However Konoha still won the war, even though the losses were great. This is why, as the strongest village, Konoha was blossoming with trade, profit, peaceful existence and above all happy times.

Madara and Hashirama's dream had finally become a reality, old rivals and bitter enemies were now friends and above all family. Old prejudices were turned away in favour of friendships and good greetings. People would wish for each other's safety and hope they would return home from their missions.

But above all Asura's ideals of cooperation and love was widely accepted within the village, an ideal that Hashirama called 'The Will of Fire', people would choose to live by it, an ideal that many believed to be an integral part of Konoha's power, the Will of Fire stated that the village were the people's family, and that every shinobi of Konoha would love, cherish and fight for their village to protect it just as their ancestors had done. According to the Sandaime Hokage, the Will of Fire gives people the power to believe, to continue fighting despite the odds that they may never win, it was a testament to their willpower and strength.

But now, peace was met and Konoha was prospering greatly from that peace.

The Third Shinobi World War had ended and the Yondaime Hokage had been chosen, Minato Namikaze, the main driving force in their victory against Iwa was chosen to take up the mantle of such an important role in the village.

Minato was an exceptionally powerful shinobi, that many had a flee on sight order, so their lives could be spared. Minato was one of the most gifted shinobi to have ever lived, his power easily rivalling that of the previous Hokage maybe even surpassing his predecessor, Hiruzen Sarutobi, a man reputed as the 'Shinobi no kami (god of Shinobi)' the very same title that Hashirama Senju had held during his lifetime.

Although there were other candidates that some felt were more suited to be Hokage, such as Orochimaru and Jiraiya of the Sannin, student of Hiruzen, Minato quickly changed the thoughts and doubts of the people through his actions as the village was ever growing stronger and more prosperous by the day under the blonde mans care.

Minato above all, was seen as one of the greatest Hokage to ever live and in a few years during his reign, he may also receive the title of Shinobi no kami. But still, sometimes Minato would hope that something exciting would happen every now and then, since paperwork was far too troublesome.

Right now, Minato was sitting in his office, with Hiruzen and his two advisor's Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado. They were currently a discussing a topic of heated debate, one that could make or break Konoha if it happened.

"I can only assume that the talks with Suna went down smoothly." spoke Hiruzen who was currently puffing on his pipe, loving the feel of tobacco filling his lungs. "Konoha would benefit greatly with an alliance with Suna, and the Kazekage would also benefit from some of Konoha's resources which their village sourly needs, such as medicinal herbs and water."

"I spoke with the Yondaime Kazekage personally, although he was rather blunt and impatient he also wished for a compromise between our respective wants and needs. Although he did make snide remarks about Konoha." spoke Minato, earning a frown from Homura and Koharu. "we were able to agree to a peace and alliance treaty between our villages, one of them being that we will trade some of our resources to Suna for their benefit, just enough os they can stabilise their situation, and the other that the respective village's would come to each other's aid, should we be attacked from other forces."

"Well, at least, we won't have to consider Suna our enemy for now." spoke Homura, who was a little pleased with the outcome. "But given our own wealth, I suppose we won't have to demand anything in return from the ninja of the Sand village."

"But also, our own military might has been rapidly growing with the introductions of the Hagormo clan, Iburi clan, and the Fūma clan. With the full devotion from the Kohaku clan, their ninja are already trying to prove themselves loyal to the village, most likely to gain power and status amongst their fellow clans." spoke Koharu, who was a little pleased at more ninja clans joining Konoha and therefor making it stronger.

"Either that or they're grateful that they now have a true home and wish to show their gratefulness by bringing in more funds for the village. But we can't deny that those clans will be essential to the power of Konoha." spoke Homura.

"The Fūma clan were surrounded by enemies from all sides and without a village backing them, they would have quickly been eliminated by Kumogakure, if we hadn't stepped in, one of the worlds strongest clans would have joined another village, or their friends, six ft in the ground." spoke Hiruzen, and he too saw the wisdom in what Minato had done, aiding to Fūma as he was gaining their loyalty through sending shinobi to assist them, although their were losses, they were made up for them by the Fūma clan wishing to join Konoha.

"The Kohaku clan were always hesitant at allowing their full might to join, Konoha, but with a little charisma and a lot of persuasion, I was able to have them join us, and according to reports, they are even happy." spoke Minato with a large grin, just smiling at the prospect of new friends seemed to make him giddy.

"However, the Hagoromo clan, have always had bitter resentment towards the leaf, maybe because they weren't initially invited to join the village, during the Shodaime's reign, or because their enemies the Senju clan helped found it." said Homura trying to discern the Hagoromo clans motives in joining Konoha.

"We were able to snuff out any resentment that the Hagoromo clan had towards Konoha, by giving them their own compound and place within the village, a home, something which they desperately wanted in the end. That should keep them happy in the long run, but, it may be a while before we have their loyalty." spoke Hiruzen, and even Minato knew he was right, since things such as new alliances were volatile at best, he hoped that like his previous Hokage, they could gain the Hagoromo clans friendship.

"And what of the Iburi clan. Given their weak bodies and unstable but yet powerful kekki genkai, something must have been worked out." questioned Koharu, over the Yondaime's actions.

"Don't worry about the Iburi, I know full well of what ails them, and I have one of the best working on their problem." reassured Minato as he turned around in his chair slightly.

"May I ask who?" queried Homura, which made Hiruzen smile and Minato to grin slightly.

"Well, you know, I just asked Tsunade for a few favours and she was wiling to come back." spoke Minato making Homura nad Koharu gasp in surprise.

"She's back in the village, how? Why? I thought she would never return." spoke Homura in shock at what he had just heard.

"She's not resuming her shinobi duties, but I was able to work out a compromise, she'll instead be taking control and working at the hospital, treating how shinobi and civilians, although she did say that she had lost faith in her medical skill... well lets just say she took a gamble, and lost." spoke Minato with a small grin.

At the hospital, Tsunade, the greatest kunoichi in the world was currently caring to an injured child who had broken her arm when trying to rescue her pet cat from a tree.

The child had come in screaming and crying, frightened for her arm which was throbbing in pain. Tsunade spent a good ten minutes trying to calm the poor girl down so she could treat her injury. She had to sing a lullaby that her father once sang to her when she was a little girl, the child was only four years old but the busty blonde could at least give it a try.

And to her own surprise the child had calmed down by the time Tsunade had reached the third verse. She then applied medical ninjutsu and was able to repair the damage to the girls arm.

"There you go." said Tsunade softly as she was wrapping a bandage around the small girls arm. Tsunade then turned to the mother of the girl who had a look of relief and happiness on her face.

"All you have to do is change the bandages weekly for three weeks, other than that, she'll be just fine." spoke Tsunade with a small smile.

"Thank you Tsunade-sama." said the mother taking her daughter's hand in her own.

"Bye bye miss." said the little waving at Tsunader who waved back with a small smile.

Things had certainly changed for Tsunade when she came back to the village, well it was more like Minato dragging he ass back to her home and knocking some sense into her.

When Minato had first appeared to her at some gambling den where of course, she was gambling her money away and getting herself dead drunk on sake. He asked her to return to the village and to serve as it's chief medic and advise the other medics and among other things. She had explained to him that she was no more less interested in going back to Konoha than to give away all her money for any reason other than gambling.

But knowing Minato ever since his childhood since her former teammate Jiraiya had introduced her to Minato and his own teammates. She knew that the blonde man was as determined as you can get, so for a week he travelled with her, well more like stalked her until he got his answer. Everyday she would wake up and she would see Minato waiting for her answer. If only she could flatten him like a bulldozer, but she knew that would get her in more trouble than she was worth.

Eventually he came up with a compromise, well technically it was the same question he was asking her. She said right to his face, that she would never return as a shinobi of Konoha, but Minato retorted with the fact that he just asked her to be the head-medic and not a shinobi on the front lines or performing missions and such. She felt so stupid, that she didn't ask for any other details on what Minato wanted.

But what she didn't know was the blonde mans ulterior motive in asking her to return. Minato, was a shrewd man, who never did anything without a clear purpose, he knew that if Tsunade would return to being a medic than maybe she could find solace and healing through the physical healing of others. Although she didn't answer him after finding out what he really wanted, he still had to drag her back to the village.

So now here she was, and she had to say, that maybe returning to Konoha was actually a good idea. It gave her happiness to know that she was bringing happiness to others through simply healing cuts and bruises to saving lives and repairing mortal injuries, sometimes she would just watch the tears of relief trail down peoples faces knowing that their loved ones were still with them.

This was one of the reason's to why she became a medic of renown, one to follow and be like her legendary grandfather, who was reputed to be the greatest medic in the world, capable of healing himself and others without forming seals, they just to be in his presence to be healed, and she would admit in a heartbeat that she was no where near his level, but she was able to replicate his abilities through various means such as her summonings and her Byakugō no In (Strength of a hundred seal).

The other reason was to make people happy, seeing their smiles and joyous laughs. A light would warm up in her, like a small sun, a heartbeat. Life was indeed cruel, but it could also be the greatest thing in the world. But creating life, yourself, that maybe one of the most perfect things in the world. When she looked back on her life, Tsunade knew that she had missed out on so many things. But the one she felt the most remorse for was, being a mother, she wanted to be one so much, she wanted to love a child and that child to love her unconditionally in return. The Senju line would die with her, the last of the mighty clan.

Would her parents, her grandparents be disappointed in her for not continuing the clan of a thousand hands. But she didn't care, she was the last Senju, and she would do what she wanted.

She heard a knock that snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Tsunade-sama?" said a voice, The blonde haired Senju turned her head to see her apprentice, the niece of her late lover Dan. Shizune.

That was one person she took with her when Dan died, Shizune his only living relative, Dan's sister had died on a mission and Shizune's father died before she was born leaving Dan to care for her as the last of her family, but when Dan died Tsunade took it upon herself to raise Shizune, who loyally followed her as her student and attendant, even though the black haired girl would become exasperated with her master's gambling habits.

"Tsuande-sama, the Yondaime is here to see you." spoke Shizune who was currently holding several files and folders in her hand.

"Fine, send him in Shizune." spoke Tsunade, a little depressed since she was broken from her thoughts. Tsunade let her thoughts travel again, but this time to Minato, she didn't know what to think of the man, but she would say that she was thankful to him for bringing her back to Konoha.

She then saw Minato, her Yondaime walk into her office, with that bright smile and his golden hair bouncing around.

"Tsunade, how is the progress on the Iburi's kekki genkai?" asked Minato happily as he entered the busty blonde haired woman's office. Although she was irked that he just barged into her office without a care in the world, he could at least knock, maybe if she threw a mug at him, that would teach him a lesson.

"The Iburi's kekki genkai is like nothing I have seen before, it's highly unstable and uncontrollable, from research, it seems that the kekki genkai manifests itself in the younger generations among the clan and is seemingly stronger too, it works on a similar basis to the Hōzuki clan, where their shinobi can transform their bodies into water." spoke Tsunade as she took out a clipboard that held the information on the Iburi clan. "My research seems to suggest that the only way to stabilise the kekki genkai is through the use of advanced and powerful Fūinjutsu, and this seal would also have the effect of returning the Iburi's dispersed form and coalesce it back into a solid form, as usually the case in the clan, is that dispersion equals death, although they wouldn't be the best opponents against wind users this fūinjutsu must work in a way that returns the dispersed chakra back into the solid body."

"Well, I can probably figure out a way, although I will have to utilise research of my own and with some help from Kushina." said Minato while rubbing his head nervously.

"Kushina? Are you talking about that cute, fiery red-head that use to scream about becoming Hokage to the entire world?" questioned Tsunade as she raised her eyebrow at her Hokage.

"The one and the same." spoke Minato with a forced smile and some sweat rolling down his neck, however after years of being a kunoichi and having expertise in psychology, Tsunade could immediately tell that something was bothering the Hokage, of course it was like someone shoved a neon sign in her face.

"What happened between you two? The last time I heard, you two were hitting it off." queried Tsunade as she took out a sake bottle from one of her draws and two cups.

"Well I'd rather not say, it's a bit too personal." said Minato obviously feeling uncomfortable about the while thing.

"Sit down, this is obviously going to take a while." spoke Tsunade already pouring the sake into the cup.

"I'm really sorry, but really I can't." said Minato crouching a little and holding his hands out in front of him.

"Sit!" ordered Tsauned releasing a small amount of killing intent at the Hokage. Minato deflated a little and breathed a heavy sigh before drooping down into a chair opposite Tsunade where he grasped the small cup in his hand. "So whats going on with you two? Really?"

"Well, how can I say this... I proposed to Kushina." said Minato who's face took a passive expression.

"Then, why are you moping around like you are. It's not like she said 'no'." said Tsunade taking a swig of her sake. However seeing Minato's solemn face only confirmed Tsunade's worst and last thoughts. "She really did say 'no'."

"I even had the ring ready and everything. I proposed to her on the Hokage tower, everything was perfect, but she said no and ran off." confessed Minato as he himself took a swig of sake and then gestured for Tsunade to pour some more sake. "She didn't even give me a good reason 'why' she said no."

"I'm sorry, I don't think I can emphasise with something like that." spoke Tsunade showing genuine care for the golden blonde in-front of her, which made Minato grin a little.

"But still, whats done is done, don't beat yourself up over it, then plenty of birds in the sky. I'm sure you may find someone else, if not just get over Kushina and focus on your Hokage duties." said Tsunade providing some advice for the young kage.

"May you be one of those birds in the sky?" playfully questioned Minato, now a little happier at hearing Tsunade's advice.

"Haha, it will be a thousand years before that happens. Besides as if you can get your hands on 'this'." said Tsunade gesturing to her whole body making Minato laugh a little.

And so without saying anything, they continued to drink their troubles away, one bottle after the other. And soon without realising it, both were completely drunk, their movements, thoughts and actions were uncontrollable .

"What... was it you said? Tsunade... about... getting my hands on you." spoke a slurred Minato as he took another swig of alcohol.

"I... said... something like that, maybe, you can try if you like." spoke Tsunade with a hint of allure in her voice and revealing some of her ample bosom to her fellow blonde.

Primal instincts and the laws of nature coming over Minato, he swiftly pinned Tsunade to her desk and quickly stripped her of her clothes and both began to experience the pleasures of their actions... and their consequences.

A few hours later and for some unknown and yet magical reason, no one seemed to disturb them during their 'exercise'. Light shone through the window of Tsunade's office, hitting her in the face, making her groan in complaint. She opened her eyes wearily and was blinded by the rays of the sun.

She tried to sit herself up only for a massive headache to hit her, as if running into a brick wall. She then noticed that she was bare naked, the only thing seemingly covering her modesty was her green haori that was just barely covering her 'sacred' places.

She searched around her room, and some of her items in her office were scrambled about and were in odd places, she then checked herself over to find that her lipstick was smudged, her hair was dishevelled and all the other things you will find after a certain practice.

Her brown then landed on a bare back that was sitting a bit away from her. She could tell it was a male because of the body shape and he had a coat with red flame motifs covering his own modesty and he had golden sun hair that could-

'oh my god.' thought Tsunade, regaining her memory over what had transpired. There were questions thrown back and forth, drinking and lust.

She should chide herself for being so foolish and unprofessional. It all came to her, like a wave crashing down upon her. She had just slept with the Yondaime Hokage.

She did what any hormonal fangirl or fear-stricken woman would do. She screamed.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Tsunade probably loud enough for the entire village to hear, the high volume of her voice did the job in waking her companion who jolted from his sleep and was met wit ha splitting headache and a mortified busty blonde haired woman.

"Tsunade? What are you doing in my house?" asked Minato with squinted eyes while rubbing his blonde hair.

"We're not in your house, You're in my office." grunted Tsunade with flames flickering off her form.

"Really? The what happened after we got drunk?" questioned Minato as he got off the ground while still shielding himself with his coat.

"YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME WHEN I WAS DRUNK!" shouted Tsunade at the top of her lungs while pointing an accusating finger at her Hokage.

"I RESENT THAT THAT ACCUSATION!" shouted back Minato.

"BUT YOU DON't DENY IT!" replied Tsunade which made Minato stop and pause to think about what she said.

"We-" before he could actually say anything, he saw a book flying towards his face and if it wasn't for his great speed it would have smacked him right in the face. He then saw a pencil pot also fly towards him and he ducked at that also.

He then looked at up to see Tsunade standing up still shielding herself with her haori and just randomly and blindly throwing things at him while flames of female fury were licking themselves off her form. He was dodging and ducking trying not to be hit by the books, pencils, chairs and any weapons Tsunade had on her while also trying to get changed into his clothes.

Two months later, nothing had really changed for Tsunade or Minato, although things were incredibly awkward between the two of them, they had told no one what had transpired, and it seems that no one would find out.

They had also successfully stabilised the Iburi's kekki genkai where they could reform even if their form was dispersed by wind, through powerful chakra based seals. And right now, everyone was happy in the Hidden Leaf Village, it almost seemed as if nothing could go wrong.

Tsunade was currently in her office, writing off reports for her patients. It had been two months since 'that' incident and even Tsunade knew, that something was wrong, she had been getting dizzy, nauseous sometimes she would nearly faint. She knew of one of two things she was experiencing, and she only hoped it wasn't what she thought it was and if so, it would cause a huge scandal in the village maybe some trouble outside of it also.

She was about to sign another document before a wave of nausea washed over her, quickly reacted she only had a split second before she threw up in the bin vomiting up the breakfast she ate that morning. Being a medic she knew what it was, she only hoped that she wasn't what she dreaded.

A few hours later Tsunade had met with Shizune because she was the only person she trusted with such delicate knowledge.

So now Tsunade was wearing a hospital gown and was having a medical checkup being performed by Shizune. This checkup was to confirm or deny what Tsunade had been fearing for the past two months.

Shizune was sending medical chakra into Tsunade's navel, searching for the thing which would make sense of everything.

And there Shizune found it, a small but fast beating pulse, then it was true. Shizune had first thought that Tsunade was anemic, but no, it wasn't as simple as that.

"Congratulations, Tsunade-sama, you're going to be a mother." spoke softly and a little happy at the prospect believing that her master can finally achieve happiness in her life by raising another.

Tsunade got up into a sitting position, digesting the news she had just been given. On one hand she was unbelievably angry at Minato for knocking her up, she felt like she had to march over to the Hokage tower and make the blonde haired man into a human pretzel and would live the rest of his life eating through a tube.

While on the other hand she felt like she should break down and cry, not in sadness or regret but over sheer happiness, she finally got what she wanted the entire time, although she was slightly disappointed that the father of her child wasn't her late lover, Dan. But it changed very little as it was her child, a life she helped to create. She could be a mother, maybe she could finally be happy.

But this also created a certain problem. Telling the father. Knowing Minato he might just faint at the news.

But right now, the feeling she was feeling most was most likely anger.

So now she was stomping towards the Hokage tower, intent on confronting the father of her child. Shizune was trying to calm Tsunade with Tsunade's pet pig Tonton also trying to comfort her master.

However it seems as if Tsunade was on autopilot. Many civilians who were in her way started clearing the area as the woman's footsteps were shakign the ground around everyone making some seek shelter from the wrathful Senju survivor.

One such individual being the Uchiha matriarch Mikoto Uchiha who only stared in surprise seeing Senju leader stomping away through the village, and you could clearly see the large belly she had symbolising that she was with child the same as Tsunade. However Mikoto's good sense got the better of her and decided to stay out of Tsunade's way.

Minato was currently in his office speaking with Hiruzen, Koharu and Homura and were discussing their recently successful missions with the village's new clans, Homura and Koharu especially were happy since this only made the village stronger and it seemed like something that their shadowy friend of theirs would enjoy.

"So Minato, have you heard the requests we have been receiving to heal the Kurama clan's new heir, Murakumo's daughter, Yakumo Kurama who had just been recently born.

"Yes, apparently the Kurama heiress, Yakumo, was born with a weak body that prohibits the bodily requirements of being a shinobi, however, there may be a way to fix that, if we have Tsunade to look into it." spoke Minato telling his advisors of his plans.

"That would be acceptable, given her medical mastery." said Homura, agreeing with Minato on the subject.

Minato reached for his cup of water which was by his side, but when he was about to grasp it, the cup shook ever so slightly and it shook again, the water in the cup becoming disturbed.

Then he felt a sharp sting in his back, it didn't hurt but he knew that it was quite an ominous feeling and his body froze almost as if it was encased in ice. Hiruzen seeing Minato pause knew that something was coming, and that something was gunning for Minato specifically.

They then felt the entire office shake, things milling about the room were crashing to the floor and shaking spontaneously. All three higher ups turned their heads to the closed doors of the Hokage office and the shaking and the giant pulses only grew in size and strength, they could hear muffled talk from a high pitched voice and some oinking but the voices had little to o effect on the miniature earthquakes shaking through the tower.

And suddenly the pulsing stopped and nothing could be heard or felt through the office.

But all that changed when the door to the Hokage office went flying off it's hinges and straight over the heads of the people in the room who were currently gaping like fish out of water at what was happening.

However Minato was sweating incredibly at the sight before his eyes.

An amazingly irate Tsunade with glowing red eyes and black flames of the power known as female fury flickering off her, with what appeared to be a demonic face being made from the flames whose eyes were currently boring into those of Minato who he briefly mistook for death at the moment.

Shizune and Tonton meanwhile were peaking on the side of the wall only hoping that everyone would walk, mostly unscathed from this event.

Regaining his pride, and stoic Hokage demeanor, Minato knew that he would have to confront Tsunade, even if it might kill him.

"Tsunade... Can this wait, I'm currently meeting with my advisors." spoke Minato ignoring everything around him and the numerous cracks and holes in the walls and corridors of his tower and the broken window along with his now missing door.

"I need to talk to you." said Tsunade who was currently grinding her teeth, obviously trying not to do something that would cause an insurmountable amount of trouble.

"Um, ok, talk." said Minato and quietly gestured to his ANBU that protected him to stand down, so they probably wouldn't die or lose some limbs in the process.

"In private." said Tsunade crossing her arms under her bust.

"Im sorry Tsunade, but we are having a necessary meeting as to how the village will be adjusting to the new arrivals of the recent clans joining our village." spoke Hiruzen as he puffed on his pipe.

"Well then, I guess I have to say it out loud... You knocked me up." said Tsunade bluntly to Minato whose mind failed to compute what she just said, while Koharu and Homura's jaws dropped to the ground utterly flabbergasted at what she just said. Hiruzen gave every ounce of his willpower not to burst out laughing at the faces of Homura and Koharu or fainting after hearing that his student was pregnant with his successor's child.

However, Tsunade barely hid her anger at the expressions the three had (excluding Hiruzen). She didn't want to tell Koharu and Homura but since they were having such an 'important' meeting that they had to be there when she dropped the news.

"But, there must be a mistake, I mean how could we." said Minato completely overcome by the news.

"It's called sex, it's usually how babies are made, right?" replied Tsunade sarcastically, right now from what Minato said, it didn't seem like he wanted to be the father of her child, he possibly didn't want anything to with it.

"I, I see." said Minato who was looking dow nat the ground. Nobody could see his expression and his face was shadowed.

"Yondaime?" questioned Koharu who saw the state her leader was in.

"Are, are you going to abort it?" asked Minato with a hint of sincerity. But little did he know that his words were conveying the wrong feelings to what he had.

"Abort it? You mean kill it before it even has a chance to live." whispered Tsunade, and of course being pregnant it means she of course was susceptible to hormones and mood swings where even the smallest amount of words can turn an innocent butterfly it a raging hornet. Soon small amounts of tears began dripping off her cheeks, just the mere thought of killing her baby just seemed to fill with nothing but misery, she had been carrying the small being inside of her for two months now, and she would admit it as if she was admitting the tragedies in her life, that she loved her unborn child more than anything in the world. "If you think, i'm going to kill this baby, even if you don't want it, then don't be a part of it's life as I will not kill it just because it's convenient for you." hissed Tsunade her anger growing at the blonde hokage like a rising flame.

"No." whispered Minato and now Tsunade could now see tears falling down his face. "I don't want you to abort, to be truthful, I'm happy, happier then I've ever been, yes I'm shocked but, well maybe this can work out." said Minato raising his head looking Tsunade straight into her eyes.

"Because I'm going to be father."

And with those few words Tsuande's doubts and anger quickly subsided and was replaced with relief, knowing that Minato won't abandon the child.

"This is truly tremendous news. A Senju heir at last." spoke a voice which made a cold chill run down the spine of everyone in the room.

All five occupants looked behind them to see Danzō Shimura, standing in-front of Shizune while the black haired girl looked uneasy.

"Danzō." said Minato carefully.

"Yondaime." replied the bandaged man.

"How long have you been skulking there Danzō?" questioned Hiuzen adopting a dangerous look in his eye.

"Just enough to understand the situation." responded the ROOT commander. "I was on my way to the tower while I was walking through the halls I noticed that nearly hall of them had large cracks and holes in it, and when I saw Tsunade's apprentice it confirmed my beliefs." spoke Danzō more politely than what he was known for saying.

"However the news of such a thing, it's truly pleasing." spoke Danzō obviously telling the truth to what he was spouting. "A child of the most powerful and feared clan in the world whose father just happens to be the most powerful and feared man in the world already confirms the child's talent and potential." said Danzō talking about Minato and Tsunade's child as if it was a thing and not a person.

"I don't see how such a thing would involve you Danzō." said Homura, wondering on what Danzō's plans were, as the Senju clans hopes and dreams now rest on this child, since he found unlikely that Minato and Tsunade would have any more children.

"It already does, as I have had my ROOT agents spread word throughout the village informing the people and shinobi that one of their two founding clans will continue to live. I think you can already hear the cries of joy from within this room." said Danzō making Minato and Tsunade grit their teeth and rage to fuel their eyes as that certain information was incredibly personal and scandalous.

Hiruzen, hearing what Danzō had done stood up from his chair and looked the black haired man in the eye.

"You had little right to do that Danzō, how dare you leak such personal news, even before the parents were comfortable enough to share them." berated Hiruzen at his old friend.

"It is for the good of the village and the good of the people to know that the Shodaime will have a living legacy." spoke Danzō trying to justify his reasons for leaking the information.

"I have to agree with Hiruzen on this matter, the villagers would have found out eventually but this wasn't the right time for it, it may also cause an overwhelming amount of trouble for the other villages who might learn of this information, and add to the fact that Tsunade was uncomfortable even telling the father, I doubt she also wouldn't be comfortable having everyone in the village know that she is with child." said Koharu supporting the Senju leader and the Hokage.

"Also this situation is delicate, it must be handled with tact, otherwise the while thing may be blown out of proportion, and the last thing we need is to stress Tsunade while she is carrying an important package. Also, we could have just revealed that Tsunade is pregnant and withhold the information of the Yondaime being the father, things may have been easier, but with you leaking this information the other villages may take violent action, they may feel threatened by the arrival of a new Senju in the world, one with great potential, such as Kumo, or will take militaristic movements against Konoha for what Minato did during the war and the hundreds of shinobi he slaughtered, I know that Ōnoki the Sandaime Tsuchikage will not take this news tenderly." said Homura relaying the consequences of everyone's actions.

"Then so be it, I will have my ROOT agents monitor Tsunade and protect her from threats of need be until the heir is born." responded Danzō not caring for the other village's intentions but his own, he was currently plotting something devious, and I'm pretty sure you all know what he wants by now.

And still Shizune has said nothing to contribute to this entire conversation.

"Enough!" shouted Tsunade not liking how the conversation was mainly revolving around her and yet no one seems to care what she thought "First of all, I'm not helpless, I'm pregnant, it doesn't make me any more dangerous than how I was before I got knocked up. And I don't want your drones following me around and reporting my every move to you."

"I agree with Tsunade." Said Minato, as he didn't like the idea of Danzō's men spying on Tsunade 24/7. "Besides, I think there is someone much more suited for the job at protecting Tsunade."

"I don't need protection." grunted Tsunade with her arms still crossed under her bust.

"You will need protection when you're nine months pregnant and can't move as well as you used to." deadpanned Minato to which Tsunade had no retort. "Please come out Kakashi." said Minato where a boy no old than thirteen appeared wearing the standard gear of the ANBU black ops and a mask that resembled a dogs face.

"I'm pretty sure you know of everything correct?" queried Minato where the young ANBU member nodded. "Do you accept this mission?" asked Minato with a slightly stern gaze as he was assigning Kakashi to protect his unborn child, to which Kakashi nodded again symbolising his acceptance and quickly disappeared from sight.

"He's a talkative one." commented Tsunade. Although she was a little irked that she was being watched as if she was a fragile doll, she was relieved that it was someone Minato trusted and not any of Danzō's men.

"Kakashi can be trusted, he's just going through a few troubling things thats all." assured Minato easing some of Tsunade's doubts.

"Well given all the excitement thats happened today, I think should head back to my compound, I'm getting really tired, not sure if it's from the pregnancy or something else." said Tsunade who was walking out of the room but not before casting a suspicious eye on Danzō. Tsunade bid goodbye to her sensei and left the Hokage tower with Shizune and her pet pig Tonton in tow.

"Now, all we need is to fix the damages to Hokage tower that Tsunade made." said Hiruzen casting a small grin which made everyone sigh at the broken glass and doors and holes in the walls that Tsunade created.

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