Rebirth of the Two Sons

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The village was quiet, nothing could be heard but the wind blowing the leaves of the trees that dotted the village and the landscape. People were frolicking about enjoying their lives without cares and worries, a peaceful paradise that all could enjoy, no one in the village was cruel to the other, they weren't by means nasty or prejudiced, they weren't turning a blind eye to the ones who needed it. Their eyes were only reserved for the people who had earned their love and respect. The Will of Fire was shining brightly in the hearts of the people and all were enjoying their time they had with their loved ones and friends. There was little pain in the village replaced only with the pleasures that life had.

Even the Hot springs was free of perverts and other unsavoury people. Less wounded and sadness came from the hospital, thanks to the aid of the village's head medic, Tsunade Senju, head of the Senju clan of a thousand hands, and chief medic of the village, and mother of the village's most notorious 'criminal'. The Inuzuka were breeding more dogs and adding their clan members to tracking teams which has greatly uplifted the stress of the criminals who were escaping justice, The Uchiha police force led by Fugaku Uchiha had been hard at work at decreasing the amount of crimes in the village and catching the guilty parties hidden among the people, although they have been rather aggressive in their duties. The Hyūga clan have been deploying front line forces and have been aiding in the military strength of the village along with Hagoromo, Kohaku, Iburi, Sarutobi, Shimura, Fūma, Kurama, Akimichi and Aburame clans while the Yamanaka and Nara forces have been contributing to the intel division and interrogation of the village as well as the coordination of the village's forces.

Right now the village had fully recovered from the attack of the Kyūbi seven years ago. Though the beast itself was stewing in a prison within a boy's body, that boy being the most famous prankster of the village, Naruto Senju. Tsunade in the years has had trouble controlling Naruto as he was just as rambunctious and full of energy as he was when he was a toddler. The boy who had never been truly noticed by the people as he was the son of the Yondaime and great-grandson of the Shodaime. The boy as a way of seeking attention had resorted to pranks and jokes among the village, though the pranks never hurt anyone and were just a bit of silly fun and it sometimes made his mother laugh at what he did.

Naruto along with his partner's in crime, Sasuke Uchiha and their respective companions the dragon, Tentō, the white light, and the tiger Yochi, the black shadow. The two (mostly Naruto) would go around pranking the villager's, well it was more like Naruto pranking them and Sasuke tagging along and the one the blame was mostly pinned, from painting the Hyūga's underwear pink, orange and yellow, to dropping stink bombs right on top of passing by Inuzuka's and stealing the food from the Akimichi's and replacing them with just tofu, the most hated enemy of the Akimichi's, only to return the food later on when they had their fun though they would leave them the gift of taking the oreo's (the biscut) cream filling and replacing it with toothpaste, the unhappy cries coming from the Akimichi were sometimes too much for Naruto and Sasuke to handle.

They were criminals in a way, as sometimes they would prank other people such as hiding alarm clocks in people's (Jiraiya's) room and set for 3:00 am in the morning. Filling people's hair dryers with baby powder and watch the chaos happen. Placing a 'house for sale' sign in front of someone's house, leading many to walk into and stand by the house inspecting it. Sometimes stupid things such as they took objects from the Hokage such as pen and paper while leaving a ransom note, or changing into multiple sets of clothes and acting like nothing happened, confusing people, hiding food in trash can and when someone came by the take the food out of the can and eat it front of people, switching the push and pull signs on doors.

But their best prank would be the time that they never pranked anyone, they left a poor unlucky sap (Jiraiya) a cryptic note saying they were going to be pranked later in the day, so they watched Jiraiya walk around the village with sweat on his neck and with teeth chattering expecting someone (Naruto) to prank him, but the funny part was they never pranked him, it was just funny watching him act that way.

Although both boys would never skip classes and only prank others when they had the time.

Mikoto and Tsunade often wondered if the two boys were just human batteries, they were just so full of energy that they could power the entire village if you connected them to an electrical pole.

But at the moment, Naruto with his accomplice and friendly dragon friend, Tentō were currently outside the village hot springs, planning their newest prank. Sasuke and Yochi at the moment were back at their clan compound practicing their taijutsu and coordinated attacks with each other. Naruto sneakily grinned to his dragon to which the dragon also tried to grin but to no avail and was about to execute his mastermind plan that only a fool could fail at.

"Alright, Tentō, you know what to do." said Naruto with a large grin to which Tentō tried to force the equivalent of a grin only to fail miserably, again. With that said Tentō slithered away and kept low to the ground making his way to the entry points for both the male and female hot springs.

With the plan now in action Tentō snuck up to the signs that identified the Hot springs and plucked the individual and different signs from their places and carefully replaced them with their opposite sign and flew back to Naruto where he perched on his master's shoulders. So now the female sign was above the door to the male hot spring and the male sign was above the door to the female hot spring.

Naruto tried to hold back his laughter at his ingenious thinking and his cunning mind. He grinned maliciously at the prospects of the prank and was saddened a little that Sasuke wasn't here to join him and he too would find it... amusing. Smirking like an evil genius who had the epiphany of world domination through some kind of over-extravagant plan he looked behind a corner to see his godfather Jiraiya who was visiting the village for a while, the self proclaimed super-pervert was currently writing down notes on his pad, probably thinking up ideas for his next book.

With phase two of the plan now underway Naruto ducked behind the corner and made a handseal for one of the most basic jutsu in the world, one even he could master.

"Henge no jutsu (Transformation technique)!" and in place of Naruto a beautiful brunette with blue eyes wearing casual clothing was standing in his place with a ratehr sizable bust that was barely held back with the casual shirt she was wearing. The disguised Naruto walked around the corner to which Jiraiya immediately focused his attention on with big eyes and a quivering lip.

Naruto under his persona, winked seductively at the pervert to which Jiraiya had a small trickle of blood leaking from his nose and a noticeable blush to appear on his face, Naruto then walked into the Hot Springs with Jiraiya trailing after 'him' who had drool leaking from his mouth.

Naruto then ducked into the 'female' Hotsprings which actually led to the male Hot spring. Jiraiya knowing he couldn't follow walked into the 'male' Hot spring so to bore out a hole between the bamboo barrier blocking the two genders.

When Naruto walked into the hot spring he discarded his clothing and disguise of course and dunked himself into the water with Tentō swimming around, squeaking in delight at the feeling of the warm liquid against his scales. Naruto in the meantime waited for the sweetest music in the world to which he was chuckling like a mad man, oh yeah today was a good day indeed.

When Jiraiya walked into the Hot spring ready to do his 'research', I think we all know what kind of research he was unaware of the danger he was walking into. When he closed the door behind he was giggling like a schoolgirl and grinning like a child on Christmas. When he turned around to begin his research the first thing that happened was he had a chronic nose bleed at the sight before him, multiple naked women who were each staring at him, their eyes like knives drilling into his skin.

And in response bright red flames appeared all around their forms and their eyes went black and each pulled out a deadly and dangerous weapon from the water, from knives, axes, swords, bows and arrows, spears, flails, well anything sharp really. Only upon seeing the weapons did Jiraiya's brain reboot to register what was happening.

Seeing all the lethal women Jiraiya with his danger senses tingling, high-tailed it out of there so to not be killed, or worse, castrated, he then screamed like a small girl with all the women chasing after him through the village, of course wearing towels.

Naruto meanwhile was laughing his ass off in the male Hot spring, the success of the prank went off without a hitch and nothing was making him happier, he wiped away a tear of joy from his eye and left the hot spring, not before placing the signs back to their original location.

So now he was walking back to his compound where his loving mother would be waiting for him and he found her waiting at the gate of their compound. However instead of the sweet and smiling Tsunade he was usually accustomed to, instead was the roaring flames of righteous female fury of that which was his mother, She seemed to be standing ten feet tall with glowing red eyes and flames flickering off her form and scorching the ground she was standing on.

"Heh, heh, hey mom." said Naruto nervously as he scratched the back of his head and with beads of sweat rolling down the back of his neck and his hairs were standing up on end while his form got all the more smaller while in her presence. "How are you?"

"Oh, I'm fine, but I heard the strangest thing when I saw Tentō flying around the hot springs, and you know that I know that Tentō never leaves your side, so, what were you doing at the hot springs?" She asked all sweet like which belied a darker, more sinister intent. Naruto was sweating a little but tried to control himself so not to show any signs of weakness which would certainly mean his doom.

"Just teaching ero-sennin a lesson." spoke Naruto carefully while his mother's angry eyes kept staring him into the ground, Tentō meanwhile had ducked and taken cover behind Naruto so to also not suffer the wrath of Tsunade Senju. And Tsunade along with Naruto just kept staring at the other, the two never flinching, one from her iron will and the other from inherent fear. Throughout the exchange Naruto had difficulty maintaining eye contact with his mother as her glare could quite possibly cut mountains in half. And the one thing that was certain to him throughout his short life, never piss off his mother, as it always tended to have, deadly consequences.

Soon the righteous flames around Tsuande began to settle and her eyes devolved back into their sweet warmth, Naruto literally had to hold back a sigh of relief, whenever his mother punished him it wasn't the usual timeout or being sent to a corner, it was called 'punishment training' and whatever training Naruto was doing he would have to triple it in intensity, especially if it was his mother's dodge training as she threw nearly just about anything at him.

"Well good, that'll teach the pervert not to go peeking for some time." said Tsunade who smiled at her son. Both parties along with the small dragon, walked into the clan compound. Today for Tsuande it felt like an important day for her and her son, she would have to guide him into knowing how to rule over a clan and act as the head, as it was her duty so shall it be Naruto's once he came of age. It used to be in the Senju, a more archaic and strength based moarchy, if you wanted to lead, you would have to have been the strongest, this constitution was soon abolished shortly after the village was created and was replaced by an absolute monarchy within the clan, through specific bloodlines within said clan, Hashirama's bloodline established the heir apparent legislation and his descendants have ruled the clan ever since, starting with Tsunade's father then moving onto Tsunade who would pass on the role to, of course, her only child.

But there was a special room, containing memento's of their clan.

"Naru-chan, please come with me." spoke Tsunade who was still walking with her son. Naruto gave his mother a puzzled look and decided not to question her as he followed her through the clan compound. They kept passing by doors and rooms which only served to confuse the Senju heir as to their destination. Whatever his mother had in store for him, he could feel that it would somehow give him an understanding of what it would be as the head of the clan, even though there were only two members left, it wasn't much of a clan.

When they made it to their destination, all Naruto saw a large door that obviously led to a room, when his mother pressed her hand into the centre of the door and releasing some of her chakra the door slid opened and the sound of refined concrete grinding against a tough surface was all that was heard.

When they walked in they immediately were beholden to the sight of multiple stone statue's spiralling around the area, each was different as it differed from gender to appearance. But each was unique that each person had different features that identified them but each one was using the dragon handseal, there wasn't one who wasn't using the seal.

Naruto took the time to look at each statue observing their unmoving and hard faces, he felt something, in this room, it reverberated through the walls and resounding off the statues, somehow this place, gave off a very strange feeling, something which he hardly felt before and it amazed him to no end. He then turned to his mother who walked towards a statue. He then noticed that the room spiralled downwards where more statures were lined into the walls and like before they were casting the dragon handseal.

He then joined his mother who was still staring at the same statue, upon closer inspection he noticed that it was a statue of his great-grandfather, Hashirama Senju, although the statues were colourless aside from the colour that the stone was made from. His ancestor was wearing the standard shinobi dress of that era consisting of armour, similar to that of the samurai, constructed from numerous metal plates formed into multiple protective guards that bore their clan symbol. He had long hair that reached his waist and he was wearing the hitai-ate of the village.

But like his mother, he was drawn, to the statue for some reason, he had seen the face of his great-grandfather many times, it was on a mountain after all. But this time there was something else, it felt familiar. In fact everything in the room felt familiar.

"This room was created to house the statues of our previous clan heads, to honour them even after their deaths." spoke Tsunade as she kept staring at the statue of her grandfather fondly remembering the man before his untimely passing. "Each statue within this room was created for exemplary clan heads of the Senju, some of the greatest shinobi of their times and among the most treasured in the clan. Although we stopped making the statue's after my grandfather's death."

Though she soon noticed that her son wasn't listening to her as he was too ingrained in interest of the statue. He just stared blankly into his ancestor's eyes and he seemed to notice a certain twinkle in them, it almost felt like he knew his great-grandfather, Hashirama Senju, almost as much as he knew himself.

"Is everything, alright Naru-chan." asked Tsunade as she placed a soft hand on her son's shoulder which made him jolt a little from the contact.

"Yeah, it's just I have this weird feeling." said Naruto as he looked up at his mother making her raise an eyebrow at him, mainly in curiosity with a hint of concern.

"It's just. I feel like I know them somehow." spoke Naruto which made Tsunade narrow her eyes a little at what he was saying. Did Naruto somehow feel a connection for people he had never met before, granted they were from the same clan and were kinsmen it would have been near impossible for Naruto to know these people. Deciding to move the subject along, Tsunade was going to introduce the three clan heads before her grandfather's time, three who were revered within the Senju clan for their bravery and might.

They walked up to the statue closest to Hashirama's. It was of a slender and youthful woman with wide eyes and combed hair which reached waist-length and was worn in a long braid down the front of her body, like her successor, Hashirama, she wore the standard dress of those times, consisting of overlapping armour, although hers was slender and more fit for agility and she had a long obi tired around her waist.

"This Naru-chan is-" though she was cutoff by her son who informed her of the woman's name.

"Retsu Senju." said Naruto with a smile as he somehow recognised the statue of the woman. Tsunade then looked back at the statue and noticed that there was no writing anywhere, so it was impossible to know who it was before hand unless you read up on her.

"That's right Naru-chan." said Tsunade forcing a smile to which Naruto didn't notice, the smile hid her more cautious and curious side, as to how Naruto knew of the person in-front of him, he was never really bothered to learn the names of the clan heads. They then moved on to the next staue.

The next statue was of a man who was easily the largest in the room, the statue stood and 9'4 ft tall and the statue easily towered over the small body of Naruto who had to strain his head just to look the statue in the eyes. The statue belonged to a man with shoulder-length hair with a single lock hanging in-front of his face with wolf-like ears. He wore rounded armour around his shoulders and armour plating on his torso.

"And this is-" started Tsunade but again she was cutoff by her son who spoke out the name of the old Senju clan head.

"Sajin Senju." spoke Naruto as he was craning his neck at the statue, this time, Tsunade didn't smile like before, she only watched as her son stared at the statue. Like before there was no writing on the statue and there was little to no information on Sajin Senju as most of the records about him were destroyed during a horrible war between the Senju and their rivals the Uchiha.

They continued on to the last statue they were going to inspect with Tsunade watching her son through the corner of her eye.

The last statue was of a woman of average height with a slender build. She had waist-length hair that was tied into a ponytail with bangs framing her face and covering her ears. She wore a sleeveless haori shirt with hakama pants tied with an obi with arm warmers climbing up her from her knuckles to her biceps.

"Thats Yoruichi Senju." stated Naruto again knowing the name of the clan head without having any prior source of knowledge, it was strange to her, how Naruto could know these people as if they were life-long friends of his. It didn't add up, this little field trip was to only educate and give a hint towards Naruto's future life as head of the Senju clan, it was a custom in the clan to learn of the previous heads when you near the age to take up the mantle of the head, yet here he was, seven years old and already knowing the names of the former clan heads when he had no prior knowledge of them.

She was going to have to look but there was a question that must be confirmed no matter what.

"Naru-chan, how do you know these people?" questioned Tsunade as she stared down at her son, who turned to look at her with a slightly confused expression.

"Well, I don't know, I just do, it's like, I'm connected to them." spoke Naruto as he looked back at the statue of Yoruichi which had the same glint in it like the statue of Hashirama. What he said, he knew all of them yet he didn't know how, it almost felt like he was connected to them through one life, different people, same living being. "Hey mom, can I stay here for a while longer and check out the statues?"

Tsunade closed her eyes in response contemplating the question, it wouldn't hurt and besides she wanted to learn more of Naruto's 'connection' to the past clan heads.

"Ok, just don't stay too long." spoke Tsunade as she left the room, occasionally giving her son a backwards glance.

With that said, Naruto began exploring the room, examining all the statues, there were so many that Naruto couldn't count them all, he then found a staircase leading downwards into the room and below the ground, the room must have been hollowed out at some point so to encompass all the statues, further and further he went down into the labyrinth of statues, he new that all ends must have beginnings so he was slightly determined to find the statue of the first Senju clan head.

For what felt like forever he finally made it to the bottom of the room and to the end of the line of statues. And finally he made it to the last one where he gasped in awe.

This certain statue unlike all the rest was made of wood instead of stone, it had been fractured and decayed over time and any paint that was on the wooden statue faded over time, giving it a light brown colour. From what he could observe from the statue was the man had short, probably, spiky hair with what appeared to be two two locks framing the sides of his face. And he had something wrapped around his forehead, probably depicting a cloth. He also wore what appeared to be a high collared kimono with near faded magatama around the collar and wore a sash. The face of the statue was indiscernible and was impossible to see the face, the hands and most of the arms of the statue was missing and broken. But the most unique thing about the statue was the large figure standing behind the wooden man. Like the wooden man, the figure was made of wood and it's hands and most of it's arms were broken and fractured, like the man's face it's face was shaved away and no longer interpretable though the large figure had three heads instead of the natural one head and three arms, two to the side, two pointing to the ground and two bringing their hands together, it wore a long flowing robe with jewellery across it's chest and a halo ling ring behind it's head.

But the strangest thing about the statue was not what you could see, Naruto just kept staring at the statue, never removing his eyes from it, it was strange, but it almost felt like he was, looking at himself. As this statue felt more like a statue of himself than the person it was meant for. He couldn't explain it to himself and he doubted he could explain it to others.

Deciding now was the perfect time to leave, Naruto left the temple room and spared a glance at the wooden statue behind him, which had the same twinkle in it's eye that the previous statues had.

Meanwhile Tsunade was having a conversation with none other than Danzō Shimura who had rudely arrived unannounced to speak with her in private, Tsunade couldn't stand the man's presence, not only had he put a target on her son's head by leaking her initial pregnancy throughout the world but now he had the sheer audacity to come even near her presence and for the past half hour she had heard nothing but criticism from him, especially in regards as to how she raised Naruto.

"As I'm sure the Sandaime has told, years ago I created a subdivision within the ANBU black ops a special training subdivision for new recruits, while it has no 'official' name it has been called the Foundation or ROOT." spoke Danzō as he hobbled on his cane while walking with Tsunade, they were passing by the small pond where Naruto was presently playing with Tentō. Danzō opened his eye ever so discreetly to look at the boy more closely, there was little doubt that Naruto Senju was practically a mini-clone of his father.

"Hiruzen-sensei has spoken about it as a passing comment, but we both know that you're not here simply for a courtesy call." spoke Tsunade as she stopped walking and turned to face Danzō.

"Astute, ROOT is currently searching for potential recruits, several clans from the Yamanaka, Aburame and Kohaku have already handed over some of their members to undergo training under ROOT. I have full jurisdiction and authority from the Hokage." spoke Danzō with his slippery tongue like a snake. "I wish for your son, Naruto Senju to also be a recruit for ROOT."

Tsunade narrowed her eyes in anger and disgust.

"No." stated Tsunade bluntly which made Danzō fornw for just a split second.

"You, misunderstand hime, I can conscript Naruto with or without your permisssion, Naruto will become a ROOT agent where he can live to his full potential as a weapon of Konoha."

"My son is no weapon." snarled Tsunade with almighty hell look in her eyes. "Leave."

"The Sandaime has given me permission to take those who I believe to have potential. For the good of the village." spoke Danzō trying to prove his point to Tsunade, hoping that she would see his point of view and to rip Naruto away from her foolish teachings where he can be raised 'properly'.

"You'll be dead before you even lay a hand on Naruto, go, go and talk to the Sandaime, as a clan heir, only he has the power to take Naruto from me. This is discussion is over Danzō." spat Tsunade to which Danzō narrowed his eyes and sent a sneer toward Naruto before taking his leave, cursing Tsunade mentally, he would do what she said, he would take the matter to the Sandaime, later during the week, for now he had more 'important' errands.

The next day at the Konoha academy, the children, aspiring to be the arm of the Hokage and the shield of the village. But at the moment they were chatting with their friends and comrades, at the moment it seemed that gossip was more important to them than their growing skill as shinobi. The girls were fawning over boys while the boys were hoping to impress the girls. Many of the children who were a the academy were form the prominent clans of the village, unlike the other children who joined for glory, honour and riches, the clan heirs and members were either forced or joined of their own free will so to defend their village.

The two most notorious students in the class were currently sitting at a desk in the corner, they were currently discussing their training or the pranks they would pull after class, Sasuke was already at the top of the class in every field, many knew that he would be the rookie of the year without a doubt, his skills were too advanced for him to be anything less. However, Naruto was a different subject, while many who joined the academy expected Naruto to be the absolute best in the class because of his lineage, their hopes and expectations were dashed when it was revealed that Naruto was nothing more than a loser with little to no talent for a ninja, and now it was apparent to them that Naruto was to be the dead-last of the academy.

Therefore, some of the children would slightly bully the boy and berate him for his disappointing talents and they picked on him even more when he said his dream was to be Hokage, they merely responded that 'no way a loser could become Hokage' or a 'disgrace to the Senju name'. Although Tentō wold bite them on the asses and they would learn their lesson for a time.

Now though, Naruto and Sasuke were discussing what they would do for the day. Two of the girls in the room currently had their eyes trained on the blonde Senju heir. One had pink hair and emerald eyes with a red-ribbon through her hair while the other had dark blue hair and pale lavender eyes and was currently pressing her two index fingers together with a small blush on her face.

They were Hinata Hyūga and Sakura Haruno respectively. Sakura ever since that time that Naruto saved her has had growing feelings for the blonde Senju, although they were small and not serious at the moment, it was basically a crush, whether it turned into something more remained to be seen. Ever since meeting Naruto and Ino, Sakura had grown to be more confident in herself, bold and outspoken. She even had gained a slightly deadly temperament as shown as when her friends would be bullied she would beat the bullies almost to death, especially when it came to Naruto and Ino.

Sakura also knew what Naruto liked in girls from all the gossip circulating the academy, Sakura trained hard for Naruto to notice her and she wasn't like all the other girls who focused on their looks and not their skills, plus Naruto tended to like natural opposed to done-up beauty, so she believed she had nailed that part.

At that moment, the teacher of the class, Iruka Umino walked in, with a schedule of what was going to happen that day.

"Alright class, settle down." said Iruka with a smile only to see that his class did the exact opposite of what he said as they just kept on talking causing a tickmark to appear on Iruka's forehead. "QUIET DOWN YOU NEANDERTHALS!" that shut everyone up as they all had their eyes trained on him.

"Good, now class, today we will be learning about the Kyūbi attack and the Yondaime's role within it." spoke Iruka as he took a piece of chalk and started writing on the board. Naruto hearing of his words frowned a little at his words, which Sasuke saw who grimaced a little at his expression. Naruto's father died that day forcing the blonde to grow up without his father. This was not going to be a good lesson for the Senju heir.

"Now, over seven years, at the end of the Third Shinobi World War, on October 10th the Kyūbi no Yōko attacked the village, it was only thanks to the honourable Yondaime Hokage that he was able to kill the beast in single combat, sparing and saving all of us." his frown disappering, Naruto raised his eyebrows his teacher's words. His father was able to kill the Kyūbi, Naruto took out his history book and opened to the page on his great-grandfather the Shodaime Hokage.

When he found the correct page he narrowed his eyes in suspicion. His ancestor's battle with the co-founder of the village. Madara Uchiha. It said, that Madara was able to acquire the power of the Kyūbi and used it's ferocious power against his great-grandfather, who was able to defeat Madara and the Kyūbi. But there was one thing that was bothering him, if his great-grandfather was reputed as the most powerful shinobi who lived, then how come he wasn't able to kill the Kyūbi when his father although who strong wasn't as strong as Hashirama, could.

Naruto began suspecting that what Iruka-sensei told him may be wrong. He would have to investigate more.

"Ok everyone, head outside so we can practice with shuriken." said Iruka making Naruto close his book and follow everyone outside.

Now all the students were in one big group with their teacher out in front of them ready to instruct.

"Alright class, today I'll give you six shuriken and all you have to do is hit the post, that simple." spoke Iruka as he held a cliboard. "Now I'll need someone to demonstrate." at his words all of Sasuke's fangirls started cheering his name much to the ire of said boy. "Ok, Sasuke, can you please demonstrate."

With that Sasuke nodded with his hands in his pockets. Iruka gently handed him the shuriken and Sasuke got into the respective stance. And in a swift movement Sasuke unleashed all the shuriken and all the weapons hit their mark, everyone awed in wonder at Sasuke's prodigious talent, even Naruto was envious of his best friend's talent and abilities, however that only strengthened his determination to equal and maybe surpass Sasuke, however Naruto was never bitter towards his best friend, only taking things in stride.

"Alright, next, Shino please come forward." spoke Iruka towards the Aburame clan heir who looked at him indifferently.

"Iruka-sensei, that is a inappropriate choice, why? Because we of the Aburame clan, rely and specialise on the Kikaichu housed within our bodies during battles." spoke Shino as some of his insects came crawling up his neck and face spooking anyone in their vicinity and making some people queasy.

"Alright Shino." said Iruka a little depressed at his student. "Next, Naruto." with those words the class started giggling a little, obviously being snide about Naruto's talents and abilities.

When said blonde walked up, Iruka handed him the shuriken and Naruto got intot he same stance as Sasuke had done and fired off his shuriken at the same time only it was met with a vastly different response. Only one of the shuriken was able to ht the post, just barely and it looked like it was about to fall off at any moment, the other five were scattered across the field and one of the five impaled into a tree only a few inches from Iruka's head.

With that Naruto had a mixture of a mortified and shocked expression while Iruka had a look of comical fear on his face at nearly being killed in an instant because of Naruto's clumsiness. With that said all the students in the class with only a select few started laughing at Naruto as if he was the funniest thing in the world.

"Look at that Akamaru, he barely got a single hit!" laughed Kiba as he pointed towards the blonde while everyone else laughed along with the Inuzuka.

"hahaha, I was just joking, you know it was a joke." laughed Naruto to which everyone around him stopped laughing as they didn't believe what he was saying. It was so quiet you could hear the sound of the wind.

"Naruto, it appears as if you're going to have to train harder and take your studies more seriously." spoke Iruka with a frown, created from the scene he just witnessed. Naruto gritted his teeth and clenched his right fist a little at what his teacher was saying, although he didn't know it, Iruka was wrong, Naruto trained his ass off everyday trying to improve himself to become stronger, he did take his studies seriously as he always sought ways to improve himself.

With that said, Iruka moved onto the next student where Naruto rejoined Sasuke with a noticeable frown on his face which marred his face for the rest of the day while he watched other students practice with their shuriken.

When Naruto arrived home he immediately went to the clan training field to practice his jutsu which he was near close to mastering, his mother and Shizune were at the hospital leaving him and Tentō alone.

In Kumogakure amidst clouds and mountains and at night where the stars and moon were shining brightly, the Third Raikage was currently assembling a platoon of his shinobi, among them were some of the finest Kumogakure, among them being his student and his son, A, the chosen Yondaime Raikage and Darui along with them a sensor known simply as C. the Raikage was going to be assigning them a mission that required tact and expertise, though were already in enough of a unpopular state with the Hyūga affair where no one came out of that situation unscathed.

"Now, you all know what to do, you must not be caught, get in, get the package get out, and bring it here. This will be a blow to Konoha and a gain for Kumo, I chose you because you are the best there is, make me proud." spoke the Raikage to his platoon who all nodded.

"But Raikage-sama, are you sure we wish to do this, if we do it shall mean war, and I doubt the Hokage and the elder's will not take offence to it." spoke C wh voiced his concern's to his leader, as this could easily be seen as an act war.

"I already calculated that, if you're careful they won't even notice until it's too late." spoke the Raikage. "Now, go." and with all the shinobi left the village for Konoha intent on completing their mission.

"The Uchiha clan intends to revolt against the Village Hidden in the Leaves." spoke Itachi without any shred of emotion in his face or voice. "They will stage their coup within either tonight or within the next week."

"This is all the proof, I will not allow the Uchiha to do as they please jeopardising our village." spoke Danzō with his single visible eye shut off from the rest of the world. "I know you must agree with me Hiruzen." with those words Hiruzen merely nodded to his childhood friend.

"There must be another way, we just need more time." spoke Hiruzen Sarutobi as he sat with his old friends and Konoha elders, Koharu Utatane, Homura Mitokado and Danzō Shimura.

"There is no more time, we have to take action now!" spoke Homura as he argued with his childhood friend and former teammate.

"We can handle this politically, without bloodshed. There has to be an alternative." bit back Hiruzen intent on not letting what was about to transpire happen, there was still time, they could work things out with the Uchiha.

"There is no alternative Hiruzen, we either pluck the weed from the roots or let it fester." spoke Danzō with his cold and uncaring face.

In front of them and apparently forgotten, was the prodigy and heir of the Uchiha clan, Itachi Uchiha, ANBU captain. Itachi was currently kneeling before them with his weasel mask to the side of his face. Itachi was just listening with his ears and starigng at them with his Sharingan eyes, he agreed with Hiruzen that there was more time than they thought while he also agreed with Danzō that there was very little that could be done at the moment, he was caught between a rock and a hard place, support two sides and either way he would fall from grace.

"The Uchiha clan are rallying at this very moment, if we don't spearhead the operation it will mean the start of the Fourth Shinobi world war." spoke Koharu with her squinted eyes and pursed lips, she knew no other alternative to avoid the oncoming bloodshed.

"So we meet violence with violence, that has never solved our problems in the past and it won't now, I had hoped to appeal to Fugaku Uchiha about the oncoming coup but your persistent attempts to stop me have only brought about this catastrophe." spoke Hiruzen his eyes fuming and his face scrunched, he had hoped that both Uchiha and Konoha would prosper from a new alliance, but alienating them and treating them like criminals have only worsened the situation. 'If only Obito Uchiha had lived and grown into a great shinobi, he may have become great Hokage and this situation may have be averted.'

"It's simple, we either take action or we allow our innocent people to be caught in the cross-fire, there is no other way." spoke Danzō. "Itachi ahas already taken it upon himself to carry out his orders... Itachi you know what you must do." said Uchiha nodded at the bandaged man and quickly left the room with Hiruzen frowning and with sad eyes in his face.

Around that time the Kumogakure squad had been travelling double-time to make it to Konoha to snatch their prize, but for the time they were camping out, A, Darui and C were discussing their plans.

"We'll send a single squad to claim the package, Darui, C, you stay here with me, we can't mess up like the times when he failed to kidnap, Kushina Uzumaki and Hinata Hyūga, this time we can't fail, we absolutely cannot." spoke A as he told his troops of his plans, with that said, the selected Kumo squad nodded and headed into the village, quietly and stealthily so not to be discovered by Konoha's forces. Their objective, the Senju compound.

Naruto was currently practicing his single wind jutsu and was working on his chakra control, something his mother pointed out to him Tentō was resting a bit away lazily watching his master practice his techniques, well into the night, Naruto was known for his high amount of chakra and stamina which nearly made him a monster in his own right.

Naruto meanwhile was sweating profusely and had cuts around his fingers and hands which were healing quickly and he was struggling to keep his eyes open.

"One more time, I have to." spoke Naruto as he cycled through the handseals once again to perform the jutsu. "Fūton: Kamaitachi no jutsu (Wind release: Sickle Weasel technique)!" spoke Naruto as he held out his hands as gales of wind burst forth shredding everything in their path and shredding a tree to pieces. When Naruto looked at his handiwork he was jumping around the place with a large smile on his face, he had successfully mastered the jutsu, ever since he started performing well in his medical ninjutsu studies things had been easier for him, though his chakra control was still bad as he had trouble using just simple jutsu such as the Bunshin no jutsu (Clone technique).

Tentō then popped his head into the air, hearing some thing wrong, he smelled it in the air. Tentō then started squeaking towards it's master trying to warn the blonde haired Senju of something amiss, when Naruto heard Tentō's squeaks he ran over to the small dragon and questioned him what was wrong.

The next thing Naruto saw was shuriken flying towards him to which he narrowly dodged it as he fell on his butt, the next thing he saw was six Kumogakure ninja lining his clan compounds walls, one of them landed in front of him and tried to grab him by the throat, though Tentō highly, protective of his master charged into action and bit the shinobi's hand where he yelped in pain.

Naruto seeing the opening his dragon gave him attempted to run and call for help only for the five other Kumo ninja to chase after him.

The loyalty an animal companion had to it's master was near immeasurable, dragons were one of the worlds most emotional creatures, and it was common knowledge that a dragon will defend it's family to the death, Tentō's love for Naruto was far too deep for the dragon to just allow anyone to harm him, though even with it's small body it would protect Naruto with it's last breath of fire.

Tentō still sinking his semi sharp teeth into the ninja's hand let go and tried to breath fire into the man's face so to scar or distract him which would give Tentō enough time to protect his closest friend. However, the small dragon was only able to produce a small puff of smoke that was barely hot, the Kumo nin giving the dragon a sneer smacked Tentō away where a he hit the wall in the compound where he moaned in pain and tried to find his master only for the dragon to lose consciousness with a whimper.

Naruto meanwhile was running through the halls of his compound, he had to escape so to call for help, however his heart wrenched ever so discreetly, he cold literally feel his companions Tentō being hurt, but he had to steel himself for the moment, as he had to focus on calling for help.

While running through the halls he pulled shelves and antiques off the walls and tables trying to create obstacles for him to buy time, however the trained shinobi of the Village Hidden in the Clouds easily jumped and manoeuvred around the debris and kept chasing Naruto with small smirks. Seeing as he had created a large mess around the house Naruto in attempt to save himself cycled through handseals.

But had to duck where kunai were thrown at him and kept on running, leading his pursuers to a large hall in the main mansion in the compound. Naruto seeing all his attackers coming at him cycled through handseals. The Kumo ninja flinched a little but still advanced on the blonde with little fear from a child, it was ludicrous to them to fear a child, no matter if he was a Senju and a descendant of the Hokage.

Completing his last set of handseals Naruto grunted a little as he held out his hands.

"Fūton: Kamaitachi ni jutsu!" Yelled Naruto as he created air currents and vacuum pockets, employing invisible wind blades that shredded the wooden walls of the hall and flew at the Kumo shinobi who braced themselves for the attack, by holding up their hands hoping to keep their faces unharmed.

When the gale hit them they were swept off their feet and they had large cuts on their arms and legs and around the torso with a few small cuts on their faces and cheeks that were bleeding slightly and they were sent to through a few wooden walls and they tumbled to the ground, Naruto had put more chakra in that jutsu than required causing it to be stronger than usual.

He was about to run again before he felt a shadow over him and a pressure hit the back of his neck causing his eyes to slowly close and the world around him to go blank.

"Alright, we got the kid." said the Kumo nin who grabbed Naruto's unconscious body before he could hit the ground, the other shinobi that were sent through the walls of the compound came back to check on their prize with cuts and scrapes with wooden splinters covering their bodies and with noticeable frowns on their faces for being bested by a child, although their pride was broken they would be alright in the long run.

"Raikage-sama will more than just reward us, we'll be heroes in our own village, the Last Senju is ours." said another of the Kumo nin who was just dreaming of all the glory that would be reaped from their mission.

"First we have to get him back to our village, than we think about the prizes later." with that said, the kumo nin holding Naruto hefted him over his shoulder where his limp arms were hanging to the ground like a ragdoll.

Sasuke was currently making his way back to his clan's compound with his faithful tiger companion, Yochi, trailing after him, the young Uchiha had spent most of the night practicing with his Shuriken although he wanted to check on Naruto he believed that he wanted to be alone for the night, to train by himself.

Running towards his compound, Sasuke suddenly felt like there was this dark shade watching him from above, like an owl on the search for it's prey, he snapped his head up to the sky towards a electrical pole to see if it confirmed his suspicions, but there was nothing but the howling of the wind and the cold moon watching over the world. Thinking nothing of it he continued on into the compound hoping his mother and father weren't worried for him.

Tsunade and Shizune were presently walking towards their compound, they had been stuck at work since there was a current shortage of staff at the moment, which meant that Tsunade and Shizune had to work late hours well into the night, for Tsunade all she care abuot was getting into bed and wishing her son a good night's rest.

Tsunade then felt a sharp pain in her chest, almost as if someone decided to stab it with her hand, she stopped suddenly in the middle of the road where Shizune noticed her slightly trembling body.

"Tsunade-sama?" questioned Shizune, worried for her mentor.

"I'm fine, lets just head back home." spoke Tsunade trying to calm Shizune and herself.

So they continued back towards the compound at a faster pace, but when they arrived, they were subjected to Tsunade's worst fears, inside the halls objects were thrown about and dishevelled and broken, the walls had scratches and scars upon them almost as if a hurricane was in the room, some kunai were littered about the place and there was obvious signs of a struggle.

Shizune tried to keep her mind calm and composed, while Tsunade was frantic with sweat falling down her face and tears peeking through the corners of eyes.

"NARU-CHAN!" screamed Tsunade calling out to her son, but she heard no response. "NARU-CHAN!" She looked around the house, around each corner, through each door, she kept tearfully screaming for her son but was met with the same response.

Tsunade's mind was a mess, her form was caked in fear and all reason was leaving her mind, she had to find her son, he was everything she had left in the world, the only thing she had done with her mess of a life, if she ever lost him, she didn't want to think her about it, her thoughts would be morbid, she then raced outside into the training area, hoping for any inkling of Naruto, Shizune following after her.

She looked around the training field, but she was met with the same result, he wasn't there no any sign of him was there.

"Tsunade-sama! Over here!" yelled Shizune as she knelt down towards, something, Tsuande racing over found what Shizune was looking at, a wounded and Tentō squeaking in pain and sadness. It was all the evidence she needed that someone had taken Naruto, Tentō never leaves his side, the two were like glue in that regard.

Tsunade reached out her arms and cupped the small dragon that could wrap around her shoulders, with weary eyes the small dragon opened it's blue eyes and stared into Tsunade's own brown eyes and began licking her fingers, sensing her distress and attempted to comfort her.

"Tentō, where's Naru-chan?" with that said, Tentō climbed out of her arms and started roaring, which sounded more like squeaking, it's roars were both in rage and sadness. It's cries of pain and it's whimpering of remorse that it couldn't protect it's master, his cries were so great that it was wrenching Tsunade's heart even more.

Tentō with nothing but anger and hate coming over stood up on it's and opened his mouth and let loose a large breath of fire that was six times larger than it's body and it's fire looked like searing plumes of a majestic bird, it then stopped breathing fire and instead let loose a scream that reverberated through the village.

With a new resolve, and seeing Tentō's power rising from his will to protect Naruto, Tsunade got up and ran out of the compound, without saying a word to Shizune and instead went to the only men she could trust, Hiruzen Sarutobi and Jiraiya, those two may be the only ones who had the capabilities to help, flying above her Tentō followed after her intent on rescuing his master.

Sasuke was running through the Uchiha compound, seeing the corpses of his kinsmen lining the streets and their blood leaking across the ground, he was so shocked at what he was seeing, just how could anyone do this to the Uchiha clan? These questions were running through his mind but for the moment he was heading home, he could only hope that his parents were still alive, that they were alright. He believed them to be too strong to be killed like dogs as the rest of his clan. And how could anyone have the power to kill the entire Uchiha clan. Behind Yochi was running after him, with a sad look in her eyes, she was worried for her master and how this could affect him, the small tiger also knew that consoling Sasuke was not the appropriate thing to do.

When the small Uchiha boy made it to his house, he called out for his parents but received no answer, delving deeper into the home to search for his loved ones.

He finally made it to the last room in the house, he had searched everyone looking for his parents, any sign of their presence would be enough for him. Yochi just stayed back a little, knowing not to get involved in the matter. When Sasuke opened the door, all he saw was the prone bodies of his parents, his father slumped over his mother... dead. He could see no signs of life coming from them, no hitching of the breath or weariness in the eyes.

His worst fears had come to pass... his parents were murdered.

And in the room, standing over their corpses, was his older brother in his ANBU uniform and having forgone his mask, his cold Sharingan eyes giving him attention away from the dead corpses. The red irises hiding the true nature of his actions.

"Father! Mother!" yelled Sasuke as he stared at the cold corpses. "Nii-san... Nii-san, father, mother are both... Why! who, who could have done." but he was silenced as a shuriken came flying and scraped by his shoulder cutting his shirt but not wounding him, Itachi meanwhile, just kept staring at him with those cold empty eyes.

"Foolish, little brother." spoke Itachi with a coldness Sasuke had never heard before, was the person in-front of him, really Itachi, or was it just a shade with nothing to hide. Itachi closed his eyes and reopened them but his eyes were now in a pinwheel pattern that Sasuke had seen before. "Mangekyō Sharingan."

in the dream world, a world with no boundaries, Sasuke watched, again and again, without pausing or stopping with out looking away or closing his eyes, the massacre of his family and clan, from the men, elderly, women and children, again and again he watched them be murdered as if he was right in front of them, he wanted to call out to them, to make his brother stop but his words fell on deaf ears as his pleas went unanswered, again and again.

Clutching his head, he screamed in abject dread. He then fell to the ground, breathing hoarsely and trying to keep his eyes open.

"Why?... why would?" stated Sasuke trying to get up but his body was weak and his mind was basically mush.

"To test the limits of my capabilities, to measure my full capacity." spoke Itachi answering Sasuke's answer making the boy grit his teeth and tears to fall.

"The limits of you capabilities, that's why, you murdered everyone in our clan." questioned Sasuke with his face clinging to the ground.

"It was essential." replied Itachi with his voice low and his eyes glued on his younger brother. And now the tears tat were threatening to fall from Sasuke's eyes, rushed forward like a broken dam. With new found vigour Sasuke forced himself off the ground and rushed at Itachi calling his reason's utter crap. But he fell pathetically to the ground, and locked his eyes wit hthe image of his dead parents.

With nothing more to say, Itachi left the room, with Sasuke following after him and Yochi staying in her place by the door. Scared of the older Itachi.

Outside the village, the Kumo shinobi who had kidnapped Naruto were running through at top speeds to et as much distance away from Konoha with their special package, around that time, said boy was currently waking up from the unconsciousness that had taken him, when he opened eyes fully and the grogginess fading away. When he saw the Kumo shinobi his body snapped back into action and he found himself being taken away.

He did what any captive person would do, he resisted.

"Hey you, assholes put me down!" yelled Naruto as he beat his hands on his captor, the one currently carrying him back to Kumo.

"Don't worry, kid, what we're doing is good, you're going to a special place, a better place, away from Konoha." said one fo the Kumo shinobi trying to appeal to Naruto's sense of wonder.

"No, let me go, I don't want to go anywhere with YOU!" said naruto as he struggled against the confines, unfortunately the Kumo nin didn't bind him with rope, first of all not believing him to be a great enough threat and two they wished they gagged him. "LET ME GO, I WANT TO GO HOME BACK TO MOM!"

Speaking of said Senju mother, she was currently meeting with the Sandaime and Jiraiya, she had just gone over how her mansion was ransacked and that Naruto was nowhere in sight, at first Jiraiya took the situation lightly and said that Naruto had gone a little overboard in the training, but Tsunade rebuked him saying that her favourite vase was broken and Naruto knew if he broke it he was in for the punishment of a lifetime, that quickly coerced Jiraiya especially with that mean glare of Tsunade's.

When Hiruzen had heard of it, he was exasperated to hear such a thing, he had already sent a squad of ANBU to the Uchiha compound, having already been informed of what was happening.

And on top of that, the Last Senju had been plucked from his home. In response to what Tsunade was saying, the Sandaime gathered a platoon of ninja, with some Jōnin and mostly Chūnin to rescue Naruto, with Tsume Inuzuka tracking the boy and Jiraiya and Tsunade going along with them, her motherly instincts would not allow her to just stand by while her child was in danger.

Elsewhere, in the Uchiha compound Sasuke had chased after Itachi when the latter tried to flee and escape.

"You, you can't be my brother, he would never do such a thing, he can't because." spoke Sasuke with tears still trailing down his face and staining his cheeks.

"The brother you knew and loved, did this to reach his full potential, to reach the limit beyond his limits. To climb higher than any other before him and ever will be. That has been my one goal." continued Itachi spouting his motives for killing the Uchiha. "I acted as the older brother you desired and loved for one purpose, I wanted to discover how powerful you were. I needed to find a worthy opponent to test my abilities against, you Sasuke, have that potential, I murdered the clan to in-still in you your own power to rival my own, and I have done just that... now I have made you hate me, to despise my existence and loathe the very air I breath in... Now you have the desire to kill me which is exactly while I'm going to let you live... for my own benefit. Like me you have the power to awaken the Mangekyō... however... there is one prerequisite... take the life of your best friend. You must kill him." with those words, Sasuke's thoughts instantly travelled to Naruto and his smiling whiskered face, no he couldn't why would he ever do such a thing. "Kill him just as I did. To become like me."

Sasuke's eyes widened with horror and he knew exactly to who Itachi was talking about, Shisui Uchiha.

"You... you killed Shisui?!" whispered Sasuke onto the wind.

"I did, and it is because of him that I gained these eyes and the power that comes with them." responded Itachi with that cold look on his face. "At the main temple of the Naka shrine on the far right side under the seventh tatami mat is the clan's secret gathering place. There you will find the secrets that the Uchiha have hoarded and the purpose of our Dōjutsu that the Uchiha clan originally served. The true purpose, the real secret is hidden there. If you discover how to open your eyes to the truth you will be the fourth person to awaken the Mangekyō including myself. To ensure that happens is enough reason to let you live." Itachi then took a step which made Sasuke flinch in fear of his older brother. "Oh Sasuke don't fret, it would be worthless and pointless to kill you, you have little value after all... my foolish little brother... if you want to kill me, curse me! Hate me! survive in such an unsightly manner... go on, run away and cling to your pitiful life and then, someday when we both posses the same eyes... come back and face me." spoke Itachi before turning around and leaving Sasuke alone.

However not content with Itachi's reason. Sasuke chased after him and picked up some kunai.

Naruto was still struggling against the Kumo nin, taking him to Kumogakure, where he believed they would make him a breeder to produce more of the Senju clan within their own village an even more powerful Senju clan as he was also a descendant of the Uzumaki clan, inheriting their massive lifeforce and chakra, A new Senju clan, stronger than the last, Kumo knew full well the power of the Uzumaki, as they wiped them out along with Kiri during the Second Shinobi World War. Naruto Senju, was the Hope of the Senju clan.

In an effort to stop his struggling and not to produce any ninjutsu as he did when in the compound, they bound his hands with rope, inhibiting his abilities to produce handseals. He kicked and screamed at the top of his lungs all the while tears were forming in his eyes, he didn't ask to be taken from Konoha, he hadn't done anything to anybody, he was just a normal seven year old boy, he didn't ask to be a Senju he just was.

He never wanted to be separated from those he loved, he just wanted to go home and be with his family, with his mother, he mentally called out for her again and again, and soon he was yelling it at the tops of his lungs, hoping she would hear him.

"Stop your complaining, as we told you already we're taking you to a better place." said the Kumo nina carrying Naruto.

"NO, I don't wanna go anywhere with you, I wanna go home, back to MOM!" yelled Naruto as his tears fell freely like rushing waves against a sandy beach. He continuously squirmed against his restraints not knowing that he was delving into a place beyond everything.

"Naruto." spoke a dark voice to the blonde, who awoke to find himself sitting in water crying, with metal walls and leaky pipes dotting the area, almost like a boiler room or flooded industrial building, he could see his reflection in the water, his fears and his will to return to his family. His face was red and his eyes were puffy from all the crying and the sobbing. He looked around himself, trying to find his mother in sight, but she was no where to be found, again. He just wanted to be with her again, in her safe arms where none of the evils in the world were plaguing him.

"Naruto." Naruto then looked up and came face to face with a large steel cage, with decorated bars and a paper seal with the word 'seal' on it, when he tried to see beyond the cage all he was able to perceive nothing but black, his tears still kept falling to the ground and dripping to the soaked floor while his sobs stopped. "Aww, whats the matter?" Naruto heard that dark voice again, mockingly and with a chuckle that belied a darker intent. "You wish to be with those you... love. To see them again."

"You can... help me." spoke the boy as he stared into the cage, he could feel the malicious presence behind the bars, the sheer hate was overwhelming.

"You know what you have to do, give them a glimpse of your true power, awaken that which has been forgotten, awaken that which is unique to you. The power of the Senju is yours." the voice then chuckled menacingly and Naruto if he focused enough, could see nine waving tails in the air. Naruto then gasped as he knew exactly what he saw, the nine, he had heard about it in class, he had a sneaking feeling that it was alive, and now it was making it's way closer to the bars of the cage, a giant fox, The Kyūbi Yōko. "Why do you hesitate?" asked the giant fox sarcastically.

"I-I'm not." questioned the boys as he tears continued to fall.

"You hate them don't you, taking you away from your mother." spoke the Kyūbi, feeling Naruto's rising hatred for the Kumo nin. "I can help you, you need my power, don't you? We are one in the same." questioned the demon fox. Naruto contemplating the fox's question nodded his head at the great beast, to which the fox seemed to grin in approval, a sickly grin showing off it's sharp teeth that can devour any man. "Now then, who do you want to kill?"

Naruto continued to listen to the beast, still being young, he did not know not to trust the creature within him. He wanted to hurt the Kumo shinobi who took him away, who ripped him way from everything he knew. The Kyūbi sensing Naruto's desire to kill those who wronged him, grinned even more and kept watching Naruto's falling tears.

"Yes, you know by now, don't you, that without me, you can't do anything at all, nothing at all, but I can return you to the life you knew, to everything you love, I can grant you power that only few have possessed. Heheheh, the power of a god, just like that of your ancestor, Asura." spoke the Kyūbi manipulating Naruto, however the Kyūbi knew that Naruto didn't have enough hatred to fully release form the seal, his primal desire for power was not great enough for the fox to break free. "Weaken the seal, just enough, and I will make you great and powerful, and you shall be reunited... with your mother."

Naruto believing the fox, and not knowing who this Asura was, even though the name sounded mysteriously strange to him. He walked up to the bars of the cage and started floating up before the paper seal, his tears staining the shirt, he then gripped a corner of the paper seal and hesitated for just a second while the fox looked up pleadingly, he couldn't manipulate Naruto just yet he didn't have enough hatred for that, but if he could weaken the seal, it would be enough.

"Yes, yes, tear at it and you shall have power, yours and mine. Everything." spoke the Kyūbi as he watched his jailor, tear the seal in half.

Sasuke was chasing Itach all through the Uchiha compound, the young boy knew that he wasn't as fast as his older brother and had to struggle to his limits to keep up. However he was able to see an opening, a drop in Itachi's guard as the latter attempted to flee from the scene.

Sasuke with his three kunai in hand, threw all the kunai with pinpoint accuracy, attempting to kill Itachi for what he did to their clan and family.

Itachi, with his Sharingan seeing the incoming kunai, un-sheathed his katana and blocked two of the kunai with finesse and with his heightened sense of perception he could see the mall clearly even the third one which would give him a glancing blow. When the third kunai stuck Itachi's hitai-ate, he paused for a moment and then looked back at his younger brother, cradling his left arm and with a look of utter hatred in his eyes. But within each of Sasuke's eyes, he had an immature Sharingan, each with a single tomoe staring at Itachi as if they were mirrors.

Itachi wanted to feel proud for his younger brother at awakening the infamous eyes of their clan, but he also knew what it meant to awaken those eyes, he knew, that to Sasuke, he was nothing more than the ire of a life of revenge, Sasuke would erase all love of him from his heart, the bond they had, the bond Itachi would cherish to his dying breath, was nothing more than cold breath on the wind or blood flowing down a stream, it would serve as a reminder, to strengthen Sasuke, that even the kindest person, can be the most cruel.

Knowing that the love they shared was gone, and that the next time he and Sasuke would meet they would be enemies, along with the thought of being separated from him, caused Itachi to openly weep as his tears cascaded down his cheeks while he stared down at his younger brother where the boy's Sharingan deactivated and he fell into unconsciousness. Itachi respectively left the area.

I would be a ten minutes later when a squad of ANBU black ops led by the legendary captain and student of the Yondaime, Kakashi Hatake would arrive on the scene scouting the area for survivor's of the tragic massacre, among them was the Sandaime Hokage and his advisor Danzō Shimura, the man who secretly spearheaded the Uchiha massacre.

"Just how. The entire clan, dead." said one of the ANBU members inspecting a corpse of one of the victims, Kakashi who was standing nearby could scarcely believe that one of the strongest clans in Konoha, one of the strongest in the world, would be wiped out to the brink of extinction. The Sandaime who was observing the scene around him was, unnerved by it all, he, the Hokage, who had seen death in every corner of his vision was like this, this wasn't a simple act of killing, it was a slaughter for lambs, and Itachi was the wolf.

"Rescure anyone who is alive!" ordered Hiruzen, with a frown, It had to have been tonight, when he recently had received news that Naruto was taken by Kumo ninja, just like the time Kumo had attempted to kidnap the Hyūga heiress, Hinata. This was all the proof that Kumo was indeed power hungry and his old 'associate' the Sandaime Raikage was seeking even more power to amass for his village, if the Raikage ever discovered that Naruto was the Kyūbi Jinchūriki, then it would be the equivalent for the Raikage swimming in gold.

He could only hope that Jiraiya and Tsunade along with Tsume Inuzuka and the squad of shinobi he sent along would be enough to rescue Naruto before he reached the border, otherwise it would be beyond his power to help him.

"Hokage-sama! There's a survivor." yelled a purple haired ANBU member who was crouching down to the prone body of Sasuke Uchiha. Hiruzen merely responded by ordering the ANBU soldier to take Sasuke to the medical unit.

"No other survivors." spoke Kakashi as he walked up to his village leader, the Sandaime didn't make any other emotion nor facial expression, only ordering his troops to take away the corpses, every single one and to check inside the buildings for the others.

"Just who could have done this?" spoke another ANBU member with a cat mask with green and red stripes on it. Then everyone heard the memorable tapping of a cane, coming in from behind them, where they all turned to see Danzō who had wandered off from the group to search for survivors.

"Itachi Uchiha." spoke Danzō making everyone question as to why Itachi would murder his own clan. "Itachi above all, despised his clan, the Uchiha. That is why he killed Shisui Uchiha and stole his eyes, to cause in-fighting among his brethren... and then finally... he caused this atrocity."

"But why? Why did he kill everyone, even the children who were no threat!" spoke Kakashi while the Sandaime silenced him and reminded the ANBU captain of his duties.

Danzō merely walked up to his childhood friend with an impassive look on his face, Hiruzen, knowing of the coup, didn't fall for Danzō's little white lie, perhaps he had been too lenient when it came to regards with Danzō, it was time for the Hokage of legend to finally crack the whip.

"This settles everything." stated Danzō, making Hiruzen turn on him in rage questioning how the slaughter of so many settled anything, death only lead to more death, revenge lead to revenge, suffering lead to suffering, it was a cycle that persistently continued to flow.

"Do you not see the complications we're left with!" yelled the Sandaime to his old friend who merely scoffed at the old Hokage, not taking the old shinobi's words seriously.

"I consider this a very minor in retrospective, the revival of the Senju clan will fill the void left by the Uchiha, simple." spoke Danzō using a foolish excuse to justify his actions, and not even the Senju clan could fill the void left by the Uchiha, he had inveigled Itachi to carry out his orders to slaughter his own family and he had brought death and misery just like all the times he did in the past.

"Danzō, this is the last straw, I cannot allow you to act on your own accord any longer. As of this moment, you are relieved of your duties as my second-in-command where that duty will fall to Tsunade Senju." spoke Hiruzen as he turned away from Danzō, giving him no attention whatsoever.

"Hiruzen, understand, I did it for the..." spoke Danzō trying to make Hiruzen understand his way of thinking.

"'For the good of Konoha'?" said Hiruzen finishing Danzō's sentence. "Well then, the Uchiha clan, no matter how you saw them in your light, were people of Konoha, just as every man, woman and child are also people of the leaf. Your ANBU and your ROOT are here-by dissolved! I will deal with you personally later! Until then, get of of my sight! And don't show your face to me until I call for you. And our discussion about Naruto Senju being handed over to your custody, the answer is still one in the same... stay away from him! You shall not have him."

"Unless Kumo acquires him." spoke Danzō where the bitter friends went their separate ways.

While the tragedy was happening back at Konoha, Tsunade Senju, Jiraiya and Tsume Inuzuka were tracking down the Kumo squad that had kidnapped Naruto, and through out the whole way there, Tsunade hadn't spoken a word, she was too focused on rescuing her baby that anybodies words basically went through one ear and out the other, except for Tsume with her loyal ninken, Kuromaru, tracking the scent of Naruto and relaying any information.

"His scent is getting stronger! We should catch up to them within two minutes with the speed we're travelling at, they haven't reached the border yet!" yelled Tsume who looked behind herself notifying the two sannin and the squad sent with them to which they all nodded.

However, Tsume detected that something was amiss, the scent they were trailing wasn't moving at all, just sitting in the same place, even her partner Kuromaru also detected it, she could smell it in the air, the smell of iron, either they were approaching a metal fortress or, she didn't want to think of the latter option, and her skills of observation were also alerting her, the trees, their roots were uprooted and their wood seemed splintered, a rising feeling of unease was coming over her, and still, the scent hadn't moved.

When they finally made it to a small clearing, where Naruto's scent ended, each and everyone of them gasped in horror.

The clearing all that decorated it was not the brilliant green that the people of the land were accustomed to, the brown bark of the trees were dulled into another, dark colour, what everyone saw made their skin go pale and sweat to drip down from their foreheads onto their chins, their eyes were wide with fear and horror, what they saw, could it be done by man, or by a monster.

Blood, that was all there was, blood, even the white flak jackets of Kumo were stained with it, limbs were hacked off and eyes were rolled back into their respective heads, the blood was so red, you could mistake it for black, the scene would have made anybody throw up, one such chūnin felt a drop on his forehead and looked up to find the source where he stared into the dead eyes of the poor ninja, who body was pierced by strong branches. There were others, strung up in the branches, their blood dripping everywhere creating a morbid chorus to anyone that listened.

In the middle of the carnage, one could hear sniffles, sobs and small cries, Tsunade breaking from her shock of what she saw, her eyes focused on a specific area, a small boy, sitting in the middle slaughter, he had golden hair that shined like the sun though was caked in red from the blood, he wore shorts, wristbands and a sleeveless hoodie and sandals, he hah his knee's up to his chest, and his arms around his shoulders. The boy was currently crying to his heart's contents, but nor was he screaming to his heart's content, he had seen things he had never thought he would see in his young life.

Tsunade ran up to her son, with no other thought in mind and she swiftly cradled his still form in an attempt to comfort him with her warmth, though she widened her eyes a little when he didn't reciprocate her act of love, she pulled herself away a little, allowing the blood of the nina's in the tree's to stain her form.

"Naru-chan?" spoke Tsunade softly with a little sadness breaking it. But he didn't respond to herm he just kept on crying, oblivious to her presence. "Naru-chan it's me, it's your mother, everything is going to be alright." But she was met with the same result.

"I... killed them... I killed them..." whispered Naruto as he looked up at his mother where she had to hold back a gasp, his eyes, they were blood red with slits for pupils and his whiskers were thicker and look bushier and his canines were sharp and looked like fangs while his hair was longer and wilder. "I... hated them so much... and he told me to... he told me to and I did... and I didn't like it." said Naruto as cried some more returning to his original position.

Tsunade widened her eyes in shock and understanding, knowing exactly what was going on. The Kyūbi no Yōko. She then looked down towards Naruto's hidden stomach where she could see black blotches around where the seal was suppose to be, and all around them there was a black liquid spilling everywhere. She feared the worst, the seal was near breaking.

"Jiraiya!" yelled Tsunade where the man broke from his stupor and joined her.

"Naru-chan, listen to me, we have to do a medical procedure, ok, this won't be long." spoke Tsunade with a soothing voice. Naruto nodded at her with salty tears trailing down his cheeks, with enough said Tsunade unzipped his hood and lifted up his shirt where she saw the opened seal which appeared as if the symbols around the seal now spread up to Naruto's torso and the spiral pattern opened up into a circle, leaking black ink all over the ground. Knowing that she had to reseal the Kyūbi Tsunade lifted the sleeve to her haori where the key to the Kyūbi's seal appeared on her right arm and without any words slammed it on Naruto's stomach and made a twisting motion, strengthening the seal back to full power where it appeared as normal.

The ninja watching what was transpiring merely hitched their breaths in recognition, all except Tsume, even though they weren't skilled in it's field, they knew exactly what they were seeing, it was a seal, a largely convoluted one that only masters could understand, that seal was designed to contain powerful things, such as Bijū.

"He's the." spoke one of the chūnin.

"It makes sense, of course he would seal it in him." said another chūnin, they had to tell everybody this, that they discovered the identity of the beast that took their families from them. Everybody needed to know this, the Sandaime had refused to reveal the identity of the Jinchūriki, but here he was, alive.

The experience of having the Kyūbi's seal strengthened caused to Naruto to be knocked out, where Jiraiya picked him up and carried him on his back where the small blonde was sleeping, oblivious to everything around him.

When they made it back to the village, everyone split off from the others, Tsume, seeing what happened, promised Tsunade that she wouldn't reveal 'that' certain information, to which the Senju mother was grateful for, but the other shinobi, they had plans.

Later when Naruto was taken to the hospital, Tsunade contacted Inoichi Yamanaka, to perform an evaluation on Naruto's psyche along with Sasuke's. It was revealed that, the trauma from Naruto's experience had caused him to receive repressed memories, memories of the Kyūbi and how he could those men were lost, Inocihi believed it to be unlikely that he could remember anything other than those dead men, while Sasuke he remembered everything to the finest detail, the mental torture he undured was great and it would scar him for the rest of his life. But seeing death and creating death was different, both boys were scarred in one way, Tsunade and Inoichi were also worried that the experiences would change Naruto and Sasuke, in what way only few could guess.

Naruto after the experience, had gone into a depression and in a guilty state, he of course blamed himself for killing those men, he even regarded himself as a monster, it broke Tsunade's heart to see him like that, he hardly smiled after that and instead was silent, with a seemingly dead look on his face. Like Inoichi said, Naruto didn't remember how exactly he killed those men, he could only remember glimpses and all evidence of Naruto's meeting with the Kyūbi was severed. But still, he could remember all that blood and death. He would never forget that image so long as he lived, he had taken a life at the age of seven therefore, he had lost the innocence that most children would have. That was the worst, the entire village had discovered that Naruto was the Kyūbi Jinchūriki and what he did to those men, Tsunade had an feeling that it was those Chūnin who accompanied her and they spread word amongst the village. When the Sandaime found the men responsible, he suspended them from being shinobi for revealing a S-rank secret.

Ever since, no one had treated Naruto the same, they regarded him as the plague and people would sneer at his presence and ignore him entirely, parents even told their children to stay away from him, isolating the already lonely boy, even if Naruto was the Jinchūriki, people would have still regarded him as a person because of his connection to the Yondaime, but the mysterious circumstances of those Kumo nin's deaths had caused fear to be rooted in the hearts of the people and they believed Naruto was now a ticking time bomb that could explode at any moment.

Naruto confronted his mother about it, but she hid the truth of him being the vessel to the fox, he questioned her why people were treating him as the village pariah, but she hid that too, she didn't feel Naruto was ready to understand the position he was in.

Tsunade also confronted Hiruzen and what they were going to do about Kumo, Hiruzen said that the corpses of the ninja was irrefutable evidence, Homura nad Koharu have already suggested suing for peace between the two villages, however Kumo must pay for what they tried to do, Hiruzen and the Sandaime Raikage would be meeting to discuss their predicaments and how more bloodshed could be avoided.

Tsunade in the meantime gave her son the only words she could say, and was able to at least heal some of the wounds inflicted by the experience and the villagers.

So now Naruto was going back to the river with Tentō to meet with his best friend, Sasuke.

He saw the black haired boy, staring into the water petting his companion, his black tiger, Yochi. However, when Naruto called out to his friend ,he found him unresponsive and with a blank look in his eyes.

"Hey Sasuke!" called out Naruto with a small smile, making said boy turn his head to stare at him blankly which unnerved the blonde a little at the emptiness in his dark eyes. The black haired boy didn't say anything other than stare back in the water.

"So what do you want to practice today?" asked Naruto with an underlying feeling of hope in his voice so Sasuke didn't respond to him again only got up on his feet again. Naruto could sense a change in his friend's demeanour, he felt darker, more hate filled.

"Naruto." spoke Sasuke turning to his friend, Naruto widened his eyes a little in recognition. "It was fun while it lasted, but we can't keep doing this."

"Sasuke? What?" questioned Naruto to his friend but he received no response from said Uchiha.

"Enough, I can't keep doing this, unlike you I have lost everything important to me, I have learned that dream of ours, erasing all the hatred in this world, it's nothing more than just a childish dream, one that we tell ourselves is possible." continued Sasuke his eyes narrowing while Naruto's eyes widened at his friend. "Hatred can never be erased, you can only erase the one's you hate, that is something I learned to be true. From today, I'll be following my own path, my own dream, a path that you can't follow or be a part of, I wished things were different and I wished I could have believed that hatred can be erased forever, but I know, it was just a foolish dream of ours. My eyes have opened up to the truth. This is goodbye." spoke Sasuke as he turned around and walked a different direction from his friend.

"What? Sasuke! So you're just going to give up on all we worked towards! That dream, is nothing more than foolish to you!" yelled Naruto towards his friend hoping for him to hear him, after all they went through, Naruto had wished that Sasuke would have remained the same, he just couldn't turn away now, he had to make him see, that their dream could become a reality, not an illusion.

"Believe me, if things were different, then I could have believed you... but at the end of the day, we are too different to bring that pipe-dream into a reality... people can never cooperate with one another, it's just that simple. You are the sun, bathing in your own light, while I am the moon, shrouded in darkness." spoke Sasuke stopping in his stride. "The net time, we won't be friends and we won't be enemies, we'll be nothing more than obstacles in the other's path, to me you will be Naruto Senju... and when that time comes you will know me as Sasuke Uchiha." spoke Sasuke as he turned his head and locked eyes with Naruto's sapphire blue meeting his blood red with a single tomoe in each eye.

And at that very moment, Naruto knew what it meant to awaken the Sharingan, from that moment, he could feel the despair Sasuke was feeling. At that moment, their friendship was broken and Sasuke decided to erase his friend from his life. Naruto was dead to Sasuke, the friend with who he shared his dreams and ideals with all the moments they laughed together, had fun together, all those moments were nothing more than shards of broken glass.

From within his own space, with water and stars shining over him and the sun and moon sharing the same dark sky, Hagoromo merely watched the reincarnations of his two sons, begin once again their eternal dance of conflict. For what felt like the thousandth time, Hagoromo frowned at what he saw, as in life and now in death, he would watch Asura and Indra, continue their eternal strife, again, and again he would watch with bated breath to see if his son's would put aside their hatred and discord to achieve a goal Hagoromo would wish for a lifetime, he had thought that it was discovered with Hashirama and Madara, but again it ended with the same result.

The tale of Naruto and Sasuke, Hagoromo could sense that these two boys would be stronger than their previous lives, he could hope again and again that his squabbling sons would bring peace to the world, and despite being children Hagoromo knew that they would be wiser than he was, children were surprising in that regard for their inconceivable wisdom. But Hagoromo had hope, that the prophecy of the mischievous blue eyed boy that would call out the names of the nine beasts and play with them, would be Naruto, he had his doubts that the blue eyed boy was Naruto, but if he was than it would be Naruto's strength and will that would bring peace in this world.

Hagoromo also had the ability of foresight, he could already see the events of Naruto and Sasuke coming undone, but what he saw was never concrete, he could see paths leading to the bridge and not the bridge itself.

The old sage looked to his right to gaze into another part of the water. Where he could see a path, involving Naruto and Sasuke.

He could see a prison, a cage, suspended above fire and surrounded by rock and two men watching over the prison.

At a prison, located in a barren black wasteland was a volcano, sitting in the middle of nowhere, at the volcano housed a prison, made of metal bars and chains. The cage was suspended above the volcano where it's scorching heat and near unbreathable air permeated the area, one the cgae four metal dragons were biting onto chains suspending the prison, around all of it was rails and platforms, devoid of life. Except for two men looking over the cage which had a large hole in it and the area around them was broken in several places.

"He caught us by surprise, we were unprepared, forgive us Naruto-sama." spoke one of the men who was wearing the armour of the samurai of the Land of Iron, the soldier had forgone his helmet revealing his short brown hair and handsome face, he also wore a bear pelt as a cape.

The other person, the one called Naruto was a man in his elderly age, he had long white hair that reached his shoulders which used to be spiky but lost it's spikiness because of old age with a topknot and a shoulder length beard without a moustache, he had slightly tanned skin and deep ocean blue eyes he had three whisker marks on each of his cheeks with two of the whiskers visible through his beard, giving him a slight vulpine appearance and upon his forehead were markings of a crimson circle with a dot in the middle reminiscent of a third eye.

He was wearing a black robe with gold lining, tight sleeves that went down to his forearms, the robe split down the middle both in the back and front at his waist, he wore the men's version of an obi with black and gold lining, he also wore black gloves that extended to his forearms with gold lining, pointed black boots that went up to his knees with gold lining and gold and orange cloth on his shoulders that were held together with red sashes that tucked into his obi and underneath he wore a red and burnt orange kimono shirt with an undershirt beneath that and simple black pants. He was also carrying a large, white scroll on his back with swirling wind motifs.

"How could you let this happen." stated Naruto with an angry look on his face and narrowed eyes and speaking in a tone that did not carry his usual kindness. "You had one duty and yet you were incapable of carrying it out. Next time I should send boys in your place, they will at least get the job done."

"We never saw him coming, it was like nothing we had ever seen." spoke the Samurai trying to calm down the legendary Senju leader. "And... he has Mokuton and Kinton."

"No! This can't be! Then the situation is worse than I feared." spoke the old man as he turned to the samurai with a shocked look in his face. "Do you have any notion, the power this criminal possesses, his base powers can defeat any shinobi, his kekki genkai can defeat the world and now you're telling me he has acquired my cells."

"We'll put together a tracking party after him." responded the Samurai.

"We don't need to track him, I know exactly where he's going." spoke Naruto as he turned around and exited the volcano prison with the samurai in toe where they were approaching a large balcony. "Send word to the Nanadaime Hokage and my oldest son, Dei Senju, of an impending attack on Konoha, I will fly out myself and warn the other kage of the coming danger. The villages must be protected."

Naruto then slammed his hand onto the ground where puffs of smoke appeared revealing four small brown frogs, Naruto then wrote on four scrolls containing messages for all of the kage.

"But, where are you going?" asked the samurai as he looked on as the aged Hokage walked up to the edge of the balcony.

Naruto stuck his fingers to the corners of his mouth and whistled a signal. When the Samurai looked up he saw the head of a large dragon pop up from below the balcony, a human barely the size of it's eye, it's scales were white with varying shades of grey, it's barbels were black along with the spikes going down it's spine and it's horns were a jet black colour and it had two tusks pointing upward and downward that were also black in colour. The Senju leader then mounted the dragon where it lowered it's head to allow the Senju leader aboard, where the old man took in his grip, a piece of long rope that was connected to it's horns.

"To stop him." spoke the retired Hokage as he pulled on the reigns of his dragon, Tentō. And with that said, the massive dragon the size of the Hokage mountain took flight with his master onboard, intent on apprehending the criminal that was locked up in that prison. Sasuke Uchiha.

'how was he able to escape, I stripped him of his ability to manipulate his chakra, he must have somehow gained my cells and used the amazing power of my lifeforce and Yang release, to be able to repair the chakra circulatory system after I severed the connections, this time, I won't be so weak, I used Wind release last time, but this I'll use Yang release to to permanently remove his chakra.' thought Naruto thinking about what he was going to do, he also knew that since Sasuke gained his cells, he would be stronger, both physically and his chakra and his Rinnegan will be much stronger, being the only Uchiha to awaken the Rinnegan without Senju DNA.

Sensing his master's unease Tentō flew even faster, intent on reaching their location where Sasuke was supposedly heading to. Naruto didn't like the fact that he was going to be fighting his childhood friend again, but he was the only person in the world that could defeat Sasuke, even the five Kage combined were nothing but bugs to him, and Naruto believed that his old age hadn't lessened his power at all. Even in old age at the age of eighty-eight, Naruto was no less powerful and like Sasuke could defeat the five Kage without any hindrances.

Tentō roared a little, catching Naruto's attention where he noticed what appeared to be a dust storm, but Naruto knew better, he was currently flying over the now former Land of Frost, which was destroyed years ago by Naruto and Sasuke during their first titanic battle, and also the land of Sound and the Land of Hot Water were also destroyed and all three countries were nothing more than a scorched barren wasteland, the volcano where Sasuke's prison was located, the very spot the former Hokage defeated his enemy and he created the prison that held Sasuke from scratch.

Naruto then whipped Tentō's reigns where the dragon flew down in front of the dust cloud and was charging straight forward, the dragon and his master then heard a familiar roar which they would never forget, out of the dust storm came the form of a large feline the size of a Bijū, Naruto and Tentō recognising the beast as Yochi, Sasuke's most loyal companion.

Not one to back down to a challenge the dragon just kept on flying towards the tiger and Naruto could see the silhouette of his friend riding atop the tiger. Taking action, Naruto jumped off his dragon with little effort and came flying towards the Uchiha who had little time to react when he saw his old enemy flying towards him, even in his old age Naruto was still an agile opponent. Naruto grabbed Sasuke by the head while Yochi kept on running towards Tentō where the two beasts engaged in another of their brutal fights.

Sasuke was being pummelled to the ground from the shock of Naruto's attack but was able to quickly respond when he wrapped his legs around Naruto's arm and threw off the former blonde. When the Senju leader regained his footing, he could still recognise Sasuke even though the years had not been kind to them.

Sasuke had shoulder length long hair, having lost it's spikiness over time, he also had a long shoulder length goatee and with a shoulder length fu manchu moustache. He wore nothing but rags and dirty bandages from having spent most of his time in prison. But his eyes, they were the same, blood red with nothing but hate in them.

"Guess, I couldn't hide from you for long." stated Sasuke as he brushed his clothing while Naruto stood up to full height.

"You really thought that your jailbreak would go unnoticed." questioned Naruto as he prepared himself to face Sasuke. "And I also heard that you have some new skills of your own."

"I have you to thank for that." spoke Sasuke to his 'friend'. It was ironic that both looked so, old, they were dinosaurs really, but he knew Naruto still had many years to live through because of his Uzumaki lineage, but he had waited too long to get out of that prison and he wasn't going to lose his newfound freedom, he was just beginning to enjoy it. "But you fell for it, again." said Sasuke with a smirk before disappearing in a plume of smoke. When the smoke cleared it revealed that Sasuke had disappeared.

'that wasn't a kage bunshin, it was summoning jutsu, he must have orchestrated his escape years in advance, and I was fool enough to fall into his trap, but it seems as though it would take a few hours before the jutsu activated.' thought Naruto deducing Sasuke's escape method, he could only wonder, 'when' did Sasuke gain his cells, he knew that with his cells, Sasuke's chakra and lifeforce will be amplified to the point that he could be considered a pseudo-Senju, he would also gain a healing factor that allowed him to heal from wounds in seconds and any other abilities the Rokudaime had within his possession, even his coveted Kekki Genkai.

Why must there be so much conflict between him and Sasuke, why must there be so much conflict between the Uchiha and the Senju. He could never wrap his head around it and he never understood why it was so, were the destined to fight each other to the end, were they simply the next in line. His thoughts were beyond him he couldn't understand it.

Being pulled into his mindscape which was a world of nothing but water and light did several voices speak to Naruto.

"You should have killed him that day, I would have enjoyed killing him." spoke a deep voice when the old man turned around to see a giant, sandy brown tanuki with blue markings all around it's face and body with a cavernous mouth and unique tar like eyes and a single bushy tail. This beast was Shukaku the Ichibi no Bakedanuki

"I have to agree with Shukaku, Sasuke represents a threat to everyone in the world, it would have been a virtue in killing him." spoke another deep voice where a giant ox with four long horns appeared with eight tentacles although one of it's horns was missing.

"Can someone sharing so much history with one another, kill another even though the world demands it." said another voice although more feminine where what appeared to be a dolphin horse appeared with five bushy tails.

"Sasuke has never had respect for the Bijū, just like that brat Madara, though what was the point in sparing him, did you hope to gain something out of it?" said a another where a giant gorilla like red monkey with four tails appeared.

"Naruto, as much as you want to deny it, the Sasuke you knew doesn't exist anymore." said a kind voice where a flaming cat with two tails appeared comforting the old man and the cat was also joined by what appeared to be a turtle with shrimp like tails and a six tailed slug and a seven tailed beatle.

"The others are right Naruto, Sasuke is gone, unlike the others I am the only one who understands how deep your relationship with that brat is, that brat has caused nothing but pain, to you, to us, everyone, he is a sick dog that must be put down, don't you remember all the times when he didn't hesitate to kill you, so why do you?" questioned a massive fox with bright orange fur and nine sweeping tails behind, out of all the beasts, Anyone can confirm that the fox and it's vessel were like to peas in a pod, ironically.

"Do any of you have the conviction to kill your brother?" spoke Naruto as he turned around to look upon the nine beasts before him.

"Naruto, this is different, we have seen it many times, brothers turning upon another simply because of jealousy, it happened with the old man's sons, Indra and Asura, that relationship, mirrors your own with Sasuke. You have to find him, and kill him." spoke the fox who Naruto came to know as Kurama.

"No, there's another way, a better way, I understand all of your feelings, but this is something that I have to, it's my problem, I am the only one who can fix it, and bury my sins for good." spoke Naruto with a downcast look on his face.

"You can always count on us! Saiken happy to help! Naruto best friend after all!" spoke the giant slug happily which made Naruto smile a little where he saw all the Bijū placing their hands over the other, and Naruto pressed his fist against theirs, giving them a fist bump.

Naruto then found himself back in the real world where he whistled for Tentō who came flying form above.

"Fly Tentō! we make for Konoha!" spoke Naruot as he mounted his dragon who roared before taking to the sky.

When Naruto saw Konoha in sight he immediately descended atop Tentō when he saw his Very irate first wife, Sakura, when he was still a teenager Naruto was forced to undergo clan restoration, he ended up marrying five women and had twelve children altogether, which presented him with many headaches but tender moments, though the council was disappointed that none of them inherited his kekki genkai. But having eleven children meant one thing, lots of grandchildren.

Sakura was the the same age as her husband, she wore a plain white kimono with a long obi and sakura blossoms over it, her hair was still pink though dulled in vibrance over the years and she wore her hair up in a small ponytail, though she did carry the cons of old age on her face, just as he had.

"I have a perfectly good excuse." spoke Naruto with a large grin hoping to cool down his steaming wife, and the woman he loved most.

"Do you now, so when you were regaling our beloved grandchildren with your tales of adventure and wow, you received a letter then you up and leave without saying a word." spoke Sakura tapping her foot, even though most of Naruto's grandchildren weren't her grandchildren it created an odd relationship with all of them as they all had six grandmothers and two grandfathers and Sakura regarded them all as her grandchildren.

Naruto getting off Tentō scratched his head in exasperation, a trait he's had since childhood. Suddenly Sakura smirked and Naruto knew that smirk anywhere, he suddenly felt the ground shaking under him and he sweatdropped at the woman.

"OJISAN!" yelled a bunch of voices as various amounts of wind flew past Sakura and the next thing she saw was her husband being dog-piled by numerous children where they formed a hill of giggling bodies and splay limbs and the only visible part of Naruto himself was his hands and feet. But right now Sakura knew that Naruto had more important things to worry about.

Hagoromo who was watching the entire spectacle could only chuckle at the scene, he remembered the times, his own grandchildren would swarm around him and be their hyper-active selves. But that was just a path, an uncertain future, anything could happen. However, Hagoromo knew, that Naruto's love for that pink haired woman. Shall be his greatest strength.

It was wishful thinking for the moment, that he had finally found the two reincarnations who would put an end to everything, the chosen heir of Ninshū (Naruto) and his most loyal follower (Sasuke).

The cycle would end or it would continue with the actions and choices of Naruto and Sasuke.

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ok in the next chapter we'll find out what happens to Naruto and Sasuke's relationship as children, what Konoha plans to do with Kumo, the after affects of the village finding out about the jinchuriki all because of those blabbermouth chunin, Sasuke's change in personality, and a llot more.

Also the scene with old Naruto and Sasuke, is a possible future, not a concrete one, it may or may not happen, thats it.

Check out my profile for what the statue room looks like, What old Naruto looks like, what old Sasuke looks like and old Sasuke's prison.

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