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It was 10:27 P.M. The trial started in less than 13 hours. It started in twelve hours and 33 minutes, to be exact.

They had twelve hours and 33, no, sorry, now 32 minutes to get Elle back.

Emmett Forest sat in his shoebox apartment, on his ratty couch, which was crammed between two different bookshelves overflowing with more law books than he could count. On the wobbly, worn out wooden coffee table in front of him, sat an untouched glass of water, which had been previously filled with ice. But Emmett just sat there and watched the ice melt and the condensation appear on outside of the glass, just like his heart would melt whenever he thought of her. Anyways, he was too stressed to think about his hydration, or the fact that he hadn't moved from that same place on the couch in over an hour.

Letting out an exasperated groan, Emmett sunk further into the worn seat. He had never really felt this way, especially not about a girl. It confused him and excited him and scared him all at the same time. His heart did flip-flops every time he saw the familiar flash of blonde and pink. And the way her shining blue eyes looked-

"No, Emmett. That's not what you should be focused on right now," He said to no one in particular, except for himself.

There were other places his mind wanted to dwell on, and one of those places was how much he absolutely loathed Callahan. How much he hated him for making Elle feel that way, how much he hated that he got to kiss Elle before he did, how much he hated that he was the one who made Elle even consider leaving.

Another one of those places was how much he loathed himself.

Emmett knew that he wasn't the richest, most attractive guy on the planet. But that never seemed to bother him, his self esteem was high and his confidence never lacking. Not in a snobby, cocky way, though.

But he hated himself for just leaving Elle there, on the floor of her dorm, sobbing her makeup off, probably hating herself more than he hated Callahan. To his credit though, not once did Elle open the door, so he had no chance of really consoling her, closed doors had the tendency to do that.

He felt her walls going back up, those lies of hers that she had to break through to finally see how amazing she was, how amazing he thought she was. That she wasn't just blonde and beautiful, but that she was smart, clever, brilliant, witty, intriguing, not just another pretty face, unique.

"And maybe if I had told her that I'm in love with her sooner, she wouldn't be running away," Those thoughts racing through his head just made him sink further into the couch, if that was possible. He still hadn't told her. Well, he said it near her, but not to her. Again, that door caused many problems.

Suddenly, he was hit with a second wind. He checked his watch, 10:35. It wasn't that late, right? Emmett jumped off the couch and ran into the extremely cramped space he called his bathroom, splashing water on his face and adjusting his tie. He still hadn't taken the suit off. The suit that was bought the same day he realized that he was in love with her.

He was just about to run his fingers through his curly brown hair, when he remembered it wasn't really curly anymore. The hair gel had been in his hair for the whole day, but it still plastered his wild brunette locks onto his head in a stylish fashion. He smiled a little bit, "I could get used to this look," he thought to himself

Remembering his mission, he shook all hair related thoughts out of his head and dashed for the door, grabbing his phone just in case Elle decided to respond to the millions of texts and calls he had made to her. Locking the door, even though the lock was sort of completely broken (but it made him feel more secure), Emmett Forest practically jumped all two stories of stairs, wanting to get to his destination as quick as possible, even if that did mean receiving a couple of judging looks from Harvard snobs and homeless people alike.

Emmett hopped on his bike, which was his only mode of transportation, (don't judge!) and peddled off to a certain blonde's dorm, with his hair still in place and his tie threatening to fly off of his neck. This certainly was a mission, but the burst of confidence that he received told him he wasn't going to let it be an impossible one. Elle believed that love conquered all, maybe he should too.

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