Harry froze as he realized he was sandwiched firmly between the two men. Then, when Snape flexed his hips and ground their pelvises together he couldn't help but moan and let his head fall back onto Malfoy's shoulder.

This is what he wanted, this feeling of being surrounded by them, being a part of them. As he continued to be tantalized by Snape's delicious hip movements he was aware of Draco pushing them further into the shadows. Suddenly he was spun around and felt his back pressed up against a cold wall and his lips viciously attacked by Draco's cooler and much softer ones. After an indeterminable amount of time, in which Harry was sure he would have collapsed had he not been supported by the wall, Draco stopped his kisses and pressed their foreheads together.

"What do you say Harry, do you want to be with us?" he panted. Harry didn't even need to think about his answer and barely choked out a "God, yes" before he reattached himself to those heavenly lips. Malfoy broke the kiss again and chuckled. He muttered a disillusioning charm, grabbed Harry's hand and escaped from the Great Hall.

When they had made it outside Harry tugged on Draco's hand to make him stop. "Where did Professor Snape go?" he queried

Draco turned to him and smiled. "You'll have to stop calling him Professor, Harry. His name is Severus and he is waiting for us in his rooms. Draco quickly moved off again while Harry was processing this information and before he knew it they were before the portrait that guarded the entrance to Snape's quarters, Draco had whispered the password and he was ushered into the dark entryway.

Harry was uncertain in the darkness but before he could attempt to get away, Snape called to him.

"Come, Harry" and so he moved, trembling, into the recesses of the rooms toward the only source of light he could see. He stepped into Snape's bedchamber to find that the room was only illuminated by the fireplace which made everything seem softer.

Draco nudged him further into the room and Severus rose from his bed to approach him. Before he could even think of a reaction he was enveloped in warmth and Severus had brought their lips together. Harry was frozen as Severus' tongue teased his mouth open and consumed him. The feeling was exquisite and with a moan of surrender he wrapped himself around the man.

"A wonderful kisser, is he not?" Draco whispered into his ear. He wedged his hands between them and began to undress Harry who did not resist, so caught up was he in pleasure. Draco then moved around the couple to undress Severus and then finally himself so they were all gloriously naked. Severus slowly broke the kiss and stepped away to stare appreciatively at the stunning Gryffindor. Harry blushed and was moving his hands to cover his arousal when Draco, who was again behind Harry, grabbed them and intertwined their fingers.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of, Harry" he breathed. "Look at him and see that he wants you." He placed their linked hands on Harry's shoulders and began to slowly drag them down his body. Their fingers tweaked Harry's nipples, their nails scrapped down his abs and their palms stroked his cock and cupped his balls. Harry watched as Severus' eyes darkened with lust until their hands gave a particularly hard squeeze and he flung his head back, eyes clenched shut, with a gasp.

Immediately he felt his centre of gravity shift as he was lifted into strong arms and gently deposited into the middle of the large bed. He opened his eyes to see them, unmoving at the foot of the bed watching.


Harry looked at them in confusion and watched as Draco cocked his head. Their bodies were held rigidly and they refrained from touching or moving. He glanced at Severus to see him staring just as intently and then he understood.

"Kiss him," he whispered. Draco blessed him with a beatific smile at the same time that Severus drew him closer and brought their lips together. They stayed together, Severus' hand guiding Draco's head with his other arm, as well as Draco's, limp at their sides.

"Touch him," Harry whispered once more and their hands sprang into action. They each brought their hand to the other's skin and began to touch and caress. Moans were soon emanating from them both as their hands brushed erogenous spots memorised through familiarity with each other. Harry was becoming exceedingly aroused from watching them and was desperate to be attended to in like manner.

"Touch me," his voice echoed, even softer than before. They stopped their ministrations and stalked towards Harry, one on either side. Severus once again began to kiss him while his right hand roamed his body and he gave himself over to the feeling. He let out a deep groan and involuntarily thrust his hips when he felt his member unexpectedly surrounded by wet heat. He remained locked in bliss as Severus plundered him mouth and learned his body while Draco's lips and tongue pleasured his cock. He felt his heels being lifted onto Draco's shoulder and his bottom propped up by some form of cushion.

Harry detached his lips from Severus' with a gasp of indignation when Draco's mouth left his cock and something rough, flat and wet, which could only be Draco's tongue swiped across his puckered hole.

"No, don't" he moaned "…dirty" his breath hitched.

"On the contrary, Mr. Potter," Snape's deep voice resonated through his body "I am sure it is just as sweet as the rest of you." Draco's tongue began to perform a stabbing motion which caused Harry to writhe and strain his body closer to the feeling. When the penetrative action stopped Harry watched as the Slytherins exchanged places and then groaned as Draco plundered his mouth making him taste himself. There were two whispered spells and Harry felt a warm, slick prodding at his entrance before a finger dipped into him. His breath hitched as he raised his hips closer to the intrusion.

Harry was prepared slowly and thoroughly so that by the time Severus had him lubed and stretched to his satisfaction, he was covered in a thin film of sweat and was a quivering mass of nerves.

"Are you ready, Harry" Severus asked as he lined himself up with his entrance. Harry nodded jerkily, unable to give a verbal response as Draco was torturing his nipples and stealing his breath. Severus rose up on his knees so Harry's legs were fully extended with his heels hooked behind his shoulders and entered him slowly.

The feeling was filling, and torturous, and exquisite and Harry was loathe for it to end. When Severus was completely seated Harry let out the breath he did not know he was holding and squeezed his eyes shut. After a few moments he smiled at Severus and nodded.

"You can move now," he said. Severus moved his hips in slow deep strokes while Draco continued to play with his nipples and now his cock. Harry was dimly aware that he was gasping and moaning like a whore but he couldn't bring himself to stop. In a moment of sheer Gryffindor bravery he wrapped his hand, the one that wasn't mangling the sheets, around Draco's cock and began to jerk him off in time to Severus's strokes prompting him to sigh deeply and thrust against him.

They continued gently moving together, rising together, until they reach their peak and as his entire world crashed down around him Harry felt himself gathered up into two pairs of strong arms and cocooned in warmth.


Harry knew he had to get up but was trapped in bliss. A body moved on his left side and he gathered just enough energy to look and see that it was Draco now sitting up and looking at him. They gazed at each other for a moment until he swooped down and captured Harry's lips in a tender kiss. He pulled away with a soft smile.

"You're not going anywhere," he smirked "You're stuck with us." And as he cuddled closer, Harry felt himself drawn back into another pair of arms and his neck nuzzled. Severus let out a sleepy huff and reached across Harry to smooth down Draco's side.

"Mr. Malfoy, I'd appreciate if you would let us sleep now."

And Harry grinned.

He was a part of this 'us'.