[Down in the Wastelands]

I was free. No orders to tell me what to do. That all changed when the last Dragon Priest came to me and said, "Dragon of light, you have been chosen to represent peace and freedom along with the Dragon Booster and his dragon." I looked at him. "Really? All I am is a dragon with no rider." He explained that Word Paynn was getting more and more desperate to get the Dragon of Legend, and that I was his only hope of stopping him. "But I don't understand. How can I help?" "Patience, young dragon, you will understand when the Dragon Booster comes to your side. You will soon have the ability to change into a human and back to a dragon. You will be hunted by Word Paynn, but you will be free eventually." He faded in the shadows, whispering "Good luck young dragon." I hurried to find Artha Penn and his friends. They knew the Dragon Booster, maybe they could help.

[Penn Stables]

They took me to the Dragon Priest that I met earlier. He had given me a device that allowed me to speak human while in my dragon form. "The training begins now." "Training for what?" I inquired. "Training to help the Dragon Booster. You cannot use mag moves can you?" I looked away in shame. "No, I can't. All the dragons that I've met can mag. It's not fair!" The Dragon Priest soon made Artha, Kitt, Parm and Lance my mag teachers. After I had learnt everything, Word Paynn, Moordryd and the Dragon Eye Crew came to retrieve me, for they knew I could stop Word from starting another Dragon/Human War. "Give us the young dragon." Word ordered. "She doesn't know how to mag, Paynn" said Artha. I looked at him. "Pretend", he whispered. I acted scared. "Okay, let's go." Word said. They started to leave, when Word spun around and used Trapping Gear on everybody except me. "Come with me, dragon, and you can fulfil your destiny." Paynn assured. Fulfilling my destiny sounded pretty good. I started to walk over, but the Dragon Priest started to tell me, "Go with them, and you'll never control yourself again." That's all I needed to hear. I stopped in my tracks. "I'm staying Word." I told him, "Scales" I heard him say quietly and he left in a huff.

[Around Dragon City]

A couple of days later, I had been tricked by someone working for Word Paynn and trapped. Luckily Moordryd was close by, and freed me. I stared at him. "Thank you Moordryd. Whenever you need help, I will be there quickly." He said that 15 times was enough. A few days later, an entire dragon crew (Fisstus' crew) had cornered him and his dragon. He tried to fight them off, but failed. Moordryd called me using his ViddCom. "Mirror, I need your help." When I got there, I leapt in front of Moordryd and growled at them. They started to back off, until Fisstus shot Trapping Gear at me. I yelled out "Mag Deflect!", and then Fisstus was trapped himself. The rest of the crew turned and fled. For the next 12 times, that I helped him, I rescued him from numerous dragon crews, stopped the Prophets from freeing his dragon Desepshun (twice), and healed both of them, when they were low of energy. The 14th day of my service to the young Paynn family member had come. I was walking with Moordryd, when I was suddenly slammed into a nearby wall. I tried my best to mag off the gear, like I had taught myself, but it was useless. I stopped, out of breath. I growled at the approaching shadow. "Thank you Moordryd, for leading her down here." "I was not 'leading' her anywhere! She deserves to be free, and not to be a part of my father's plan." The hood was thrown back and revealed Mortis, the dragon priest. I growled happily. "The next time you get unsuspectedly trapped, it shall be Word Paynn. He still isn't stopping to get you. Be careful Mirror." He released the gear and sprinted off on his dragon. A couple of minutes later, I got hurled against a wall by Word Paynn. Some of the Dragon Crew were with him. They surrounded Moordryd, Desepshun and I. Word Paynn walked up to me, and attached some Wraith Gear to me. I struggled and tried to mag it off. I failed. I couldn't move because of the Trapping Gear. Word activated the Wraith Gear and I started to worry. "The Dragon Priest can't you now, Wraith Dragon." He attached a small envelope to the front of my gear. "Go and give this to Mortis or Artha Penn." Paynn gave the Wraith controller to Moordryd and I followed his orders.

[Penn Stables]

Soon, as I got close to Artha, I growled. His dragon Beau started to growl, in order to ward me off. I magged the letter and gave it to Artha. "Dear Stable Brats," he began after opening it. "You were fools thinking that you could keep the young dragon, Mirror, out of my clutches. Look at the dragon before you. Say hello to the newest member of my army. Mirror the Wraith Dragon." The Dragon Priest came running out as Artha finished. Lance, Parm, Kitt and their dragons followed. Moordryd stepped out of the nearby shadows, clutching the controller. "Let her go Moordryd!" Kitt yelled. He smiled. "No, I was asked by my father to help her deliver the message, then go home. See you later, stable brats." And with that, we sped back to Word's citadel. "Let's go!" yelled Mortis. "We must free Mirror! Artha, get the Dragon Booster!" Artha turned into the Dragon Booster, and the rescue began.