Luna was in her room getting ready for her date with Shadow Dust the captain of the night guard in Canterlot. It was 7:30 and Luna had just raised the moon. She had to be ready and in the gardens by 7:45 and was only just getting out of the bath. Frantically looking for her things she had forgotten her Hearts & Hooves Day gift. Flying down to the garden very fast as to not be late she nearly crashed into Shadow Dust. "Whoa there Luna, are you trying to take off my head!" Shadow Dust said jokingly. "Sorry I was in such a rush I guess I forgot to slow down." Luna replied with a joking tone in her voice. They were headed to the Canterlot Hearts & Hooves Day dinner feast. At the feast Luna had disguised herself so she wasn't bombarded with ponies. After dinner it was time for giving gifts to your special some pony. Luna turned to get her gift from her saddle bag. Realizing she had left it in her room she didn't know what to do. She could tell him she left it or make him wait while she got it. She decided to be honest like any princess would be. "Dust…"which is what Shadow Dust had her call him because Shadow sounded evil, "I'm sorry I left my gift to you in my room forgetting it because I was in such a hurry th.." Dust stopped her mid-sentence. "My love it is alright. I don't mind as long as I'm with you, which is why…" Dust paused and got down on one knee. "Will you marry me and make me the happiest stallion in all of Equestria?" Luna was speechless but finally after a few moments she replied "YES! Dust I love you so much!" Luna tackled Dust to the floor. After dinner Luna and Dust went to Celestia's study to ask for her blessing. After all they had been dating for 2 years. "Come in." Celestia almost whispered. "Sister I have the best of news!" Luna shouted with glee. "Yes, do tell me please." Celestia said turning around. "Dust has proposed to me! Oh please bless the marriage." Luna said while Dust simply nodded at her side holding up the rings. "Luna what kind of sister would I be if my sister wasn't married to the stallion she loved with all her heart."Celestia replied with care in her voice. "Oh thank you Tia!" "We have talked and we want it to be a small secret wedding so nothing bad happens like at Cadences wedding with Shining Armor and Twilights with Flash Sentry." Dust said sounding as serious as possible. "Alright then when do you plan on being wed?" Celestia asked. "Next month."Luna quickly replied.

One month after the wedding

It had been a month after the wedding and the ceremony was quiet and simple and of course at night. The couple had just returned from their honey moon and were just unpacking. "So Dust now that we are married we need to know everything about one another that we didn't tell while dating. Right? " Luna questioned. "Well I guess so." Dust replied. "When I was just a filly I didn't learn to fly till Tia cast a spell for me because I kept bugging her asking over and over is she could teach me to fly." Luna said shyly. "When I was a colt I had a pink line in my mane and I kept it until I went to guard training." Dust admitted feeling embarrassed because pink was seen most on fillies and mares. This went on until Celestia raised the sun stopping a few times to go get food from the kitchen.

Normally sleeping at this time the princess of the night wasn't. She was out with her husband going to the Crystal Empire on royal business. Once there they went to the castle to see Cadence, Celestia, and Twilight. They were met half-way with the group as usual. Dust was told to go to the castle garden to meet the other stallions and he was used to this because he went with every month. Luna kissed her husband good-bye and told him to meet her at this exact spot at 5:00. "I promise." He said. Later the four princesses were at the castle for their monthly check in. It turned out that everything was alright everywhere. At 5:00 Luna met up with Dust and headed to the train station. "So how is everything?" Dusk asked. "It's alright." Luna replied.

Two weeks later Dust woke up to a sick Luna. He immediately ran to her to comfort his sick wife who was heaving into a bowl. He ran to Celestia's study thinking she would be there but unfortunately she wasn't. He ran around until he found her in the dining room eating wheat cakes. "Celestia! Quick come with me Luna is sick!" Dust shouted from the door way. Celestia dropped her fork and ran with Dust to her sister's room. "Dust go get the doctor." Celestia demanded. Dust obeyed and went returning a few minutes later with the Doctor. "Princess Celestia and Prince Shadow Dust please I need you to leave the room." The doctor asked kindly. Obeying this Celestia took Dust out of the room. 20 minutes later the doctor came out and asked Celestia to come in the room for a moment. Following the doctor Celestia went in the room. Only to scare Dust and wake Luna with a shriek of joy. "Celestia what has happened are you alright?" Dust shouted bursting in the room making Luna groan in annoyance. Celestia dismissed the doctor and took Dust out to the hall. "Two things Dust. First of all you will be sleeping in the guest room down the hall, and second of all your going to be a father!"