"Wait you want to leave that early?" Celestia questioned the little filly's choice. "I have given it some thought and I know it may be early but it's enough time to pack and say good bye. Plus I heard that Ponyville has the softest snow and the most of it since it's the closest to the cloud factory in Cloudsdale." Silverstar said sounding very sophisticated. "Well we should do what she wants. It is her choice after all." Dust said in a slightly sad tone of voice. After saying good bye to all her guard friends and Celestia because she wasn't going to be at the station to see her off for she was going to be in the Crystal Empire, the little filly started pack all her things ahead of time so there was less to do the next day. "Mommy I don't want to go to school there. I will only make friends because I'm an alicorn princess." The little filly told her mother. "Well that is why I created a spell to disguise the pony's horn or wings." Luna replied back. Two days had pasted and it was time to put the princess on the train. Her things left late the night before so they would be there when she arrived. The train ride was so boring and felt like it lasted an eternity. Finally arriving in Ponyville the princess was greeted by Twilight and Flash. "Well hello there, I haven't seen you in a while." Twilight said almost scaring the wings off the poor filly. "Hi Twilight, oh wait my mommy gave me this spell she wants you to learn. She says it will hide my wings or my horn so I can really make friends for who I am and not the silly o'le princess I'm supposed to be." The little filly said mainly to talk to herself. "Well okay then I will cast it when we get to the castle okay." Twilight replied. "Wait you live in a castle and I'm supposed to just live a normal life if I'm still stuck in a castle." Silverstar protested. "Well we won't be in the castle because I'm a very social pony who either reads books inside or hangs out with my friends outside, and I'm mostly out with my friends." Twilight said a little sternly. "Oh, sorry" Silverstar said a little ashamed. "No need to apologize." Twilight replied trying to lighten the mood.

The next day

"Silverstar its time to come downstairs, you need to get up for school." Twilight shouted from the bottom of the stairs that lead up to Silverstars' new room. "Coming!" A groggy sounding voice shouted back from behind the door. Twilight asked the little filly coming out the door "So what do you want to be a Pegasus or a unicorn?" "Um I guess a Pegasus?" the pony replied still really tired from the unpacking the previous day. "Okay then, hold still." Twilight said as her horn lit up with her magic. The little princess was so tired she didn't remember she wanted a disguise. "Ahh, Twilight what are you doing!?" The small princess asked frightened. "The spell remember." Twilight told Silverstar. "Oh yeah." Silverstar said a little more awake when Twilight was done. "So, what is my fake name going to be?" Silverstar ask sitting at the table eating her breakfast. "Now why would you need a fake name?" Twilight asked confused. "Well everyone in Ponyville knows there is a princess named Silverstar, so wouldn't I need a fake name so I don't get crowded with questions like why I have the same name as the princess." Silverstar replied with a mouth full of food. "I guess so. What do you want it to be?" Twilight asked. After swallowing Silverstar said "I still want it to have silver in it because I really love that part of my name." "How about your name can be Silverdash." Before Silverstar could reply Rainbowdash walks in the room with the other girls with Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetiebell following. Rainbowdash says "Now that's a nice name." "Why 'cause it's got Dash in it." Applejack said. "Ha Ha very funny." Rainbowdash said with a hint of sarcasm. "I kind of like it." Silverstar said. "Well enough talk it's time for school girls." Fluttershy said.

On the way to school, Silverdash meet Scootaloo, Applebloom, and Sweetiebell. She asked them "What do you guys do for fun around here?" "We have a club called the cutie mark crusaders. We go around trying to find our cutie marks but obviously we haven't found ours yet." Scootaloo said. "Yeah do you want to join?" Sweetiebell screamed. "Yeah sure. Um can I say something though?" Silverdash asked. "What do y'all wanna say?" Applebloom asked. "Well I don't want to be that pony that's really mean but what are you going to do when only one of you gets your cutie mark?" Silverdash asked nervously. "Wow I didn't think of that." Sweetiebell said. "We can cross the road when we get to it or how ever that saying goes." Scootaloo said smiling.

At school the teacher, Miss. Cheerilee, had Silverdash come in front of the class. Silverdash heard some laughs but she didn't know who laughed but she didn't care. It was time for recess and outside Silverdash looked around. She saw two ponies and thought they were cool looking so she walked over to them "Hey can I hang out with you guys?" She asked walking over to them. "Um, no way. We don't hang out with blank flanks. You're a nobody that doesn't deserve us cool rich ponies as friends. You're just another talentless snob." The pink one with the tiara said. "Well at least I'm not a rich brat like you. I may be new here but I know a bully when I see one." Silverdash yelled back. "What is going on here?" Miss. Cheerilee said coming over to the fillies. The pink one started crying and lied "She called me a stupid little rich brat pony and she is way cooler than me." "WHAT?! No I didn't I asked if I could play with her and she said I was a nobody and that I was a talentless snob and a blank flank!" Silverdash said trying to stay calm so she wouldn't yell at her teacher. "Well then, Silverdash, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon you can come with me." Miss. Cheerilee told them. Once inside Miss. Cheerilee asked silver spoon to come with her. "Silver Spoon please tell me the truth I know you want to cover up for diamond tiara but I don't want a bully in my school." Miss. Cheerilee pleaded. "Okay. It was really Diamond Tiara who was mean she is a bully and I don't want her to be my friend any more so can you help me." Silver Spoon asked. "Of course I can help you shouldn't have friends you don't want." Miss. Cheerilee promised. "Diamond Tiara I want you to stay after class so I can talk to you and your father." Miss. Cheerilee said. "Wait what?! But she was the one being mean to me." Diamond Tiara screamed. "No she wasn't Silver Spoon told me the truth." Miss. Cheerilee said.

After school, Silverdash met up with the girls. "So what happened at recess today?" Sweetiebell asked. "Well I thought that the pony Diamond Tiara was nice so I walked over to her…" Silverdash told them the whole thing. "Wow I think you're the first pony to stand up to Diamond Tiara." Scootaloo said. "Yeah I agree." Sweetiebell said with Applebloom nodded.

Once at Twilights castle Silverdash was bombarded with questions from Twilight. "Jeez Twilight calm down. My first day of school was fine except for one thing at recess but other than that it was okay." Silverdash said. "What happened at recess?" a super curious Twilight asked. After telling the story to Twilight, Twilight got up to go talk with Diamond Tiaras father. "Twilight you don't have to do this Miss. Cheerilee already did." Silverdash said physically trying to stop Twilight. Once twilight got to the door and was outside Silverdash gave up and just walked with Twilight. "Twilight please don't do this. I don't want to be that pony." Silverdash begged. "Do you want to keep being bullied at school?" Twilight asked. Silverdash shook her head no. "That is what I thought" Twilight said sounding scary. Once at Diamond Tiaras house twilight knocked on the door. Filthy Rich, Diamond Tiaras father, answered the door. "Why hello Princess Twilight, how can I help you?" Filthy Rich asked. "Well if you don't already know your daughter was bullying this little filly whom is in my possession and care." Twilight said stepping back showing Silverdash. "Why yes I do know that and actually Diamond Tiara is in the middle of writing an apology letter to her." Filthy Rich said calling out to Diamond Tiara. "Diamond Tiara why don't you read your letter to Miss Silverdash." Filthy Rich demanded Diamond Tiara. After Diamond Tiara finished and Twilight was satisfied Silverdash walked home with Twilight. "See that wasn't so bad." Twilight said. "Sure." Silverdash said glumly. At the castle Twilight told Flash what they were doing and what had happened at school. "I'm going to have a talk with stallion and his daughter." Flash said. Silverdash heard this and flew over so fast she knocked over Flash. "Sorry Flash I don't really want you to go I didn't want you to talk with her since Miss. Cheerilee and Twilight already did." Silverdash apologized. "Its alright kid." Flash said Rubbing his bruised shoulder.