Us Against the World

A/N: For akemilla, my favorite beta (though I still have to check it a little). Inspired in Colplay's song of the same name.

Summary: AU. Musician!Killian. First encounters. A little of OQ too.

Words: 1075

Rating: PG

Emma sat in the pub by herself, a rum-and-coke between her hands. She brought the glass to her lips as her eyes darted across the room looking for someone.

It was a Wednesday night, so the pub was almost empty. But it didn't really matter, even on a Friday or a Saturday when the place was usually packed he would have noticed her. As his rough fingers tuned the guitar, his eyes fixed upon her figure. The stunning lady was wearing a black dress that hugged her curves, golden locks falling down her shoulders framing her face. It was weird to see such a beautiful creature by herself in the middle of the sea of empty tables and chairs.

He sat on the stool and balancing the instrument on his knee. A white light turned on over his head blinding him momentarily. The man blinked uncomfortably for a couple of seconds and smiled charmingly at the five members of the crowd. He leaned a little to talk into the microphone.

"Evening" he said grinning before lowering the mic a little placing it closer to his mouth. "This is my first night here, sort of an audition for a spot on the weekends". He chuckled a little, trying to swallow his nervousness. He cleared his throat.

"My name is Killian Jones, and I hope to be worth your while."

His fingers played a soft melody, the first beats of the song magically binding him to the performance. Closing his eyes as he started singing.

Oh morning come bursting, the clouds, Amen

Lift off this blindfold, let me see again

And bring back the water, let your ships roll in.

In my heart she left a hole

His voice was light, swirling through the room reaching her. Emma looked up at the stage where this Killian Jones was singing with a silvery voice. His eyes still closed as his fingers stroked the chords of his guitar.

The tightrope that I'm walking just sways and ties

The devil as he's talking with those angel's eyes

And I just want to be there when the lightning strikes

And the saints go marching in

His blue-sky eyes opened meeting hers. The man smiled a half smile as he held her gaze. She was hypnotized, lost in the lyrics and the rising melody. So much so that a couple entered the bar without her noticing.

And sing slow-ow-ow-ow it down

Through chaos as it swirls

It's us against the world

Robin and Regina greeted her warmly and apologized for being late. Stealing Emma's precious attention from the stage and from the lonely man who seemed to sing only to her.

Like a river to a raindrop, I lost a friend

My drunken hazard Daniel in a lion's den

And tonight I know it all has to begin again

So whatever you do, don't let go

The couple kept talking for a while, whispering, while she smiled politely as her attention drifting back to the musician. A couple of strands of his dark hair fell over his eyes that were now focused on his guitar. He lifted his face, as if knowing, meeting her burning stare with his once more. Regina smiled to herself and elbowed Robin to shut up, signaling their partner with her eyes. Robin chuckled.

And if we could float away

Fly up to the surface and just start again

And lift off before trouble

Just erodes us in the rain

Just erodes us in the rain

Just erodes us and see roses in the rain

The song mesmerized the seven people in the bar, the melody enveloping them softly. The way he licked his lips was almost unholy, his gaze never leaving hers.

And sing slow-ow-ow-ow it down

Slow-ow-ow-ow it down

She was a siren, and Killian couldn't believe he had captured her with his song. He felt like a ship lost at sea that was being pulled by the currents to her uncharted shore. The song, their song, rose in circles to the sky reaching its climax.

Through chaos as it swirls

It's us against the world

The singer had a magnetic pull to him, like gravity tugging her. Like they were meant to stand close to each, pushed together by forces they couldn't control. She felt drawn to him, like a moth to a flame.

Through chaos as it swirls

It's us against the world

He looked intently into her eyes as if discovering he meant every word. The song came to an end, the last notes echoing in the room, bouncing off the walls. He smiled nervously at the floor as he ran a hand through his hair, arranging those strands of hair that tickled his nose. Emma turned to Regina, who met her gaze with a knowing grin.

"He's cute, huh?" she whispered and the two of them giggled.

Killian played five more beautiful covers, although none of them as intense as the first one. The spotlight turned off and a record started playing in the background. Robin approached him as he was putting his guitar on the stand. Emma watched from the rim of her eyes, failing to pay attention to what Regina was saying.

"Girls?" said Robin sneaking an arm through his girlfriend's back. "This is Killian Jones. We're old mates, I got him the audition. Killian this is Regina, my lady…"

"Nice to meet you" interrupted Regina, eyeing Emma curiously. Killian smiled warmly shaking her hand.

"And this is Emma" said Robin signaling her.

"Emma Swan, a pleasure" she said stretching her hand to him, her voice was hiding her tension well, but she could feel the butterflies in her stomach. She glanced at him through her dark lashes. His smile turned into a grin.

Killan took her hand, electricity sparking through their fingers as they touched.

"The pleasure is all mine, love" His hand twitched a little when they let go, a tingling feeling remained.

The chaos of their storms came still for a moment, like they were both trapped in the eye of the hurricane. His clear blue sky eyes met her serene sea green gaze, a horizon forming between them stretching infinitely. None of them could tell if it was a coincidence or fate that brought them together at that very moment in time, but either way it felt like it was always meant to be like this.

Him. Her. As easy as breathing.