***The Poetic Story of Mutsumi and Keitaro***

aka Random Goofball Poetry

Andrew Joshua Talon

DISCLAIMER: Love Hina cannot be mine,
cause if it was my house would be fine,
so sit back and try not to hate me,
because anger only tries and aches me.


Once upon a time, they say,
a promise was shared on a sunny day,
between a boy and girl who,
would be together at Tokyo U.

The girl was Mutsumi Otohime, oh yeah,
a turtle princess who never went "bleah",
From Okinawa, that sunny island spot,
Where anemic Mutsumi would constantly drop.

(A/N: So it doesn't exactly rhyme. Big deal)

The boy was Keitaro, Urashima by name,
who was thought by his family nothing but shame,
A klutz, oh yes, but heart so true,
and endurance rivaling that of Mewtwo.

Fifteen years passed, between the loving pair,
oblivious to identity though they searched everywhere,
and while both shined, it their own special ways,
they kept failing TU, never passing those nine days.

Keitaro was poor, a likable man,
but with his failings would end in a can,
and when left to landlord over the Hinata,
got abused right and left, with mercy near natta.

Though things were not well with Mutsumi either,
She'd failed for fainting and ending up in ER,
And so these two, after failing thrice in their deal,
ended up drawing drawing closer, with a Kyoto seal.

Of course, Narusegawa, that heated bitch,
had to go and ruin the sitch,
For poor Mutsumi and Keitaro had finally met,
But their peaceful meeting Naru upset.

"Keitaro, you dope!" We fans would cry oh,
"Your promised girl's here, and you're in love with that psycho!"
But despite our lament, things still stayed,
With Naru in control, and Mutsumi on her way.

Through mangas and DVDs, volumes 4-6,
We watched the abuse with which Keitaro sticked,
From Motoko and Kitsune, and Sarah too,
and of course, the ever-enraged Naru.

When hope was nearly lost, like Minas Terith being sacked,
Joy like the armies of Fangorn, Mutsumi was back!
In Manga Six, she returned,
To get Keitaro, whom she's earned!

Alas, with all the trials and passing days,
Keitaro and Naru got married, with Mutsumi giving Kei-kun away!
And now, we fans of good and right,
Have begun a buildup of military might.

Long live Keitaro and Mutsumi, together they will be,
Like the lands of Middle Earth, "we will be free!"
And Naru, that Sauronic brat,
Will find herself under a truck,



This was not intended to bash Naru, but no one who's read the manga or watched the series can't honestly say that Naru ISN'T abusive of Keitaro. The poor guy deserves Mutsumi-chan! I'm basically against K/N, but not Naru herself. She's just fine, as a character, but REALLY needs to reign in her anger.

Anways, this was just another thing for writer's block, so R&R please.