"Commodore" Lucy perked her good ear. She looked up to the crow's rest.

"Report" Lucy shouted making sure he could hear her.

"Ships locked in combat!"

"Can you identify either?" Lucy shouted.

"One Naval, the other I see a black sails!"

"Black sails?!" Lucy asked rather confused.

"Yes Commodore! On one of the sails has crossbones! Pirates Commodore!"

"Man your positions! Full speed ahead!" Lucy ordered. "What kind if crossbones?"

"A Skull with Horns!"

"Isn't that the—" Lucy cut Charles off.

"Yes it is" she said as her shoulders tensed. Charles could feel her hand on his shoulder trembling.

"Sail back to our previous course."

"But Captain"

"That is an order!" Charles barked firing a shot into the air.

"Look at er, ain't she looker?" A pirate grinned.

"With a body like that she asking for it!" another said lifting the cat's chin.

"Eh! No one touches her till I have my pick!" Dean said shoving a pirate aside. "Oi! No one told me we got ourselves a Khao Manee!" Lying sideways on the ground was Khao Manee. Stripped, bound, and gagged.

"Where are your manners?!" The pirates moved away. Lucifer walked up with a grin on his face. "Doesn't the captain get first pick? Or would anyone like to challenge that?" One pirate raised his hand only to be shoved to the ground by other.

"You have a death wish?" the shover whispered to the shoved.

"She is a good one Captain!" Dean stated.

"Tell me what I can't tell by looks!" Lucifer said kneeling down next to the tied Khao Manee.

"Naval, Captain"

"Naval captain?"


"Well now, we have a higher up." Lucifer smirked. The Khao Manee's eyes grew big as Lucifer lifted her legs by her ankles. "It seems we have a clean one boys." Something caught Lucifer's eye. He saw her right ear bend down as expected, but what caught his eye was the lack of movement from the left ear. He noticed her eyes closed. He twisted her left ear, but there was no response. He twisted her right ear and she screamed in pain.

"So her left ear is broken…" Dean stated scratching his head.

"Commodore?" Lucifer asked dragging the Khao Manee to her feet.

"Aye Captain"

"Commodore… How far behind the old admiral are ya?"


"I asked you a question!" Lucifer said twisting her right ear with his free hand. Still the Khao Manee remained silent. Lucifer shoved her hard one hand. She land on the deck on her back. Lucifer placed his boot right over her throat. He pulled his foot back placing back on the deck. "Take her to my quarters. You know how I feel about raping with an audience." The Khao Manee's eyes grew big as two pirates by her arms lifted her to her feet. Lucifer perked his ears signaling them to stop. He drew his cutlass with his left hand. He brought to her face. He sliced the rope that was in her mouth freeing her to speak.

"Third!" she gasped.

"That's more like it. A girl in the Navy. Now that is something you don't see." He said grabbing her gently by the throat. "How about you and I make a deal? Third in command Commodore"

"But we can't let those pirates attack other ship!" a naval officer shouted. Many agreed with him.

"Are you going to disobey an order?" Charles barked back.

"Commodore said full speed ahead. Right commodore?! Commodore…" the naval officer said trailing off. They looked around not seeing the Commodore. Private Paulo had seen the commodore retreat to her quarters, but he said not a word.

"Daddy aren't you tied?" the little puppy asked her father. Michael was carrying his newly discovered daughter on his back. He was tired, but he knew they had to get far away if they wanted to be safe.

"No, Daddy is going fine" Michael lied.

"Is mommy ok?" the puppy asked. Michael knew the answer to that, but he didn't want to tell his daughter. He looked up at the sky wondering if he was doing the right thing or even going the right way.

Lucifer sighed. The naval ship they attacked had little he wanted on board. He decided to enjoy the fact that was one less ship to worry about. "Captain another naval ship south!" A pirate shouted. Lucifer walked over to him signaling for telescope. He looked through and grinned.

"Nothing to worry about."

"I don't understand Captain."

"Remember our Commodore friend?"


"That's her ship."


"We have a higher chance of the dead bodies attacking us." Lucifer said. "Sink this useless piece of shit!" he ordered. He watched as his ship fired on the naval ship next to his ship. All it had were dead bodies, gun powder and a few cannons.

Private Paulo swallowed as he knocked on the door. He heard silence. He turned to walk away, but stopped hearing a 'come in'. He opened the door closing it behind him. He saw Commodore Lucy laying her head on the desk in her quarters. He noticed her coat hanging up. She lifted her herself. Paulo could see she had undone the top three buttons of her shirt. "How can I help you?"

"Umm… well…" Paulo stuttered looking for words.

"If my shirt bothers you can I button in back up."

"No, Commodore! I mean it does bother me! I mean…"

"I understand Private."

"Commodore, if I may... you look terrible." Paulo said.

"Bad memories came back seeing that ship.

"I will never sit by and watch you wreak havoc!" the Khao Manee spat.

"Take her to my quarters." Lucifer ordered. "If I can't your cooperation, then I will take your body. I have been looking for a personal toy." Lucifer followed the two pirates carrying the Khao Manee. Lucifer opened the door to his quarters. The Khao Manee hit the floor. Lucifer signaled to the two pirates and closed the door. He walked over grabbing her by her wrists. He positioned her on his bed her legs spread and her head against the wall. Her body was slouched. He tied a rope around her neck and tied the other end to a beam a few inches above her head. The roped was long enough not to choke her, but short enough to make she didn't go more than a few feet. "Welcome to your new home" Lucifer grinned.

"Commodore is there anything I can do to help?" Paulo asked.

"If you want to get on my good side so I will possibly date you?" Lucy asked.

"Commodore I would—"

"I am not stupid Private. You have a better chance of being admiral."

"Well it's been about two weeks, you like it here I take it?" Lucifer asked as he watched Scarlet feed the Khao Manee.

"You can't even untie me so I can feed myself?" the Khao Manee asked.

"You're not going anywhere or changing your attire, unless you strike that deal with me." Lucifer said. Scarlet got up and left since she finished feeding the Khao Manee. "You should be thankful. All you had to do since you been here is let me touch that face of yours and keep your legs open."

"Are you planning on using me for your pleasure?"

"I figured I would be nice." He pushed her forcing her to face the wall. He adjusted his pants. "I am growing tired of waiting. Grab this and make a happy captain." The Khao Manee frowned a sad frown. She knew what was lying on her hands. She guessed it would be best to do as he asked. Before she could finish Lucifer grabbed her making her face him. He make her get on bend over as if she were on all fours, but her hands were still tied behind her back. "This is my last offer. I am going to use you as I intended if you refuse." He brought it less than fourth an inch from her face. "Accept my deal or open wide"

"Umm… how come we fled from that pirate ship?" Paulo asked.

"I might as well tell you. I made a deal with that ship's captain" Lucy said sounding ashamed.

"I suppose… I should keep this a secret."

"That would be nice." Lucy said sounding tired.

"What deal did you make?"

"I turn a blind eye to his actions." Lucy said no longer able to look at Paulo.

"What did he give you?" Paulo asked.

"My freedom"