For Queen and Country

Introducing the Characters

It was once stated by the producers creating the BBC production of Robin Hood that "deep in the heart of England, there lives a legend". However, if the legend of the outlaw who stole from the rich to give to the poor was to be modernized by placing the English legend in the alternate universe of MI-5, then the phrase in the opening titles would be slightly altered. Instead of the titles saying what was previously mentioned, the phrase would be "deep in the heart of London, there is a secret service". The job description of MI-5 is to protect Queen and country from unwanted threats.

To the personnel working for MI-5, the headquarters is known as The Grid, but to those who are enthralled by the legend, The Grid is known as Nottingham Castle. At the head of The Grid or Nottingham Castle as it is known, sits Harry Pearce. Within the walls of The Grid, he is known as Harry Pearce, Head of MI-5 yet, to everyone else who does not have the privilege for working at MI-5, he is known as Vaisey, Sheriff of Nottingham.

Though, he is not the only one who works at The Grid. Along side him, as Head of Section D, his right-hand man and the one who does all his dirty work sits Lucas North. As with Harry, within the walls of their headquarters, the head of Section D is known to those as Lucas North but, for those on the outside, he is the Master of Arms, Guy of Gisborne and is feared by all. With Harry Pearce's firm grip on not only the people of London but also his right-hand man, Lucas North as second in command to Harry Pearce or rather the Sheriff of Nottingham, terrorizes the people of London into submission. While Lucas North or Guy of Gisborne as he is known, is the Master of Arms to the Sheriff, he is not the only Gisborne to follow orders from a man who only cares about the good of the country. Along with Gisborne, the Sheriff has Gisborne's younger sister, Isabella or to those at MI-5, Erin Watts.

While the legend depicts Guy of Gisborne and Robin Hood as arch enemies, both competing for the affection of Marian of Knighton, the modernized version being set in MI-5, these former rivals are now united together as allies against the threat of one Arkady Kachimov, known to many as the tyrant that is Prince John. As mentioned previously in the beginning of this chapter the job description is to protect Queen and Country, MI-5 or rather the characters of Robin Hood are only concerned about one thing and one thing only. The safety of the Queen or in terms of Robin Hood, Good King Richard the Lionheart.

As part of the job description with MI-5, they also from time to time require the help from other secret services. For that, MI-5 usually appoint the help from none other than America's CIA and at the head of the CIA is Samuel Walker, whose Robin Hood counterpart is Edward of Knighton. Beisde Walker is MI-5's liason officer, Sarah Caulfield who takes on the role of Sir Edward's daughter, Marian. As with Marian, Sarah is feisty, beautiful and not afraid to defy the rules to do what's right for the country. Though, the two of them are similar in personalities, their relationships do not share common qualities. In the legend of Robin Hood, Marian has her affections towards the outlaw himself and despises everything about the Sheriff of Nottingham and more importantly Guy of Gisborne, however with this modernized retelling, Marian's affections changes and is directed towards none other than Robin Hood's former enemy now ally, Guy of Gisborne. But, and this a huge but, while Marian may now be in love with Gisborne and not Robin, Sarah in her role as Marian still uses Lucas as a way to get information. She plays games with him as did Marian and acts on his love for her to get whatever she needs in order to pass on information. In some sense, Marian is now the enemy because both she and Sarah have secret identities that neither Lucas nor Gisborne know about. Marian with her identity as the Nightwatchman and Sarah with her identity as part of Nightingale. In both cases, Lucas and Gisborne were both shocked by the revelation that the women they loved were actually their enemies. Although in the end Gisborne's love for Marian gets the better of him and he plunges his sword through her when she declares her love for Robin, Lucas does not kill Sarah. Nevertheless, his love for her slowly dies when he discovers that she has lied to him about being part of Nightingale.

With the loss of Sarah or rather Marian, her death weighs heavily Gisborne's mind and he is filled with guilt. But not all hope is lost and Lucas as Gisborne soon find love or rather reunites with an old flame, Maya introduced as Meg. Though, tragic circumstances steal the life of Maya and she dies in Lucas's arms as did with Meg when she dies in Gisborne's arms.

Now that the characters of the former villains of the Robin Hood legend have been introduced, the time has now come for the introduction of the legend himself and his Merry Men. It was previously mentioned that Robin and Gisborne used to be rivals but now that this story is retold, the two have become allies and good friends. As the well-loved hero, Adam Carter shines in the spotlight as Robin and along side him as his Merry Men are: Cal as Much, Malcolm as Little John, Tariq as Will, Ben as Tuck, Ros as Kate, Ruth as Djaq and the traitor Connie as Allan.

It was discovered by both Robin and Gisborne that they shared more family history than previously thought and in turn, they discovered the truth about Robin's father, Lord Malcolm of Locksley and Gisborne's mother, Lady Ghislaine of Gisborne. Through the secret affair of their parents, Robin and Gisborne learnt that they shared a half brother. As their half brother, Dimitri comes in and plays the role of Archer.

Now that the characters have been introduced and all the characters are intertwined with their roles they play, the time has arrived for the retelling of the legend to begin.

And so dear Readers, let the first chapter commence.