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SWAT Kittens Chapter One Realization:

As the sun came up on another day in Megakat city, the alarm clock went off apparently too early for one of our favorite mechanics.

A loud buzz was heard throughout the garage's living quarters,followed by a loud bang of the alarm clock hitting the wall and smashing to pieces.

Chance reluctantly got up out of bed with a grunt and headed to the shower to get his day going.

Meanwhile, Jake was already up and moving, getting breakfast ready for the two, while thinking up designs for his next invention.

Hearing the shower running, he started up the coffee pot, knowing that Chance was going to need it desperately after the night before.

He yelled up to Chance, "What do you want for breakfast?"

Still not fully awake, Chance yelled down, "Whatever is in the fridge."

Jake shrugged his shoulders and started to fry some eggs and bacon for the both of them.

Chance came down a few minutes later, plopped himself down in one of the chairs at the table, andsaw a cup of coffee waiting for him. He took a sip and almost choked on it.

"Where in the world did you learn how to make coffee? The slop we had in the Enforcers is better than this," Chance said while adding milk to it to get rid of the bitterness.

Jake's reply to his friend and comrade, "Well if you would get up at a decent hour and help make breakfast, you could make the coffee how you like it! By the way, stop throwing the alarm clocks! Do you have any idea how long it takes to find the parts that you have scattered all over the floor? Now I will have to build a new one for the third time this week. Well, was she at least worth the pain that you are going through right now?" Referring to Chance's latest date.

Chance looked up at him with slightly bloodshot eyes, and stated, "No, she was all beauty, but no brains. Couldn't keep her mouth shut for more than 2 minutes at a time. After the first two hours, I wanted to put my tail between my legs and run, but my gray furred mother would kill me if I ever did that to a she-cat." With that, he put his head back down.

Jake looked at him and decided that he would leave him alone for a while to get his bearings. He did leave a plate of food in front of Chance so he would eat something. Then Jake went off to the garage to start work.

Meanwhile across town, Callie Briggs, the Deputy Mayor of the city, was already warming up for her daily workout routine. She had her bottle of water at her side, and her hair was done up in a high pony tail to keep it out of her way while running. She sort of hated running in the morning, but it was the only time that she could do it since the Mayor's office had her working overtime on the budget for next year.

She finished her stretching and headed out for her run. She hit the down button and waited for the elevator. While she waited, her neighbor, Felina Feral, left her apartment looking a little worse for wear. Felina groaned, looking at the ever-so-chipper Callie.

"How in the world do you have so much energy first thing in the morning?" Felina asked, taking another sip of her coffee.. or tar, as she usually referred to it.

Callie chuckled a little and said," I would look and feel the same as you do if I got back in at 3:30 in the morning. What were you doing at that hour? Nothing that I wouldn't do, I hope?"

Hearing that come out Callie's mouth caused Felina to spit up her current sip of coffee, since she had never heard Callie talk that way.

"Callie! You know that I wouldn't do anything like what you are insinuating! At least on the first date." Felina winked. "Just so you know, I was working most of the night at Enforcer headquarters. There has been some chatter that Dark Kat is getting ready for something big. We are just not sure what yet," Felina added.

"Well just be sure to keep my office up to date. We don't want the same mess that Lt. Steele caused the last time," Callie said with a stern tone.

This caused Felina to salute her and say, "As you wish." Then break down laughing.

Callie just rolled her eyes at the other she-cat, knowing that it was going to get her nowhere.

They both got into the elevator and headed down towards the lobby of the building. As they were descending, Felina looked at the attire the Deputy Mayor was wearing and commented, "Are you planning to give all the Toms heart attacks, or is this the new business attire of the Mayor's office?"

Callie chuckled and said, "I am going out for my morning run. I figure a good 5 miles should get my head on straight."

"Well, be careful. There are not a lot of Enforcers out there at this hour, and the construction crews are just getting in at the site next door," Felina said.

"I will, and I know how to handle myself if someone tries to place their paws on me. Remember, I took your self-defense class and threw you on your butt more than one time, if I remember correctly." Callie said.

With that, Felina made her way to her patrol car in the lot, and Callie started her run. Her route did take her past the construction site, which of course, got her various wolf whistles and cat calls. Which she shrugged off.

About 3 miles into her run, her phone rang. She looked down at the ID and saw it was the Mayor, so she decided to stop and answer it.

"Yes Mayor, what can I do for you at," she paused to look at the time on her phone., "7:15 in the morning?"

"Ah Callie, it's so nice to hear your voice in the morning. What a wonderful day it will be for golf."As the Mayor said this, Callie knew that he would not be coming into the office, but heading out to the golf course.

"I need to have the contract for Mr. Yang done and signed for by 8am. His assistant will be there by 8:15 to pick it up. I know that you will have it done by then." With that, he hung up. Callie was now infuriated with the Mayor. One, he had interrupted her run, and two, he had dumped the contract on her!

"How dare he do this to me at the last minute!" When I see him next, I am going to take a golf ball and stick it somewhere the sun does not shine!" she thought to herself, not noticing that her paw was glowing.

She hated to do it, but now she had to cut her run short, get home, shower, get dressed, and get the contract done in an hour. "It's going to be an interesting day," she thought to herself, and ran home as fast as she could. What she did not seem to notice was the tiny spark that flew from her finger at the wall she was standing next to, leaving a small impression.

At the other end of town, Dark Kat was working on his plans of taking over the city. His plan consisted of breaking into City Hall, kidnapping either the Mayor or the Deputy Mayor, and holding them for ransom of the city treasury.

Looking at the current drawings of City Hall, he realized that breaking in was not going to be as easy as he thought. He was going to need help getting into City Hall.

Dark Kat had two options to consider. One, teaming up with those lunatic Metalikats and using their armored car to smash through the front door. Thatwas tempting, but the thought of hearing Mac and Molly argue about the most inane of things gave him a headache.

The second option was to be teleported into City Hall. Not being a magic user, that meant he would have to get the Past Master out of whatever hole he was in at the time. This seemed the better option, although seeing Molly try to blow up Mac for insulting her cooking would be comical, but very destructive and non-productive. There was a second negative with teaming up with the Past Master: Everything that he did reflected the Dark Ages. He did not even know what a ball point pen was. Trying to explain some parts of his plan to the Past Master was going to be very difficult to do, and possibly down right impossible. Especially if he went on about how the Deputy Mayor was the reincarnation of his spurned love, Callista. If that happened, his plan was destined to fail before it even got started.

Weighing his options carefully, Dark Kat decided to work with the Past Master. He sent some of his creeplings out to find the Pastmasterand bring him back. He sat back in his chair and grinned after they left. He liked where this was going.

End Chapter One.