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As expected, Raphael woke up very hungry early in the morning. Not seeing his parents, he scrunched up his face and let out a wail that could wake the dead.

Lisa woke up as soon as she heard Raphael's crying. She tried to wake her husband, but he didn't budge. Lisa gave up trying to get Mark to waken and slipped out of their bed, grabbing a long robe to cover herself as she went to get her son.

Lisa entered Raphael's room and went over to the crib, smilingly her son and asking, "Hey there my Little Prince, are you hungry?"

As Lisa looked over the side of the crib at Raphael, he looked up at his mother's face, stopped crying, and cooed.

Lisa picked him up, cuddled him into her body, and said, "You were just lonely." She turned around to take Raphael back to her bedroom and noticed the small white envelope with a gold seal sitting on Raphael's dresser. She went over to the dresser and picked up the envelope. Lisa twisted the envelope in her right paw before she opened it, removed the note from inside, and read it. "Mark!" She yelled as she ran back to their bedroom, holding both the note and Raphael.

Lisa entered her bedroom and noticed Mark still wasn't awake. She quickly went to his side of the bed and gave him a jab in the side with her right elbow. "Get up Mark!" she said.

Mark woke up as soon as he felt the jab of Lisa's sharp elbow in his side. "What did I do to deserve to be woken in such a manner Lisa?" He asked as he wiped the sleep from his eyes.

"We had a visitor last night Mark and, she left this," Lisa answered as she handed him the note.

Mark sat up in the bed, took the note from his wife, and read, 'Mark, Lisa, I'm Raphael's birth mother. As you probably guessed by now, Raphael is no normal kitten. He will develop abilities of the heavens as he gets older. You both have been given a very special gift. It pained me to give Raphael up. However, I see my Lord and I made a very wise decision in having you both adopting him into your family. I've seen the way you both love and care for him as your own and I'm very pleased with what I've witnessed. I'll be watching.' Mark lowered the note, turned his head to face his wife and son, and asked, "Is this a joke?"

"I don't think so Mark. We've seen Raphael zap you already, I wonder what else he is going to be capable of and who is his mother?" Lisa asked before she sat down on the side of the bed.

"I'm clueless Lisa," Mark answered as he ran the fingers of his right paw through the fur on Raphael's head. "We could ask Callista but I'm not sure she will even know."

"You're probably right Mark," Lisa said before she kissed Raphael between the ears. "Raising a supernatural kitten is something Callie and Chance should be doing, not us. Are we capable of raising him properly? Our son is something not of this world, frankly it scares me a little."

"Lisa, he's our son. He could be green and have two heads and I wouldn't feel any differently about him, and neither would you," Mark said as he took Raphael from Lisa.

"You're right Mark," Lisa said as she snuggled up next to her husband and kissed her son again. "We'll figure this out." She basked in the warmth emanating from her husband's body for a minute before she asked, "Don't you have a shift to get ready for?"

"And here I was thinking I could enjoy a morning in bed with my wife and son. Killjoy," he said as he passed Raphael back to Lisa, slipped out of bed, and went into the bathroom.

Lisa watched her husband leave the bed and walk to the bathroom as the day he was born. She especially watched as his hips and tail moved as he walked and as soon as he closed the door, she lifted Raphael up and looked at him saying, "Your father has one of the best tails I have ever seen. I hope you take after him when you get older."

A few hours later, the shift filed into the Squad Room and waited for the Felina to give her morning briefing.

Mark lowered his head to the desk with a steaming large cup of coffee in front of him.

Jasmine slipped into the seat beside him and said, "You look like crud partner."

"Thanks a lot Jasmine," Mark said without lifting his head from the desk.

"Raphael's not sleeping in his crib again?" She asked.

"He's teething Jasmine, its not really his fault," Mark answered as he lifted his head from the desk.

Tina sat at the desk in front of them and turned in her seat to face Mark. She then said, "You look like crap Mark."

"You are the second one to tell me that today," Mark said.

"You know I'll always tell you the truth dear brother," Tina said.

"Yes you do, quite brutally I might add," Mark said.

Katerina entered the Squad Room and took the seat next to Tina. She lovingly ran her fingers through Tina's hair, then kissed her, quite passionately.

Almost everyone in the Squad room watched as the two kissed. Their paws held onto the other's head, not letting them move, until Felina entered the room and saw two of her best officers in a tight lip lock. "Sergeants Cassidy and Belikov! I don't care if you two kiss like that in your own home! But you are not to do it here! Is that understood!?" She asked with a steel gaze on her face and her tail whipping back and forth in agitation.

The two stopped kissing and refocused on Felina, but their fingers were tightly intertwined.

Felina smiled at her friends, then started her morning announcements. "Now that the morning show is over, here are today's assignments…"

After she finished and everyone started leaving the room, Katerina gently pulled Felina aside.

"What's up Katerina?" Felina asked. "You look like you are about to jump out of your own fur."

"Can you do me a favor Felina?" Katerina asked, holding her right arm with her left paw.

"Of course, just ask Katerina," Felina replied.

"I need to talk to your aunt again, can you call her for me?" Katerina asked.

"Except that. The last time I spoke to my aunt, we didn't leave things on pleasant terms, so to speak," Felina said as she started to leave the room

Katerina reached out and grabbed Felina's right arm and pleaded, "I keep finding myself returning to the role of Turmoil. I need her help with keeping Turmoil dead and buried. Please Felina, I'm begging you."

Felina huffed then said, "I'll give her a call but don't expect me to like it. Why couldn't my uncle have married Callista all of those years ago, instead of her? I might have a cousin or two running around."

"You would make an excellent cousin Felina," Katerina said.

"I probably would, come with me to my office and I'll call my aunt," Felina said before she turned to Tina who was sitting on the edge of the desk of the desk Mark and Jasmine were sitting at. "Cassidy, you are riding with Samuelson and Harper today."

Tina knew Katerina was going to talk to Felina this morning, asking her to talk to her aunt. However, she wasn't going to simply agree to Felina's command, "But they have Parking Duty today! Why can't I go on patrol solo?"

"The last time I let you go out there on your own, we received more complaints about an Enforcer riding around on her motorcycle with apparent reckless abandonment and as I quote, "A very large smile on her face."

"That wasn't me!" Tina said as she jumped off of the desk and stared Felina in the face with her tail whipping back and forth.

"Tina, there is no way it wasn't you," Felina said as she came forth while withdrawing her phone from her pants pocket. She quickly swiped across the screen with her thumb and found the photo she was looking for. "Care to try again Sergeant Cassidy?" Felina asked as she showed Tina the screen. "The fur on this officer's face and her tail is quite unique, don't you think?"

Tina looked at the photo and she cringed. Apparently someone took a very good picture of her testing out the prowess of one of the new motorcycles, and yes, she did have a very large smile on her face.

"Well?" Felina asked, putting her phone away.

"Fine, parking duty it is," Tina said as she turned around, grabbed Mark's left arm, pulling him out from behind the desk as she said, "Come on partner, we've got tickets to write."

Katerina laughed with her right paw covering her mouth as Mark was led out of the Squad room by Tina.

Felina and Jasmine also watched as a tom as large as Mark is, being almost dragged out of the room by a she-cat that could almost be half of his size and once he was out of ear shot, they both laughed right along with Katerina.

As much fun it was to Felina, seeing one of her best friends being humiliated, she had a job to do, and so did Jasmine. "Harper, don't you have Parking Duty to attend to?" Felina asked.

Jasmine snapped out of her fit of laughter, snapped to attention, and said, "Yes ma'am." She then bent over, performed a handstand, and left the room as if it was nothing to her.

"Is that normal behavior for her Felina?" Katerina asked.

"I'm not really sure Katerina," Felina replied, then said, "Come on, we have a date with my not-so-loving aunt."

Katerina was sitting in a waiting room in a place she never wanted to see again. She was back behind prison walls, waiting to see Dr. Feral. Being dressed in an Enforcer's uniform within those walls made her feel very uncomfortable, plus the stares she was getting from the inmates wasn't helping her anxiety in the least.

A guard caught one of the inmates make a very rude gesture towards Katerina and quickly reprimanded the inmate. "Unless you want to spend the rest of the day in Solitary, I suggest you apologize to the officer, and I mean now," he ordered.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but you are the hottest piece of tail to grace this prison in a very long time," the inmate said.

The guard grabbed him around his left arm and pulled him out of his seat. "If that's an apology, then its no wonder you are here, let's go," the guard said and led the inmate out of the waiting room.

Katerina smirked ever so slightly as the inmate was led out of the waiting room. Then the office door opened, revealing Felina standing there, smiling at her friend. "Adara is ready Kat."

Katerina stood and walked towards the office. She tried to hold her head high, but she failed. She was as nervous as ever about being behind these walls again.

Felina gently laid her right paw on her left shoulder as she crossed the threshold and said, "Hey, what you are doing takes more guts than taking on a army of bank robbers. I've got your back Katerina and I'm proud of you."

"Thank you Felina," she said as she went into the office.

Felina smiled at her friend one more time before leaving the office and closing the door behind her.

Katerina heard the door close and looked up to see Dr. Feral sitting at her desk. Her long straight black hair was meticulously fell down her back in waves, her suit was pressed to perfection, and she had this look of a predator on her face. "Come in Katerina and take a seat."

Katerina stepped further into the office and took the seat to the right of Dr. Feral's desk. She crossed her fingers in her lap while she waited for Dr. Feral to start.

"Despite you having my niece call me, which I'm quite shocked she actually made the call," she said as she stood up and rounded the desk. Dr. Feral sat on the desk right in front of Katerina, then asked as she crossed her legs, "I want to help you. What can I do for you?"

"Dr. Feral, so much has happened since we last saw each other. I've graduated the academy, became a Sergeant, and the best thing that could ever occur, I've adopted a daughter with my mate," Katerina said with pride in her voice.

"You said your mate? Are you not seeing a tom?" Adara asked.

"No, she's not a tom. Tina and I are partners of the force, as well as life. We've adopted Gwendlyn together and intend to marry as soon as we are allowed," Katerina responded.

"That is an interesting change of events Katerina. I thought you loved T-Bone? I had no inclination you were gay," Dr. Feral said.

Katerina was trying to figure out where this line of questioning was going when Dr. Feral continued, "Doesn't matter if you don't like toms, or being able to have a child of your own. Actually, it does matter. Katerina, I thought you had your head on straight and was going to find a nice tom to settle down with. Instead you fell for a she-cat! What happened? Did T-Bone telling you he loved another cause you to stop liking toms altogether?"

"No, it wasn't T-Bone that made me fall in love with Tina Dr. Feral. It sort of happened on its own and I love her and our daughter," Katerina said.

"Not possible, I've treated several who thought they were gay, most were simply confused while the rest I had sent for psychiatric evaluation. Love between two of the same gender is not real love," Dr. Feral said mater of factly.

Katerina was now furious at the one she-cat she thought she could turn to with her problem. As she stood, she spat back, "Dr. Feral! What I feel for Tina and my daughter is REAL LOVE! I was in love with a tom when I was younger and he up and left me! Tina will never do that! She and I care for one another too much! You and I had a great relationship while I was incarcerated and now, I see a completely different she-cat in front of me! Good Bye Dr. Feral! I hope I never see you again!" Katerina said as she turned and left the office in tears.

Felina heard the door open and saw Katerina on the verge of a breakdown. She was on her feet as fast as possible and went over to her friend. She hugged Katerina tightly and asked, "What happened in there?"

"You were right about her Felina," Katerina said, hugging her friend for dear life. "She said what I feel for Tina and Gwendlyn is not real love."

Felina's anger grew to the boiling point and as she looked at the closed door to her aunt's office, she said, "Take a seat and if you hear something breaking in there, call for the guards. I'm going to have a little chat with my aunt." She let go of Katerina and went into the office.

Adara was straightening up some papers with her back turned to the door so she didn't see Felina enter. But when Felina tapped her on the right shoulder, she turned her head to see her niece as well as her right fist.

Felina slugged her aunt, knocking her to the floor, then said, "How could you! Katerina begged me to bring her here to talk to you and you go and tell her that what she feels for Tina is not real? What type of cold heartless she-cat are you Adara?"

Adara rubbed her her chin with her left paw, then discovered her paw was laced with blood. "You dare to hit me!? Your own aunt! Who the hell do you think you are!?"

"I'm Felina Feral, current Lieutenant of the Enforcers and soon to be its Commander. As for as you being anything to me, you are nothing but a parasite who sucked the life out of my uncle!" Felina bellowed before she grabbed Adara by her shirt and brought her up to her face. Her gaze narrowed at her aunt, then said, "I hope you are happy with yourself, Adara! You personally ripped Katerina's confidence to shreds!" She pushed Adara back to the ground and left the office, slamming the door behind her.

Felina rubbed her right paw as it throbbed as she said, "Her face was harder than I thought."

"What did you do in there Felina?" Katerina asked as she rose.

"Hopefully, knocked some sense into my ex-aunt," Felina answered as she walked over to where Katerina was standing. "Come on, we are going to have a little talk with our family about your problem."

On the way to the hangar, Felina called everyone of the SWAT Kats and told them what happened at her aunt's office and to meet in the hangar. She turned her head to face Katerina, placed her right paw on her left one, then said, "Katerina, we are your family. We will help you in anyway we can and I don't think that you are weak either. I'm going to be leaning on my uncle more than ever after I take over his job. You think you are scared? Wait until you see me. I'm going to be the first female to ever hold the rank of Commander and what's worse is I'm going to have to live up to my uncle's standards and earn the respect of everyone on the force. I'm going to be a nervous wreck for months!"

"Felina, I appreciate what you are saying. However, your situation is very different than mine," Katerina said as she looked out of the window. "My old self is creeping back into my life and wants to take over. I don't want her to come back! I love my life now! If Turmoil manages to take over, my life is over! I'll lose Tina, Gwendlyn, and everything else I've earned!"

Felina jerked her car over to the shoulder and slammed it into park. She turned in her seat and forcefully said, "You are stronger than that Katerina! We and what I mean by we, I mean every member of SWAT, the Enforcers, and your friends are going to be there for you! You can and you will fight this!"

Katerina didn't even turn her body away from the window as Felina spoke. She heard every word of encouragement leave her mouth and she desperately wanted to believe what she said. However as Felina spoke, a small but powerful voice inside of her head was telling her, 'Give up, let Turmoil take over. It would be so much easier on you.'

Felina didn't get the reaction out of her that she was expecting and made Katerina face her. "Kat, talk to me, what's going on?"

"I'm scared Felina," Katerina responded with a very shaky breath. "Turmoil wants to take my life away. She's much stronger than I thought. I don't want her to come back. Please help me!" She pleaded as she turned in her seat and grasped onto her friend.

Felina embraced her as she said, "She will not come back Katerina. I don't care what I have to do to help you, and neither will your friends. We are a family Katerina, we are going to be fighting right along with you."

Katerina pulled back from Felina, sat back in her seat, and said, "Thank you, my dearest friend."

"You have nothing to thank me for, we'll be there in a few minutes, then we will all listen to you and figure out how to help you," Felina said then smirked before she said, "And if anyone accuses you of being weak, they are going to answer to me!"

Katerina smiled at her comment and started to relax, knowing she had a true friend sitting next to her.

A few minutes later they arrived at the Salvage Yard and as Felina maneuvered her car around a pile of scrap, she noticed several cars parked around the garage. "Our family is here already." She turned in her seat again, gave Katerina's left paw a re-assuring squeeze, then said, "You are stronger than you think."

Katerina returned the squeeze, then said, "I certainly hope you are right." And got out of the car.

Felina followed right behind Katerina through the garage door, where they encountered Tina waiting not-so-patiently by one of the toolboxes. She was keeping her paws busy, re-arranging the tools anyway she saw fit. But as soon as she noticed Katerina, she dropped the very large wrench she was holding in her left paw and ran to her as fast as her legs could carry her.

The two embraced as soon as they were close enough to. Each one holding onto the other as tightly as possible. Closing their eyes letting the warmth of their bodies sink into the other.

Felina stepped around the loving couple and went further into the garage to find her fiancé.

"I'm so sorry Kat. I wish I was there to support you while you dealt with that narrow minded so-called she-cat, instead of Felina," Tina said.

"I know you would have been there, if you could Tina," Katerina said as she ran the fingers of her right paw through Tina's hair. "However, I wish I was able to see our dear friend..um..is the expression, clean her clock correct da?"

Tina lifted her head from Katerina's chest, looked into her mate's eyes, then asked, "I hope she hit her hard enough to knock some sense into her. Is Felina ok?"

"She's fine," Katerina said, trying to hide that she was still frightened of being seen as 'weak'. However, her body language told a different story to Tina.

"I'm glad our friend is ok. But are you? I feel you trembling," Tina asked.

As strong as Katerina is, she was scared out of her mind. "No, I'm not. For years, I commanded one of the best fighting forces ever known. No one ever accused me of being soft or weak. And now, I feel that if I reveal I'm slipping back into my former self, not only will I be thrown out of SWAT. But more importantly, I'll lose you and Gwendlyn."

"Kat, we had this discussion already, you are never going to lose me, or Gwendlyn. And as far as anyone here thinking you are weak or soft? Not going to happen. Admitting you need help is one of the strongest things you can ever do," Tina said.

Katerina lifted the corners of her mouth in reply. However, her fears were not quelled. She allowed Tina to lead her further into the garage, where the rest of SWAT were all assembled as well as her squadron.

Felina stepped away from Jake and said, "Katerina, I'm sorry that Adara treated you so badly. I had no idea she was going to attempt to tear you down the way she did. Even though we are not doctors, we want to help you. Every single one of us dropped what we were doing to gather here to help you and as I mentioned before, you are not weak in the least. Admitting you need someone takes more strength than even Mark has in his body."

Mark shot Felina a censuring glance for a second before refocusing on Katerina and Tina. He then said, "My dear sister, I wish you would have talked to me when all of this started." He walked towards her and stopped right in front of her, then said, "I didn't always look like this or have the confidence I have now. When I was a teenager, I was scrawny and very timid. I was picked on my the older kids constantly. One day after school, a group of them ganged up on me and beat the crap out of me for no apparent reason. The only reason I'm alive was the principal happened to be leaving the school and noticed the commotion. After he saw what was occurring, he ran back into the school to get help. He and the Head Coach of the Football team as well as some of the larger players pulled the group off of me and held them until the police arrived. The principal picked up my bloodied body and took me back into the school where he treated me for my injuries. After I healed, I talked to the Guidance Counselor as well as the principal. The principal left the room and returned with the Head Coach. They both suggested that I started working out in the gym and take on either wrestling or boxing in order to gain confidence in myself. I did start working out daily but I did not join either team. Instead, I decided to take on something that would not only build my self confidence, but enhance my mind, I picked up chess. I lost more matches than I could count, but I learned and with every loss, my confidence grew and I gained more friends. That group still tried to pick on me, but I had my friends from both the Athletic department who I worked out with and the Chess club who I stretched my mind with right alongside me. I know its not the same as having your former self trying to take over your life Katerina. But if I never talked to anyone, I wouldn't be who I am today."

Katerina understood what Mark was telling her. She took a few deep breaths, then said, "Thank you, brother." Before she turned to the rest of the group and said, "For those who didn't know me back when I was Turmoil, I was one of the most ruthless, careless, and greedy she-cats that ever took to the skies. I didn't care who I stepped on as long as I got what I wanted. Nothing mattered to me with the exception of power and wealth. I killed quite a few cats without feeling a thing. Then, I was brought down by the one thing everyone wants, someone to care for them. I thought I found that when T-Bone kissed me, but I was wrong. He betrayed me, or so I thought. After I was incarcerated T-Bone visited me often. At first, I said nothing to him since I was still furious over his betrayal. Eventually, I softened and starting falling for T-Bone, harder than before only this time, he stomped on my heart. He told me he loved another. With the help of Dr. Feral, I turned my life around and I thought my life as Turmoil was gone for good." She squeezed Tina's left paw with her right, then continued, "I thought adopting Gwendlyn was the final nail in Turmoil's coffin. But I was wrong. Turmoil is rearing her head back in my life again and she's quite strong and determined to take over. I went to Dr. Feral, hoping she would understand and help me. Instead, she told me what I felt for Tina and our daughter wasn't real." She wiped a tear away from her left eye with her paw, then said, "I don't want her to come back. I love my new life and everything that I am."

Mark stepped forward the last few inches and took both of his sisters in his arms. As he hugged them tight, he said, "I never had the pleasure of knowing Turmoil, but I love Katerina as a sister. I'll do what I have to do in order to keep the sister I love."

Nadia watched them hold the other and something inside of her told her it was time for her to make her move. She left the spot next to Galina, went over to Esfir, took her right paw in hers, then said, "Commander, over the past few weeks we have been staying with you and your family, we have all grown very close. We see you and your family as ours and you have given me the courage to step outside of my shell to do this." She faced Esfir and said, "Esfir, you and I have served side-by-side for years. At first, I've always thought of you as a sister, until recently." She started getting nervous as she thought that once she expressed her true feelings towards Esfir, she was going to be dismissed. "Now, I see you as a potential.. mate. Will you allow me to court you with the intention of being your life-mate?"

Galina was cheering inside for her sister and hoping Esfir would accept Nadia's proposal.

Inna and Elizaveta were both in slight shock that Nadia not only outed herself, that she wanted to date Esfir. "Esfir, your subordinate had asked you a question. She deserves an answer, da?" Elizaveta more or less ordered to get a response.

"Da, she does," Esfir responded. "Sergeant Vasyuhin, you have asked a superior officer to be your romantic interest. You also know what the repercussions are for such actions."

Nadia felt her heart stop and prepared herself to be dishonorably discharged. She let go of Esfir's paw and snapped to attention, waiting for her career to end with a few simple words.

However, those words never came. Instead Esfir said, "Even though, I am your superior, I can't deny your request, or my feelings either. Yes, you and I may date."

Nadia's face completely lit up and her tail was swishing back and forth with such force, the air it was moving, disturbed some papers Jake had on a nearby bench.

"Um Nadia, not to curb your enthusiasm, but would you mind taking a step or two away from that bench? I sort of need that manual your tail is fanning," Jake asked.

Nadia completely ignored Jake being focused on Esfir's answer. However, she did slow her tail's movements so it wasn't creating so much turbulence.

Tina turned her head to face Katerina, then asked, "Did you know about Nadia liking Esfir?"

"I had a feeling Nadia liked Esfir more than a friend. But as their Commander, I couldn't comment or push them one way or the other," she answered.

Galina went over to her sister, hugged her for a second before giving her a shove in Esfir's direction.

Esfir caught Nadia before she fell to the floor.

Nadia looked up at Esfir for a second, then acted on a impulse. She kissed Esfir squarely on the lips.

End of Chapter