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After they comforted Katerina and they all had a very long talk, all of SWAT and Katerina's squadron came up with a very good plan to get the Black Diamonds not only to back down, but get them arrested for their atrocities against the citizens.

Verusha arrived late since she had a college class to teach in Advanced Mechanical Engineering. She eyed the Turbo Kat 2 with great admiration since she designed most of the aircraft for Katerina and as she ran the palm of her right paw down the left side of the jet, she asked, "Commander, this is a very impressive machine. Who built it and why is it in an underground Arsenal?"

Katerina separated herself from Tina and walked right up to Verusha. She looked up at the open canopy and answered as she laid her left paw on the nose of the jet, "My friend Jake designed and built this as well as everything in this hangar."

"Is that so," Verusha replied as she looked right down the intake of the left engine, inspecting it as a doctor would a patient. And as she removed her head from the intake, she said, "This engine is like nothing I have ever seen before. As I mentioned, I'm very impressed."

Jake heard Katerina's comrade praising his work. He kissed Felina before he walked over to the Turbo Kat 2 and said, "She performs better than she looks, would you like to go up for a ride with her new pilot?"

Verusha's eyes went completely wide for a second. She looked up at the open canopy and asked, "Could I?"

"Da," Katerina replied. "I would love to take you for a ride in my, well, my friend's baby as she call it."

"Kat, don't get too attached to my jet!" Felina stated. "I want her back as soon as I'm able to fly again."

Katerina flashed her a toothy grin then said, "Of course you can have her back. That is if I don't decide to keep her. The Turbo Kat 2 is a very desirable machine and I love flying her."

Felina came over to her, stood directly in front of Katerina, and said as she crossed her arms under her chest, "You do, and I'll make sure you and Tina are on different shifts from now on."

"You wouldn't dare!?" Katerina roared.

"Try me! The Turbo Kat 2 is mine period!" Felina spat back.

Katerina was not one to back down to anyone when she was Turmoil. Even though she had changed, having Felina challenge her ignited a small flame inside of her. "Then how about a little competition to see who can pilot the Turbo Kat 2 better, my friend? The winner gets to be her mistress" Her eyes narrowed to these tiny slits before she continued with a final jab, "permanently."

Jake stood there in disbelief as Katerina challenged Felina to see who was the better pilot. He got between the two females and said, "Whoa, slow down you two. You both are great pilots but I built the Turbo Kat 2 as a backup for the original, not as a prize to be won. And I sort of gave her to my fiancée Kat."

Katerina rested her weight in her left hip and bent her right knee ever so slightly, then said, "If you Sort of gave it to her, then its sort of not really hers. I personally think she would be better under my command, don't you think da?"

Elizaveta noticed the proverbial steam rising from Felina's ears. She turned her head ever so slightly to the left to face her commander, then said, "Comrade, you have a death wish, da?"

"Niet comrade," Katerina responded. She went over to the tip of the nose and gave it a light kiss, leaving an imprint from her lipstick on the pristine paint, then said, "Now, she is mine."

Felina broke free from her stance and very confidently walked to stand in Katerina's personal space. "You marred the paint on my baby. I suggest you clean it off, Havoc!"

Katerina saw the fire in the back of Felina's eyes and despite being four months pregnant, she still could make anyone shake in their boots with a simple stare. Katerina didn't want to back down but she didn't want to lose her friendship with Felina either. No, Felina stood up for her time and time again so the thought of losing her as a friend, if not sister over a piece of machinery was not worth it. Katerina turned around and walked over to the wall where a white sink stood as well as a few shop towels. She grabbed one of the towels, soaked it with warm water, and walked back over to the jet before removing her mark.

After Katerina finished, Felina went over to inspect her cleaning job. She noticed a very tiny remnant sitting on the edge of a rivet and quickly removed it with her right shirt sleeve. Felina then turned to face Katerina, then said, "I can see why you were the Commander for so long Katerina. The way you stood your ground and not back down to me was very impressive to say the least. I mentioned to Tina that one day, she might be ready to run for the position of Commander of the Enforcers and take my job. However, I'm going to have to watch my back for both of you. You both have what it takes to run for my new job. I'm proud not only to have you both as Sergeants, but as friends as well Katerina."

"Spasibo, moj dorogoj drug, (Thank you, my dearest friend)" Katerina responded before she hugged Felina.

Felina hugged her friend back and said, "Dobro pozhalovat, sestra, (You're welcome, sister)"

Katerina's eyes closed since she was very warm and content holding Felina after she called her, 'Her sister'. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks, Felina could understand her when she spoke in her native tongue. "Ty mozhesh' ponjat' moj jazzy? (You can understand my language?)" she asked.

"Da, ja mogu. Mne nuzhno znat' vse, chto ja mogu o svoih ofitserah. Poetomu, kogda vy nachali govorit' na rodnom jazyke, ja dolzhen byl vyuchit' ego, bystro, (Yes I can. I need to know everything about my officers. So when you started speaking in your native tongue, I had to learn it, quickly)"

"Dear sister, you would have fit in, quite well in my squadron. You would have ranked right up there with Elizaveta," Katerina said.

Felina brought her right index finger to the corner of her mouth, rolled her eyes to look at the ceiling as she contemplated what Katerina told her. "You know, I like the idea of an all she-cat squadron. We ladies may have to kick the guys out," she said.

"What do you mean 'Kick us out'!?" Mark asked, holding his wife tighter.

Lisa gave him a light shove, causing him to let go of her. And as she joined Felina, she said, "There are more she-cats than toms, between our shapely bodies and our form-fitting uniforms, most of our adversaries will not be able to think straight, much less fight us." Her eyes wandered over her husband's very hunky form, licked her lips, then said, "Then again, if you guys had uniforms like my husband's, you would have any she-cat you came up against swooning on their feet.

"Are you suggesting you use your bodies as weapons?" Chance asked as he eyed his fiancée.

"Not exactly Chance," Marissa answered. "We'll simply use our natural assets to our advantage." She continued as she sauntered over to Katerina.

"No way are you she-cats turning SWAT into Sex Symbols! I'm going to take Marissa's suggestion and add a skirt or something to your uniforms," Jake said.

"And what about me Jake? I'm not wearing a skirt!" Mark asked.

"You touch his uniform and you are going to regret it Jake!" Felina stated. "Female heroines have been drawn in very revealing costumes for years, if not decades. The only tom I've seen in a revealing costume is Tom-Kat and don't even get me started on what his sister wears either. I mean, what respecting she-cat runs around in backless spandex!? Adonis' uniform not only functions beyond what was expected, it also bodes confidence" She went over to Lisa then whispered in her ear, "Plus his ass looks so good in it, right Lisa?"

"Yes it does Felina and she's right. Adonis and all of the toms of SWAT are role models for kittens everywhere. They are Superheroes, so why can't their uniforms match?" Lisa asked.

"You want Chance and me to wear uniforms similar to Adonis'?" Jake asked.

"Why not? You might need a little work Jake but Chance will fill out a fur-tight uniform, quite well. Callie, you had better put a ring on his finger soon, cause once he gets suited up in his new uniform, she-cats from all over are going to flock to him," Tina said from her perch on a toolbox.

"Jake and I are in the jet for most of the time, why do we need aerodynamic uniforms?" Chance asked as he backed away from the group.

"Don't you want to be a hero to boys and girls everywhere?" Callie asked as she walked towards her fiancé. And as she stopped right in front of him, she reached out with her right paw, grabbed his backside, and said, "And we she-cats want to see this tight butt!"

Chance took off towards the launch ramp as fast as his feet could carry him. He ran past everyone, hit a button on the wall and ran up the ramp, disappearing into the yard.

Callie rested her weight on her left hip, then asked, "Was it something I said?"

After everyone had a good laugh at Chance's expense, they returned to their homes.

"Mommies, why do I have to go to grandma and grandpa's house tonight?" Gwendlyn asked as she packed a small overnight bag.

"We have something to take care of honey," Tina answered as she came up behind her daughter and picked her up. She sat down on Gwendlyn's bed and put her daughter in her lap. "Besides, I think my mother had invited Sarah and Evelyn over for a little slumber party."

"I get to see my friends! Does grandpa know?" Gwendlyn asked.

"Knowing my mother, probably not," Tina responded then kissed Gwendlyn's left cheek.

Gwendlyn laughed as the long fur on Tina's cheek tickled her. "Mommy, that tickles," she said.

"Really? My mother's fur tickled me the same way when she kissed my cheek. I guess I'm more like her than I thought," Tina said before she continued kissing her daughter and making her laugh.

Katerina heard Gwendlyn's laughter from down the hall and was determined to find out what was so funny. She left her shared bedroom, holding two small duffle bags that contained their SWAT uniforms, walked down the short hall to her daughter's bedroom and peered inside to see Tina embracing their daughter and kissing her cheek. But what made her smile even more was Gwendlyn laughing as her mother kissed her cheek and almost laughing herself as she kissed her daughter. Katerina dropped the two bags, went over to the bed where Tina held Gwendlyn, and she embraced them both in her arms as she fell onto the mattress. She kissed them both before saying, "You laughter is contagious Gwendlyn." Before she started laughing herself.

Even though Gwendlyn still loved and missed her parents, having Katerina and Tina as her adoptive parents was the best thing she ever had. Plus having six adoptive aunts from Katerina's home country living with her always kept things interesting. She hugged both of her mommies, then asked, "Why can't both of you stay at grandma's, at least for a little while?"

"Oh Gwendlyn," Katerina said as she ran the finger of her right paw through Gwendlyn's long, curly black hair. "We would love to stay and see what fun our father has in store for you girls tonight, but Tina and I have some things to take care of. Besides, between your grandfather, Spencer, Tara, and Inferno, you, Evelyn, and Sarah are going to have so much fun, you'll probably forget we are not there."

"You're right mommy. Oh, did I mention, Spencer and Tara are now mated?" Gwendlyn asked.

"They're what!?" Tina asked.

"During my first day of school, Sarah saw them in a tree with Inferno and according to Evelyn, they are going to have a house full of winged-balls-of-fluff running around. How does she know they are going to bring home cubs mommy?" Gwendlyn asked.

Tina looked past Gwendlyn to Katerina, silently asking, 'What should we tell her?'

Katerina was also confused as to what to tell their daughter. She simply shrugged her shoulders in response.

Tina's eyes went a little wider and cocked her head ever so slightly to the right and mouthed, 'Thanks a lot, Mother-of-the-Year!' Which earned her a quick, but stern look from Katerina.

Gwendlyn watched as her parents glanced at each other as well as making gestures to the other. But she had no idea what to make of them. "Mommies, are you both alright?" She asked.

"We are fine Gwendlyn," Katerina answered, knowing she and Tina dodged a bullet. "Come on, we have to get you to our parents."

A few minutes later, they arrived at the Cassidy's. They exited their sedan, which Katerina had modified to her specifications that it could be almost be considered a race car.

Gwendlyn exited the car on the driver's side, closed the door, then asked as she turned to face her mother, "Mommy, why aren't you a Race Car driver instead of a Enforcer?"

Katerina went over to her daughter, picked her up in her arms, and asked, "Why do you think I should be a Race Car Driver Gwendlyn?"

Gwendlyn wrapped her arms around her mother's neck, and answered, "The way you turned around that corner on three wheels was awesome mommy!"

Katerina heard the Passenger's door slam closed and when she turned her head in the direction of the noise, she saw the Death Glare Tina was giving her.

She gulped, knowing that her aggressive form of driving got her in trouble, yet again. "Gwendlyn, I shouldn't drive the way I do, I'm sorry." She said and hugged her tight.

"Why are you apologizing mommy? I love the way you drive. I want to do things the way you do," Gwendlyn stated.

That caused Tina's mouth to drop open in surprise. She loved Katerina and her zest for life. But to hear their daughter wanting to take after her mate's aggressive manners shocked her to the core.

Gwendlyn turned her head to face Tina and noticed her mother's very shocked face. "Mommy, are you alright?"

Tina snapped out of the state she was in with a shake of her head, then responded while running the fingers of her right paw through Gwendlyn's hair, "I'm ok, just a little surprised you want to do things the way Katerina does is all."

"Mommy, you have to admit, she does things the fun way."

"Oh, and what way is that?" Tina asked, pulling her paw back.

Gwendlyn tapped her left index finger against her chin, looked up to the sky, as she answered, "How did Spencer put it?" She contemplated her answer for a second, then focused on Tina with a smile on her face, and said, "With reckless abandon and pizazz, I think was the way he put it."

Tina lifted the corner of her mouth and chuckled a few muted times. She brought both of her paws up to her mouth to try to hide her laughter. However, it wasn't working as she hoped. Eventually, she turned around, lowered her paws to her thighs, closed her eyes, and laughed harder, still trying to hold back since she was still furious at Katerina.

Both Katerina and Gwendlyn watched as Tina tried her best to hold back her laughter. They both started chuckling themselves as they watched Tina desperately restrain her laughter.

Hearing the two cats that meant the world to her start laughing right along with her broke her resolve. Tina fell on her back on the freshly cut lawn of her parent's yard and let loose. She laughed so hard, tears came to her eyes, soaking the dense fur on her cheeks.

Katerina and Gwendlyn's resolve broke as well. They both joined Tina on the cool grass, embraced each other, and laughed like there was tomorrow.

Meridyth happened to be near the front of her house and heard her two daughters as well as her granddaughter laughing in the front yard. Since she had just finished setting up a few games for Sarah and Evelyn to play with while waiting for Gwendlyn, she was dressed in one of her less-revealing swimsuits which was a little black one-piece with a moderate neck line but still high cut in the legs. She opened the front door and was greeted by the sight of the three she-cats in a tight embrace, laughing hysterically. She leaned against the right side of the doorframe with her left knee slightly bent and tail's tip flicking in the air. "What has my two daughters and granddaughter all abuzz?" She asked.

As soon as Gwendlyn heard her grandmother, she broke free from her parents, ran to Meridyth as fast as she could, and hugged her grandmother.

Meridyth hugged her back and let out a loving purr, then said, "I missed you Gwendlyn."

"I missed you too grandma," she responded.

Tina got off of the ground, dusted her denim shorts off, and asked, "Does dad know you purr like that for your granddaughter?"

Meridyth lifted her head to Tina and replied, "No he doesn't and so what if I do Tina? This beautiful girl is my granddaughter and she needs to know how much I love her."

"How much you love who dear?" Gary asked from just beyond the front door. He was wearing a long pair of red Board Shorts and was completely shirtless.

Meridyth turned to the left just enough for her husband to see Gwendlyn in her arms.

He smiled at his granddaughter and walked over to them both. Then picked them up in his strong arms.

"What do you think you are doing Gary!?" Meridyth asked.

"Taking my wife and my granddaughter back to the pool dear," Gary responded, walking through the hallway and into the kitchen.

Katerina and Tina followed them back into the house and Tina closed the front door. Katerina waited for Tina, then they continued their journey into the back yard.

As soon as they exited the house, their ears were greeted by two young girls, squealing in delight. They looked up and saw Sarah riding on Tara's back and Evelyn on the back of Spencer. "Spencer! Tara! What do you two think you are doing!?" Tina asked.

Spencer performed a mid-air flip over the pool, in order to make sure that if Evelyn fell off, she would land in the water instead of the ground. He was having the time of his life, flying with his mistress on his back and his mate flying next to him, equally having as much fun with Sarah. He heard Tina and flew over to her. He hovered in front of Tina and Katerina, then said though a few heavy breaths, "Simply giving my mistress and her friend a ride. No harm done."

"No harm done!? You both could have been spotted flying around the yard like that! Then what? We have to call Callista and Callie to bust you out of wherever they take you two!" Tina stated.

"We thought about that already Tina. Most of the neighborhood is empty. The only one around is Mrs. Fredericks and I doubt she will see anything," Gary said as he put Meridyth and Gwendlyn down.

"That may be dad, but its way too risky having two pumas that can fly, playing in the air," Tina said. She looked around, not noticing Inferno anywhere in sight, then asked, "And since Sarah is here, Inferno probably isn't too far away. Where is he anyhow?"

Sarah flew by on the back of Tara. The velocity of their movements, blew Tina and Katerina's hair into their faces.

As they removed the hair from their faces, Tara did a back flip in the air and returned to hover in front of them. Then Sarah pointed to the roof with her left index finger and said, "He's up there, sunning himself."

Both Katerina and Tina looked up on the roof and almost jumped out of their fur. Inferno must have hit a growth spurt because he was now almost twice his size from the last time they saw him.

Tara landed fifteen feet from Tina and Katerina and Sarah jumped off of her. She kissed Tara on the left cheek and ran to her friend. She hugged Gwendlyn, then asked, "Doesn't Inferno look cool?"

"He's huge Sarah! How much bigger do you think he's going to get?" Gwendlyn asked, looking at the dragon on her grandparent's roof.

"I really don't know. Mrs. Saito mentioned he could grow up to be nine hundred pounds. Right now, I think he weighs about a hundred fifty," Sarah answered.

Spencer saw his mate standing alone. He came in for a landing next to her and lowered his front legs so Evelyn could easily get off of his back.

"Thank you, my knight," Evelyn said before she kissed Spencer on his left cheek.

Spencer blushed, bowed to her, and brought his right wing forward, covering part of his head and responded, "It was my pleasure, my princess."

Evelyn curtsied to Spencer, then ran off to her friends.

"You have taken to the role of a Familiar very well, my mate," Tara said as she came up beside him and nuzzled his left flank with her head.

"It helps to have such a wonderful girl to watch over. Speaking of watching over, I happened to notice your aerial acrobatics. Shouldn't you be taking it easy?" Spencer asked out of concern.

"I'm fine Spencer, and our cubs are fine as well. They are so small right now, I don't even know they are in there," Tara answered.

Spencer turned his whole body around, faced her, and put his front paws on her shoulders. "Please hold off on the Air Play. I love you to death, I don't know what I would do if you, or our cubs were injured,"

"Spencer, you know I hate sitting still, its not in my nature. This is the first time I have been in a place long enough to consider a home since I was a cub. You and I are kindred spirits, that's what attracted me to you in the first place. I love flying, and so does Sarah. Hearing her laugh and having a great time only increased my desire to push myself so she had the time of her life," Tara responded. "I promise I'll try to rest a little today. However, I think the girls are planning on having a race later on today between us. I wonder which one of us is the better flyer?" And as soon as she asked her question, she moved back so Spencer fell onto his front paws, and walked back towards the girls with her tail high in the air.

Spencer watched his mate's movements like a hawk and said, "Bast, you held up your end of the bargain very well and I thank you. But I do have another request. Can you get Tara to slow down? I want her to give birth to very healthy cubs. Not that I want her to change in any way. If she did, I don't think I would love her as much as I do." He looked around to make sure he was alone, then added, "If she manages to find out this next part, I'll have to go into hiding." He focused on Tara, smiled as he imagined a bunch of winged-cubs at her feet, then said, "I'm going to be wrapped around our cubs little fingers as soon as they are born." As soon as he finished, he went off to join Tara and the girls in a water balloon fight.

End of Chapter